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Just want to clear something up: Valerie knows that Danni and Vlad are part human/ghost, but doesn't know that their species is called 'Halfa.' She's smart, but not that smart. Her ignorance is preventing her from seeing the truth about Danny so that's why she didn't realize who he was when Skulker called him a Halfa.


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The class wakes up and tries to cross the river. One of the girls can't swim, and when Wulf shows up and terrifies the class, she falls under the water and is swept away. Danny panics and asks Wulf to save her. Ryan says it's probably Danny's fault they're stuck on the island considering who his parents are, and the entire class reflects on how they are completely on their own.

Understanding the Enigmas

Stranded Day 3 part 2

Everyone was tense. The students stayed on the floor, each trying to grasp the new reality they were thrust into. The dripping of their soaked clothes and the gentle hum of the still glowing river did their best to drown out the silence, but to no avail. The ghost-wolf remained towering over the trio who continued to be uncharacteristically silent during the previous conversation.

Wulf, obviously not understanding why everyone suddenly became so quiet, gently shoved Danny in the back. The blue-eyed boy jolted and looked up from the floor. The piercing green eyes of the ghost silently urged him to do something. The teen sent the creature a grim smile and turned to his frozen classmates. "I don't know any of you," he observed.

The lost teenager's eyes came into focus and rested upon the boy who had spoken.

"I don't know any of you," Danny repeated once he had everyone's attention. "I mean, we're classmates, but I know next to nothing about you. We've all had the same English class for almost a year now and yet we haven't become relatively close at all."

Dash rolled his eyes. "Duh," he cried from his spot next to Kim, "I'm an A-lister. It's not like our social classes are going to collapse cause we all got stranded together."

"See! That- that's what I'm talking about!" Danny exclaimed, pointing an angry finger at the blonde. "Social standards and relative dislike for anyone that's not like you are the reasons why we can't get along for more than 5 minutes."

The students huffed. "I wouldn't work with them even if my life depended on it," Kim snorted.

"But you did," Danny exclaimed.


"Haven't you noticed? Every time we've been in danger, we've all worked together to get through it. Not to mention the fact you've actually been listening to what I say for the past two days," Danny laughed. "That usually doesn't happen- except for that one time our parents were kidnapped." The students smiled as they recalled that adventure.

"It's true, though," Tucker laughed. "When Lancer sent you find food, you guys split up and went after the mushrooms with people you've probably never even spoken to up till now."

Kim's eyes flashed to Alicia. "Huh."

"When we saw those suitcases, everybody searched through them too," Sam commented while shaking her head at the stupidity before her.

Dash absently glanced at Mikey as he recalled helping the redhead squeeze through the center of the luggage pile. "Hmm."

"And just now with the river!" added Danny with a laugh. "Our lives were in danger so we viewed each other in the only way that mattered: we weren't A-listers, geeks, unpoplular, or popular- we were human."

The class thought about this for a moment. When they all worked together they seemed to not care about who the person helping them looked liked or was. In the end they were all just kids trying to survive. Ryan huffed and stood up to stretch his legs. "So what? You think we should all just suddenly start pretending like we're friends?"

"No," Danny smirked, "I think we should all just suddenly start being friends."

"Excuse me?" Devon voiced with a heavy amount of sass.

The blue-eyed child patted the ground in front. "I'm cold, I'm wet, and I'm tired as hell-" the class visibly started at the uncharacteristic curse- "so I don't know about you guys, but I'm certainly not going anywhere anytime soon. Lets use this time to find out more about each other."

"We're in the middle of the fucking jungle and you want us to have circle time?" Ryan spit.

"Ye~up!" Danny grinned.

"Well I'm all for it!" snickered Devon as he scooted closer. "I've wanted to get some things off my chest lately."

Valerie looked at everyone's hesitant and unsure expressions. "It will definitely improve our chances of survival if we know everyone's strengths and weaknesses," she shrugged and moved forward.

"Hell yeah! I'd like to know what makes you popular kids think you're all that," smirked Kim, moving in as she spoke.

