A/N: As much as I love yaoi/yuri and other slash relationships, this story will not be focused on any pairing. Of course I will drop hints of flirting and tons of awkward moments between the hormone-filled children (same-sex and opposite-sex), but I have a feeling that no relationship will ever be stated officially. So if I write about a main/minor character blushing because another main/minor character teasingly flirts with them- DON'T FLIP THE FUDGE OUT. Other than the cannon SamxDanny moments, there will be no couples (and even those are subtle.)



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Danny argues with Valerie about ghosts again, the class searches for water, the Amity Park parents get together, Vlad and Jazz make an appearance, and Clockwork has a brief cameo.

Learning to Trust

Stranded Day 3 part 1

Twist finally reeled his ugly head much later the next day. The people wondered if something had happened to cause such a delay, but the red-eyed ghost didn't mention it so the odd time occurrence was ignored.

"Hello again, my clueless zombies! How are you all today?" he asked. Twist grinned at their lack of response and scratched his freckled face. "You've got to be a least a little excited to see what I have in store for you today! I mean, look, you're already preparing yourselves for the show."

Everyone watching felt sick. As soon as the technology around them began to power down, they found themselves sitting wherever they were. How had they become so used to this already?

To save the spectators some embarrassment, Twist flicked his wrist and the image started to fade. "No need to get all fidgety, embarrassment is such a weird human emotion. New challenges and allies await Mr. Lancer's class on today's episode so without further-a-due, I give you Stranded With My Class Day 3!"

Swirls of black and green passed and soon everyone in the world was treated to an image of an innocent, raven-haired boy snoring in a tree. His expression was so calm and relaxed that the people couldn't help but coo at the adorableness he presented.

Danny Fenton, still asleep, mumbled and tried to roll over on the branch he was laying on. After one roll, however, he didn't stop. The poor boy ended up tumbling off the edge, and a loud squeak erupted from the child's mouth as his body met the unforgiving ground. The audience winced upon impact. Sure, he was only a couple of feet off the ground, but that had to hurt.

Danny picked his head off the forest floor. "I curse the inventor of gravity," he grumbled, sleepily.

"That means you're cursing mother earth," chided a playful voice from above.

"Shut up, Sam."

"Well good morning to you too." Sam Manson gracefully pushed off her branch and landed in a crouch next to the male still attached to the ground. She smirked at his inconvenience. "Need a hand?" she asked.

Danny pouted, but took the help anyways. He brushed the dirt from his hair and began picking leaves off of his tattered clothes.

"You know, I think that's a good look for you," laughed Tucker Foley as he too launched himself to the ground. "Definitely an improvement from your normal hair style."

A middle finger was shoved into the African-Americans face. The audience sighed at the crude gesture, clearly not expecting that to come from the innocence that is Danny Fenton. "Boys will be boys."

Tucker smacked Danny's hand playfully. "At least you fell on this side of the tree. If you'd rolled any other way you would have ended up in the river."

The trio turned to glance at the slow-moving stream off the edge of a small cliff they'd discovered yesterday. After trial and error, they realized the water was actually a runoff of the ocean and extremely undrinkable. "Man this sucks," sighed the techno-geek as he turned back to his friends, "I was so sure we'd finally found some fresh water."

"Same here," replied Danny with a smile, "but take a look at the ground."

The camera zoomed in on the small water droplets hanging off the blades of grass. Sam and Tucker grinned. Once everyone was awake, they could run around and collect the dew from the rags tied to their ankles.

"Hell yeah!" cried the goth. "We've finally found something to make Paulina and the others shut up."

Danny and Tucker gave her a look. "I was thinking more along the lines of 'we found something that can help us survive,' responded the raven.

Sam rolled her purple eyes. "That too."

"Guess this means we've got to wake them up now," Tucker said while pointing up at the bodies hanging from the branches of three trees. Teenagers of every shape and size snored peacefully a little higher than where the trio had slept.

The goth gazed at her snoozing classmates with a grin that promised pain. Suddenly she chuckled and took a deep breath. Realizing what she was about to do, the too males desperately lunged for her mouth.

"Sam, don't you da-"


Eyes shot open in surprise as the booming voice of Sam Manson ricocheted across the island. Too startled to realize their surroundings, the children screamed and fell to the floor. The manner of their awakening reminded the audience of how the Fenton boy woke up. Bodies of pained adolescents groaned and moaned from their positions at the Trio's feet.

