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Chapter 8

Katara scanned herself in the mirror for the third time that day. She was currently in the recording agency, getting ready for her appointment with the Shimura sisters. The one named Wen had given her a chance to actually record, since she had a talented voice. The opportunity was bittersweet. Her boyfriend and his friends were already in a band and had never had a chance like this and here she comes taking it from under their noses. The water tribe woman pulled at her black skirt one more time before she finally emerged from the large bathroom and walked back into the reception area.

"Katara…Aqua?" the sound of her name being called like that gave her chills. The voice was clearly laced with venom and harshness. Katara looked up to see a woman standing in front of the hallway entrance. The woman was at least in her late thirties. She had bright orange hair that was tied into a knot in the back of her hair. She wore a white shirt that was ruffled around the collar, which was bought out by the tan business suit she wore. Her face was pudgy and plain, the only thing noticeable about the woman was her lack of happiness and dark green eyes, mixed with flashes of gold.

Katara rose from her seat and was standing right in front of her.

"I'm Keiko Shimura," her voice was still using the same venomous tone but she did extend her hand, wanting to shake Katara's hand. "the girl's manager slash agent." With those words she began to walk away giving a signal for Katara to follow.

"There is one important rule you must follow." Keiko explained. "You have to be here on time at all times. Is that clear? I will not have you tainting my sisters' names, do you understand?"

Katara gave a nod. "I didn't know they had another sister."

That comment struck a chord in the elder woman. She finally stopped in front of a door; her look was an icy glare, her arms folded over her tiny clothed chest. "Thank you for reminding me. If you haven't noticed, I stay on the sidelines. Now stop talking."

The two finally entered the room. The studio was gothic incorporated with some frilly pink princess items. Katara saw that there was already someone in the recording booth singing horribly. The "nice" Shimura sister known as Seiko was giving the man encouragement through the microphone, while the "mean" Shimura sister, Wen was grimacing. Keiko gave a small chuckle at the exasperated expression on her sisters' faces. The screeching in the mic was unbearable. The poor guy was singing his heart out. His face was a bright shade of red and was sweating from all the screaming he had done. Thank the gods he finally stopped.

"How was that?" he panted.

Wen pressed a button on the board and cleared her throat. "You suck. I suggest you get a vocal coach." Was her blunt answer.

"I already have one." The guy answered sharply.

"Fire her and get a new one." Wen said rudely and turned off the mic. The guy walked out of the booth seething angrily. His vocal couch was his mother and he felt highly offended. He stomped toward the door growling.

"You're an idiot. You don't understand pure talent," he cooed dramatically. "You bitch."

"I may be one but I'm not talentless, you screeching bastard." Wen retorted. She jutted her thumb toward the door. "Now get the hell out of here before I get the guards to throw you out on your ass."

The man obliged, slamming the door behind him.

Katara felt more pressure. Wen wasn't afraid to let anyone know how she felt and her comments and opinions had high expectations. What if she failed to please the sisters? What if she didn't meet their standards? The one with tight bun already hated her. What more could she loose? Seiko gave a tiny squeal and hugged the surprised Katara, smiling widely.

"Well hello my dear. Would you like to get started?" she was a joy to be around. So bright and cheery. Katara nodded slowly and she followed instructions heading into the booth.

She felt nervous as she saw the bright red light flash signaling that the recording had started. The music had a hypnotic slow beat with a few hints of drums, and fluid hip-hop beat.

"I gave you my heart and my soul,

You ended up throwing it away,

But now I'm back and I'm stronger and now I'm going to make you suffer,

You don't know me at all, I might get physical

You didn't give a fuck if you let me fall but now I'm standing tall," Katara sung the words with passion and she stopped to let the melody play for a few seconds. She felt a string of relief as she saw Wen bop her head to the beat, Seiko dancing wildly, and even Keiko was tapping her hand slowly against the musical boards. The comfort made Katara grow more confident and she swayed to the beat, continuing the lyrics.

"Oh! I gave you my heart and my soul,

And now it felt like you ripped my insides apart and threw them in a bowl,

My heart and my soul belonged to you,

Now what the fuck do you expect me to do,

Now I'm here and I'm strong, and I am going to fight,

Now it's the end and I'm going to leave you there, sitting on the edge,

I left your ass right there."

The red button stopped blinking and was turned off. Katara took off the earphones and chuckled at their reactions. She walked out of the booth smiling brightly.

"You're amazing!" Seiko screamed.

"She was alright…"Keiko lied sneering.

"Shut the fuck up. You know she was mind blowing!" Wen exclaimed, standing. "That is why I have an offer for you, that you can't refuse."

Katara waited to hear the proposition…

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