Never Forgotten

So I'ma test this out

Summary: Sam is a girl on the hunt of an adventure. How much will her life alternate when she encounters Daniel Fenton and Phantom? Drama and romance envelope poor Danny can't stop blushing Better than it sounds (hopefully) We've all heard what happen when Danny's a bad boy but want if Sam was the bad girl? What if she keeps coming on the shy boy and he had no control over it? I own nothing!

A woman with long midnight oceanic wavy tresses stop at her hips ,halted at the doors of her Highschool. The young woman sighed her eyes seem inanimated and place hands on her coke bottle like body hips. Her flawless pale complexion made her glow, as she walked in. Same color pattern brick-red and eggshell-white of the Casper Ravens. She wore a black glossy mini skirt snuggled her thick hips, fish net gloves with her plaided black and purple halter hugged her chest then a pair of high heel boots. Her bang covered her left eye exposing the shimmery purple eyeshadow along winged out eyeliner and massive mascara.

"Dash no!" A voice screamed. Typical, Dash Baxter the quarterback of the Casper High Football team picking on the nerds. Sam saw it was her friend Tucker Foley, the dark skinned man frowned as his moss green eyes dance in fright watching Dash pulled his fist back to punch him. The dark hair woman blocked his attach by kicking him in the shins.

"Damnit. Samantha you're lucky I'm inlove with you!" Dash whine as he fell onto his knees. She helped Tucker up and smiled gently at him.

"Thanks for the save Sam." Tucker said pulling out strawberry short cake gum and handing Sam a piece,

"No problem Tuck," Sam said her frown came back, "it's the only thing fun around here."

"Is Sam's love life gettin' lonely?" Tucker asked, his eyes that were once in fear waltz in amusment.

"Whatever Tuck I just want some excitement." Sam said walking to her locker, her gothic locker had a mirror within and she check her eyes. She really don't care about her makeup or clothing but the girlie side made her buy this and a custom to check herself atleast three times a day. In the mirror she saw something walking her way. It was a boy, his blazing baby blue eyes were hidden underneath his long ebony locks. He wore the softest looking white Tee shirt with rough texture jeans along with white and red sneakers. He held his cranium down as he walked and mumbling things among himself. He tripped right into Sam and fell down, Sam fell too. She was in an insensibility as he looked at her, azure met amethyst and time ceased.

"Oh my gosh I'm so so sorry ma'ma!" He said, his voice deeper than she imagined, "I've watched where I was going and- miss?"

"What's your name?" Sam asked as stood up.

"Daniel. Daniel Fenton." He said before taking the offered hand and was help up. A jot of electricity struck him as he clutched her hand, it was so petite. He blushed, she is so beautiful.

"Cute now I would like the return of my hand." Sam said laughing as he towered over her.

"Huh?" He asked looking at their hands, "OH! I'm sorry, so sorry." He took his hand back and rubbing the back off his neck.

"Okay don't beat yourself over it," Sam said lean over to mumble softly in his ear, "I like it."

It's just a prolouge. More will happen in later chapters. So whatcha think?

~Jaded Jimmie Productions