"Are you mental?" Kim screamed at the smug goth as she shoved the scrawny body of Mikey off her face. "We could have died, asshole!"

"Aw come on, it wasn't that far up. The most you could have done was break a few bones," Sam replied, nonchalantly.

"Sam," Danny whined, not wanting to start an argument this early in the morning. "We finally got them to listen to us, please don't ruin it.

"Excuse me!?" Kim shrieked at Sam, ignoring Danny

Tucker laughed awkwardly and stepped in between the two females. "I'm sure Sam is very sorry for waking you like that. Right, Sam?" Tucker said. The girl in question hmp'd.

"Wow! That's the closest she's ever gotten to apologizing to anyone. You should feel lucky, Kim," Danny chirped.

"Screw you, Danny. Screw you."

The raven rolled his eyes at his fuming female friend and faced the rest of the students that were slowly peeling themselves off the floor. Ignoring the hispanic beauty and her copy as they screamed about breaking a nail, Danny offered everyone an apologetic smile. "Sorry about that, Sam's never been one for mornings," he explained.

Still half asleep, the students grunted in response. It appeared that everyone was too tired to care.

Sam huffed. "I was just trying to do something normal, you know. Something that makes everyone feel more at ease and not trapped," she explained, gesturing to the island.

"Next time, just slap me like you usually do," Dash groaned. "Don't push me out of a fucking tree."

Sam grumbled, "I didn't push you out," but Danny silently gestured for her to let it go.

Tucker, the ever sarcastic Techno-geek, clapped his hands to get their full attention. "It's been 3 days since we left for the field trip. That means we've gone 3 days without food or water. In case you haven't realized it yet, this is not good."

Students groaned and clutched their stomachs. Cramps were already present and soon the acid in their stomach would try to find other calories and nutrients in their bodies to feed off of. "I'm starving," Kim grumbled, voicing what everyone was thinking.

Dash suddenly moved forward and scowled at the trio, but his angry look was completely diminished by his fuzzy morning hair. "Hey nerds, how long can people go without eating before they, you know, die."

Danny hid an amused grin behind his hand. The jock's hair looked like a cow licked it! "For most it's about 5 days, but I wouldn't push our luck with how long we'll last," he replied.

The blonde grumbled. "Didn't you say there'd be water on our ankles or something?"

Nodding, Danny pointed at the forest floor. "There's a lot of grass in this area so there should be enough water for everyone to get a good mouthful." At his classmates incredulous looks, he added, "All you need to do is run around a bit and make sure the cloth on you feet starts to feel heavy and wet."

Gasps of happiness rang through the brisk morning air as the teenagers began rubbing their legs against the tall grass. The sight was quite comical to the humans watching across the globe. Soon the teens began squeezing large drops into their mouths. It was heaven.

A deep voice broke the cheerful atmosphere. "Hey, uh, Fenton?"

The camera zoomed out and gave the eager audience a panoramic view of the entire group. From the new angle, the humans could clearly see that one student hadn't stood up from his spot on the floor. Kwan continued to kneel near the river.

Heads turning to face the heavy voice, the class sucked in a deep breath. Their comatose teacher lay at Kwan's feet next to their suitcases of supplies. Noticing the man, the audience and class held their breath as well. From the distance everyone was at it was difficult to see Lancer's condition.

"He's fine," Kwan laughed, sensing the fall in the atmosphere. Relieved, everyone physically deflated. Finally, some good news!

Danny raced forward through the teenagers and knelt next to Kwan. "His skin is healing really well," the boy explained, "his breathing is even and the welts are slowly disappearing." Danny raised his head and smiled. "He should even wake up within the next couple of hours."

The small boy's thrilled expression lifted the hopes of the other children. Even Amber and Chris' lips twitched upward.

"So what are we gonna do now?" Devon, the overweight boy, asked.

The others shuffled in place in response to Devon's question and looked towards the Golden Trio. Danny, Sam, and Tucker jerked in surprise at the questioning gazes sent their way. They honestly hadn't expected their classmates to accept their leadership so easily. Of course many of the popular kids like Paulina and Dash seemed quite uncomfortable with the situation, but it was a start at least.

Tucker powered up the weapon on his wrist while Sam pulled on her spider-backpack and Danny ordered Kwan and Dash to lift Mr. Lancer.

