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Chapter 13. Brand New Revelations

Cyborg yawned deeply as he got up from his bed. Ripping a huge belch, he patted his stomach which growled loudly.

"There, there" he said sleepily patting his stomach. "Papa's got a deluxe bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich coming your way"

He looked at the clock which read 10:30. Hopefully the grass stain wasn't up yet so he could make his delicious morning meal. If he was awake he would just kick him out of the kitchen. Either way was fine with him.

After showering, washing his face and stretching a little he headed upstairs to the kitchen.

As he entered he saw that no one was there. Not even Robin was munching on his usual bowl of cereal preparing for his morning exercises.

"Perfect" Cyborg said to himself grinning. "Time to get cracking"

He made his way over to the pantry grabbing a bagel, then raided the refrigerator for eggs, bacon, and sliced cheese.

Cracking two eggs in a bowl and mixing, he put a drop of canola oil in a pan and set it over the stove set to medium. Whistling, he went and poured the beated eggs in the sizzling pan.

He was preparing the bacon next, when a thought occurred to him. Where were Beast Boy and Raven? And more importantly what had happened on their date?

All sorts of scenarios played into Cyborg's mind when a strange noise entered his ears. It was subtle, barely audible against the hiss of eggs and bacon, the only reason he could pick it up was due to his bionic ear.

Analyzing it in his head the sound was rough and guttural. To Cyborg, it vaguely resembled a bear growling. Of course he had no idea how that sound could be emulated in his database.

Gazing around he noticed it was coming from the couch. Puzzled he started walking towards the enormous furniture. The sound became louder now and as he drew closer Cyborg realized there was only one person who could snore that loudly and animal-like.

What would BB be doing up here sleeping on the couch? He wondered.

But as he peered over and saw Beast Boy snoozing away still half in his tuxedo, hair disheveled, bow tie and jacket removed, he realized he wasn't alone. Arms fully wrapped around his green best friend was Raven, still in her purple dress from the previous night. They looked, and there was no other word for it, happy. Happier than any two people on the planet.

Leaning in closer Cyborg barely had time to register this when a deadpan voice spoke out of nowhere

"Cyborg would you mind not staring at my boyfriend and I while we sleep? It's a little creepy"

The half machine half man was so startled by this, he cried out while falling backwards on the carpet.

"What wuzzat?" Beast Boy's muffled voice came from behind the couch while Raven arose.

"Nothing Gar, just Cyborg. Besides we should get up now it's almost eleven"

"That's still too early"

Cyborg thought his eyes, both mechanical and human, were going to pop out of his head. Sure they had set them up on a date, but he hadn't exactly expected this as the end result.

"So I see you got breakfast going…"Raven began to say cheerfully but was cut off swiftly by Cyborg.

"Whoa! Whoa! Wait a minute! Time out here! What the hell is going on here?! Why are ya'll…." He stopped midsentence as he looked from Raven to Beast Boy the latter of which was rubbing his eyes and just getting up from the couch.

"Think about it tin man. Does the word boyfriend not ring a bell?" the changeling said with a groggy smile formulating on his lips. Raven could only roll her eyes and blush as Cyborg slowly put two and two together.

"Oh snap. Do you mean to tell me you two are now…?"

"Official?" Raven said cutting him off this time. "The answer is yes, yes we are. Happy?"

Cyborg was rendered speechless. For a split second, Raven thought his circuits might be overloading. That is until he started to shout with joy at the top of his lungs nearly blowing her ear drums out.

"OH YEAH BABY! BOOYAH! Who's the man? The ultimate matchmaker? The looooove doctor! YEAH YA'LL IT'S CYBORG!"

"Hey Doc hate to rain on your parade" said Raven summoning her best monotone. "But you're burning your eggs"

Immediately the half robotic titan sniffed the air and yelled in horror as his breakfast smoked to ashy ruin. He ran over to turn off the stove.

"Serves him right for cooking meat" Beast Boy muttered planting a kiss on his girlfriend's cheek.

"Don't start" Raven warned but kissed him back nonetheless. Life was too good to start the day on a wrong note.

Just then Robin and Starfire entered the room. They took one look at the chaos before looking at each other, utterly nonplussed. Even so it took Robin a few moments to gain his composure before daring to ask what was happening.

"Umm guys. What in the name of Sam hill is going on in here?"

The newly formed couple could only smile as they realized they had some explaining to do.


