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"So this is supposed to be the greatest school in the world?" Toph asked half heartedly. She was always kicked out of different schools, due to her rowdy behavior and rebellion. But now her parents managed to enroll her in Four Nations High School. Her best friend Katara stood right by her; she had also been enrolled in this school due to her 4.0 grade point average. Only a year ago her brother Sokka, had gotten in much to Katara and Toph's surprise. They still didn't know how he managed to get in.

"Yeah, Toph this is the greatest school in the world, I mean only the best is allowed to go here. Let's go inside." Said the blue eyed beauty, Toph obliged and followed her friend. Katara couldn't believe how huge the school was. It had a total of four floors, and it had everything inside to match with each element and nation. The two girls didn't know that class had started more than five minutes ago, and were pushed into class, a huge gym. They were met by a total of 24 classmates, and a musuclar teacher in a red jogging suit. He looked threatning. Katara also noticed a handsome man of 18 years, was looking directly at her. His tattoos were very intriguing. But she was pushed into the center of the gym with Toph. The teacher began to scold them.

"Well you lackeys, you must not know the rules around her. I notice you must not take school seriously.," Master Zhao said to the two girls."especially since you were late." He smirked noticing he embarrassed the girls as everyone else snickered at the confused two.

"Yeah. At least you found out one thing about me. I think school sucks." Toph said proudly. Katara shook her head in disappointment- as usual Toph's snippy comebacks got them both into deep trouble, not to mention they had to run twenty laps. After showering and changing into fresh clothes the friends finally were prepared and ready for their next class. Everything went wrong until Katara, turned the corner and bumped into someone, her books fell out of her hands, as well as the other person's.

"Watch where you're going loser!" a gruff voice said. She looked up to see a pale skinned male, he had dark hair, and a large scar over his left eye. She swallowed a lump in her throat formed by absolute fear.

"Calm down Zuko. Keep your cool. The newbies are usually stupid." Said another pale skinned male, he also had dark hair, Katara noticed he was the same guy in gym class. Katara realized he was quite good looking, okay maybe a lot. But right now he was on low charts with both Katara and Toph.

"It's not her fault you weren't paying attention you son of a-"Toph started bravely. Until Katara shook her head violently in Toph's direction. She quickly pulled Toph into the classroom. Throughout the whole school day, Katara learned that the people she met in the hallway were the most popular group in the entire school, they also had a band named "The Elements" their names were Zuko Agni, Aang White, Suki Kyoshi, and Mai Daggers. Katara also learned her brother was apart of their crew, much to her surprise.

"Don't forget your reports; they are due in two weeks." Mr. Pakku yelled, as the students started to flood back into the hallway. The kids gave hurried responses of 'yes sir' and 'finally school's over' . Katara and Toph had made it out into the parking lot. Katara and Toph had found their way to Katara's blue petite but cute van. When Toph had finally, entered the car, Katara drove off.

"Well school wasn't that bad today." Katara spoke as she turned a corner.

"That's a bunch of B.S. Katara. I mean come on, those guys were total jerks, in the hallway." Toph explained

"Who cares let's just enjoy the beach today." Katara stated. The two girls were, the best surfers ever, at Ember Island. That's the only way you could ever get in, being the best. The two had started surfing at young ages, and both want to eventually go pro.

15 minutes later


"Why are we going to Ember Island, again? You clearly said only the best surfers go there." Complained Aang, as he sat in the back of Sokka's truck.

"Yep." Sokka answered.

"You suck at surfing." Zuko stated group shared laughter as they all heard Sokka grunt angrily, and he scoffed before speaking again.

"Bastards, I never said I could surf. My sister can really rip the waves though." Sokka explained. Aang looked at his friends, and gave a forced smile. He felt horrible about saying that rude comment to that blue eyed beauty, he met in the hallway that morning at school. Being absorbed in his thoughts Aang never noticed they arrived. He finally stepped out the truck as Sokka called his name various times. They all noticed that Sokka paid attention to a girl in a blue swimsuit, and riding on a white and blue surfboard. While he looked at another girl in a green and black bathing suit. Aang noticed that the two girls, who Sokka was watching closely, were experts. Unfortunately the wave knocked the two girls down. As the two walked to shore, Aang almost drooled as he saw the mocha skinned girls, firm and tight midsection. But he almost fell over in shame, as he noticed it was the same girl that he called a stupid newbie. He avoided all eye contact with her.


Katara felt the water rush over her quickly, she loved being in her element. The water was so soothing, she quickly walked up to shore with her blind friend. She gave a small chuckle, as she heard her brother's words.

"Yo sis, the waves knocked you out back there."

"No shit, Snoozles." Toph interrupted and smiled when she felt his heart rate quicken of anger and embarrassment. Katara's breath hitched the same time as Toph's as they saw, the "popular kids". Katara scrunched her nose before asking her question. They all suddenly shivered as they felt Katara grow angry.

"What the hell are they doing here?" Katara asked harshly.

"We're just hanging out, it's a free world." Aang replied, taking out cans of soda. He couldn't help but stare at the water bender. Her swimsuit hugged her curves a bit too much, and not to mention she was wet. He was snapped out of his stupor, as Toph snapped her fingers in his face. Katara almost smiled when she noticed the boy's heated gaze.

"Well let's just keep one thing straight assholes," Toph began. "you may be so called popular at school, but here we run this beach." She said rudely. Katara agreed with a sharp nod. She saw Aang look at her with awe and she flipped him off, he immediately grimaced at the action.

"No need to get hasty. We just want to hang out," Sokka started. "they are my friends after all."

Katara rolled her eyes. "Whatever. Your decision to bring them, not mine, enjoy the beach." She managed to give them a forced smile as she finished her sarcastic comment. The others returned the smile, and quickly turned their attention to something else. By the look on Toph's face, she knew another wave was coming. And she was right by Toph's words.

"Yo Katara, let's get back in the water." Toph suggested. Katara grew excited as she began to walk back to the foamy shores. She heard Toph say something hilarious yet rude.

"Zuko, you sound like a girl when you sing." Toph added and quickly rejoined Katara, they surfed for that entire day, until the sun started to set.

Normal POV

Katara finally grew tired as she went through her second wipeout. She found her way back to the light sand that tickled her wet feet. She put her surfboard down in the sand, and looked around. She saw that Sokka and his friends were busy playing a game of beach volleyball, and Toph was playing with them; after all of her bad talk. Katara sighed sadly and quickly grabbed her journal out of her duffel, and opened it. She felt a good set of new lyrics coming into her mind, and jotted them down. She put her book back away, and lay down on her beach towel. The breeze felt good, against her cold body. She hurried into a trance as she suddenly heard a beautiful melodic sound reach her ears. She made sure no one was watching her as she walked, to the large beach house where the sound came from.

'A guitar.' She thought to herself. She went inside one of the beach houses. She turned the corner inside the small home, the music getting louder, every minute she got closer. She gasped as she saw Aang. She had heard him play before, but not like this. He looked so calm and relaxed, unlike when he was on stage; his face usually twisted in a stoic expression. She and Toph had heard, Aang and his band play last summer at a concert they had went too, but she would never let him know that. She was so absorbed into the hypnotic sound of the guitar strings and the music they were producing, that she bumped into one of the shelves on the wall, and knocked down the books that lay on them. She grew embarrassed as she saw him have an angered look on his face, as he met her ocean blue orbs.

"What the hell are you doing!" he yelled. She couldn't even answer, or find coherent words.

She only stood there; whishing the floor would consume her whole. When would this day end?

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