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It's revealed that Amorpho is behind Danny's disappearance and is part of a larger plan made by the ghosts of Amity Park to get Danny off the island. Danny refuses to leave without his classmates and says he has a plan to defeat Twist and end everything once and for all. Meanwhile, the class has stopped for the night, and in a show of compassion the students each save food for Danny when he comes back. At the same time, two Halfa's are deep in The Zone looking for answers.

Meetings and Misunderstandings

Stranded Day 4 part 5 (final)


The sun was setting on the island while it remained a bright afternoon in the real world. The audience, however, wasn't feeling particularly bright or sunny despite their current weather. As a whole, they were extremely frustrated at the lack of coverage of the two teens who were missing: Dash and Danny. It seemed Twist couldn't follow Danny wherever he had gone- which was a terrifying thought- and the ghost simply refused to show if Dash was alive or not- besides that one shot of him returning to wherever Twist was hiding.

Overall it was very difficult for them to be feel happy that the remaining students were finally getting to rest, but they at least tried to celebrate the small victory.

Sam and Tucker had announced that they weren't moving forward anymore and decided that the ground would be their resting place for the night. They were immediately met with less than enthusiastic responses from their classmates.

"What happened to sleeping in the trees?" Ryan asked, rolling his eyes. "And to think I was just getting used to it."

Sam paused in the middle of her task that consisted of pulling every single piece of clothing or scraps they had from their two suitcases. "In case you haven't noticed, the farther we travel inward, the colder it gets. Unless you want to freeze in the trees tonight, we need to stay together for warmth."

Tucker grabbed scraps from Sam and eyed everyone in the class. "Uh, does anyone have a needle by chance?"

"I do," Paulina answered. Seeing the students' stares, she frowned. "What? I told you earlier that I could sew us some blankets if we ever have time. I never leave anywhere without my pocket kit."

Chris, for the first time in a while, spoke up. "I have one as well," he supplied, pulling out a case the size of his thumb from the small pocket on his shirt.

"Perfect!" Tucker smiled, dropping a couple rags in their laps. "You guys can help us patch a bunch of these together then."

Paulina held up a dirt and blood covered yellow sleeve. "Oh joy."

The teens got to work quickly, sharing string and needles to weave an interesting pattern of used clothing. The only adult soon joined as Lancer declared he could help them as well.

Chris eyed Tucker's careful hands with interest. "You are very skilled at that. Where did you learn to sew?"

Tucker froze, looking down. Suddenly the bloodstains on his hands were larger and the cloth he was holding became the body of his best friend. "I've had a lot of practice."

Chris wisely didn't question why he was shaking.

"Okay, well as cute as this sewing circle of fun is, I'm going out to catch us some real food," Ryan said, standing up and dusting the dirt off his pants.

Sam growled. "We need to stay together," she stressed.

Ryan held up his hands in surrender. "Chill out, chick. I'll use the buddy system if it calms your tits." The goth made a move to go after the boy so he took a step back. "I've been hunting before so I just want to see if there's any rabbits or deer nearby. I won't go far."

"We haven't seen any animals, but I guess it's worth a shot. Keep the Fenton Phones on the entire time and take at least two people," Tucker ordered, continuing to sew.

"Tucker!" Sam hissed.

Ryan grinned. "Now that's what I'm talking about!" he laughed, moving through the group of students who either glared or ignored him. "I'll take blondie and the big dude over there."

"Blondie?" Kim roared, rising to her feet for battle.

"Big?" Kwan whispered, looking down at his body.

Ryan ignored their cries and walked over to Valerie, changing his tone slightly. "Kwan's got a lipstick thing with him, but I could really use that knife you brought," he informed, tilting his hat back and pointing at her weapon.

Surprised at the semi-polite attitude, Valerie looked to Tucker and Sam for guidance. The female was running her fingers across her throat in a slicing motion, but the male was nodding and smiling. Great, real helpful. Hesitantly, Valerie pulled the weapon from her side belt and handed it to Ryan. "You better bring that back to me," she warned, glaring at him.

The teen grinned in response and tucked the knife safely into his belt loop. "I'll bring back more than that, baby. Maybe a whole deer!" Valerie was not impressed.

Kim grumbled about leaving the group, but didn't resist when Ryan started to walk away towards the words. "Well somebody's gotta keep this boy in check," she huffed, following him. Kwan cried for them to wait up and then took off as well.