"A-As long as we don't have to answer a question if we don't want to," Alicia mumbled, placing herself next to Kim. Her brother hesitantly chose the spot next to her while the drenched forms of Nathan and Meagan sat quietly beside the siblings.

Kim turned to the people still standing. "Dudes, just stop fighting it," Kim ordered. "We're on an island, stranded in the middle of nowhere. Literally nothing matters anymore." Kim shrugged her shoulders at the trio. "Plus, Danny hasn't led us wrong yet so just humor us here."

Kwan hesitated before nudging his best friend. When Dash sent him a disbelieving look, he sighed. "It really would help if we knew everyone better," the asian male explained, motioning to Paulina, Star, Ryan, Amber, and Chris. "Us A-Listers are at the most disadvantage. We don't let anyone outside of our group know anything about us besides the obvious, and I bet you can't even name half the other kids here."

The blonde jock looked from Danny's patient gaze to Kwan's pleading one. "Fuck, Fenton, you know you're insane, right?" he commented. Danny simply smiled at his former bully as he and his friends formed the final curve to the circle.

Ryan gaped like a puffer fish. "W-What the hell? You can't actually be serious? We should be finding food or building shelter, not holding hands and being all buddy-buddy!"

"Ryan," Sam's calm purple eyes sent a shiver through the audience's spines, "kindly pull the icicle out of your ass and sit down." His fear overwhelming his pride, the boy in the hat quickly found a seat. The other students covered their mouths with their hands to hold back their laughter.

Danny looked at the goth. Said girl simply smiled sweetly, "Continue please."

The raven muttered something about "psychotic plant ghosts leaving residue on gothic brains" while rubbing the bridge of his nose. "All right, I'll be completely honest here. The three of us haven't exactly been entirely truthful with you guys and I know for a fact you all haven't been entirely truthful to us," he started, bluntly stating what everyone has been thinking. "We need to get some things off our chests so we're able to work as a team in the future."

Dash fidgeted from across Danny. "Yeah..." he muttered guiltily, the cameras barely picking up the sound.

"And I'll be completely honest with you guys right now to clear the air," Danny continued. "In the beginning, the three of us were planning on taking care of this on our own and leaving you in the dark about the ghost."

The students glared angrily at him. "What the hell, man?" Kim shouted.

Danny held up his hands in surrender. "I said in the beginning we were planning on that, but now things have changed and we trust you a little more than we did in the beginning." He paused to run a hand through his hair. "Look, Tucker, Sam, and I have been trained for this stuff. We know what we're doing and won't be taken by surprise if a ghost shows up."

"We're from Amity Park, though," Mikey argued. "We know how to act during ghost drills."

"Exactly. During ghost drills you're taught to run away, but Sam, Tucker, and I were trained to run at a ghost."

Paulina blinked. "I thought you always said you hated your parents job and never wanted to become a ghost hunter?" she asked.

"I don't," Danny answered, "and I'm not hunting ghosts like my parents. We just keep the small ones away when Phantom's too busy to get them."

"Do you know Phantom?" the hispanic continued, excited.

Danny, Sam, and Tucker shared a hesitant look. "Yes," Tucker answered, slowly, "but you absolutely cannot tell Danny's parents. They hate Phantom and wouldn't approve of us giving him their ghost weapons."

Dash gasped. "That soup-y thing he always carries around!" Tucker nodded.

The students took a minute to adjust to the new information. "But wait," Star asked, "why do we always see you run from ghosts then? You act like you want nothing to do with them."

"As much as my parents want Jazz and I to take after them," Danny scoffed, smiling, "they don't want us risking our lives to fight ghosts yet."

"Your parents are weird," Dash commented and the rest of the class agreed.

"So is that why you guys are always missing class?" Valerie asked, clenching her fists to stop from commenting about the trios friendly attitude towards Phantom.

Danny looked hesitantly at her as if she were a ticking time bomb. "Yes, though, sometimes its just to distract my parents while Phantom takes care of the ghost. We don't always fight, we're only human after all."

"So," Tucker said, trying to steer the conversation in a different direction. "Sam, Danny, and I have been in do or die situations before, and we know each other well enough to work as a team. You all however, keep trying to place a triangle inside a square hole."

