What if Ana had suffered a miscarriage at the hands of Jack Hyde? Here's the future… without the kiddies (at least for a little while!) A story with Kinky Fuckery thrown in for fun.

Of course as you know I do not own I am just merely borrowing the characters to use and abuse as I please!

Ok so fair warning – I have written 30 Law and Order SVU fanfics on this website, all but one in 3rd person and past tense. I am going to be as true to E L James style as I can but I apologise in advance for any mistakes … I am personally not a fan of BETA's and so this is all my own work (I must add I am not a fan of proof reading either!) I hope you all enjoy!

It has been over three months since I shot Jack Hyde for kidnapping my Sister in Law. Three months. It feels like longer sometimes. Other times it feels like no time at all has gone by. But I guess that's just how life is. Thanks to Doctor Flynn, Grace, Carrick, Mrs Jones and Taylor and of course my Fifty I am somehow back on track.

Losing our baby came as a shock. It was hard for both of us and Doctor Flynn helped us through most of the talking, helping us answer our own questions. Sometimes we went together and other times we went alone depending if the topic had come up and if we both felt the need at once to see the great Doctor.

Today is the day I have been most excited for. Today is the day that Christian has been most dreading. Because Today is the day I go back to work. Or technically go back to work.

I won't be going back to my Editor's job, or my Editor's office. Oh no. Christian in all his fifty shades has bought me SIP which is now adequately named Grey's Publishing. Technically I own it. Everything that is anything to do with Grey's Publishing is in my name. It's strange. I never found that I could ever run a business but according to Christian it's pretty easy once you know what you're doing.

I however do not know what I am doing. Christian is going to help me until I can stand on my own two feet, he's good with business, me, I'm good with literature and that is a whole other kettle of fish.

Mrs Anastasia Grey. President of Grey's Publishing.

Christian has this idea that once I can run Grey's Publishing here in Seattle that I should expand and somehow end up with one in all fifty states. He forgets sometimes that one should walk before one can run. But for now, I am quite happy in knowing that I am going to be running my own little empire for a while, even though technically Christian is still my boss as Grey's Publishing is owned under Grey's Enterprising.

I arrive the building in good time but I hesitate outside. The sign Christian and I designed hangs perfectly above the door and I still feel like all this is a dream even though Christian drove me past and briefly pulled over so I could see when the sign had first been put up. He's been running the place while I was taking some time. A miscarriage isn't something you can get over quickly and I really did need the time to find my feet and possibly my purpose once again. Since the miscarriage I haven't minded Christian helping in my career, sure I wanted to get to this position alone but now I don't care… or not as much at least. I now have my own business, my own affairs, something Christian has promised not to interfere in unless I ask him to.

"Good Morning Mrs Grey." Charlene one of the editor's smile as she arrives beside me.

"Good Morning Charlene." I replied politely though I would have preferred another minute of solitude to reflect on what I was actually doing stood outside my mini empire.

"So are you looking forward to taking control?" Charlene asks with quite a mischievous grin which I find myself, oddly, returning.

"Oh Charlene." I say the smile still spread on my face. "I absolutely am."

Once I've made it to the top floor which has the glass wall with its view that reaches so I can even see Escala I feel already overwhelmed. The 'Good Morning Mrs Grey' by ever member of staff was quite amusing for the first ten floors but by the time I reached my office on the twenty second it was quite annoying.

I waved at Hannah my chosen assistant before I entered my office. Just as a quick greeting. I'm sure she understands I want a moment or two to get settled into my newly refurbished office. Maybe I need a moment or two to get settled into my newly refurbished life but that for now can be put on hold.

I notice the large weaved basket of roses on my desk and I instantly know who they're from before I even reach for the card.

Enjoy! The power is now in your hands Mrs Grey

All my love



I grin. My subconscious smiles. My inner goddess performs a triple pirouette. I quickly slip into the large black leather chair and fire up my computer to send Christian an email.

To: Christian Grey

Subject: Flowers

From: Anastasia Grey

Mr Grey

Thank you for the flowers, they look beautiful on my desk.

I missed you this morning.

Do I need to use my BlackBerry or is this safe now?

Your Wife

Anastasia Grey

President of Grey's Publishing

After sending the email I was going to get up and go and collect my messages and begin working out what the hell I'm supposed to do but a reply comes all too quickly.

