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The dark-haired host was in one of Ouran Academy's many luminous bathrooms pacing, yet again from frustration. Damn it! Think about something else you can't have this distract you from your studies. Think about something else. DAMN IT! A small smile found its way on to his normally serious face, Kaoru…. Kaoru… KAORU! He adjusted his glasses, taking a deep breath to calm himself. Why the hell does he mean so much to me anyway? He's just another person that I'm in a club with, and nothing else, right? Kyouya sighed trying to lie to himself unsuccessfully, no that's wrong, very wrong. He's mischievous, manipulating, and Kyouya sighed trying to stop his thoughts. And sexy just like his brother but unlike his brother when he's alone he has a calmer and sweet side that I find undeniably attractive.

He shook his head, there was no point thinking about this, it would never happen anyway. Besides he couldn't imagine what his father would think if he knew he was gay. The shadow king sighed and walked out of the bathroom only to see the object of his daydreams. He knew it was Kaoru and not Hikaru immediately because he'd been watching them for sometime now and he figured out how to tell them apart. Kyouya was planning on just walking by the twin but the he was over come but lust. Before he really realized what he was doing he had grabbed Kaoru by the arm and was dragging him into the bathroom.

"K-Kyouya-sempai?" Kaoru stuttered as the older boy pushed him into the handicapped stall, but he was ignored. As soon as the door was shut and locked the redhead was pushed into the wall and the dark-haired host pressed their lips together. Kaoru pushed the elder off quickly, "Sempai you're gay?" But Kyouya just ignored him and tried to kiss him again. "Wait Sempai, how did you know that I'm gay?"

"I just know these things. Now shut up and let me kiss you." Kaoru did as he told and let the elder's lips crush down on his own. The kiss was hungry and needy as Kyouya dominated the younger twin, thrusting his tongue into Kaoru's mouth. Kaoru moaned quietly as Kyouya's tongue brushed against his and he tangled his fingers in second year's dark locks, drawing him closer. They pulled apart for a quick breath, and then Kyouya quickly captured him again. Kaoru cried out softly in pain and pleasure as Kyouya bit, sucked and pulled at his lower lip with his teeth. Their bodies tangled together, covered in sweat, as the lust pushed them forward. It was desperate and needy, but neither of them wanted to stop.

Just as quickly as it had started, it was over and Kyouya pulled away. There was an unspoken warning in his dark eyes that threatened Kaoru not to mention this to anyone. "Fix yourself, you don't want anyone getting any wrong ideas," and with that the shadow king left Kaoru alone with a million questions.

Kaoru tried to go through the rest of his day as normal, but he couldn't stop thinking about the shadow king. When he and Hikaru entered the club later Kyouya greeted both of the twins as normal, his cold eyes lingering on Kaoru daring him to say something. Kaoru nodded a greeting in return and then followed his brother to go play with their favorite toy.

As the club activities started Kyouya returned to his usual table to write god-knows-what in that black notebook of his. His head snapped up as he heard a chorus of fan girl screams. Usually he liked the twins brotherly love act because it brought in customers and revenue for the club but today it down right annoyed him. He wanted to be the one to hold Kaoru like that and speak to him like that even if he hated admitting it to himself. When the act finished Kaoru's hazel eyes met dark gray ones across the room that screamed: excuse yourself! Kaoru nodded. "Excuse me ladies, brother, I be right back."

"Kao? Where are you going?"

"To that bathroom Hika, we don't have to do everything together you know."

"I know I just get lonely."

"Don't worry I won't be long." Kaoru went out into the hallway as was shortly joined by the shadow king. "What's up Kyouya-sempai?"

"Stupid brotherly love act…" The second year mumbled under his breath, pulling the grinning first year toward the bathroom.

"What did it turn you on?" Kaoru smirked.

"Shut up."

Simple make out sessions to relive pent up lust toward each other was all they were suppose to be, but as they got more frequent Kyouya felt himself getting more and more attached to the younger Hitachiin. Kissing the redhead wasn't all he wanted to do anymore, he wanted to make Kaoru laugh and smile, and he just wanted to be around him in general. He wasn't supposed to feel more than just attraction toward Kaoru, but he was in too deep now, the shadow king had fallen in love. He loved Kaoru's smile, his laugh, the look in the twin's golden eye when their eyes met from across the room, and yes, even his mischievous attitude. "Kaoru can I talk to you for a moment before you leave." Kyouya hadn't meant to tell Kaoru, just yet, but he couldn't stop the words as they came out of his mouth.