Danny nodded, grateful for the change of subject. "You see, even if you do try and work together, you won't get far because you don't know the person you're working with well enough; all you know is what you assume." The blue-eyed boy leaned forward. "Don't. Ever. Assume."

"What do you mean?" Valerie asked. "Assume what?"

Danny looked deep in thought. "Well, I'll use your thing with ghosts. You say one ghost ruined your life?" he asked.

The female froze. "Right."

"And because of that one incident with that one ghost, you assumed that all ghosts were just like him."

"I-" Valerie's mouth was a thin line. "Yes."

Blue eyes twinkled. "Ok, how about another approach. Kim, you hate the A-listers."

The wild blonde snorted. "Obviously."


"Cause they're pricks. They think they're better than everyone else- that they deserve more than everyone else! They bully and cause pain wherever they go. Nobody at Casper likes them."

Dash, Paulina, Kwan, Star, Ryan, and even Amber winced. Were they really that bad? Before any of them could defend themselves, Danny held up a hand. "Have you ever stopped to wonder why they're like that?"

"Cause they're pricks."

"But why are they pricks?"

"They feel like being mean to people. They like it!"

"Are you assuming that or have you actually asked one of them?" For once in her life Kim was silent.

Danny smiled grimly. "I'm not going to sugarcoat it. There's a chance we're all going to die," he announced. The students surprisingly nodded. After the river incident they finally understood how much danger they were really in. "And in situations like this I need to know more about the people I'll be protecting," the youngest of the Trio continued.

"Hold up," Dash said, glaring at Danny and flexing his muscles. "I get that you know more about ghosts and stuff so we have to listen to you, but we don't need your protection. We're stronger than you despite all your experience with this stuff."

Kwan nodded. "He's sort of right, Fenton," he said, pointing at Danny's thin, lean body. "You're probably really smart and can take down ghosts by wits and tricks alone, but we've got muscle and strength. We can help."

The audience stiffened. "Insulting the person who's trying to save your asses isn't smart!"

Despite the offensive comments, Danny surprised everyone by laughing. "That was perfect!"

The two jocks raised their eyebrows. "Eh... what?"

"What you just did! You analyzed yourselves and me by pointing out the strengths and weaknesses of the three of us." The teen smiled warmly at them. "Brilliant."

Kwan and Dash both flushed at the pride in Danny's voice. "Whatever, Fenton." the blonde male mumbled with a small tinge of red on his cheeks. Why the heck were they so happy to hear Danny Fenton was proud of them?

"But that's exactly what I'm trying to get you to do. Look at others and yourself- learn more about the people around you and trust them to fill your weaknesses with their strengths and vise-versa," the shorter boy continued. "Although, since we're being honest with each other now, I'm not as weak as I look."

"Danny," Tucker whined, "that's so not fair. You're going to show off, aren't you?"

Children and adults around the world jerked in surprise. Was Danny going to finally show the other kids what he can really do?

Dash rolled his eyes. "Yeah, real funny."

"I'm serious," the boy replied, growing frustrated. "Ghost hunting isn't easy and calls for a lot of strength."

Despite realizing he's really smart and finally recognizing Danny as their leader, none of the kids there could seem to imagine Danny being strong. The youngest Fenton sighed and held out his hand. "Fine, I'll arm wrestle you."

A-listers laughed while others awkwardly coughed. "Eh, Danny, are you sure ya wanna do that?" Kim drawled out, slowly.

Danny grinned. "As long as Dash isn't scared he'll lose."

Said blonde smirked. This was his chance! He finally had the opportunity to show up Fenton and knock him down a peg or two. Maybe even he could become the leader after he beat him. Just because Fenton knows stuff about ghosts doesn't mean he should be the leader. "You wish, Fentoenail. Come here," Dash beckoned.

Both boys got into position. Leaning forward in the dirt of the center of the circle, they raised their right arm. Kwan and Kim made sure they were equal distance apart before giving the a-okay. Dash large hand swallowed Danny's small one. "Get ready to cry 'cause I ain't going easy on you," Dash grinned.

"Well then, neither will I," Danny smiled.