One Week Later

Beast Boy couldn't remember a time where he had felt this happy. Everything was alright, everything was simply perfect. Nothing else could describe it. Sitting in his bed, sore from a workout but feeling pleasantly tired, listening to Guns N' Roses he started to reflect.

It was the end of August, summer was still shining brightly with long days and warm nights and the titans were taking full advantage of it. But none more so than Raven and Beast Boy. They had spent as much time as possible together. Mostly it was talking, laughing, and getting to know one another more although the latter was pretty much a moot point. They had known each other for a very long time already. It just took a little nudging for them both to see what they had in each other. Looking back it was actually quite hilarious.

Raven had to quickly explain to Robin that she and the green bean had not had sex the previous night, but simply fell asleep together on the couch after an exhausting but enjoyable date. When they announced that they were a couple Starfire had enveloped them in a bone shattering hug. But Robin had been a bit less enthusiastic. He had gone back to his room for the entire day to decide whether or their relationship was a good idea. Even he, from the onset of Cyborg's plan, had been hesitant in getting them together. It was only Starfire's persuasion and Raven cleverly pointing out to the boy blunder that it would be extremely hypocritical for him to date a fellow hero/titan but forbid others from doing so, that Robin reluctantly gave in. However he eventually came around in congratulating Raven and Beast Boy on their new relationship.

He did promise Robin one thing: to take it slow and not rush anything. If he hurt Raven he would have to answer to him. However, rest assured that would not be a problem.

Beast Boy knew that Raven, despite coming a long way in coming to terms with her insecurities, was still cautious by nature. She was much more communicative and less cold than before, but he still needed to tread carefully, especially when it came to physical matters. For now their 'alone time' was just simple making out, but he was fine with that. Raven had said from the start that progressing the relationship would be difficult and sluggish at times, and that he had to be willing to put up with her.

Short answer he was more than willing. He was committed to being her no matter what it took. She was his girl. His Raven. As long as he had her, nothing else mattered.

Turning off his music, the changeling got up from his bed and walked across to the top his drawer, which like the rest of the room was quite a mess. He sorted through the mess- bubble gum wrappers, pennies, paper clips, old comic books, a broken alarm clock, etc until he found what he was looking for.

Underneath the rubble and useless was a photo. It pictured him and Raven together. He was looking quite radiant and had one hand giving the peace sign, the other draped around his Raven, while his new girlfriend looked quite embarrassed. She was happy, but nevertheless uncomfortable with the attention they were getting. Starfire had taken it immediately after she found out they were going out and wasn't taking no for an answer. Raven had wanted to get rid of the photo, but he had persuaded her to let him keep it.

Beast Boy studied the photo more closely. He observed how happy and outgoing he seemed compared to Raven who looked shy and cautious. That was one thing that would never change. He would always be loud and impulsive, she would be careful and controlled. Two different personalities that used to clash so often now were now in love. He and Raven used to fight the most out of anyone on the team, but now they both realized that despite being so different, they brought out the best in each other and that's what made the relationship so special. The happy go lucky changeling, the dark reserved empath, who would've thought?

Pulling out a picture frame from one of his drawers Beast Boy remembered the day Raven had comforted him after Slade's mental onslaught. She had said that somewhere in the world was a girl he would fall for. That conversation he gotten him thinking who that girl might be. He hadn't known that she had been standing right there in front of him all along.

Taking the picture of him and his love he put it in the frame and set it on one of the clean spots on his desk. This particular spot was special, which was why it wasn't covered in junk like the rest of his room. Next to the one he just placed, there was a photo of him and the rest of the Titans after they had finished building the Tower. Next to that was the only known photo he had of his parents. They were smiling holding tightly a happy, giggling, blonde baby, somewhere in a rain forest. The last vestige of Mark and Marie Logan. Beast Boy thought that his silly pose with Raven earned a spot with all the rest of the special people in his life.

Wiping away a tear while feeling the warmth of the setting sun through his wonder he suddenly felt a buzz in his pocket.

Pulling out his communicator and flipping it open he saw it was Raven.

"Gar it's dinner time. We ordered pizza. You better come before Starfire and Cyborg eat it all" she said rolling her eyes. Pausing she studied his face carefully for a moment, perhaps noticing wetness in his eyes.

"Are you okay Gar? Anything wrong?"

Wiping his eyes again, and taking in the beauty of his girlfriend, he smiled brightly replying.

"Nope nothing's wrong Rae. In fact I've never been better"

Looking curiously at him she simply replied. "Alright, well I'll see you up here then." And the screen went blank.