"We're going to need to keep moving inward," snapped Sam. "Because it's basically the only thing we can do. That means we have to cross the river so if any of you sissys have a problem with water- keep it to yourself!" No one said a word.

The raven haired boy gave the goth a look. "What Sam said, but nicer. Remember, this is about survival so we're going to have to get a little dirty," he declared, hoping no one would complain.

Tucker cleared his throat. "You also might want to move the dew collectors to your wrist so you won't catch any unwanted salt water samples from the stream," he added. "You can run your hands through the trees and pick up moisture that way as well."

"Are we going to look for food and shelter?" asked Kwan as he shifted the body in his arms in order to move the cloth to his wrists.

"During the first night when we had shelter, I stayed awake for a bit longer than everyone and listened for any wildlife," Tucker explained. "If there are any animals on this island, they aren't predators because they didn't seek us out while we were sleeping."

"And the weather's been pretty clear lately," Sam pitched in, "so that means shelter has moved from our first priority to our last. Right now we need to find fresh water and something to it, whether it be an animal or a fruit."

"I'm a vegetarian," Alicia whispered from the back.

Sam shrugged. "I don't know what to tell you. Unless we run into some tofu out here in the wild, you're out of luck," she said, bluntly. Alicia winced and ducked her head.

"Um, question!" shouted Nathan, an odd boy with bug-eyed glasses. As all eyes tuned to him the teen gestured to the ground. "We're supposed to stay away from those, right?" The class looked where the chubby hand was pointing and screamed. An innocent speckled mushroom stared back up at them.

"That wasn't there last night!" observed Valerie with a shriek.

"Oh god, they're following us!" Paulina wailed.

"They're not following us," Mikey sighed, adjusting his glasses. "Panther Cap is probably a type of mushroom that eagerly reproduces when its main source of food is cut off. Mr. Lancer's healing quickly so a spore fell from him and sunk itself into the ground." The redhead boy looked up at the stunned faces of his classmates and stuttered. "E-er, well… I think that's what happened."

Danny blinked. "No. You're right. How'd you know that?"

Mikey blushed. "I read a lot."

"Wo-ho! Way to go Mike-y," cheered Devon as his large hand smacked the nerd playfully.

Kim and Valerie also smiled warmly at the embarrassed boy. The A-listers rolled their eyes, but surprisingly didn't comment.

"Looks like they're learning to get along," the audience thought with wide grins. "Finally."

The camera changed it's angle and focused on two of the three teens that had woken up first. Off in the little corner next to Sam and Tucker, Kim shoved Alicia playfully. "Dude, your brother's really smart," she exclaimed. "So far the only people who seem to know what they're doing is the 'Golden Trio,' but man, Mikey totally just owned everybody!"

The redhead bit her lip. "Y-yeah. He really is great," she whispered.

Noticing her tense posture and hurt expression, the blonde paused. "Alicia?" she asked.

Swallowing once, the shorter girl glanced into the eyes of her newest friend. "I'm uh, really lucky to have him as my brother," she smiled. The expression was so fake that the people of the world winced. Kim frowned but didn't comment.

The camera once again panned out and the audio levels rose to pick up everyone's voices. Danny had moved next to the blonde and Asian bullies and seemed to be showing them how to correctly hold Mr. Lancer above their heads so he wouldn't drown. Sam and Tucker remained at the front of the group and were overwhelmed with questions. One student mentioned getting eaten and the teens murmured among themselves as a new fear arose. What if there are sharks or poisonous animals in the river?

The goth girl tried to explain to everyone that a runoff from the sea is normally too shallow, but no one would listen.

"You're gonna get us killed!" cried Ryan, fixing his crooked hat and giving Sam an angry look. "Why the hell should we even listen to you three in the first place? You all barely even do your own homework or show up for class at Casper High, how can we trust you with our lives?"

"Listen here-" growled Sam as she stalked over to the taller boy who hadn't spoken much the whole trip.

Suddenly loud shots went off and everyone flung themselves to the floor. They all knew what an ecto-gun sounded like and didn't want to be caught in its path. Sam, Valerie, and Danny were the only three who remained standing as everyone turned to the African-American boy wearing the smoking wrist-ray.

"Hey, Tucker, could we not scare the shit out of everyone please?" Danny asked, dryly.

The Foley boy sent his best friend a blinding grin. "Now where's the fun in that?" he replied.