"So much for sticking together," Devon commented to break the silence.

"Are they really going to be okay?" Alicia asked, quietly.

Tucker nodded, looking back at the group. He set the pieces of clothing in his lap and motioned for one of them to come here. "Hey Devon, give me your Fenton Phones real quick." Without asking any questions, the teen handed them over. Tucker switched the device on, said hello, and waited for a few minutes.

"Dammit, Tuck! He's not going to answer," Sam retorted, angrily pulling another shirt from their pile. "He probably put them in his pocket."

A crackling sound from the headset got everyone to hush really fast. *This is Team Scream calling for Bitchy, come in Bitchy.*

"Excuse me?" Sam dared, crossing her arms.

*Ah, Bitchy, it's always so good to hear your voice.*

"I swear to God, if we resort to cannibalism, I'm eating you first."

*Oh sweetie, if you wanted a taste of me, you just had to ask. How's the weather?*

Sam proceeded to violently dry heave into the bushes. Tucker took the device back. "The weather's fine, Ryan. But why are you Team Scream?"

A shuffling was heard before loud whimpers from someone else came through the device. More shuffling and Ryan was suddenly back. *Because if we get attacked, trust me, this guy is going to make sure you all hear it without the Fenton Phones.*

*Stop being a dick, dude. You're the one that made us come*

*I didn't think I'd picked a bunch of wimps, Kimberley.*


"Waiting For Godet, children! Stop the bickering," Lancer demanded, peeking over Tucker's shoulder who moved the device upwards so he could speak easier. "Mr. Foley and Mrs. Manson are trusting you to be off on your own right now. Don't ruin this."

*We're 18 dude, but whatever. Team Scream out, we'll check back in ten.* The crackling noises stopped and everyone sighed.

"Hey, who knows! Maybe they'll run into Danny," Meagan supplied, cheerfully.

The kids in fact did not find Danny, but they discovered something just as comforting after fifteen minutes in the forest. The snap of a twig was heard and the group froze as an animal crossed their path a good twenty yards away.

"Is that a deer?" Kim asked, barely able to believe what she was seeing.

"Holy shit," Ryan cackled, clutching the knife between his fingers. "We're eating good tonight!"

Kwan, the animal lover, whimpered at Ryan's bloodlust.

The audience, who seemed to be well adjusted to Twist's camera flipping by now, took one look at the situation and thought, "This isn't going to end well."


"Jazzy-pants, you do realize how crazy all this sounds," Jack Fenton questioned, arms wrapped around his daughter.

It had been several hours since Jazz and the ghost Clockwork had made their appearance, and while the ghost hunters had reluctantly accepted the girl's explanation, they seemed to be having difficulties believing in her other theories.

"Look," she explained, pointing at the 3D software with research on everything they knew about ghosts. "Time on the island works differently, and with Twist having the ability to use the Reality Gauntlet he can essentially bend reality by using illusions."

Her mother moved behind her as Jazz pulled up a rudimentary design of the island based on what everyone had seen so far on the show. "If that's true, then it would explain how the days are so short where Danny is. And also why we can't find him with the boomerang," Maddie Fenton pondered out loud.

The assistant that left to pick up the Fenton's boomerang had returned about thirty minutes earlier with bad news. Apparently he had found the device in the trash can in pieces. Jazz had mumbled something about annoying little brothers, but thankfully her parents weren't geniuses for nothing. It took them roughly twenty minutes to make a new one from the scraps. When they tried it out however, the device flew a couple feet before stopping and falling to the ground.

"Twist can literally do whatever he wants. He controls everything Lancer's class sees, hears, and touches while they're in his little bubble of control," Jazz explained. "And since he basically created this island, there's no way we'd be able to locate it."

"Dude, that's insane," the Extreme Ghost Buster's female muttered, walking around the table of research. "Why do you think this guy's doing all this then? He seems obsessed with being in control."

"Most likely a result of how he died," the Groovy Gang male supplied, feeling pity for the enemy.

Although everyone else had been getting along fine, the GIW agents were still less than thrilled about this information being given out by a civilian. "How did you obtain such knowledge of highly classified information," Agent K questioned, furious.

