Hello everyone!

No this isn't an update :(

This is EVEN BETTER! (For me anyhow)

I've been quite here on fan fic for a while now because MY NOVELLA IS PUBLISHED! WHOOO!

So if you want to read something sexy, erotic, kinky, full of sex, fantasy and Romance then head over to:

Amazon (for kindle)

Smashwords (for PDF, RTF, ePub, Mobi and many others)



Search Meeting My Master and VOILA Meeting My Master (BOOK I: A week with my Romanian) by Steffie Dawn should appear. It's currently selling at approx $1.55 (give or take a few cents or £1 other currencies will vary.

I'd love for you guys to give it a try, our little slogan is "MAKES FIFTY SHADES LOOK LIKE THE BIBLE" I even said that and who was behind me? My Vicar... that was FUNNY.

Also if you're bored head over to www dot steffiedawn dot co dot uk where you'll find links to all the sites I am on, that way you can keep up with me!

Thanks to you ALL for giving me the courage I needed to go ahead and do this!

Steff x