Suddenly Dash's face was in the dirt. It took the poor blonde a minute to collect his thoughts before he pushed himself up. His grey-blue eyes found Danny's bright ones. "I-I wasn't ready," he stuttered.

The two restarted and received the same results. Their classmates forgot how to speak as the smallest boy (besides Mikey) managed to shove the strongest boy's hand so hard that he fell over.


Having a mental break down, Dash whispered one word, "How?"

Danny held out his hand for the blonde. "Never assume. As a famous man once said, "Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know know nothing about. Be kind. Always." Stunned, the jock accepted the offered help and stood up to tower over Danny. "You will never truly know the power and worth of anyone other than yourself. Sometimes people will surprise you by doing things you never dreamed they were capable of doing. Being underestimated can come in handy sometimes."

The bright grin of the smaller teen made Dash's knees feel weak. "Yeah," he whispered, confused and thinking a lot of complicated thoughts.

Both boys assumed their earlier positions. "Alright," Danny smirked. "So one thing I needed to share with you is that I'm a lot stronger than I look, as you just witnessed. So if I tell you to run ahead and leave me behind to fight someone strong, you do it without hesitation, understand?" The teenager's eyes darkened. "I can take care of myself, but you guys haven't had the training I've had. Trust me on this."

The students nodded. All except Valerie. The African-American teen reached for something inside her shirt. "I- Danny, I got this from the luggage pile." A knife with its tip covered in cloth glittered in the afternoon sun.

The students' eyes widened. "Holy- Val, what the heck?!" Dash choked.

"I brought it, actually. It was in my bag. I smuggled it on the plane using an anti-ghost cloaking device. It confuses spirit particles and solid molecules." Valerie's brown eyes remained on the ground. "Sorry."

"Wait wait wait wait. I'm still trying to understand- Valerie, why would you have a knife or a ghost whatchamacallit?" Kim demanded.

Valerie seemed hesitant. "I hunt ghosts too. Er- I used to. Sort of."

The students were silent. The audience was silent. How come so many people in the class hunts ghosts?! They're supposed to be normal teenagers and leave the fighting to the adults. What kind of crazy down is Amity Park?

"It's complicated, right?" Danny's voice made Valerie's neck snap up in surprise. The boy's understanding eyes shocked the girl to the core and she was suddenly reminded of why she fell in love with him in the first place.

"Yeah," Valerie breathed with a smile, "It's complicated."

"Thanks for telling us, Val. Keep the knife just in case," Tucker grinned, typing something in his PDA. "So Danny, Sam, Valerie, and I know ghosts pretty well. If one of us tells you to do something, do it. We can argue later."

Valerie visibly started at the amount of trust the Trio was placing in her. She could give orders too? Meanwhile the class continued to stay silent. Even Ryan seemed hesitant to speak. There was something going on here that none of them really understood. Tucker continually typed on his waterproof device. "Alright. You next," he said, pointing at Kim.

The dirty blonde raised an eyebrow. "Um, what?"

Sam groaned. "Your strengths and weaknesses, jeez. We're learning more about each other, remember?"

Kim frowned at the goth. "I'm pretty strong, ain't afraid of getting dirty or climbing up high places, and I sure as hell don't stab my friends in the back," she snapped with a glare towards the A-Listers.

Ryan snorted. "What friends?"

"You little shit-"


Kim bit her lip and screamed silently. When she calmed down, Danny motioned for her to continue. "My temper. I lose my temper too quickly," she spat.

"Nice job," the blue eyed boy smiled that warm smile of his. The tension in Kim's shoulders lessened.

"Now Kim, if Danny, Tucker, or I asked you to do something, would you calm down and listen? Even if it's something you disagree with or dislike in any form or fashion," Sam turned her hardened purple eyes to the blonde.

"I guess I trust Danny. Not too sure about you too yet, but if he trusts ya then I'll listen," she replied.

The forgotten ghost Wulf, who had been sleeping behind Danny, suddenly laughed and jumped over to lick Kim. "Friend. Good friend. Friend good. Danny friend."

The blonde shrieked as she was now covered in saliva, "Christ, Danny! Tell your dog to stop!"

The raven haired teen laughed. "He likes you."

