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Mikan was still chasing Natsume around outside, screaming his name, and with the word pervert. Natsume in turn was only smirking in victory he loved it when he pissed her off, it was priceless each and every time.

"NATSUME!" Mikan screamed as she finally caught up next to him, making him off balance not realizing that slow Mikan was able to catch up to him. "Natsume slow down." Mikan screeched in his ears, making them hurt.

"Natsume, Sakura-san." Ruka said running up behind them panting. "Ruka-pyon why are you panting so hard?" Mikan asked stopping. "Why aren't you in class?" Natsume blurted out bluntly. "Simply because I knew you two would be late." Ruka said smiling at the two. He knew what Natsume felt for Mikan and he felt the same for Mikan as well.

"Ruka-pyon do you want to go to class now?" Mikan asked smiling directly in his face, Mikan loved to get Ruka flustered although she didn't know why he would always get flustered. Mikan looked at Ruka funny as he sharply turned his head the other way avoiding Mikan's eye contact.

Mikan was confused by what Ruka just did, what did she do to him? She was wondering. "Oi Ruka are you ready to go back yet?" Natsume asked glaring at his friend, that he knew for years. Instead of them meeting when joining the same elementary school, in the small town, they met at at Gakuen Alice.

Ruka was walking by himself trying to avoid his fangirls that continued to flock over him, as he slipped into a random room. Sadly in that room was Natsume teasing Mikan, while their parents were sitting at a table talking as Rei tried to separate the two of them, before a fight started out.

Ruka was confused at the situation, he didn't even know that there was a room, like this in the entire school. A random room off of a hallway in the school building. Ruka continued to gape at the situation, while Mikan stopped bickering with Natsume as she went over to Ruka, and began to talk to him.

After a while Natsume finally warmed up to Ruka making them close friends, even though now Natsume didn't have any darkness to be pulled from, they still remained best friends.

"Ruka-pyon do you want to come over to dinner tonight?" Mikan asked as the group of three friends were walking to the classroom. Natsume only glared at Mikan for asking Ruka join them. "Sure I really don't mind." Ruka replied smiling back at Mikan. Ever since Mikan and him started being friends he fell for her quickly.

Natsume shoved his leg in front of Ruka's foot without Mikan nor Ruka noticing it, with a smirk on his face, Mikan was his and he wasn't going to let anyone take her away from him. Ruka tripped and fell onto the ground face first, when he fell Mikan yelled out and dropped to the ground to help him.

"Ruka-pyon are you okay what happened?" The dense and clueless Mikan asked as Natsume just glared at his best friend. Ruka realized what happened and decided to use it to his advantage. "Oh nothing Mikan being I simply just tripped and fell." Ruka said as he tried to get up only to fall to the ground once again holding his ankle.

Natsume this time looked closer at Ruka as he tried to stand up once again, only to fall down. A small unknown to Mikan smirk was on his face, as he glanced over to Natsume.

The war was on between the two best friends as the love triangle grew even more intense.

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