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"Hello Sam." A voice said, Daniel. He was in the water that tapped his chest and it was dark, she couldn't see him. She only recongized his voice.

"And here I thought you left." Sam said swimming toward him.

"And leave you on you eightteen birthday? You promise me something after I massage you." He whispter huskly in her ear. Sam sink down low pulling his trunks down as she did do.

"I keep my promises." She replied placing his boner in her mouth. Danny Fenton open his glowing green eyes smiling, maybe pretenting to be his brother is better than image.

The next morning Sam walked to school; she yawn lithely. She was still a little tired from the night before. She spent the entire night with Daniel; they didn't have sex though. Just simple touching and teasing was enough for him, he told her when she asked. Sam tilted her head to the side; Daniel was so cold last night, literally. His frozen, ice-like touches only aroused her more but Sam just wonder why. Daniel held her all night until she fell asleep in his teasing voice still drifted in her ears.

"Hmmm, how does that feel, baby?" He whispers as he continued to touch her, "I want you to scream and shiver."

"Oh God." Sam whimper as she twisted her body. He softly stoke her film, he smiled. She was good little virgin.

"That's whimpering, I want screaming." With that he slam fingers coarsely within her, "Do it, you know you want to. How does this feel?"

"Oh sweet mother of..." Sam said groan, "Good. Real good."

"Oh let's try this," Danny said, loathing to keep his eyes close. If he opens them he'll get caught, "How about this?" He slowly moving his hand in her pinching her walls and a scream stormed from the back of her throat.

"A naughty girl; just cum all over my hand. That's good too, I wander how it taste." He said after nipping her lips softly. Then slowly put a finger in his mouth...

"SAM!" Sam whirled around to see Danny Fenton running to her. His snow-white locks flying in the breeze until he reached her. He quickly fixed his hair as he slowed down next to her.

"Danny," Sam gasped, "what are you doing here?"

"I thought maybe," He wrap an arm around her, she shivered, "I'd walk you to school."

"Uh okay?" Sam said unsurely.

"You look really sexy today." Danny said looking at her attire then her face. Sam lost her breathing, was he checking her out? She blushed and turn her head, muttering a thanks.

"Don't be modest, you look foxy." Danny whispers into her ear before patting her back, a little to close to her butt. Sam blush deepens before her left into the school. Sam looked down to her clothing, it was modest and a bit sexy.

Sam wore a quarter seleve top with a deep V-neck. It was an all charcoal top with a V outline in amethyst around her neck. There were also purple out lines at the ends of the top, it showed her stomach- if that counts as sexy. At her lower hips showed the mini-skirt she always wore since sophomore year. Dark purple, white, black, and green plaided skirt what rested on her upper thighs and some ankle heeled combat boots. That is not sexy, Sam concluded before following the unapparent Fenton into the school.

Woah woah wait, Danny goes to her school?

~At Lunch~

"Yo yo yo Sammy baby!" Jimmie said squealing.

"What are you doing here?" Sam asked sitting beside her, her salad next to Jimmie's meat lovers' pizza.

"We decided to go to the same school as you!" Jimmie said, holding out a Bruno Mars binder.

"Cool- wait we?" Sam asked before Alexandrea sat infornt of her. Blake sat beside Alexandrea, he kissed the back of Alexandrea's hand, blushing. The Fentons, Daniel and Jazz, sat by Blake, smiling sweetly. Danny sat beside her and kiss the back off her hand.

"Hello sexy," Danny whispers before grunting into her ear, "all your friends are here. How does it feel?"

Sam gasped, "That was you?"

"What was me?" Danny asked softly before leaning back. Daniel shot a small glare at his brother, what was he planning?

"Guys we're going to the fair after school today," Jimalyn said clapping her hands, "you all gotta come!"

"I love too." Danny said, phasing his hand into Sam's skirt and squeezing her womanhood, "That is if Sam's coming. Which I know she is."