As the mountain of black fur and sharp claws settled himself behind Kim, the girl reluctantly smiled. "Fine, ya big fur ball."

Tucker typed the new information into his PDA. "Alicia, you're next."

The redhead jumped, having been staring at the ghost animal in awe. "I-I have asthma a-and I don't like talking in front of people," she stuttered.

Danny frowned. "Alicia, if you ever need help, please tell me. We have an inhaler in the supply bag if you ever need it." Alicia nodded. "And your strengths?"

"I don't have a-any," the shy girl replied.

"Everybody's got something about them that's good. Can you think of anything?"

Alicia paused. Her blue eyes flickered to her brother. "I'm... determined. I want t-to be better than my brother and prove that I can do things too." Sucking in a deep breath, the redhead stared directly into Danny's eyes and continued, "I'll never give up on a-anything. Not until I've done it and done it well."

The warm smile was back. "That's a pretty good quality to have," Danny smiled, impressed.

Face as bright as a tomato, Alicia shoved her head into Kim's back.

Mikey, seeing as it was his turn, averted his shocked eyes from his big sister. "I-I guess I'm smarter than most people. I like analyzing situations and coming up with the best possible solution." The male redhead frowned. "Physically though, I can not properly defend myself. I'm a very easy target."

Devon spoke next. "I'm extremely bi-polar so I don't know if I can really focus on listening to you guys all the time. My mom says I have trouble focusing a lot," the larger boy grinned.

Ryan opened his mouth to comment on the kids physical appearance, but Danny's voice stopped him. "For your own health and safety, I suggest you shut your mouth," he whispered. The class realized what Ryan had been about to do and shivered. Never mention weight to Devon, he'd flip on you faster than the Box Ghost on boxes.

"My strength would be my eyes!" Several student did a double take. They hadn't been expecting that. Devon smiled at the looks. "I notice things most people don't. My mom calls it eagle eyes or something."

"Perfect," Danny announced. "We'll need that. While we're trapped I need you to stay alert and report to me anything you find abnormal."

Devon mock saluted him. "Aye, Captain Fenton, sir." Sam snorted into her hand.

"Meagan, can you go next?"

A newly dried teenage girl bit her lip. "Obviously I can't swim," she retorted dryly.

Danny smiled softly. "Anything else?" A shake of the head. "Are you sure?" Hesitation. "We're all friends here now, no one will make fun of you."

Meagan deflated. "I'm not very good at being my own person," she whispered. "I guess I don't really like who I am so I'm constantly trying to be someone I'm not." A pause. "My recent obsession was copying Paulina-" "No duh," thought the audience and the class "-but I think I'm finally ready to start begin myself."

Both A-listers, the Trio, and the unpopulars smiled without even realizing it.

Embarrassed, Meagan shoved Nathan. The fuzzy-headed boy wiped his glasses. "I used to be obsessed with Valerie!" he loudly proclaimed, "But I think I'm slowly getting over it. I believed in Aliens and ghosts and monsters waaaaay before anyone else in Amity Park did so my strength would be my imagination. I never leave out a possibility, no matter how crazy it sounds," he finished with a dorky chuckle that made him sound like he had a stuffy nose.

Valerie muttered under her breath, "Thank the lord."

Dash was pointed to next. The blonde jock sighed loudly and leaned back. "I didn't build that cave earlier," he admitted.

As Kim cried "I knew it!" and several other students gaped, the audience couldn't help but feel content with this turn of events. "These kids are growing up."

When the exclamations of shock and anger had quieted down, the jock continued. "I wish I had built it," Dash stated bitterly, "but I can't take credit for something I didn't do. I didn't even bring back any mushrooms. I got lost."

"Well if you didn't make it, then who did? There's no one here who can match your... strength." Mikey finished slowly.

Every eye turned to Danny, the only boy to have ever beaten Dash at arm wrestling. "No way," whispered Ryan.

"I didn't do that by myself," the ghost-hunting boy snorted. "I'm not that strong, mind you. Sam and Tuck helped and the three of us finished within an hour. That's why we never searched for food."

