Damn my brother! Why'd he have to play the super hero all the time? Had that fricking thing in my sights and he pushes me outta the way, takes the proverbial bullet for me … again!

By the time I'd gotten to my feet, shotgun raised, the creature had its jaw embedded in Dean's arm. Don't think I'll ever forget his screams as jagged teeth ripped into flesh and bone; took two full blasts to knock it off him and another at point blank range to finish the job.

"Is … it frickin' … dead?" Dean gasped as I knelt beside him, eager to assess the extent of the damage.

"Yeah … it's dead … ever know me to miss?"I grinned, in an effort to hide the panic welling up inside. I could already tell it was bad. Razor sharp teeth had sliced open two jagged gashes on either side of his upper right arm.

I quickly shrugged off my shirt and wrapped it around the blood-gushing wounds.

"Easy," I soothed as Dean drew a deep breath, his body already drenched with sweat.

Within moments the make-shift bandage was soaked through; it was clear that I would need to apply more pressure, but as I made to tighten the cloth Dean flinched away.

"Don't," he groaned, close to the edge.

"Dean … I have to," I murmured. "You're bleeding out."

He stared at me. Swallowed hard then acquiesced - leant in to me, granting access to his seriously injured arm; acknowledging the urgency of the situation.

"You ready?" I asked.

He took a deep breath then nodded in answer.

Moments later I'd pulled the fabric tighter; wrapped trembling hands around Dean's sodden arm in an attempt to apply more pressure.

He cried out, his body writhing in agony beneath my steadfast grip.

"I'm sorry," I murmured, voice shaking. "I'm sorry."

"S'kay … S'mmy," he whispered, eyes closing; head lolling to one side as he slipped into blessed unconsciousness.

Glad he was out of it I increased pressure on the wound, but despite the effort blood continued to seep through the cloth. Dean, obviously in a lot of pain, mumbled incoherently. "He's in trouble," I thought. Unless I could stop it somehow he was going to bleed out.

I weighed our options, they were limited. We were stuck in the middle of nowhere, five miles from the car, my seriously injured brother unconscious. Getting help was going to be an issue. Oh I would've carried him to the car, no problem, but I doubted he would've made it, would've bled to death long before we reached the Impala.

Given the situation there was only one option, I'd have to cauterize each of the wounds.

Pulling together some twigs and leaves I soon had a fire in full swing and my hunting knife placed amongst the flames. I removed the blood sodden shirt from around his arm and winced. The wounds already looked angry, dirt from the creature's mouth mixed with blood to blacken the area. I pulled a bottle of water from my bag and did my best to rinse away grime and blood.

Dean tossed feverishly as I leant in against his body to hold him still. Gripping his wounded arm with one hand I pulled the heated knife out of the fire with the other, using my jacket for protection. Sweat ran down into my eyes as I positioned the knife above the first jagged wound. "Sorry, bro," I murmured as, jaw clenched, I placed the heated blade against swollen flesh.

Dean's scream tore through me as he struggled to pull away, but I held on tight as hot metal seared the parted flesh together.


There's more to come …..