"Oh God," Sam said before biting her lip. Her hesitation only made him squeezed a bit harder, "YES!"

"You don't have to scream Sam." Alexandrea said, Danny wiggled one finger in and Sam put her head onto the table.

"Sorry." Sam said quickly.

"Hey Sexy," Danny said, "I wanna talk to you in private."

"Uh-"Danny put in another finger and pinch her, "Sureee." Sam purred. Danny took his finger out and sucked them, to others it look like he hurt his hand though Sam knew precisely why he did it. She took her cheery tomatoes out the salad and got up.

~In the computer lab~

"Sexy can I try something?" Danny asked after her cornered her on the teacher's desk.

"Uh sure." Sam said before his lips attacked hers. He push up her on the desk and laid her down. Sam gasped at his possessive hands groping her. He slid her skirt up with one hand and continues to taste her sweet lips. She felt his slide her underwear down, was she really doing to let him have sex with her on a teacher's desk?

"Danny what are- ohhh." Sam moaned as he spread her lower lips apart and lean down to blow cold air. He smiled, ice powers are awesome.

I can't let him do this, Sam thought.

"How did that feel?" Danny asked with a sly grin before roughly pinching her nipple through her shirt, "Moan you know you want to."

Or her can keep doing this, Sam thought. He really made her felt good.

"I can full you up." He said teasingly.

"What?" Sam asked before feeling him slide something into her. Sam let out a shock squeal before looking at him, his head inbetween legs and pushing another small object in her. This one felt like ice in an oval shape. He smiled at her.

"One more left and room for only one more tomato." He said cheeky. That's what he's going, Sam thought, putting my cherry tomatoes in my pussy. WHAT!

Before she had the chance to say anything, the third tomato was in. He blew icy air over her before using his tongue and teeth to get out the tomatoes. Sam gripped the desk he placed her on, cuss words ejaculated her mouth profusely. Danny got the first two out and work on the third one; he took his time. This was a long, teasing, sexual process. Among kissing the lips, kissing and sucking her hole, licking in the hole and trying to get the tomatoes out, this is a lot of work. Sam mewled before cumming in his mouth.

"Oh my God- SAMANTHA CANDANCE MANSON!" Jimmie screamed, behind her was the rest of the group. Blake looked away blushing, that was too much.

"Get away from her you bastard!" Daniel screeched after Danny got the last tomato. Danny grin before wiping his chin and lips from her juices.

"Why Daniel?" Danny asked standing in a fighting stance, "Jealous big brother?"

Danny never got a verbal acknowledgment, instead Daniel punched him dead in the face.

Kinda short because I need idea! I got this idea from my friend who got suspended for fighting his brother after licking a girl they both like (Just a kiss). They're twins and I couldn't tell them apart (.-.)

Here's a preview of the new story I'ma have up soon because I still writing it. All of the chapters are going to be prewritten:

Sam barely register when he picked her up hugging her. What she noticed, however, was that his lips hungrly attacking her. She shoved Danny from her, his body language was the same as a kicked puppy: hurt and unloved. Sam turned to help Tucker up, after he was up, Sam notice Daniel hunger stare at her. His black tee showed his muscles and loose dark blue jeans; he slowly caged her. Wrapping his arms around her waist then perching his head on her shoulder, sniffing in her scent.

"Sam," Danny mumble before squeezing her a bit, "I missed you. So much."

"I remember that. Those were the exact words, you said to me when we were 17. The day before PPP's pregnancy." Sam said brushing his arms off her.

"Sam please don't push me away. My heart left five years ago along with you." He fell onto his knees, "I'm the empty shell of the man I used to me. Don't leave me again, I-I-I can't take it."

"Daniel." Sam said shaking her head, "You're the hero, terribly handsome; you can get any girl you want."

"I don't want a girl," He stated hugging her knees, "I want the woman I lost. I want you back."

"Daniel please. You're creating a scene." Sam said pushing at his head.

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