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Class was finally starting again at Cross Academy. Hermione was excited, even though it was quite nice having no squealing fangirls around, it made the large buildings seem empty and lonely. A few days before class had started Ron and Harry had finally turned up. They had been quite vague when talking about where they were but Ron's red ears and pink cheeks told her it had something to do with a girl, specifically Yori. She had discovered this when she heard Yori mention to Yuki that she spent the holidays with her new boyfriend, and then when Yuki had inquired about him, Hermione had heard mutters of 'ginger' and 'freckles' and finally 'English'.

Hermione was happy however, Ron deserved someone who was sweet and nice. It also was nice how Yori was not a complete slut like Lavender. Harry, however, had come straight out and told her he was with Ginny.

One thing was new though, she was in the Night Class. It was strange having to sleep during the day but she had to really. Her new uniform was the same, except in white. She preferred the black one though; stains wouldn't show up as much on black than white.

The other night, the night before school began; all of the Night Class students were required to be signed in by Yuki or Zero. It was tiring to say the least; she decided to use a potion that was much like an energy drink. It allowed her to stay up all night and need sleep in the morning, she could use it all the time but it was incredibly hard and after the potion wears off you're so tired you fall asleep then and there.

Flashback! (I think)

"Have a good night, see ya!" She had heard Yuki say.

Hermione had been in line, behind the snobby girl, whose name was apparently Ruka, and Kaname.

"I'll see you later, Yuki." Kaname then said

"Uh, sounds good." Yuki said unsurely

When Hermione walked past Yuki, she gave Yuki a comforting smile.

"See you when I can Yuki, look after the boy's for me."

"Yeah." Yuki said quietly.

And with that Hermione left after the others.


Hermione was sat in her bed when she heard a knock from downstairs. Her lessons of that night had finished and she was now attempting to do her homework whilst the others had gone to another lesson. She carefully got up and slid past Rima's bed before opening the door a smidge, the conversation floating upstairs.

"Why have you come at this time of night?" She heard. It was Seiren. "Please leave."

"What is it, Seiren?" She heard a louder voice say, it was undoubtedly Kaname's voice.

"Lord Kaname." Seiren then said stoically.

"I thought I sensed something horribly unpleasant." Kaname stated. "It was you."

Hermione frowned, that wasn't very nice. Kaname always seemed so polite in public and to her. Maybe it was just an act or his hatred for whoever was at the door overrides his politeness.

She heard footsteps and she carefully shut the door and went over to the window, which she then opened. The conversation from another room she could hear now.

"Come in, take a seat." Kaname's voice said.

"I want the truth, did you erase Yuki's memories or not?" A voice, Zero's voice, said. "Answer me."

Hermione breathed in sharply, what was all this about? As far as she knew, Yuki did have her memories. Was there some sort of conspiracy going on?

"Did you have something to do with Yuki's past, or didn't you?" Zero then said. "Do you have no desire to alienate her fears?"

Curiouser and Curiouser, Hermione thought.

"So, should I destroy one of Yuki's fears right now?" Kaname said, sounding annoyed. "One less problem?"

There was a bang and a thud and Hermione could only hear slight bits of the conversation.

There was another loud bang and she heard what sounded like a wall being smashed. She was quite worried now. She got up and shut the window, she didn't want to hear those two fighting, if that is what they're doing.

She looked out the window again to see Zero and Aido talking. Now that was a strange thought in its self. Zero was covered in blood and looked like he just been fighting or ravaged. She hoped it wasn't the latter.


"Quiet everyone, please, introduce yourself." The teacher said to the class.

Ron and Harry looked up from their conversation to see a Zero look-alike.

"Harry, I think he and Zero might be twins."

"Really Ron, they look nothing alike." Harry said sarcastically, getting a glare from Ron.

"Hello. I'll be your new classmate." The new sliver haired boy said.

Harry looked over to see Yuki, kneeling on the floor and gasping at the new student. He kinda missed Hermione; she would know what the hell is going on.

"You see, due to various circumstances, we've been living separately. I'm Zero's twin, Ichiru KIryuu. Nice to meet you" The boy, Ichiru, said.

Yuki gasped and abruptly stood up.

"Yuki! If you're going to take a seat, do it now." The teacher said, looking irritated and Yuki's lateness.

"Class rep; please look after Ichiru for the time being."

Class Rep, did not look pleased.

"Zero used to have good taste." Ichiru said with a sneer at Yuki. "I can't believe he actually cares for you."

Harry glared, not liking this Malfoy-alike. Yuki didn't seem to like him much either. The feeling was probably mutual.

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