Stranded with My Class:

"Don't let them fool you, Danny Phantom," he chuckled, darkly. "Don't let them make you believe, even for a second, that you are anything more than a pawn on their chessboard."

Murphy's Law

Amity Park 7:00 AM

Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

Kind of a pessimistic statement, but for Danny Fenton it was a description of his life.

To him life was perfect until freshmen year in High School when Murphy's Law decided to bitch-slap the teen with a little something called reality. He died. As weird as it sounds, Danny Fenton, the son of the world's only ghost experts at the time, became one of the only two true half-human half-ghost hybrids in the world. The other was his parent's old college buddy who was dead set on killing his dad, marrying his mom, and making him his perfect Halfa son.

Oh, just wait, it gets better. (Spoiler alert: no it doesn't.)

Because he so foolishly opened a passageway from the Ghost Zone to the human world–the teen literally just leaned on a button–every dead spirit, kind or malevolent, now had an easier way to cross dimensions instead of just waiting for a natural portal to appear. Not wanting anyone in Amity Park, his hometown, to be hurt, he took it upon himself to become the protector of the innocent, both human and ghost. Sure, being a superhero was something that every kid wished for, but step into his ectoplasmic jumpsuit and you'll find yourself perfectly content with how your life was before.

He'd been watching over Amity Park for three years now, and just recently included the rest of the world. Keeping his identity a secret was easy at first, but since his superhero alter-ego had become so popular, he rarely had a chance to switch forms unnoticeably anymore. Not to mention that his grades were slipping through his fingers, and his ever-so-observant 1st period teacher Mr. Lancer is on to him like a mother watching her two year-old toddler.

His father may not be the brightest bulb in the shack, but he and mom had both noticed his change in behavior over the past couple months as well. That, in itself, was a bit alarming.

So all-in-all, his innocent, happy-go-lucky attitude was shocked out of him, and he got dragged down the complicated road known as life due to one monumental fuck up during his freshmen year of high school. Tucker says he's a sarcastic realist now while Sam argues that he's a pessimist. Although both disagree on how their best friend should be labeled, they reach a compromise at the idea that even if Danny's pessimistic or realistic, when he's around others that are in need of his help he turns into a true leader. Someone comforting, loyal, and supportive to everyone.

Danny slapped them for being so sappy.

He used to believe that half-dying and having his childhood innocence taken away would be enough enjoyment for Fate to laugh over for a while, but unfortunately, he was wrong. Fate, with the help of Murphy's Law, used its cursed abilities to force the calming aura around his life into a hectic storm once again.

The trio's weekend was fantastic: a solid count of only twelve ghosts trying to attack a wide variety of the world left the three of them some lounge time. They played video games, stuffed their faces with candy, and watched TV until their brains rotted. They were seniors now, and were forced to start seriously considering colleges or entering the workforce, so this was one of the very few moments Danny and his friends got to act like normal teenagers. It was nice.

Then Monday hit and everything went to hell in a hand basket.

They were walking leisurely towards Casper High School just like any other normal day. There were few people awake at seven AM so the streets were abandoned and silent. Not bothered at all by the eerie aura lingering in the air, the three teens laughed loudly and joked about his parent's ghost weapons.

"Do you remember the Ghost Gabber?" Tucker laughed. "That thing was the funniest piece of technology your folks had ever made!"

"All it did was add "FEAR ME" to the end of all my sentences," Danny replied.


Sam nodded in agreement. "At least it wasn't as bad as the BOOmerang," she snickered, adjusting her spider backpack.

Danny froze for a moment and unconsciously rubbed the back of his head where that accursed invention had slammed into his skull so many times before. No matter where he was that blasted piece of technology always managed to find him. "Good thing I burned that piece of crap ages ago. I've gotten hit so many times I swear I've lost some brain cells."

"Maybe that's why you're so bad at math."


The playful banter of theirs came to an abrupt halt when a mist escaped Danny's parted lips. After all this time, he still wasn't used to the feeling and shivered. Sam and Tucker's attitudes turned serious upon seeing the blue mist, and they each reached into their backpacks: Tucker for his PDA and Sam for a ghost weapon.