Hikaru flashed them a confused look but his brother just waved him off, "Sure Sempai, I'll just meet you at home Hikaru." Kaoru smiled, hope in his eyes that this might be more than one of their normal make out sessions. But when Kaoru approached the dark haired boy he felt disappointment was over him, Kyouya just wanted a kiss. Then Kaoru noticed how different this kiss felt, it wasn't full of hunger and lust, no it was unsure and nervous.

"Kaoru," Kyouya sighed as the pulled away. "This was never supposed to go any further than just a way to get rid of my pent up lust, but I now I want more. I want to be around you, I want to have conversations with you, and I…" Kyouya paused, he couldn't believe he was saying all of this out loud. "I think I'm falling for you."

"You are?" Kaoru's heart was beating so fast, he couldn't believe it. "Oh Kyouya-sempai I like you too, this makes me so happy!" Kaoru threw his arms around the older male kissing him. He pulled away laughing, "wait I have to know, do I give off a gay vibe?" Kaoru walked away from Kyouya swaying his hips.

Kyouya laughed, "When you walk like that you do." He shook his head, "Why do ask?"

"Well you knew I was gay that day in the bathroom."

"No you don't. I lied back then I've liked you for a while. I didn't know you were gay, I just guessed."

"Well good guess." Kaoru grinned, winking.

"I couldn't stop thinking about you. I think I have a weakness for the little devil type." The elder smirked, pushing up his glasses.

"Oh yeah then why didn't you go for Hikaru? How did you know it was me and not Hikaru when you grabbed me the first time?"

"I didn't go for Hikaru because he's not you. You have a more serious, softer and sweeter side to you that I love, that Hikaru doesn't have. I've been able to tell the two of you apart for a long time now. I notice everything Kaoru, and I've noticed the differences that set the two of you apart."

"Well I like your softer side as well Kyouya-sempai."

"What softer side?" Kyouya laughed, "and please just call me Kyouya, I think were past the honorifics, don't you?"

"Kyouya, you do have a softer and less serious side that I've seen, you only show it to those close to you."

Kyouya smirked. "You caught me."

"So does this make us boyfriends now?" Kaoru raised his eyebrows, a soft smile on his lips.

"Kaoru, I'm not really comfortable with my sexuality, yet. If we go out we'd have to be a secret." More like I don't know how my dad or our company would react if they found out. Kyouya thought.

"I can deal with that. Can we go out on dates? I mean we can make it look like two friends hanging out."

"Sure Kaoru." Kyouya felt himself smile his first genuine smile in a long time.

"Yay!" Kaoru cheered capturing his new secret boyfriend in a chaste kiss. "I should go now, don't want to raise suspicions with Hikaru.

"Sure, sure. See you tomorrow."

He watched Kaoru walk towards the door, but before he left he turned back blowing his dark-haired lover a kiss. "Bye Kyou-kun!"

Kyouya shook his head and crossed the room in a few quick strides, pinning Kaoru against the wall. "That was way too cute. Not fair." He pressed his lips against the redhead's. Kaoru quickly deepened the kiss, licking Kyouya's lower lip and Kyouya gladly opened up to let the younger male's tongue explore his mouth. "Don't you ever do that in public, I don't think I'd be able to stop myself from tackling you to the ground."

"I keep that in mind." The redhead smirked, turning away.

"Oh no you don't!" Kyouya grabbed the lapel of Kaoru's jacket. "I saw that look you better not be planning anything."

"Awww Kyooooou-kun!" The twin whined.

"Wait first, -kun? What are you a teenage girl in love? I'm serious, we'll come on out in public eventually, just not now."

"Yeah maybe I am, you like it! Admit it! I know Kyouya, I just like messing with you."

"I won't and you are a Hitachiin after all."

"Hey! Was that supposed to be an insult?"

"Not at all Kao, I love that about you." He smiled, ruffling Kaoru's hair affectionately.

"Bye Kyou-kun."

"Don't you dare use that in public." Kyouya shook his head hearing his lover's laughter as Kaoru walked down the hall. "Yeah I think it's adorable that you call me Kyou-Kun." He whispered after Kaoru was out of earshot, smiling to himself. He felt happy, truly happy, for the first time in a while.

A/N: I was going to make this a one-shot, but a had more ideas of where to take this story. So it will be a short multi-chapter. I know this isn't my best work but I hope you still like it. :) Feel free to tell me what you really think of it. Flames accepted. See you next chapter.

**Oh and the ending –kun is used by persons of senior status in addressing or referring to those of junior status, or by anyone when addressing or referring to male children or male teenagers. It can also be used by females when addressing a male that they are emotionally attached to or have known for a long period of time. Since Kaoru is younger than Kyouya he wouldn't be using it for the first reason it would be like Kaoru would be a teenage girl addressing Kyouya. So that's where the teenage girl comment comes from. –chan is usually used for lovers or close friends (like Honey uses it.)