"What the fuck, you fuck-tard?" Ryan yelled, jumping to his feet.

"Chill out, potty-mouth. He wasn't aiming for you," snorted Sam.

The other students slowly stood up. Shaking, Star and Megan, the two closest to the river, peered down. The stream was a good 15 yards wide and dipped below a cliff-like edge off the side the students needed to go. The two girls gasped. "It's glowing!" squealed Megan.

Everyone else, including Danny, Dash, and Kwan, raced to the edge. The camera followed their astonished gazes and the humans across the world gaped at the screens in front of them.

Beautiful green blobs from Tuckers wrist-ray spread and settled beneath the still waters of the runoff. As the glowing green seeped into every corner of the 15 yard wide stream, the light grabbed the floor and walls surrounding the area. A space of about 6 feet in length was now so brightly lit that you could see the bottom.

Valerie shut her mouth with a click. "Isn't that kind of dangerous? Ectoenergy is toxic," she argued.

Tucker raised his eyebrow. "No it's actually not. It only burns ghosts, not humans, and the acid aspects of the chemical are canceled out by water anyways. Danny's parents even wrote about it in their books, but I'm surprised you of all people didn't know that."

"What are you talking about?"

"Doesn't your dad work at Axion labs?"

"Oh, right," chuckled Valerie. Sam, Tucker, and Danny shared yet another look that the audience was unable to comprehend.

The humans growled. This was getting irritating! The innocent children watching wanted to see 'more ghostys' and the adults wanted answers. Amity Park in particular was curious about finding more about their own children. "Something had better happen soon. Does Twist want his captive audience to get bored?"

"Well there you go," announced Sam, smugly, pointing at the river. "See any sharks or poisonous animals that want to bite your toes off?"

Ryan sneered. There wasn't even any fish to catch and eat. The entire river was completely devoted of life. "No," he said, gritting his teeth.

"Then I guess we're good to go. There's no way around this thing, so let's make a line through the river," Danny announced. "Dash and Kwan have Mr. Lancer, Kim and Alicia have our suitcases, we've got the ghost weapons, and everyone's here, right?"

"Yeah! We're all clear back here, man!" cried Devon at the edge of the group.

Nodding, Danny slid down the slanted slope and stood at the water's edge. A hesitant Valerie copied him followed by Kim, Alicia, Ryan, Dash, Kwan, Paulina, Star, Chris, Amber, Megan, Nathan, Devon, Mikey, then Tucker and Sam bringing up the rear.

As soon as their leader placed his foot into the deep waters, he winced and turned around. "Turns out there's a pretty strong current at the bottom. Make sure you find your footing on the rocks before placing all your weight on one foot," he explained.

The teenagers' hands began to sweat. "Can we, uh, hold on to each other or something?" Megan laughed nervously.

"What, are you scared?" mocked Amber.

Megan looked over the taller girls shoulder and gulped. "Uh, no, but no one will get pulled away if we all hold hands."

Sam hummed. "That's actually a pretty good idea," the goth shouted. "Hey, everyone up front, link hands with the person next to you!"

Hands of every color grabbed the people around them. No one complained. The river was long and deep and scary. It didn't matter that they could see the bottom, there was still the initial fear of being pulled under and swept away.

Dash and Kwan were at the most risk considering their hands were clutching their overweight teacher and slowly raising him higher to avoid the glowing water. They had to trust their own judgement on where to step and rely on the fingers digging in their shirts to stay upright.

The camera started at the front and slowly closed in on the faces of every teenager in the slowly moving line. As it passed Megan, the Paulina clone, the spectators heard her whispering a chant under her breath: "Paulina can swim, I can swim. Paulina can swim, I can swim. Paulina can swim, I can swim."

"What?" Eyebrows across the world disappeared into hairlines. Meanwhile, in Amity Park a young couple was freaking out and crying as their daughter attempted something so reckless.

After about 8 minutes of walking, Danny reached the edge of the sandy shore. He was still neck-deep in water when his pruned hands gripped the ledge above him. Valerie lifted her leg under the water and pushed up against Danny's foot to give him a boost. Securing himself safely at the top, the teen leaned down to grasp the girl and pull her up the wall as well. Together the two of them grabbed an arm and leg of their teacher above Kwan and Dash's heads and lifted him on the shore.

