Enjoy this crackfest! :)

In the Final World

Under an orange dome of light in the middle of the woods, Tsuna and Byakuran were facing each other in the epic final battle, right? WRONG!

Suddenly, Byakuran started to giggle hysterically. "Oh, Tsunayoshi-kun. You're too naïve! All along I've had the upper-hand in this battle! Do you want to know why? Because I know your weakness! A little surprise, per say…"

Gokudera yelled out from the sidelines, "How dare you! The Jyuudaime has no weaknesses!"

Byakuran continued his hysterics. "Are you sure about that? Well, do you want to know your precious boss' secret? Tsunayoshi-kun, in this world… you are secret lovers with Hibari!"

It was silent for a few moments.

"WWHHHAAAATTTTT!" Everyone screamed.

"…" Tsuna was too shocked to say anything, except, "HIIEE!"

"…" Hibari was too pissed off to say anything, except, "I'll bite you to death, stupid marshmallow herbivore."

Byakuran just smiled. "Well, it's true."

Gokudera was once again in a rage. "Shut up, bastard! Why did you destroy every universe except the one with this horrific pairing!"

Byakuran kept the smile on his face while saying, "Because I'm secretly an 1827 fanboy!"

Yuni promptly fell over and died from shock.

The other arcobaleno were revived from shock.

Gamma was in absolute turmoil. "No, Yuni! Why? What is left for me in this world?" And then he died of shock from seeing Yuni die.

Then Tsuna spoke in an angry voice. "Byakuran… OH HELL NO! X-BURNER!"

Then Byakuran was burnt to crispy marshmallows. Then they all had a s'mores party and lived happily ever after. Except for a mysterious man with black hair walking away saying, "I heard there was a ghost here, but I guess it was just all due to subsidence."


Contrary to what you may now believe, I have a lot of respect for this scene. I hope this will crack you up! Gettit? Cause it's a crackfic? HAHAHAHA! But seriously... I hate 1827.

I can't believe I actually wrote this on my own. I've said this before, I'm not good at humor. But this was all me.

If you the reference at the end you get a cookie! :)