Jazz laughed, turning around to look at them incredulously. "Danny's friend Tucker can hack into your files blindfolded with his hands tied behind his back and unconscious."

The GIW agents gritted their teeth, but each made a private note to up their security.

"But seriously, though," the Extreme Ghost Buster female said again. "I get that he had a horrible past and all, but dude, why this particular class? Why this particular situation? Why now?"

Jazz didn't answer.

After glancing at his daughter, Jack suddenly walked over to the ghost who was floating quietly in the corner. Completely serious, the ghost hunter left his weapon on the table. "Please," Jack asked, standing unarmed directly under a ghost. "Was this in any way my wife and I's fault?" Although he hoped the answer was negative, this had been bothering him since his son had been captured. He needed to know.

Jazz sent a look to the ghost, but it seemed Clockwork already had an answer. "This is not the direct result of your occupation," he reassured, voice echoing across the room of ghost hunters and assistants to the president. "You were afraid this was a revenge scheme on you and your wife since you are hunters, but I assure you, that is not Twist's motivation."

The Fenton father breathed a sigh of relief, moving back to hug his wife. "Thank God."

"Jeepers, If you know so much then can you at least tell us how to stop this?" the Groovy Gang female asked, eyeing the ghost as it switched between its child and adult form.

Clockwork stared at the human. "I am a being that transcends all of time and space; completely seperate from it's continuum with abilities that unable me from interfering in the flow of the universe."

" is that a no?"

The ghost was about to open its mouth again when he paused suddenly, eyes glowing a deep maroon color. The GIW noticed immediately and charged up their weapons while the other ghost hunters simply took a cautious step back. The red color reflected off the white walls of their room, but other than startling the humans, it didn't do anything to them. Clockwork, eyes still shining, smiled. "Ah, so it's that time already." The ghost raised his hand- making all the hunters reach for their weapons- and waved a beam of red energy to the right. It flew through the wall and disappeared.

"What was that?" Jazz breathed, pushing her parents weapons down as the tension in the room lessoned.

"Oh nothing," the ghost hummed, smiling softly and looking as if his mind was somewhere else. "Just helping some people along, that's all."


"I cannot believe you didn't remember that they have guards."

"It's been three years since I've travelled here! It's not like I memorized every little detail."

Danielle gave the older Halfa a dry look. "If I was breaking into a place most ghosts would never dare to travel, I'd try to remember everything," she retorted, peeking around the corner of a tower.

Vlad rolled his pupil-less eyes and pulled her head back. "Do you want to get caught? Stay here." He floated upwards to a ledge, becoming annoyed when the girl followed him. "Danielle, would you just stay put for a second!"

"No way, old man," she snickered. "Danny's in trouble and even though you're less of an asshole that you used to be, I only trust you as far as i can throw you- which is actually pretty far all things considering, like maybe the length of a football field."

"I'm flattered," Vlad grumbled, eyeing the guards in front of a large gate.

Although the older male was able to take the Ancients by surprise the first time, both Halfas knew that it would not be so easy this time around. The Observants were powerful, everyone who believed the myths about Clockwork knew that, but even worse than that they were power hungry. Vlad and Danielle may be way stronger than the one-eyed freaks in terms of ectoplasmic manipulation- and just plain pure strength- but these guys had the ability to ruin them in seconds. They may be forbidden from interfering in the lives of humans, but Danielle and Vlad weren't exactly human.

"Alright, we have to make sure they don't see our faces or your insignia," Vlad instructed, using his hands to create a pink mask.

"Dude! Woah, wait, how in the hell did you do that?" Danielle whispered, excitedly.

Vlad, quickly realizing that the younger half ghost still had a lot more to learn about her abilities, quickly conjured up a mask for her face and costume. "Never mind, I'll teach you later. Here." The girl took the offered items eagerly, feeling the warmth of Vlad's fire core through the ectoenergy.

"So what's the plan?" she asked.

"There's a library deep within those walls that holds the record of everything in existence," Vlad explained, pointing to the gate. "That includes all the actions and crimes the Observants have committed since the beginning of time."

"So we're here to get some dirt on a couple of dirt bags," Danielle grinned, jumping on Vlad's shoulders to get a better look. "I am completely and totally okay with this plan."

"We need to see if there's anything in there that might help us defeat this Twist and get Daniel back," he continued, ignoring the bouncing teenager on his shoulder. "But the most important thing here is that we don't get caught."