The students at the end of the line nervously looked ahead. Short children, such as Mikey, Alicia, and Devon, were barely able to keep their faces above the water.

"Hey! Can you guys hurry it up?" snapped Devon, fear taking over his mind. The current seemed to get stronger and his feet kept slipping.

Amber felt the new speed of the water as well. "Go faster!" she shrieked.

The shouts of the teens behind them made others shiver. They'd been in the water too long and needed out now. "Shit," muttered Valerie as she and Danny helped Dash up. "They're panicking."

"Calm down," coaxed Danny, addressing the entire group. "Everyone's going to be fine. The river's long and calm near the top. If you slip, just swim upward and keep your feet away from the bottom. You'll float in place and one of us will dive in to get you."

The teenagers breathed deeply to calm their nerves and nodded. That made sense. They'd be fine.

Suddenly Amber turned to the girl behind her and the camera followed. "Would you stop that?" she hissed quietly. Megan didn't look up nor did she stop her chant.

"Seriously, shut up! What the heck is wrong with you?"

The murmuring got quieter but wouldn't stop.

"Are you retarded!? Quit doing that, you're freaking-" Amber started before screaming.

Many things happened at once. Being the only person facing the back of the group, Amber was the first to notice the hulking shadow looming over the cliff they had come from. Overcome with adrenaline and fear, she screamed and raised her unclenched hands into the air. The scream alerted everyone and soon more cries filled the morning sky as the rest of the students turned around. A large back beast with bright, green eyes growled at them from the cliff he was perched on.

Only one teenager remained facing forward as his mind tried to catch up with itself. Nathan stared down at his hand.

It was empty.

His water covered glasses looked at the hand of the startled girl two steps in froth of him.

It was empty.

His gaze slowly rose downstream to catch the glimpse of a body being sucked under.

"Megan!" he cried, more terrified than he'd been in his life. The rest of the class turned and finally realized they had lost one of their own.

"Oh my god," choked Valerie as she ran to the edge. The girl hadn't listened and tried to swim to the top, she must have continued to try to catch her footing again as she was pulled under. No one would be able to find her now. "Danny," Valerie shouted.

Said boy stood up suddenly. For the first time since the plane crash, the audience saw something on his face that they hadn't seen in a while.




He pushed past the other students who had made it up and cupped his hands around his mouth. "LUPO, KAPTI SIN!"(1) he cried.

While the other students blinked in surprise, the creature behind them howled and dived into the water.

"Oh my god, pull us up!" cried Paulina. "It's in here! It's going to eat us!"

Kwan and Dash took over for the frozen raven-haired boy and helped pull their line of classmates out of the glowing river. Soaked, emotionally spent, and exhausted, the class wheezed and dry heaved into the sandy ground beneath them. Their eyes were withdrawn and glossy, not able to comprehend that one of them had just drowned.

The camera zoomed out and captured the entire group. There were only 16 dripping wet children and 1 adult.

"One of the girls… she… where's," Kim quivered, her head turning over her shoulder to glance at the now racing river behind them.

"She was right there, then she wasn't. My hand- I didn't even," Nathan gasped, looking down at his fingers.

The boy in the hat stood up. His furious blue eyes turned to Danny who was still standing at the edge of the shore. "What the hell, Fenton!?" he cried, pulling the stunned teen away from the edge. "You said we'd all be ok!"

Valerie grabbed Danny's hand and pulled him away from the angry jock. "Shut up! It's not his fault- things like this just happen!" she defended the small, blue-eyed boy.

"He let someone get killed! How the fuck can you defend this little shit?"

"Dude, language!" cried Devon, joining the argument.

"No! I've stayed silent almost this entire trip and let you all do and say whatever the hell you want! Its my turn now. Why are we even taking orders from him?" Ryan snatched Danny from Valerie's arms and pulled him against his chest. "It's probably his fault we're on this island in the first place! His parents are famous Ghost Hunters and he's friends with ghosts- Fenton's bound to be a target for attacks and now he's dragged us all into this mess!"

Everyone paused, even the audience that was still shocked over the death of one of the kids. That… might actually be true. Twist had said earlier that he was targeting one person in particular, and this whole show seemed to focus on Danny and his friends. Still, you can't really blame Danny for the situation, it's not like he wanted Twist to go after him and his class.

