New fic everyone. This is dedicated to the relationship between Raven and Beast Boy. This couple is probably my favorite out of all the Teen Titans pairings. I wanted to focus on their relationship in this story. I'm very excited about this one. So here it is: Just Admit It.

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Chapter 1. Longview

On a particularily muggy, hazy day in Jump city, absolutely nothing was happening that was of any interest. The hot sun beat down on the pavement and sidewalk. Sticky ice cream trials were left by the few who dared to venture outside. Air conditioners rattled and hummed, keeping cool the homes of the populace. It was definitely not a day to be doing anything.

Titans Tower was no exception.

Robin sat around waiting for the emergency bell to ring but no villian was calling.

Cyborg mindlessly watched television, but nothing was on.

Starfire, with Silkie at the vet and with nothing better to do simply stared and twidled her thumbs for a bit.

And Beast Boy simply felt like a dog in heat.

He hung upside down on the top bunk of his bed, feeling no motivation whatsoever to do anything.

He was so bored it was like going blind. Laziness was one thing, but this was worse: forced laziness.

The changeling didn't dare change into animal with blubber, fur, or feathers as he felt he might die of a heat stroke. He was cool while in his human form, but to even go out in this weather was suicide.

Over the course of the entire day he had done everything he wanted to do- eat breakfast, watch tv, play video games, argue with Cyborg, train, play video games, argue with Cyborg, clean his room, play video games, argue with Cyborg...he felt it was getting a little repetitive.

In a situation like this, he was left only with one thing: his thoughts. Beast Boy liked to think about certain things. It helped him pass the time. He used his mind a lot, contrary to what people thought he wasn't dumb. Although regardless some people seemed to think so. Raven especially.

He stopped at the thought of the dark empath. Curious how his thoughts came to a halt at her. This had been going on for a while now. Ever since they had frozen every major villian on earth and had stopped the crooked cop in Tokyo and his whacky art, things had been, well...boring.

They now fought common criminals as opposed to villians with technology and powers. Idiots who seemed to think they could get away with robbing banks or holding up hot dog stands. It was depressing in a way. To Robin especially, even though he and Starfire had a healthy relationship now, his livelihood was pretty much nonexistent. Beast Boy knew how Robin loved to fight criminals more than the rest of them did. He had devoted his entire life to make sure that the world's thugs were locked up.

But now they weren't just locked up, they were frozen. And kept in a top secret United States Government Facility with no hope of being released back into society. So now common criminals took the majority of their fighting time, which was almost no effort. Even Mumbo would've given them a chase at least, but not these guys. One time Robin became so unenthusiastic he didn't even bother taking the thug to jail.

So it left the Titans with a lot of free time, which led to days like this, which left Beast Boy alone with his thoughts, which ultimately led back to...Raven.

Damn! he thought. Why does that keep happening? He didn't suppose it had anything to do with trying to play a prank on her or wanting to tell her the latest joke he had heard. It had more to do with the fact that she was there. Sort of like an open window, a fork in the road.

So what did that make Raven? An opportunity? For what exactly? Their relationship had always been shaky at best. Starfire loved his jokes, Cyborg was his partner in crime and best friend, Robin had his back no matter what. So why did his thoughts fall on the dark girl who mocked him, put him down, and almost never had a kind word?

Beast Boy shrugged to himself. He didn't pretend to know the answer to these questions. For some reason however, he wanted to go talk with Raven.

Slowly he peeled himself off the bed, jumped down and made his way towards Raven's room. Misgivings were in his heart, but what did he have to lose?

After all I haven't been thrown out a window yet, he thought smiling.

"Azarath Mentrion Zinthos...Azarath Mentrion Zinthos"

Raven chanted these words with full peace and serenity in the darkness of her room.

Of course it wasn't as dark as it used to be. Starfire had convinced her to put in a window, but with a very thick curtain, so if she didn't want light to come in, none would.

Today was certainly a good day for that. It kept the heat out, plus the meditation kept her calm and cool.

The others may have been bored, but Raven took full advantage of days like this. Perfect for relaxing and practice controlling her emotions, which as always, were constantly trying to come out and overwhelm her.

"Azarath Mentrion Zinthos..."

She breathed deeply, focusing on her inner self, not thinking about trivial little pecadillos.

No distractions right now. No Robin fussing over reports and petty thieves. No Cyborg eating his double beef jerky sandwich. No Starfire pestering her to go to 'the mall of shopping'. And best of all, no Beast Boy.

She bit her lip and let herself drift into paradise...until she heard a knock on her door.

"Hey Raven? You in there?"

Raven could have sworn a blood vessels popped in her head. No sooner than she did think about the changeling he suddenly had to show up, uninvited, and as annoying as ever.

Stop it Raven she heard Happy say to her. You know you enjoy his company

She sighed as she battled her emotions.

"So what if I do? Doesn't mean I want him around all the time" she replied.

You need to let loose a little Raven she heard wisdom say. He's a true friend who's always looked out for you. What have you given him in return?

It was hard to argue with that. No matter how many times she and Beast Boy had come to understand each other they're relationship was still characterized by her making fun of him. She often regretted this and sometimes didn't know why she did it. She supposed it was just the way she handled his happy-go lucky attitude. She envied that he could be that way, but she could not. It was just the way she dealt with people.

Bullshit and you know it. That's no excuse Raven Brave said sternly.

"Rae? Are you in there?" Beast Boy continued to knock.

Let him in Wisdom stated.

Raven sighed and got up from the middle of the rug from which she was sitting.

