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This chapter is short.

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Chapter 9

Katara: "My heart is cold,

And my breath I can't hold no more,

The oxygen runs out and I finally realize."

Sokka/Aang/Zuko: "I'm starting to fall!"

"That sounded good you guys. It's a wrap for now." Wen exclaimed.

It had been two months since Katara had told her friends of Wen's unforgettable offer. Going under a record label. Katara couldn't deny her friends that opportunity, so she included them in on it as well.

During that month Katara had discovered that Toph had made a deal with Yakone in the surfing business. Thanks to professionally lawyers hired by Zuko they found a loop hole in Yakone's deal and Toph was free. She now motor crossed and was in the band at the same time.

Katara put the headphones down on the amplifier.

This was how she wanted her life to be. No secrets, no lies, just her dreams, that were surfing on a wave, bringing her to the top of the world. Not only that but she had friends to share it with. And for that she was grateful.


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