Valerie looked conflicted and guilty again. "You don't know that. Don't place blame on anyone when you have no proof to-" she said before being cut off. A roar interrupted the verbal fight and a furry, black mass leapt out of the water. The teenagers cried in surprise and stumbled backwards. In his panic, Ryan let go of the boy in his arms and fell on Valerie and Devon. The piercing green eyes of the large animal slid over each one of them.

"Ne, ne! Bona! Ili estas amikoj,"(2) cried Danny as he placed himself between the monster and his class. The students watched in eery fascination as the short teen spoke to the creäture in a different language.

"Danny," Valerie croaked, her brown eyes flickering from the back of her former crush to the hulking beast behind him. "Please tell me this is another ghost friend of yours and we're not going to be eaten."

"Jes, li estas amiko. Ne maltrankviliĝu,"(3) Danny smiled at the girl.

Suddenly, a soaking wet Sam came up behind the teen and smacked him in the head. "English, Danny. English," she teased.

The boy blushed and rubbed the back of his neck. "Eh, right. Sorry." He turned back to the group and said, "Don't worry, he's friend."

Valerie calmed down but still looked at the ghost through distrustful eyes. The beast seemed more like a wild forest animal than a ghost so he was nothing like the enemies she'd fought before. The girl wisely kept her biased opinions to herself. Now was not the time to get into another argument with Danny about good and evil ghosts.

"Lupo, mia ĉefa viro! Kie vi estis, amiko?"(4) Tucker laughed as he pushed past Sam and Danny to jump into the clawed hands of the ghost.

A deep rumbling came from the furry mass. "Tucker! Mi estis en Ghost Zono. Libera lupo. Libera."(5)

"It talks?" whispered Paulina in awe, momentarily forgetting all her fear.

Tucker laughed. "Kompreneble!"(6)

Sam smacked Tucker. "English!"

The techno geek stuck out his tongue. "Sorry," he mocked. "I guess I'm just so used to speaking Esperanto that I get stuck in it sometimes."

"Kind of like Latin for me," Danny laughed.

This time Chris spoke up. His deep voice caused many females in the class to swoon. "You are fluent in Latin?" he asked, interested in something for once.

The intense gaze of the black-eyed boy made Danny fidget. "I kind of have to be. Latin is the core language of all ghosts. It's the "Language of the Dead" so to speak. All ghosts know it naturally, but if I want to be able to communicate with a lot of the older ghosts who don't know English, then I have to speak Latin. I, uh, learned it at the beginning of the year."

"Wow," gasped Mikey, suddenly remembering something. "I had no idea. But you were speaking Esperanto with the… eh…"

"His name's Wulf," the teen supplied.

"Ah, right, Wulf. I've heard you guys speaking that around school too."

The goth sadist grinned. "After we met Wulf, Tucker made Danny and I learn a bit of it so we could talk to him next time," Sam explained. "Tucker's always known. It's a great way of making sure no one eavesdrops on our conversations so we use it at school a lot."

Valerie looked thoughtful. "That's a good idea," she whispered.

Suddenly the ghost pulled something off his shoulder. He carefully maneuvered his long claws so they wouldn't harm the unconscious body he was carrying.

The class gasped and leaned in. "Megan!?"

The small brunette was gently laid at the Trio's feet. The class slowly inched forward and huddled around her. Her hair was plastered to her face, her makeup was a mess, and the rags of clothes still clinging to her body barely covered anything. The boys respectively looked away as Kim came racing over with a new jacket from the suitcase. Valerie turned her stunned gaze to Danny while Megan was being changed.

"So when you were yelling earlier," she asked, "you were telling the ghost to save her?"


Valerie reached out to feel her now clothed chest. "She's still breathing," she whispered, turning to Wulf. "You brought her back alive."

Either Wulf didn't understand her or wasn't offended because he sent her a slobbery grin that flashed his pointy, long teeth. "Girl safe. Safe girl. Safe friend," he spoke in broken English.

"Thank you," forced Valerie reluctantly.

Danny smiled warmly at her and the African-American girl huffed and looked down. "I only said it cause he's technically an animal, even if he's dead. And he did save Megan," she clarified.

Dash tapped the unconscious girl on the cheek. "Should we wake her up?"

Kwan pulled his hand away. "Dude! Don't poke her," he chided.

"We need to make sure she's ok," Danny decided, brushing the hair out of the girl's eyes. "Megan? Hey, you've got to get up now." The warmth from the hand on her face seeped through her sleep-hazy mind and Megan groaned.

