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Introducing my own OC's Wen and Seiko Shimura.

Chapter 7

Dreams. You're destined to accomplish your desire. Surfing, singing, skateboarding, whatever it is you want to do; old opportunities come right back and bite you in the ass.

She heard the chanting of her friends' cheering her on as she conquered a much long awaited wave. The thrill thrummed through her veins. The college student wasn't sure what she wanted, or what the future had in store for her. But she loved to surf. She also loved to sing as well, it was always her mother's dream, for her to do it. Before Kya had died she had given Katara, a rustic designed song book. It held every single hand-written song by her mother, and Katara continued the legacy secretly. Writing songs about her new life, and friends. Katara suddenly felt herself collide with the water, beneath her board. The giant wave collapsed on top of her and her board, causing it to break under pressure. She emerged from the salty sea water, paddling her feet, and taking in quick gasps of air. She had seen the cause of the problem; Nakoda. He was whooping as he had taken the wave, right from under my feet. Smug bastard.

"Maybe you're not destined to surf. Write your emotions…" a squeaky voice said.

Katara groaned and paddled her way to shore, clenching her broken board.

"Sis are you okay?!" Sokka questioned putting his hands on her shoulders, examining her. She only nodded sadly. Her board had been broken as well as her confidence. They had been at the beach for thirty minutes, and she already fell from her board, five times before. Something was wrong and she suddenly didn't crave to be near the water. She knew it was Nakoda's fault she fell in the first place, but discouragement washed over her. Aang placed a fresh towel over her wet and glistening shoulders, and gave a small smile.

"You okay?"

"Of course I'm fine. Nakoda got the wave," she explained. She noticed Sokka was about to burst ready to throw a punch at the male surfer. But she shook her head. "And that's okay. He deserves to surf just as much." She added.

"Of course he does, but he knocked you on your ass! And you're going to stand for that?!" Zuko growled placing his hand on Mai's slender waist. Katara smiled a small and simple smile. She and Zuko had become close friends also, and he stood up for her more than her own brother. Not to mention he was a killjoy at most times, but that's why she loved him. She drew the towel closer around her body, and sighed softly.

"He didn't knock me on my ass! Maybe I deserved it. I've been slacking out there all day; I fell off my board five times, in thirty minutes. Something is clearly wrong with me," I explained.

"Sugarqueen don't get your panties in a rut. It's just a lapse nothing to worry about!" Toph encouraged. A look of guilt on her petite and pale face.

"Yeah… Just a lapse," Katara repeated softly, remembering the words that replayed in her mind.

Maybe you're not destined to surf… write your emotions!

The gang all turned as they heard hollering and vibrant cheers from a beautiful woman, standing nearby. Her long light brown hair was in a seventies up-do, she wore a white bikini, under her beautiful multi-colored cover up. Her pink sandals resting perfectly on her tanned and manicured feet, she was beautiful. (Link in profile) We saw the other lady she was cheering on emerge from the water. She had tan skin as well. Her hair reached her mid-back and it was died two colors. One side a brick red, while the other half was pure black. This woman was different than the other. Her left arm had tons of tattoos on them. She had a nose ring, and lastly her bathing suit, was a black bikini. (Link in profile)

They noticed the happy upbeat woman, whisper in the other's ear. They saw her sigh and they walked closer to the staring gang. The one with the up-do smiled.

"Hi!" she exclaimed.

"Uh… hey?" the gang said in unison.

"I just noticed you all staring, I'm Seiko Shimura." She introduced. She nudged the other woman in the side with her elbow.

"I'm Wen pleasure to meet… strangers." She said dully.

"Likewise, you're a great surfer… wait Shimura?! You're the daughters of Umi and Seto Shimura!" Mai said finally speaking. For once she held a look of excitement on her face. The woman named Wen frowned deeply.

"Were the daughters of Umi and Seto," when she said this we all apologized and gave late condolences. We discovered that they work at Ba Sing Se Recording Studio. Sokka mentioned they were in a band, and the nice Shimura sister said she would pull a few strings for them to record. Wen only snorted in approval. Katara was finally able to slip away, thanks to the diversion of the others, nagging the two new sisters. She crept her way into the small bungalow nearby. She had grabbed her songbook and began to write a few new lyrics to her song, finally she grabbed a guitar from the rack, and began to strum. Ember Island had everything. From ice cream bungalows, to music bungalows.

"I hear a mighty sound,

It starts to shake the ground,

The thunder begins to rumble,

And sky begins to fade,

I trusted you with my heart,

And all you did was ripped it out,

I trusted you with my very life

And look how it turned out,

You left me to die,

You left me to survive,

And I did! So I'm comin' back at you,

Who do you think you are?

I know who, I have to be-"


Katara turned around to see Wen Shimura leaning on the door sill of the beach bungalow. She stepped inside and closed the door behind her.

"Wow kid you have it in you," she complimented. But of course my walls went up.

"I'm not a kid! You're like what eighteen?" Katara fumed. She was angry that someone had found out about her musical abilities. But she forgot the gang were aware too, and pushed her anger aside.

"I'm twenty-six it's amazing what the gift of youth does to you!" she winked.

"I've seen you surf before, kid." She explained walking over to lean, on the window seat. She folded her arms before continuing. "Today you were totally out of it, I'm starting to wonder if surfing is really your passion." She stated boldly.

"Of course It is! Just like you. You surf, that's your choice!" Katara exclaimed. She hardly knew this so-called famous Shimura sister, and here she comes judging her. Katara felt bad enough about her surfing abilities going haywire, considering Nakoda knocked her into the water.

"Wrong answer. I love to surf I made it a hobby, my real passion is being a studio artist, which I am. I look in your eyes, and see 'protector' written all over them. You care about the ones you love, but sometimes it can be pretty selfish. You're a wonderful singer, I can tell it came from your lineage," she joked. I only nodded.

"You should give singing a chance." Wen said once again, ready to exit the comfortable bungalow.

"I want to see you at studio tomorrow. It's on Upper Ring Avenue across from The Jasmine Dragon. I expect to see you there." She ordered and finally left. Katara sighed ready to put everything behind her. She finally left the bungalow going to rejoin with her friends.

Next Morning (Toph)

The blind woman sat in a comfortable black chair in a large office. She was chewing her gum loudly as a man talked over her loud gum-chewing. He finally held out his hand, for her to shake, which she happily did.

"Are you sure your friend is up for this?" the deep voice questioned.

"Sure she is… thanks for giving us another chance," Toph said politely.

"You're welcome young lady. And welcome to Yakone Surfing Industry."

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