At the mention of food, the students winced. They were really hungry now. "Don't worry," coaxed Danny. "We're almost done here and then we can search for something other than poisonous mushrooms. The day isn't even halfway over yet. We've got time."

Paulina cringed as she remembered being the one to demand that the Trio not sleep inside the cave because they didn't contribute to everyone's survival. She opened her mouth to apologize, but Dash started speaking again. "As Kwan said, I'm strong. Apparently not the strongest, but I can pull my own weight," the jock grumbled unhappily. "I guess I suck at math and anything that requires book smarts."

"I'm sort of the same as Dash," Kwan disclosed. "Except I'm more on the average level with book smarts and strength. My weakness would probably be my love for nature." When none of the A-listers made a move to tease him Kwan relaxed. "I don't know, I've just always sort of loved animals and plants."

Paulina sucked in a huge breath. "I hate dirt and anything that has to do with work. I'm good at making things, though. Arts and crafts sort of thing," she said, gesturing to the suitcases next to their unconscious teacher. "If we ever have another break like this, I can mix some scraps together and probably make us blankets."

"Gods yes," Tucker exclaimed loudly. "It was freezing last night!" The other students nodded. The island seemed to get colder at night while during the day the what became unbearable.

The blonde behind Paulina huffed suddenly. "I'm flexible and can fit into places most people can't- but I can also do anything you ask me to! I'm very capable at pulling my own weight, thanks."

Danny raised an eyebrow. "Uh, okay?"

"I'm serious!" Star cried. "My mom's always holding me back and controlling my life. As long as you don't do that, I'll recognize you as the leader, even if I don't like it," she grumbled the last part.

Understanding dawned Danny. "I trust you to be able to take care of yourself, don't worry. I won't be overbearing," he soothed.

Stars lips quivered. Living with a mom that wanted to wrap her up in a plastic bubble for the rest of her life, she never got the chance to prove herself. "Thanks."

Chris's deep baritone voice broke the silence. "I am flexible as well and have taken gymnastics for 9 years. I can lie with ease and keep a straight face." While the girls swooned, the tall black haired male sighed. "My weakness is showing emotion. I have difficulty with expressing how I feel."

Done sending flirty looks to Chris, Amber smirked. "I'm also a pro at lying. I'm a fantastic actress and can get out of sticky situations simply by distracting someone. I can also turn conversations any way I please."

Kim snorted, "Cocky bitch."

Angry, Danny sent her a sharp look. "Why would you say that?"

"Being a lying, manipulative slut isn't a good quality."

Shaking with rage, the leader stood up. "Apologize," he demanded.

Kim bristled. "Excuse me-?"

"Apologize. Now."

Danny's blue eyes were cold and unforgiving. Never in their life had any of the kids seen the teen with such hardened eyes. Kim stuttered. "S-sorry." A moment of silence passed before a snore from the sleeping wolf-ghost eased the tension. Danny sat down but continued to make eye contact with the nervous blonde girl.

"The line between good and evil is blurred," he began, carefully enunciating every word. "A skill is considered evil only if it is used that way, understand? You view lying as an evil thing because humans often lie to get what they want, correct?" Kim nodded.

"What if you needed to lie to save someones life? What if Amber had been caught by the enemy and asked 'Where are the others?' and using the most believable face of shock she replied, 'What others? I've been by myself since the crash!' Not only would she save our lives, but she would also give us a chance to pull a surprise attack on the enemy and rescue her."

Danny's eyes hardened. "Kim," he whispered.


"Grow up."

Embarrassed, the blonde tomboy looked down.

Children in the audience became confused. Why was the nice guy being so mean? However, adults understood that Danny was only trying to get the others to realize that things aren't as black and white as they believe.

A laugh came from the boy in the hat. "Ooooookay. I'm going now if that's alright with you, esteemed leader-san," Ryan snorted sarcastically.

Danny sighed and rubbed his face. "Go ahead," he mumbled, unsure if he handled that situation correctly.

"I can speak 3 different languages: Spanish, Japanese, and German. I'm pretty good at Geography and Topography and have a better sense of direction than a bird," rolling his eyes, Ryan shook his head. "And before you ask, no, I am not Japanese. My parents moved to Japan before they had me, but my brother and I moved back when they died six years later. I only lived there for a couple years."