The two nodded at each other before stepping around the pillar to launch an attack at the guards. But before they could even move one step, the guards were knocked out by a ray of red light and the gate was suddenly open. Vlad and Danielle didn't dare to move from their hiding spot. "No way am I trusting that that was just a coincidence," Vlad whispered, eyes wide at the unconscious ghosts.

"Well, seems like someone up their is looking out for us," Danielle replied, cheerfully ignoring Vlad's frozen state and floating down to the castle. The male noticed her departure in anger and quickly followed with a hushed reprimand to stay close.

Though still unable to believe that this was somehow a huge coincidence or divine intervention, Vlad sent a quick prayer to whoever was listening that they would be able to get Danny out of this mess alive.

Unknownst to both of them, they entered one of the most dangerous places in the Ghost Zone thinking the same thing.


The teenagers had managed to produce nine medium sized blankets after an hours work. During the process, Tucker maintained in contact with Ryan's group and the teen would send back a rushed reply of *we're okay, see ya soon* every ten minutes.

The finished blankets were finally distributed when the sky started to darken; the chill increased as the sun disappeared so the group moved together to huddle for warmth. No one wanted to sleep until Ryan's group got back, but one of the kids suddenly suggested they build a fire.

"That's actually not a bad idea," Sam pondered, looking around at the darkening forest. "Twist obviously knows where we are already so it's not like a fire will alert him to our position."

"Wild animals would be a problem, though," Mikey pointed out. "Ah, well- I mean we haven't seen any, but a fire might attract them."

"We can have watch times then," Tucker suggested, standing up to pull branches off nearby trees. "Losing a couple hours of sleep is better than freezing to death."

Lancer and Devon stood up to help collect firewood with Sam and Tucker. The rest of the students were too freezing to move and pulled the blankets around themselves in an attempt to cease their shivering. The firewood was easy to collect and after a couple minutes they had a nicely sized pile going.

"We'll need a way to light it," Lancer observed after adding a pile of dry twigs.

"Oh! I've got it!" Nathan cried, showing everyone his wrist ray. "This would work, right?"

Sam and Tucker smiled. "Yeah, go ahead dude. We'll have an ectoplasmic induced fire, which is harder to control, but the heat will be worth it," Tucker explained, sitting down around the sticks.

The rest of the students quickly moved into a circle around the fire, eager to know what it was like to feel warm again. Amber paused as she walked towards the group and turned back to the forest when a couple of leaves rustled. She swore she saw-?

"Hey Amber, you okay?" Star asked from her seat on the floor.

The female turned around and gave her friend a tight smile. "I'm fine, I just swore I saw something- OH MY GOD, Star you're bleeding!"

It was relatively quiet so the entire group was extremely startled by the scream. Nathan, who had been in the middle of firing the weapon to light the fire, slipped and pushed the Fenton Flare button instead. As if life didn't hate this group of kids enough already, a scream from the forest was the only warning they got before a deer jumped through the brush, knocked over their pile of wood, and was suddenly followed by a screeching Ryan, Kim, and Kwan- who was crying his eyes out as Ryan attempted to stab the animal they were chasing.

Nathan's Fenton Flare fired at the ground and attacked the feet of anyone near it, forcing everyone to stand and flee in terror. That combined with a girl suddenly covered in blood, Kwan sobbing in the corner, and Ryan chasing a wild animal made an interesting scene that one Danny Fenton just so happened to stumble upon.

The plan was set and everything was falling into place.

Amorpho agreed to inform the other ghosts of their course of action so as he disappeared, Danny made his reappearance from their underground hidey-hole. To anyone watching, it looked as if Danny had simply risen from the ground.

The teen stood, brushing the dirt off his torn shorts, and eyed the area with a confused expression. The class wasn't where he left them, so the teen shrugged and started walking, following the energy left behind by the ectoweapons he knew the group had. If the audience had been watching, they would have been shocked at the toxic green color of his eyes as he followed a path no one could see. Fortunately, it seemed Twist was more focused on trying to figure out where Danny had been than where he was going.

Knowing Sam and Tucker would be handling things, Danny took the time to gaze around the island while enforcing ectoenergy into his eyes. The Ghost Shield was obvious in this state, but what disturbed the teen most was that everything seemed to be glowing green.

