Chapter 2

Zayne didn't speak to me much after that, but I sure did try to speak to him. Every day after school I would stop by and see if he was available, but usually he was studying. How much can people study, before their brain fries? Sarah turned into a major whore doing whatever Dylan wanted to when he saw me coming. Sitting on the couch staring into my father's very stern face wasn't how I wanted to spend today.

My father had just arrived back from his business trip, and he already knows about everything, oops. My final punishment was dishes and laundry for a month, and no activities, home and school only. I started right away, and went straight to sleep. When I awoke I decided to dress normally at school. I threw on my loose pants, with a tight T-shirt, and my sneakers.

Zayne was walking through his door just as I was.

"Zayne, buddy, what are you doing up?" Yeah I was acting a little strange since I was trying so hard for him to talk to me.

He just ignored me as usual, but I followed him as he walked the same path as I did to school. Soon enough he turned right into the school, and my spirits just sky rocketed. He was finally attending the same school as I was. My pace quickened to my homeroom classroom, but slowed as I stepped in. He wasn't in my class at all, but there was someone new, and familiar.

He was sitting on his desk while all the ladies crowded him. His grin was ear to ear when he saw me, and that's when it hit me. He was the guy that stopped his car by me and Zayne the other day. The girls around him scowled as he brushed them off, and walked over to me. He whispered in my ear as the bell rang, "You look quite delicious today."

He licked his lips as he went back to his desk. Delicious, who calls someone delicious, freak? Sitting with a group that babbled on and on about books was the usual for me now since Sarah blew me off for Dylan. I gave up using violence on him since he was such a wimp, and wasted my time. Unfortunately, they all stopped talking as he sat down next to me.

Why must my life be bothered by other? His hand immediately went to my thigh bring my eyes down. My breath was gone as I noticed his hand glowing while letting off a glittery powder.

"We are meant for each other," he whispered as I got up, and left my food behind to go to the bathroom quickly.

What the hell kind of sorcery was that? While brushing off the glitter from my jeans I caught in the mirror that my skin had a glowing tint as well. I splashed my face with water, and thought of it as an illusion. People can never glow a gold tinted color unless they have make- up or something along those lines on, right? The bell rang for my next class, and I didn't have to worry about the strange guy again until tomorrow.

After school Zayne pulled me off to the side when I got outside. His grip on my arm was as tight as a rubber band that was too tight. His glower showed how mad he was at the moment.

"Do not interact with that fool," he hissed in anger.

I stared at him, and winced when his grip tightened. He must've noticed because it was only then that he let go of my arm, and rushed off with a huff. Slowly, I pushed up my sleeve to reveal the beginning of a bruise. His strength was absolutely amazing. Just one tight grip caused a hand print bruise on my upper arm.

I was thinking as this guy popped up right in front of me. His eyes brightened once again as he got my attention. This guy was really driving me insane. Who did he think he was, trying to act like my friend or more? He examined me closely our faces inches apart.

"You're not tired, are you?" His suspicion bugged me.

Screw this guy! I pushed him out of my path, and proceeded on my way home. When I got home I immediately went to my room and started on my homework and studies. Soon getting frustrated I threw my notebook and books on the floor and fell asleep.

"Ada," someone repeatedly yelled my name and shook me, but my eyes were still trying to focus on them. Suddenly my mind was fully alerted, and I was sitting up freaked out at Zayne's rude awakening let alone him being in my room.

"What the hell do you want, I was trying to take a nap," I blasphemed, as he sighed in relief.

"I was just checking on you, couldn't tell if you were breathing, sorry."

Shaking my head I got up, and decided to ask him the question I've had today.

"Can people glow normally?"

I realized how stupid that sounded, but I needed to know. It was really bothering me. His eyes suddenly focused on me in curiosity.

"Why are you asking me this?"

"Well, that guy sat down beside me at lunch, and when he touched my leg glitter started coming from his hand. When I went to the bathroom, and looked into the mirror my skin had this golden glowing tint to it." I explained.

He swore underneath his breath, and looked away.

"Let's just say you're a very special person, and you haven't shown your true self yet."

I stared at him, and busted out laughing. He sounded so serious with that answer I couldn't help it, I mean come on, true self? If I haven't shown my true self yet then what am I this instant. He clamped his hand over my mouth, and I shut up. We listened for noise in the hallway and he stepped away when he heard nothing. My breath had quickened from his touch, and my heart pounded loud and clear.

"Ada, I am you guardian. We are not of the humans; we are more special than them. Our parents adopted us both not knowing this, but my parents eventually found out that I was unique. Your parents however, do not understand yet. When I was gone I was not with my relatives. I was with my kind training to protect your kind, and when I was skilled enough I came back.

"You have yet to learn what you are, and you are the only one that can figure it out. No one can tell you. You're on your own on this part, but I will tell you what I am soon, but you have to promise never to tell anyone. My life is on the line if you speak of this to anyone, you got it?"

Slowly nodding he took a few steps closer, inching towards me. My eyes met with his as he was a few inches apart. His face looked down upon me, and I stared into his bright hazel eyes. The hazel eyes that knew so much, but could easily hide it. The darkness deep inside him was buried by the fake brightness he forced to the surface. He couldn't even tell the truth to himself let alone others;

My feet stumbled backwards as my comfort zone became invaded by his presence. His lips curved into a smile as he saw that, and stepped more towards me in awe. He was teasing me, while driving me insane as well. I suddenly fell on my bed, and had nowhere else to go, but to face him. My sitting up on the bed was no more now as he pinned me down and stared at me deeply.

He bent his head down, and I squinted my eyes close just realize his lips on my ear. His breath wasn't steady at all.

"Listen closely because I will only say this once for you," he whispered haughtily.

Too afraid to open my eyes, I kept them closed.

"I…," he paused, "am a werewolf bound to protect you, and you only."

My breath stopped.



yeah it's a suspenseful ending, but it's getting somewhere!