Mikey bit his lip. "Er- you sort of look Japanese."

Ryan gave him a dry look. "Cause of the eyes?"


"That's only cause none of you have seen my hair," the hatted boy smirked.

Tucker leaned forward. "What color is your real hair?"

"Sorry, asshole. I've worn this hat since I was a kid. No one knows and no ones gonna know, understand? Take my hat off and I'll kill you."

Danny nodded. "That's fine, the hat isn't a danger and not knowing your real hair color won't matter much anyways."

Ryan looked at the shorter boy in surprise. "I guess," he said.

"My turn!" Tucker laughed, pounding his chest. "As you all probably know, I'm great with technology."

Sam snorted. "That's an understatement."

The African American punched her arm playfully. "What you don't know is that I'm the best shot out of the three of us. I can hit any target within the range of 100-300 ft depending on the type of gun."

Devon, understanding how difficult that is, whistled. "Duuude, that's hella far," he exclaimed, impressed.

Tuck beamed. "I know. My weakness would be physical activity. I've gotten better over the years, but I'm not even close to Sam or even Danny's level."

"What do you mean even my level?" Danny complained.

The techno-geek placed a comforting hand on his best friends shoulder. "Sorry dude, Sam's still got you beat."

Danny groaned. "I know. It doesn't make sense."

"Excuse me? I'm right here," Sam commented dryly, turning back to the class. "My strengths are physical activity and flexibility. Similar to Kim, I sometimes let my temper get out of control."

"That's an understatement," muttered Dash, echoing Sam's earlier words as he recalled the few times the goth punched him when he picked on Danny.

"What was that?" Sam smiled sweetly.

"Nothing!" the jock squeaked.

Danny made a move to stand up. "I hope everyone knows a little bit more about each other now-"

"Hey! What about you?" Devon cried, pointing at the teen.

"What?" Danny asked, confused.

"Yeah," Ryan grinned, "What's your weakness, Fenton?"

The raven froze. "My weakness?" Honest, bright, endless blue eyes gazed at the class. "I care too much. If any of you here were to get hurt, I'd lose it." A small, wishful smile spread across the teens lips as his hair was ruffled by a gentle breeze. "So don't die, okay?"

The sincerity in his voice and the gentle hum of the surrounding nature made goosebumps rise on the class's skin. The atmosphere was filled with so much emotion that the teenagers had trouble classifying it. Hope? Anxiety? Regret? Love? Whatever it was, it made them feel both safe and unsure at the same time. Despite the long, secret-revealing conversation they all shared, the class and audience couldn't help but feel like they were still missing something.

Something extremely important.

Danny stood up. "Alright, give us a second. Sam, Tuck, and I are going to talk with Wulf and see if he can get us out of here," he announced.

As the others brushed dirt off their clothes, Kim turned to the fur-ball still on the ground. "How can he help us? The other two ghosts couldn't do anything," she commented, rubbing the head of the overgrown puppy.

"Wulf's got a special ability. I just hope he can still use it here."

The Trio made their way over to the snoring ghost while the rest of the students mingled in the corner by the river.

"So what do you think?" Dash questioned the remaining kids once Danny was out of ear shot.

The others looked up and frowned. "About Danny?" Kwan rubbed his chin. "I think he honestly wants to protect us and would do anything to get us off this island."

Mikey raised his hand. "Uh, you don't have to do that," Dash awkwardly pointed at him.

"Some of the A-listers at school would make us do it," Mikey huffed and crossed his arms.

Dash winced. "Well, we aren't at school anymore." A semi truce formed between the different social groups as they vowed to work together and get along.

"I think Danny's a natural-born leader. He knows about ghosts and their habits, and the Trio is far more observant than we give them credit for, but I don't trust them," the redhead continued, glad that his freedom of speech wouldn't be hindered anymore due to bullies.

"What?" Kim snapped. "Why not?"

"It's obvious they're hiding something," Ryan chuckled. "Even an idiot would notice that."

"Shut up!"

"Ryan's right though," Valerie added. "I'm pretty good at telling when people are lying and those three have quite the number of skeletons in their closet."