Danny raised his hands and waved the two of them off. "I've got this, guys. You'd better hurry or we'll all be late. Tell Mr. Lancer I'm in the restroom or something."

Sam placed her backpack over her shoulder and frowned. "Are you sure you'll be alright?"

Danny contemplated if he might need backup, but quickly decided against it. "Mr. Lancer and our classmates are already suspicious enough. Saying all three of us had to go to the bathroom at the same time is too unrealistic."

The Goth and Techno-geek nodded their heads. Sam pulled him into a quick hug while Tucker slapped him on the back. "Good luck and remember to watch your back," he advised.

Despite the warning, Danny didn't watch his back and ended up paying for it, but then again, he'd always been Fate's favorite punching bag.

When Sam and Tucker left, he allowed the rings of light to travel up and down his body, successfully changing his black hair white, blue eyes green, and casual clothes into a single black jumpsuit with the famous DP emblem shining proudly on his chest. He took to the sky in his ghost form and scanned the surrounding town. People had begun to awaken and a few small children paused to wave at him. He smiled and waved back.

Danny Phantom still wasn't accepted by all of Amity Park and little groups of people across the world continued to believe he was a symbol of God's anger at sinners, but every little support he got proved that he wasn't completely ostracized by humans and there was still some hope for the future. The world had woken up not too long ago about the existence of ghosts, and deep into Danny's senior year they were still adjusting to the changes.

His ghost sense didn't go off again so he paused in the air. Where was the ectoplasmic entity that he sensed earlier?

Danny got his answer in the form of a punch to the face.

Pain blossoming on his cheek, the power behind the punch sent him skyrocketing into the ground below. Sounds of screaming and the crunch of gravel engulfed him as his head spun. Recovering quickly, he leapt to his feet and–swaying only a little–whipped his head up to gaze at the ghost who had managed to catch him off guard.

Familiar with these daily battles, the people of Amity Park had already taken refuge to watch the fight from afar. They knew Phantom could fight his own battles, but a call was put in for the Fentons just in case things got ugly.

After making sure that everyone was out of the way, Danny took his time to assess the entity. If there was one thing that had changed for the seventeen-year-old over the years, it was the number of new ghosts popping up. Most of them were newbies to the Ghost Zone–recently formed after their deaths or reformed naturally by the ectoplasm of the dimension–so they were hardly a threat to the experienced Halfa.

The ghost floating above him was obviously powerful as his posture screamed confidence, not arrogance. The only thing that bothered Danny was that he resembled a human; almost too well, in fact. The being's clothing was that of your everyday average Joe and his skin was tan and fleshy-like. His face gave him away, though, with slightly pointed ears, pupil-less eyes, jagged teeth, and gravity defying brown hair that labeled him as an 'abnormal spiritual entity'. One word summed up the ghost's appearance: creepy.

Danny did his best to gather his thoughts and sent the ghost a glare. Focusing on his face, he couldn't help but think that he'd seen that grin before. And those freckles on his cheeks seemed awfully familiar. "What are you?" he asked, cautiously.

Creepy grinned. "A Ghost."

"I know that, but why are you here?"

"Because I want to be," the being replied, acting as if Danny's question was confusing.

Rolling his eyes, Danny relaxed his stance and ran his fingers through his hair. "Look, just tell me why you're attacking me. You know I won't let you damage Amity Park or anyone in it," he said, trying to recall if he'd seen this guy in the Ghost Zone before.

The man clicked his tongue and shook his head. "Don't be so cocky, child. Who said anything about you being able to beat me?"

His smirk irritated Danny and he clenched his gloved fists. "There's a difference between cockiness and confidence," he hissed. "I'm not cocky in the sense that I know I can beat you in a fight, I'm confident in my abilities and I know that I won't let you hurt anyone."

Creepy watched him with an expression Danny couldn't place. It was something like irritation and interest, like the ghost couldn't quite pin down what he thought of him. "I always knew you'd be a challenge, kid, that's exactly why I chose you over the other one. No one's been able to beat you yet, but I will. I'm better than you."