Beast Boy gazed around his room for a second, taking it all in. He had it all, and life was good.

"I really have never been better" he muttered to himself as he couldn't shake the grin on his face.

And with that he went upstairs for some pizza.


Robin was checking the latest crime reports, Cyborg was playing video games, and Starfire was brushing her hair. And Raven was just coming in with the pizza. Preparing to be swarmed she called out.

"Pizza's here guys"

As she predicted, Cyborg and the Tamaranian princess rushed over to chow down, the obvious exception being Robin who still hadn't finished his reports.

"Whoa guys, take it easy save some for the rest of us" she remarked as her two teammates garbaged down slices at an alarming rate.

Raven honestly couldn't believe where she was at this point in her life. Only a matter of weeks ago, she had been the same creepy, goth girl, daughter of Trigon, meditating constantly, interacting little, always on edge. Now she was still the same creepy goth girl, daughter of Trigon with one noticeable difference: she had the guy of her dreams and that already had changed much in her life. Before she was loathed herself, Beast Boy called her beautiful and an angel. Before she was much more reclusive, now she was constantly doing something with members of the team. But most important of all was her outlook on life in general. After Trigon had been defeated, she knew she could do whatever she wanted with her life. However, she felt trapped. Stuck with the image of an ill-tempered demon, foul and unstable and not worth of any admiration or respect.

With a loving green boy by her side, it was if all of that was wiped away and she truly felt liberated. It was what one person could do to a person's world, good or bad. Her father had been a shadow she couldn't shake, Beast Boy had saved her from something worse-herself. He had opened new doors for her.

However, she knew that they had to go slow. She had never been in a relationship before and deep down she was still scared of what might happen with Beast Boy. She had asked him to be patient with her, her bad tendencies weren't gone, not by a long shot. There would be days where she would be bitchy and distant and cold. He had to understand and be ready to deal with that. Without any hesitation the changeling said he was. Raven would never would admit it, but the fact he was willing give everything he had into this relationship meant the world to her. His feelings for her were so strong, there was no mistaking his intentions. She could feel them, he wanted to be with her and that was more than enough.

For now everything was perfect, the villains were all frozen, the tower was pleasant, the city safe, and the future couldn't have looked brighter. Raven knew better than to think that it would last forever. There was always some nut out there seeking to take over the world at some time or another. She didn't know where the road of life and love would lead her…

Her thoughts were interrupted as Beast Boy entered with his trademark doom patrol costume and goofball smile. "Heya everyone! No need to worry I'm here now"

Raven smiled. As long as she had Garfield Logan by her side, she could face anything that came her way.

"Hey Cy you better have saved some pizza for me" Beast Boy said walking over, kissing his girlfriend on the lips while reaching to grab a cheese slice.

"You're lucky you got here when you did grass stain. First come first serve" Cyborg replied swallowing his meat lovers slice in one bite.

"It is good to see you friend. We decided to eat together as a team tonight and enjoy each other's company" Starfire remarked while

while pouring mustard on her slice.

"Sounds great Star"

Raven came up now taking a slice now sitting at the counter next to her boyfriend.

"Robin, will you not join us in the partaking of dinner. Come sit with us" Starfire called over to her love.

"Um in a minute Star" Robin replied without looking up from his computer. "Gotta finish this"

"Robin, whatever you are doing it can wait until after dinner. Spare a moment with your friends"

She did not appear angry, but nevertheless the Tamaranian Princess gave the boy wonder a stern stare. Her fiery green eyes had the desired effect.

"Alright, alright I'm coming" he said sighing shutting his laptop.

Slowly he came over took a slice of pizza and leaning against the counter began to eat. After a minute of silence with the sounds of eating echoing in the room, Raven spoke up.

"This is really nice" she said quietly.

"We should do this more often, while we have time anyway" Cyborg agreed. "There's no guarantee this kind of peace is going to last forever"

Echoing what she had been thinking earlier Raven replied, "That's true. But for right now, let's just enjoy ourselves as much as we can"

"I agree" Starfire beamed.

"Dido" Beast Boy said.

But it was Robin who surprised them all.

"You know what you guys are right" he said smiling. "Cheers guys. You all mean the world to me. To the Teen Titans. To us" He raised his soda glass in the air. The rest of the Titans followed suit and with a clink they drank to themselves, health, freedom, and good times.

Beast Boy glanced at Raven, who gave him a rare smile. He replied by taking her hand in his and holding it tight.

It was about time they admitted it. As long as they had each other, everything would be alright.


The End