"Takes one to know one, aye Val?" Ryan smirked almost knowingly.

The African-American teen stiffened. "I don't know what you're suggesting, but you should know to quit while you're ahead."

"Whatever," the boy scoffed.

Off in the corner an exclamation in another language was heard. Done with the conversation it was currently taping, the camera moved to the ghost that had finally woken up.

"Saluton! Miaj amikoj, sxajne vi maltrankviligxas. Kio estas al vi?" It cried, and the audience jerked in surprise when a small subtitle appeared at the bottom of the screen. Hello! My friends, you seem troubled. What ails you?

Danny sighed. "Loqui in Latino, Wulf. Nescimus buffs si linguae historia scire Greek huc." Talk in Latin, Wulf. We don't know if any of the history or language buffs here know some Esperanto. I'd bet my allowance Mikey at least knows the basics. Wulf nodded.

"Scire oportet atque si nobis potes hinc spiritum porta," Danny continued, seeming frustrated. We need to know if you can make a ghost portal and get us out of here.

Wulf shook his head furiously, spraying Sam and Tucker with slobber. His furry paw raised and a white bracelet gleamed in the afternoon sun. "Non possum non timeo. Quod spiritus, cum in medio oculi, ne irascatur Dominus meus de viribus accessed." No, I am afraid I cannot. The angry ghost with mean eyes has prevented my powers from being accessed.

"Malum est," the teen cursed. Damn it.

The audience suddenly realized that Sam and Tucker weren't speaking. Did they not know Latin? Didn't Danny say he had to learn it in order to speak to Ghosts? Why didn't they learn as well?

"Quid non modo avolare?" Wulf howled, confused. Why do you not simply fly away?

"Fly away?" The audience thought. "What the hell?"

Danny pointed to the sky. "Ibi strenue currendo num sentis? Scuto circum insulam est phantasma. Salvum velimus, oportet hoc accipere reum." Can't you feel the energy moving around up there? There's a ghost shield surrounding the entire island. If we want to get off, we need to take down the person responsible for this.

"Quisque frater spiritum," Wulf growled.The brother of the box ghost.

"Quomodo scire?" How did you know that?

Wulf looked surprised. "Est ipsum loqui de Spiritu, Ille autem fatuus Spiritum Box capit heros of amicitia Park. Tuum est clarus omni genere. Et amatores tui in damnatione sunt, nisi ad te, in terra inimicorum es insultare accusaverunt amicitia Park dum es abstulit." It is the talk of the ghost zone! The brother of the idiot Box Ghost captures the great hero of Amity Park. Your entire class is famous now. Your allies are all banning together to save you while your enemies are jumping at the chance to attack Amity Park while you're away.

"Hero of Amity Park?" The audience leaned forward. "Is he talking about Danny Phantom now? Maybe the ghost knows where he is," they thought, completely ignoring the last part of the conversation.

Danny looked really disturbed now. "Quod non aliquo modo est. Verbum in itinere GZ ieiunavimus et non proficiscebantur ieiunium. Quomodo quisque scire nos huc venire voluisti? Captus sum tons, sed usque nemo audiet septimanas. Sola fuit III dies!" That doesn't make any sense. Word in the GZ travels fast, but it doesn't travel that fast. How does everyone know we're here? I've been captured tons of time, but no one hears about it until weeks later. Its only been 3 days!

Wulf tilted his head in confusion. "Nos observabant te. Omnis enim, vidi te-" We watched you. Everyone has been watching you- Before the ghost could finish, a spark shot up from the bracelet on Wulf's wrist and a flash of green light alerted the other students. They gasped as the giant beast disappeared. The trio stepped forward and the other students ran to meet them. Everyone stared at the place the ghost once stood.

Danny blinked. "Pedicabo." Fuck.

While Danny and the others got over the shock of their source of information disappearing, the camera suddenly zoomed in on someone behind Danny's feet. Someone who interacted with the Trio often, someone who understood Latin, someone who was awake. The figure sat up and turned his wide, disbelieving eyes to his most mysterious students.

Mr. Lancer finally understood.

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