Looking at the crowd surrounding them, Sam hissed quietly, "Give her some room!" The class, minus Nathan, backed up.

"Wha….?" The dazed girl mumbled as she rubbed her eyes against the sleeves of her new jacket. "Where am I?" She could see the sun and a bunch of trees, but everything else was blurry. Where were her classmates? As the confused brown eyes took in the landscape, Nathan sobbed and launched himself at the startled teen.

"M-Megan!" he shouted.

"Eh!?" The brunette cried, glancing down at the teary mess in her arms. Her gaze found the relieved and annoyed faces of her classmates. "What's going on? Why's everyone looking at me like that?"

"You fell in," came Dash's blunt reply.

Megan flinched. "Ah."

Kim growled and pushed the blonde jock out of the way. "It's ok. It wasn't your fault."

"N-no it was m-mine!" cried Nathan. His watery eyes stared up at her through bug-eyed glasses. "I let go of you. I wasn't strong enough and you could have dieeeeeeeeeed."

Megan laughed a little and brushed the boy off her legs. His guilty eyes made her feel empty. Noticing the alien shirt he wore Megan realized this was the band kid who has a crutch on Valerie. "I- no, I lost my footing. It's okay. It wasn't your fault," she reassured him.

The audience frowned. She wouldn't have lost her footing if Amber hadn't pulled her arms and let go of her hand. But the stoic girl stayed put at the back of the group and refused to come forward and apologize. "She could at least apologize," the audience thought.

Suddenly the girls vision was filled with bright, blue eyes. "Megan," Danny addressed knowingly, "Why didn't you tell me you couldn't swim." The girl's breath hitched as everyone screamed.

"That's what it was?"

"Are you stupid!?"

"Why would you go in?"

Megan kept her eyes firmly on the ground. She couldn't stand to look into those wise eyes in front of her. "Everyone else could swim so I thought it'd be ok. I didn't want to bother anyone, and we could touch the bottom so, I just slipped," she answered.

Soft footsteps approached the two. "When I said I didn't want to hear any complaints, I meant about how cold or dirty we were going to get by crossing the river," Sam sighed. "I guess it's also my fault for not clarifying well enough."

Not used to anyone supporting her like this, Megan squeaked. This earned her a tired laugh from those around her.

Dash suddenly fell to the ground as the adrenaline rush left his body. "Man, this is crazy. I never thought I'd be in a situation like this," he breathed. The others nodded. All of this seemed like some sort of dream. The vacation, the trap, the plane crash, the mushrooms, the ghosts, the 'Golden Trio.' It was all a little overwhelming.

"No kidding," laughed Kim. "The only time I've ever seen myself trapped in a place with you all was school or my nightmares. Sometimes a mix of both." Too tired and wet to retort, Dash snorted.

"Crazy things always seem to happen to the people of Casper High," mumbled Star who slumped to the floor next to their teacher.

"I think you need to include all of Amity Park in that observation," Devon retorted.

"Yeah, but we normally always have Phantom to come and save us," whispered Paulina lovingly.

"I wonder where he is," questioned Valerie with an unreadable look on her face.

Kwan settled next to his best friend. "Do you think he even knows where we are?" he asked.

"Are you kidding?" Dash exclaimed. "He's the smartest guy in the world! Of course he knows where we are. He's probably figuring a way to get us out of this right now."

"Well, whether he's trying to rescue us or not, it won't change the fact that we're on our own right now," Kim proclaimed dryly.

"No parents," muttered Star.

"No adults," stated Dash.

"No food," growled Devon.

"No water," murmured Paulina.

"No rules," observed Ryan.

"No superheros," sighed Mikey.

"No escape," confessed Valerie.

"Besides us seventeen, we're all alone," whispered Kim.

Danny, Sam, and Tucker remained silent.

(1)"Wulf, catch her!"

(2)"No, no! Good! They are friends."

(3)"Yeah, he's a friend. Don't worry."

(4)Wulf, my main man! Where have you been?"

(5)"Tucker! I have been in Ghost Zone. Free Wulf. Free."

(6)"Of course!"

Danny: All my classmates have really strong personalities o.O

Me: DUH! The story would be boring without a bit of crazy black and white dynamics! No grey scale in between stuff.

Danny: *shivers* Fangirls scare me.

Me: You scare me.

Edited: December 28, 2015