The ghost began to descend until he was face to face with the teen. "I hope you've cherished your life up until now, Daniel, because it's about to get a hell of a lot worse."

Casper High 7:15 AM

Danny was very late.

Creepy teleported away–quite dramatically might he add–and Danny was forced to gawk openly at the ghost's retreating form. He remained un-moving until people started coming out from their hiding places. Whether or not they were supporters of him or haters didn't matter, he just needed to get to school on time so he left a damaged street and a handful of confused humans behind while he hauled ass.

He'd ask Clockwork about the ghost later. Right now he needed to focus on the fact he was once again, for the forty-eighth time this year, late for class.

As he ran, dodging signs and walls in his human form, Danny couldn't help but recall the deeply rooted desperation the ghost gave off when they were face to face. The ghost almost sounded like he wanted to prove something by beating Danny; which honestly wasn't all that unusual considering most of the Ghost Zone liked to challenge the Halfa.

Danny pushed aside any remaining thoughts about the mystery ghost and previous encounter when he finally reached Mr. Lancer's classroom. He needed to focus on the task at hand and contemplate about the random attack later. Thankful for his superhuman healing, he gave himself a once-over to check for any obvious injuries before grabbing the handle and opening the door.

The sickening smell of pencil led and chalk found its way to his nose and he almost gagged.

"The bell has rung, that means you–To Kill a Mocking Bird, Mr. Fenton!" his overweight English teacher exclaimed, jumping up from where he was sitting at his desk and staring at him in shock.

Danny sent him a weak smile, honestly sorry that he had been late. Mr. Lancer's surprised gaze hardened at his appearance. He wasn't injured, but his clothes were a wrinkled mess, his hair was less controlled than normal, and his arms and face were smeared with dirt. The teen looked like he had gotten into a fight with a vacuum cleaner.

Lecturing him a little before he sat down, Mr. Lancer tried to explain to him that no one should take that long or look that disoriented when using the bathroom. Danny nodded and apologized. Hearing how sincere he was, Mr. Lancer calmed down and turned back to his lecture. Danny was off the hook for now.

At the back of the class next to his concerned best friends, Danny sat down and listened to his classmates hushed conversations.

"Fenton's late again."

"There's always something going on with those three."

"Wonder what he does?"

"Probably overslept or skipped school."

"Looks like he was attacked."

"Well at least no one's suspicious," Danny commented dryly to himself. "Everyone still thinks you're weak, geeky, scary-cat Fenton." Looking around once more he noticed everyone staring at him and laughing under their breath. "And I still can't decide if that's a good or bad thing."

Mr. Lancer went on talking about the book Anthem. His teacher's cheery voice set the teen's mind at ease and the world around him calmed. After the hectic morning he had, Danny smiled and took a moment to appreciate the peace he had been given.

Sam and Tucker passed him a note halfway through class regarding who he fought. Tucker even drew a mini Box Ghost in the corner with a cartoon Danny beating him up. Lancer was distracted by his lecture so he didn't hear Danny's quiet snort at the image, adding another beside it, but explaining that no, it wasn't the Box Ghost he ran into.

Sam read Danny's reply and frowned. "New Ghost?" she mouthed to him. Danny nodded. He'd explain later.

His morning was hectic, and it seemed his afternoon would be even worse. Near the end of class–after bearing through Lancer's boring book topic–Murphy's Law decided it wasn't finished with him and the GIW burst into the classroom.

"Someone up there must be laughing at me right now," Danny muttered as his forehead connected with the desk.

When the door to Mr. Lancer's classroom swung open and two agents walked in, he groaned into the wood of his desk. Raising his head upright, Danny skilled a look of indifference over his face, but on the inside, he was a mess. The walls suddenly felt too close and he gulped at the intense feeling of being trapped, something that always crept up on him whenever he was in the vicinity of the GIW.

Sam and Tucker gasped softly. He gave them a furtive look that said, "Don't do anything, don't say anything." Their eyes hardened and they both nodded. Theories started to form in Danny's mind. Did they follow him here? Maybe they made an invention that could track a ghost's ectoplasmic signature. This could always be a lecture on what to do during a ghost attack.

