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It was an average day at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and 3 students were called to the Headmistress's office. One was Harry Potter, an average boy with shaggy black hair and emerald orbs, next one Ronald Weasley, long, lanky and freckly, he towered over the last person, Hermione Granger, she was petite with slightly bushy brown curls and brown eyes. They stopped at a statue of some rather disfigured gargoyles and said one word, 'Pocky'. The statue moved and they proceeded to the office. When they stepped up to the office they were greeted with the old and strict headmistress.

"Good day Mr Potter, Mr Weasley, Miss Granger." She greeted.

"Hello Professor, may I enquire why we were brought here." Hermione asked politely.

"Well perhaps I should start at the beginning; the Order has decided we make an alliance with the Vampire-"

"Vampires, are they crazy? They'd kill us like that." Ron yelped, even snapping his fingers for effect.

"As I was saying, Mr Weasley, we have decided to send 3 students to a boarding school called Cross Academy. This school is separated into two classes, the Day class and the Night class, the muggles in the Day class believe that the Night class is for elite students, when really, it is for vampires." The headmistress finished.

"So you want us to join the Day class and eventually offer a treaty to the vampires?" Harry clarified.

"That is the general idea, Mr Potter. It's quite simple but I do not wish for you to come straight out and tell them. They could see it as a sign of threat, especially since they have a Pureblood as their leader."

"How do vampire have purebloods Professer, I thought that was only with Wizards?" Ron asked, clearly confused.

McGonagall sighed and continued.

"It is similar with our purebloods; their blood does not have muggle blood. But with a pureblood vampire, their blood does not have human blood of any kind. If you have any other question about vampires, please ask Miss Granger, she is , of course, the brightest witch of her age."


The trio now stood outside a large office waiting for their new headmaster to greet them. The headmaster eventually brought them into his office. He had a wide grin, square glasses and sandy brown hair that was tied up using a velvet Slytherin-green ribbon.

"Welcome, welcome you must be my new students!" he said cheerfully. "Now we have your uniforms and my daughter Yuki and my ward Zero Kiryu will escort you around the school. Be aware those students are not allowed out at night."

"Since you know about our, ah, situation with the Night class I am gifting you with a Bloody Rose each." He said as he handed them each a grey gun with Bloody Rose in scripted into the side."

They nodded and left the room to change into their new uniforms. Harry and Ron were in Black Jackets with white lines decorated on it, with black trousers and a red tie. Hermione looked slightly uncomfortable wearing a similar jacket but with a different sort of tie, a quite short black skirt, stocking and flat boots.

"Wow Hermione, that looks, err, nice on you." Ron said, rubbing his neck anxiously.

"You look nice to Ron, very elegant." Hermione replied, seemingly delighted in the small compliment.

They returned to the office noticing that there were two new companions, a silver haired boy and a girl with mid-length brown hair.

"Hello my name is Yuki Cross and this is Zero Kiryu and we shall be escorting you around the school tonight." The girl said saluting cheerfully.

"Of course I am Hermione Granger, pleasure to meet you." Hermione said offering her hand to the two.

Yuki took it and shook but Zero glared at her hand and turned to Yuki. "Can we get this over with?" He grunted.

Yuki nodded and replied with: "Follow me!"

She showed them the Sun and Moon dormitory, the Cafeteria and Courtyard and the classrooms.

They passed a large window and looking in they could see a class in session, the students wearing the same uniforms except they were white. They could see a group of good looking people, each gravitating around a black hair boy. Scowling, Zero ushered them forwards.

"Well the tour has concluded, Ron and Harry follow Zero to your new rooms, Hermione follow me." Yuki concluded.

Entering the room she noticed another girl sleeping. "Who's that?" Hermione asked curiously.

"Oh, that's Sayori Wakaba, my best friend and roommate!" Yuki said, now tired. "You won't have classes tomorrow but you can walk around in your spare time and then meet me outside the Moon dormitory at dusk."

Nodding, Hermione fell into a deep slumber.

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