Wherever they were, it wasn't a real location.

After a couple of minutes, Danny could make out the forms of his classmates in the distance, the only things not glowing green. He dimmed his eyes and smiled. There were three right on the edge of the woods who seemed to be chasing each other, but the rest of the group was huddled in a spacious field between the trees.

The peaceful atmosphere was broken when someone suddenly screamed something about blood.

"The fuck, is that a deer?" Valerie shrieked.

"Wait, Kwan?!" Meagan shouted, disturbed at the teen who was suddenly crying his eyes out.

"Oh my god!" cried Devon, the closest to Star. Ignoring the chaos around him, he raced to her side "There's blood! She's going to die!"

Meanwhile, Sam, Tucker, Nathan, and Lancer were trying to dodge an extremely temperamental Fenton Flare as it seized on the ground. "I am so sorry!" Nathan sobbed. "I pushed the wrong one!"

Tucker tried to step on the flare but missed. "Jesus- no it's not your fault, dude. Just- Sam!"

"I got it!" Sam shouted, slamming her foot down. She missed.

"Keep it away from the blankets!" Paulina screamed, attempting to pick up the cloth in the middle of all this chaos.

"Come here, dinner!" Ryan shouted in the background, cackling madly as he finally caught hold of the animal. Kim latched onto it's other leg and the two of them brought it to the ground. "VICTORY!"

When Danny heard screaming he expected to find a lot of things. What he didn't expect to see was a girl on the ground covered in blood, a Fenton flare attacking the feet of anyone near it, and Kwan crying his eyes out by a tree. "What is going on?" Danny cried, voice piercing the air as Sam finally managed to stomp on the flare.

A loud crash from the woods reached everyone's ears and they turned to look at the trees. For a brief moment the students couldn't tell if this was an illusion. "Danny!" they cheered, relieved.

Ryan stood up, dirty knife in hand. "We caught a deer, just look at this baby!" he announced, pointing at their catch. Kim eagerly stood up and grinned as well.

"Wait, Star needs help!" Devon pleaded, moving aside, alerting everyone to the fact there was a more pressing issue. The students and audience were surprised to find the ground was soaked in blood.

"When did she start bleeding?" Tucker asked, shocked that someone had been attacked without him realizing it.

"Danny," Amber demanded, worried about her friend.

The Golden Trio, back together again, settled down beside the girl. Sam took one look at her and started for the suitcase for bandages. "Star, are you okay? Can you breathe alright?" Danny asked, examining her.

For some reason the teenager refused to answer; she just hunched over and covered her face with her hands. Worried that she was losing consciousness, Danny panicked and grabbed her arms. "Star! You need to stay awake!"

"Did anyone see when she was attacked?" Tucker shouted, looking around at everyones concerned faces.

"No, and we were right next to her!" Alicia answered, not stuttering for once.

Lancer moved behind Danny. "I have some medical knowledge if it can be of any use," he supplied, worriedly.

"Oh man, what if it was a ghost. They can turn invisible, right?" Devon asked, shaking.

Danny gently pulled Star's chin up so she would meet his eyes. "Star, please, where does it hurt. We need to stop the bleeding."

"Then get me a fucking tampon."

The world could have stopped moving in that instant and no one would have noticed. The audience quickly took in the girl's red face and reassessed the situation for what it actually was. Danny removed his hands from Star's chin and stepped back slowly, face flushed. The other students were in a similar state.

As the situation hit it's anti-climatic point, the audience took in everyone's embarrassed faces and, for the first time in a while, laughed.


"Pretty basic plan if you ask me," Spectra said after Amorpho had explained the situation. "I mean, the kid's practically going to do everything. We're just waiting until he gets the shield down."

Frostbite nodded. "I hope The Great One will be alright handling this on his own."

"He's pretty strong for a Halfa," Skulker hummed. "It's just those humans that might get in the way."

"Not to mention doing all of this while trying to hide from the cameras," Ember pointed out, reminding everyone of Danny's need for secrecy.

Amorpho's secretive smile had everyone raising their eyebrows. "No way," Spectra grinned. "You didn't tell the kid about the cameras, did you?"

The smirking ghost tipped his hat. "Oh come on, darling, a little bit of drama won't hurt anyone."

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