He hoped with every fiber in his being that they were here to lecture us, but when he looked back at the two agents standing in the doorway, all that hope vanished.

They were staring at him.

Danny gritted his teeth. Out of everyone in the entire class, their focus was on him. If they somehow followed Phantom's signature back to this classroom, they shouldn't have the accuracy to pinpoint it directly to where Danny was sitting. Did they see him transform?

He took several deep, calming breaths and searched Agent O and Agents K's forms for any noticeable ghost weapon. Surprisingly, there were none; they weren't even wearing the mandatory anti-ecto rings. What ghost hunter wouldn't bring any gear with them when living in this town?

"Sorry to interrupt your class, Mr. Lancer, but Agent K and I are here to discuss the recent ghost activity that seems to be censored around Casper High," announced Agent O, the man closest to the door.

Danny's hands gripped the edge of his desk and he sunk lower in his seat.

"You see," spoke agent K, "there have been so many attacks on your school, and every class follows the Ghost Safety Drills when we are under attack-"

"But!" Interrupted the other agent with a fake smile, "Your class has always performed the procedures perfectly, and that is why we have chosen you to all go on an honorary, educational field trip to the Museum of Natural Hauntings in Florida!"


Danny vaguely recognized the sound of cheering as everything around him blurred. A field-trip? That wasn't exactly what he expected the ghost to say. A firm hand clasped his shoulder. Tucker smiled down at him while Sam laughed in the background. "Man," Tucker grinned. "And to think we were worried."

Fuzzy outlines of bodies danced around excitingly and mouths moved but no sound came out. Danny sunk deeper into thought. A field trip for the class that almost never followed the rules? Seriously? The more pensive he became, the less answers he could come up with. Eventually the movement and celebration ceased when Agent O and K started talking again so he allowed his mind to clear in order to collect more information.

"This trip is absolutely free so don't worry if you're short on money," Agent O assured. "This is our way of thanking you for your hard work and determination during ghost attacks."

Danny snorted. Were people really buying this?

Shifting the papers in his hands, Agent K ignored any gasps or protests as he commanded the class to be packed and ready at the front of Casper High tomorrow morning at 7 am sharp.

"Our employers realize this is a bit sudden, but this was the only available flight that we could find for a class of your size. And you know what they always say, the sooner the better," he announced, sounding sympathetic.

Danny glanced around the room that was evidence of the complete bullshit being discussed at the front. There were 10-15 kids total in his senior English class. Who the hell couldn't fit them on one plane? Biting his tongue to keep from yelling the truth out, he rubbed the bridge of his nose. Could they be more obvious? The overshadowed agents practically wrote "this is a trap!" on their foreheads and yet his naive class continued to soak up every word the GIW said.

"I know you are all excited for this once in a life time opportunity, so don't be late," Agent K warned with a wave of his finger. "Also," he continued as his partner began passing out packets to the students, "this trip is prepaid by the GIW organization, but we still need your parent's approval if you're underage."

Damnit. Danny was still seventeen, the youngest of the trio and third youngest in his class.

"There are forms and ticket information in this manila envelope, including codes on how to access your flight tickets online, exact times and schedules for your trip, a list of hotel information, and the form for your parents in case you aren't eighteen yet," Agent O explained.

As he passed by Danny's desk, O slammed the large packet onto the surface a lot harder than he needed to. With a chuckle, his eyes mocked Danny silently before continuing on to the next student. Glaring at him until the 'agent' turned his back, the teen cautiously opened and searched the envelope. The information inside seemed realistic. Very realistic. It looked as though they had his whole plan made out start to finish before enacting it. The only problem is finding out what exactly was the plan? The GIW never gave free field trips; they were just crazy supernatural fanatics.

Danny stole a look at Tucker and Sam. They didn't seem suspicious at all which was honestly surprising. Normally Sam would have immediately questioned the random announcement, but the resident goth girl seemed perfectly content.