To: Anastasia Grey

Subject: Glad you liked them

From: Christian Grey

I missed you too but I had a breakfast meeting and didn't want to wake you.

No you don't need to use your BlackBerry, I've combined both email accounts so that you operate only from one, easier to get your work messages on the move and now that you own the company no one will be monitoring your emails, your staff on the other hand…

Your Husband

Christian Grey

CEO Grey's Enterprise Holdings

No need to use my BlackBerry at work… now that's going to be nice not to hear.

To: Christian Grey

Subject: Your Staff…

From: Anastasia Grey

I believe it's going to take me a while to get used to hearing that Mr Grey!

Now I am going to get some work done, I am yet to check my morning messages, discuss the day with Hannah or do any work at all for that matter.

A x

Anastasia Grey

In over her head President of Grey's Publishing

After clicking send I switch to the BlackBerry and make it out of the office before I am alerted to an email.

To: Anastasia Grey

Subject: Have faith

From: Christian Grey

You're not in over your head, I assure you that there is no one I would rather have owning Grey's Publishing than you. You'll do a better job than I ever would. Believe in yourself Anastasia!

Christian Grey

Twitchy Palmed CEO Grey's Enterprise Holdings

Oh Fifty! How does the man manage to make me weak at the knees because of an email.

"Hannah." I say finally walking into the front desk area of my office (technically Hannah's office!)

"Mrs Grey." She replies jumping to her feet and my inner goddess smirks, oh yes, she's loving this.

"Hannah do you have my messages?" I ask. "Please?" I add not wanting to sound as off with my staff as Christian does with his.

"Of course. Quick Summary?"

"Please." I nod as I begin to look over the pile in my hands.

"Ok Mr Grey called wishing you luck, a Mrs Swanson called asking to speak with you to discuss her sequel which apparently no one downstairs seems to be taking an interest in and apparently you took on her first manuscript, The editors have all rang up to ask about the monthly quota meeting and a Mrs Lincoln called just saying you'd know what it was about and asking if you would call her." Hannah explains.

"Thank you Hannah." I say trying to ignore the hammering my heart is doing inside my chest. "Would you schedule a meeting with myself and all the editors for after lunch to discuss the monthly quotas and then hold all calls until I have dealt with these."

Somehow I manage to be at ease with my position.

"Of course Ma'am, would you like some tea or coffee while you work?" Hannah asks and for the first time all morning I laugh. Hannah looks confused but of course she wouldn't understand that the last time I'd been in this building I had been the one to fetch and carry tea and coffee.

"Yes, tea please, I believe Mr Grey made sure that the privet area on this floor was fully stocked with my favourite brand." I remember him telling me he'd made sure it was stocked.

Hannah blushes and nods.

"He made sure of it Mrs Grey." She says and I return her smile before hurrying into my office.

I first call Christian seeing as he had called me and it would save replying to his emails.

"Grey's Enterprising."

Of course! I would get his assistant.

"It's Mrs Grey speaking may I please be put through to Mr Grey?" I ask politely though it is not a request, whether he is in a meeting or not his assistant will put me through and I find myself enjoying this little power trip of mine.

"Of course Mrs Grey one moment please."

I hear the call being put through and it is answered on the second ring.

"Grey." He barks and I supress a chuckle.

"Mr Grey?"

"Ana baby, sorry, I wasn't told who was on the line."

I can hear him relax at once.

"I just wanted to return your call seeing as you left a message with Hannah this morning."

He chuckles lightly into the phone and I grin, oh my fifty, I love it when he's in this playful mood.

"I just wanted to make sure you had some message waiting for you, did anyone else call before you arrived?"

"Yes, a few of the editors, one of the authors I pushed to have her book published when I was a lowly assistant and the most surprising a phone call off one Mrs Lincoln…"

"Oh Ana I'll deal with it."

"No Christian. I was actually going to return her call." I brace myself for an explosion.

"Why?" He asks, no explosion, he sounds taken aback.

"Well I will never like the woman Christian but she gave you some good advice before everything with Jack and she also did a lot to help…" I don't want to think about it right now but I have to give an explanation. "Maybe just a thank you for the flowers she sent every other day for two weeks even when I was home from the hospital?"

I can hear him thinking through the phone and expect him to argue with me. Of course, as always he surprises me.

"You do what you think is best Ana, if you want me to deal with her I will."

"I will deal with it Mr Grey." I say with a flirtatious hint in my voice. "Now if you don't mind I have a business to run and unlike some that doesn't give us the pleasure of long leisurely talks on the phone with our spouse."