She supposed she could meditate later and with great reluctance walked over and opened the door.

Lo and behold the green bean stood there witht that same stupid grin he always carried.

"Hello Beast Boy. What's up?" she said exasperated.

"What do you mean? The ceiling" he cracked.

Raven sighed in annoyance. "Well if that's all I'll be going"

"No wait Raven" Beast Boy said holding the door open. "I was just wondering if I could come in and hang for a bit you know?"

Raven looked at the changeling suspicously. She didn't sense any deciet in his words, yet somehow she was reluctant to let him in.

"Come on Raven. I don't bite" he said still smiling.

Giving in she said, "Alright fine" but she almost instantly regretted it.

"Alright! Sweet!" Beast Boy rushed in excitedly. His ears were perking up.

"Ok just remember don't touch..."

"Wow it's dark in here. Can we get some light?" he cut her off and went over to the dark curtains and pulled them open.

The light blinded Raven who was getting irritated.

"That's better. Wow look at all this stuff!"

Without heeding her he started to examine everything in sight, touching the books, the candles, in her closet, anything he could find.

"Wow this is cool. Hey do you.." he stopped when he saw the look of death on her face. "You okay?"

Raven was steamed at this point. She went over, shut the curtains and faced the green boy.

"I let you into my room. That doesn't mean you go around touching anything. Including the drapes"

Beast Boy looked as if he was going to protest but then looked away and said,

"You're right I'm sorry. I shouldn't have rushed in here like that and started messing with your stuff. I guess I got a little too excited"

Raven didn't expect an apology from him. In fact she was so surprised she forgot to tell him it was okay.

"I guess I'll leave you alone. See ya" Beast Boy got up and headed towards the door, his ears drooping.

"Beast Boy it's okay. You don't have to leave" she said quickly.

He had started wrecking her room and yet she didn't want him to leave. Something about his apology struck the right chord in her system. He deserved a second chance.

Be nice Affection told her.

"I'm sorry if I snapped at you. Come here" she said gesturing him to her bed.

His ear's perked up again and the same goofy smile returned.

"Hey thanks!" He quickly ran towards her bed and jumped on it causing Raven to lose her balance and fall over onto her pillows.

"Oops sorry"

Raven sat up actually smiling slightly. "It's fine. That was kinda fun actually"

"Hey! I made you smile!" the green boy said ecstatically.

Raven didn't even realize he had, but submitted to her better nature replying "Wow I guess you did" and she gave him an even bigger smile.

Beast Boy laughed and sat cross legged opposite from Raven on her bed, who was in the exact same position.

"Sooo is there anything you want to do in particular?" Raven asked slowly.

"Well I was thinking theres all sorts of things we could do. Like board games!" he said pulling Monopoly out of thin air.

"I'm not even gonna ask how you did that" she said in her montone, raising an eyebrow.

For the next two hours they played, and Raven ended up winning. Beast Boy didn't really know what he was doing, he bought random properties and got sent to jail twice. Fake tears streamed down his face as he went broke while Raven giggled. Uno proved to be a different story. It was actually the only game he regularly beat Cyborg at and ended up taking three out of four games.

Then Raven wanted to play chess. However Beast Boy had never even played before and he was constantly fumbling around the pieces, confused as to where to move them and how to use them. As she taught him the basics, Raven found she was enjoying herself immensely. Beast Boy was actually a really fun person to be around, becoming less cheesy and a lot more clever with his quips. After all this time living together, she was surprised she was just now liking to be around him,

Don't lie to yourself Raven you're not just enjoying him now. You always have. You're simply letting go of your fears for once and having fun Knowledge told her.

You've always thought he was funny giggled Happy.

And cute chipped in Affection.

Shut up! ALL OF YOU! she yelled at them in her mind, she did not need lecturing from her emotions right now. Beast Boy must've noticed something was going on as he asked her a few seconds later,

"You okay Rae?"

"Raven" she corrected. "And yes I'm fine, I'm just a little hot" she wiped the sweat off her brow.

"Dude me too!" Beast Boy said loudly. "I hate it that Robin keeps the AC at 82 degrees to save money! I'm dying!"

"You don't need air conditioning to keep cool"

"How do you figure that?"


Raven walked over to the middle of the carpet floor, sat criss-crossed and began chanting

"Azarath Mentrion Zinthos..."

"How does meditating keep you from getting a heat stroke?" Beast Boy complained.

"If you'll listen to me and copy what I'm doing you might not get one. Now sit on the rug, and follow my lead"

He obeyed and sat down next to her and copied her position.

"Now close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Take deep, slow breaths"

Impatient but willing, Beast Boy did exactly that.

"I don't have to do the chant do I?"

"No you don't. Now hush. Neither of us will be able to concentrate if you keep talking"

"Right sorry"

Beast Boy continued to do as Raven instructed and without even realizing it at first, he found himself feeling more calm, peaceful and certainly more cool. When he did notice a difference, he peaked open his eyes and looked at Raven's calm, beautiful face which looked very tranquil.

"Hey Raven?"

"Yes?" she asked shutting her eyes harder bracing herself for the stupid comment to come out of his mouth.

"This is really great. I like spending time with you"

Raven opened her eyes too and her grouchy disposition melted at the sight of his smile.

"Thanks Beast Boy. I like spending time with you too"

She smiled back and then they both looked towards the front, closing their eyes looking out towards the longview of the hot muggy city on this slow, steaming July day.

However, two friends were perfectly cool.

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