A wave of sadness covered him. Danny's friends were tired and wanted a break. Their bodies and minds were exhausted from all their hunting sessions so their states of mind were weak. Deep down they probably suspected something, but their subconscious wanted a stress-free vacation so badly that it was affecting their judgment.

Danny decided to keep his mouth shut for now. After all, he could handle anything these idiots threw at him.

The agents finished passing out the packets and got ready to leave. They turned around suddenly, waving goodbye to the class, and locked eyes with Danny.

The teenager startled at the red eyes staring back at him.

He couldn't make a scene in the middle of class and there was no way Lancer would let him leave after this morning, so Danny could only hope that his parents would say no to this trip, and possibly convince the other parents to turn it down as well.

Fenton Works 2:30 PM

Everyone in the neighborhood knew to expect the unexpected when it came to the Fentons. Constant explosions, sounds, and yells always bellowed out from the brick building with the flashy neon sign. So, when a shout of extreme astonishment came from the home, even the people walking on the sidewalks didn't flinch.


Danny was flabbergasted. His parents agreed. They said yes. They were allowing him to go on a homicidal field trip set up by a crazy ghost. Of course, they didn't know that, but still.

His genius mom looked at him in surprise as she pulled off her goggles and face mask. Danny was actually hoping she would pick up on his anxiety and disinterested tone. Apparently, she mistook it for exhaustion. "Sweetie, this is the perfect chance for you to get a break from all the craziness in Amity Park and make friends with some of your other classmates!" she cheered, clasping her gloved hands together.

"But Mom," he whined like a child, "I already have great friends! Tucker and Sam are always there for me and I don't need to make anymore."

Sighing, his mother walked away from the invention she and his dad were working on and pulled him into a soothing hug. Her soft fingers running through his hair calmed him slightly and Danny settled for pouting to express dislike.

"I know you have great friends, but you need to make more and sending you to Florida is a great opportunity. We'd be horrible parents if we told you to miss this. Just make sure you bring your anti-ecto ring, you can never be too careful," Maddie replied, looking at her husband for support.

Realizing he was supposed to say something to motivate his son into going, his dad pulled off his gear too and pulled both Danny and his mom into a bone-crushing hug.

"Your mother's right, Danny my boy, this will be really good for you!" Jack said with a silly grin on his face. "Also, this trip was issued by the fantastic GIW Ghost Hunters, so that's another reason for wanting to go!"

No, that's another reason for not wanting to go.

He and his parents argued for what seemed like hours before they finally said, "end of the discussion." He was given no second option and sent to his room to pack.

First, he was attacked by a new ghost and then he gets sent away by another one that overshadows GIW agents? How was Amity Park going to survive while they were gone? Valerie was in their class too so that only left his parents to defend the entire town. Why would some ghost overshadow the GIW to send his class to Florida? Who was the ghost that attacked him earlier? How were we going to survive walking headfirst into a diabolical trap?

As he angrily shoveled clothing into his suitcase, only one thought occupied his mind: Murphy's Law, you suck.

A/N: As a warning, I wrote this when I was 12. I've edited this story a lot, but please understand that I started this in middle school so my earlier chapters leave a lot to be desired.

Q & A:

Who's Twist?

An OC, trust me you aren't missing a part of the show or forgetting a character, but he's important and fits into canon storylines (if I tweak things a bit).


They're in senior year and Danny is seventeen. All canon events have already occurred (Phantom Planet is OOC so it will be ignored), and the newest inclusion is just that the rest of the world finally believes Amity Park and knows about ghosts. Ghosts have spread worldwide, using the Fenton portal or natural ones. All will be explained in the next chapter.


Danny is the smallest of the trio (my favorite headcannon. Little bean is either a late bloomer or Sam will just have to lean down to kiss him for the rest of their lives) and they're all super close by this year. Maddie and Jack aren't bad guys, but they're unintentionally neglectful occasionally. Jazz is the best sister ever and takes great pride in her little brother's accomplishments. There's no romance in this (although my favorite is Everlasting Trio) and everything is platonic, even if SamxDanny is hinted. They've got more things to worry about than romance.

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