"Mrs Grey I am working." He says playfully.

"Whatever." I tease.

"I am currently sitting in the board room with fifteen people enjoying one half of our phone call."

I blush. Shit!

"Ok then!" I say quickly. "I love you and will see you at home."

"I love you too."

"Hang up!" I laugh and luckily there's no argument from him for this time.

Hannah returns with the tea while I debate whether to call Mrs Lincoln back or call Mrs Swanson back first.

"Thank you Hannah." I mutter as she heads for the door, she definitely is experienced when it comes to working as an assistant.

"You're welcome Mrs Grey." She smiles, it's obvious to Ana that she isn't used to hearing a word of thanks for her services even if it is simply making tea.

Deciding to call Elena Lincoln back first I try to figure out what to say to the woman. Inside I still have a strong distaste for her but if it wasn't for her guidance the news of the pregnancy may have been even harder for Christian to take than it was. She guided him back to me when I needed him most and while I was ill, withdrawn and in a deep state of depression she kept him from falling apart and somehow I am more than grateful to her. Deciding I'd figure it out when I hear her voice I dial the number into the office phone.

"Elena Lincoln." Her voice echoes in my ear, I can't help but roll my eyes knowing that she has caller ID.

"Elena its Anastasia Grey." I say trying to sound as happy as I possibly can,

"Anastasia, I wasn't sure if I'd gotten the day right about you coming back to work when I called this morning." She says a hint of excitement in her voice that I have never heard or expected to hear from her.

"Oh no you got it right." I reply trying to hide the uncertainty from my own voice, why didn't I just let Christian handle this?

"I just wanted to wish you luck and let you know that I'm here if you need to talk about anything, it's not just Christian who can speak with me and if you need some help with running that place and don't want to turn to Christian I'll help in any way I can." Elena continued.

I didn't know how to act. She'd been a big help to Christian when I found out I was pregnant and he couldn't get hold of Flynn and the flowers she'd sent had somehow made things look a little brighter when my world was anything but bright.

"Well thank you Mrs Lincoln, and thank you for the flowers too they were lovely." I say politely. "Actually, there is something I would like to talk to you about…" I say carefully, not even knowing why on earth I am saying it.

"Oh there is?"

"Yes but… I don't feel comfortable talking about it on the phone." I reply, it's not something I want to discuss at all but when it comes to it if anyone can answer my questions without doctor patient privilege getting in the way it's Elena.

"Are you free for Lunch Anastasia?" Elena asks and I guess she knows I'm awkward enough about this whole situation anyway.

"I am." I reply and my subconscious glares at me, she knows that this can't possibly be good. "Can we meet in the café just opposite my office?"

"Of course. Is one o'clock ok?"


I don't know why I want to see her. After everything I should still hate her but now my emotions are more of a strong dislike towards her. I am not planning on having a friendship with her or plan on meeting with her after this lunch but some form of understanding from this woman is necessary if just for my husband.

Ready to settle into doing some real work for the rest of the morning I get ready to call Mrs Swanson back over her manuscript when my computer informs me of another email.

To: Anastasia Grey

Subject: Lunch?

From: Christian Grey

You're meeting Elena for lunch?

Christian Grey

CEO Grey's Enterprise Holdings

She must have called him as soon as she hung up the phone. I will be mentioning that when I see her later but until then I have to email back my husband and make sure he's not angry over it.

To: Christian Grey

Subject: Is there a problem?

From: Anastasia Grey

I have made plans to meet with her for lunch.

Anastasia Grey

President of Grey's Publishing

Once I hit the send button I sit back and wait, his replies are almost always instantaneous so there is no point even beginning something that I am not going to get a chance to begin properly because of emails.

To: Anastasia Grey

Subject: You're a big girl

From: Christian Grey

There's no problem, but you could have told me that was the plan on the phone.

Christian Grey

CEO Grey's Enterprise Holdings

Oh as controlling as ever. I supress the desire to roll my eyes at the computer screen as I hammer out a reply.

To: Christian Grey

Subject: It wasn't the plan

From: Anastasia Grey

I didn't set out to meet her for lunch, it just happened. Like you said, I'm a big girl.

Now if you don't mind, I've got things to do.

Anastasia Grey

President of Grey's Publishing

I turn away from the computer finally able to call back Mrs Swanson.