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Tonight was the night he decided, it had been month since they got back together. He promised Kaoru and now he had to follow through.

Kyouya walked into his father's home office apprehensively and his father didn't look up from his laptop. The walls in the in the wide room were cover with framed pictures of the family and few academic achievements, but only the best. In the back of the room sat a large brown oak desk and many comfy arms chairs and a couch were in the room as well.

"Father can I talk to you for moment?"

His father looked up adjusting his glasses, "if you must, but make it quick because I'm pretty busy."

The youngest son stares at his hands nervously not quite sure how ton phrase what he wanted to say. "Um I'm seeing someone."

"Good for you son, what do her parents do?" He replied in a bored tone.

"They're fashion designers."

"Hm, that won't benefit the family."

"I know, but I love him." Kyouya swallowed nervously wondering if his father would notice the pronoun he used.

"That's nice." He shook his head knowing that his son's love was fleeting and would change. He continued typing and then froze, "wait he?"

"Yes I'm dating Kaoru Hitachiin, and I'm gay."

The door opened and the Ootori's heads snapped up. "Hey Kyouya-kun I know I should have called but I wanted to surprise you. Your maid let me in and told me you were up here. I brought-" Kaoru stopped seeing the cold eyes on him.

"You! You abomination!" Kyouya's father approached Kaoru grabbing him by the shoulders, roughly, anger radiating from him like heat from the sun. "You did this to my son you turned him gay didn't you? What if I wanted to have him married off to another company heir? How will our clients and businesses associates react? This is all your fault you ruined his future!"

Kaoru backed away, terrified, tears welling up in his eyes.

"No Kaoru! Don't!" Kyouya ran up to the upset redhead holding his arms out, concern clouding over his dark eyes. Kaoru threw himself at his dark-haired lover wrapping his arms around Kyouya's midsection. The shadow king smiled, his strong arms holding the younger Hitachiin comfortingly, yet protectively.

"You're wrong," he addressed his father talking over Kaoru's muffled sobs. "He didn't turn me gay, I can't be turned gay. It's part of who I am and I pursed him first if anything I did this. I swear I won't stray from my path and this won't affect my academics." Kyouya had snapped he couldn't stand for his father making his lover cry. "Everything I do I do for your benefit, for the benefit of our company and family but this is mine. I'm fighting for something real for me for the first time in my life and I won't give up."

"What happens if I want to marry you off to some daughter of a future business partner? What will you do then?"

Kyouya sighed, "I honestly don't know, I'll figure it out then. I know you don't approve but I will not let this affect my work. I'll find a way to make our businesses understand and accept me this way."

"We'll talk about this more later, Kyouya," and with that the elder Ootori stormed out of the room, slamming the door behind him.

Kyouya pulled away so he could look at his lover. "Kaoru," he whispered, his was unusually soft and caring. "Are you okay?"

"I shouldn't have made you do that I'm sorry."

"No, he would have found out at some point. Plus I promised you and I wouldn't go back on that." A small smile formed on Kyouya's face as his fingertips brushes Kaoru's cheek affectionally.

Kaoru shrank away from the touch, his golden eyes swimming with worry. Kyouya stared back at the redhead in surprise, why was he acting this way? "No, I can't. I can't do this to you. I'm ruining your future and you've worked so hard to get where you are. I can't live with the fact that I did that to you. We shouldn't be together."

Kaoru turned grabbing the doorknob, "Kaoru wait!" Kyouya called, but the younger twin was already out the door and heading down the stairs. The shadow king burst out of his dad's office after him.

Tears fell down the redhead's cheeks as he threw open the Ootori manor's door and ran out into the pouring rain. He didn't want to leave, but he knew in his heart he couldn't stay. More than anything Kaoru hated when other people suffered, especially when it was because of him. He wouldn't be able to live with himself if he knew he made things harder for Kyouya, so he did what he thought was best and left.

"Kaoru!" Kyouya came rushing out, grabbing Kaoru's wrist to stop him. "You idiot, what are you doing? You didn't think after all that I'd just let you leave?"

"But Kyouya I-"

"No I didn't go through all of that trouble of telling my father so you could walk out on me."

"What about you're future?"

"I don't care, I'll find a new way to make things work."

"I," but Kyouya didn't get to find out what Kaoru was going to say next because he smashed their lips together in a passionate kiss. Kaoru pulled away quickly, "Kyo-" the shadow king silenced him with another kiss. The younger boy gave up and let himself melt into the kiss.

Kyouya wound his arms around Kaoru drawing the closer. Their shirts, which were completely soaked through by now, clung to their bodies so tightly that they could feel the other's skin against theirs as their bodies rubbed together. Kaoru's hands tangled into the elder boy's dark, rain soaked hair as he felt a Kyouya's tongue graze his lower lip. He moaned and gladly allowed the shadow king to explore his mouth.

Kyouya groaned as the need for air became too great and he had to break the kiss. Kaoru leaned his forehead against Kyouya's as they both gasped for air.

"So I guess we're official." Kyouya smiled.

"Took you long enough." Kaoru smirked.

"You were the one who kept running away."

"What can I say I like to be chased."

"Oh Kaoru what am I going to do with you?"

"I have some ideas." The redhead smirked and kissed Kyouya. The dark haired host pulled Kaoru flush against him and started grinding their hips together. Kaoru shivered against him, partly because of pleasure and partly because of how soaked he was from the rain. A soft moan ripped through Kyouya's throat as he let Kaoru's warm tongue into his mouth.

"Kyouya-niisan!" Fuyumi called from the doorway. "What are you two doing out there it's raining and freezing! Come inside before you get sick."

"No," Kyouya murmured against Kaoru's lips, but pulled away. "I suppose she's right, we should go inside."

Kaoru sighed allowing the shadow king take his hand and lead him inside. Kaoru had always been a secret romantic he'd seen kisses in the rain in movies and wondered what it would be like. What he didn't know is that it would be so much better and hotter than he'd ever imagined.

The maids were ready with towels when the boys came inside and followed them upstairs to make sure they didn't drip too much on the expensive carpets. Kyouya grabbed the towels and then quickly shooed the maids out of his room. "We should get these wet clothes off."

"Oh Kyouya." Kaoru moaned as he blushed.

Kyouya chuckled softly, "I really love when you play the submissive uke. It's so cute."

"What you think because Hikaru was always the seme in our acts that I can't be the the seme?"

Kyouya raised his eyebrows, "no I like you as the uke because I like the control of dominating. Plus I don't think you have what it takes to dominate me."

"I can be sexy and dominating!"

"I'd like to see you try." Kyouya smirked, trying to get a rise out if him. Without warning Kaoru slammed Kyouya against the wall, kissing him hard. As his mouth and tongue worked against the shadow king's, his hands started unbuttoning his shirt. When the shirt was completely unbuttoned Kaoru quickly pushed it off on to the ground. His pulled his lips off his lover's and he fircely kissed and bit at Kyouya's neck and chest with more fever than the shadow king thought was possible.

The elder moaned his lover's name loudly, not able to contain himself as Kaoru licks a particularly sensitive part of his neck. The younger Hitachiin had definitely rose to the challenge as he pulled at Kyouya's belt roughly. "Whoa was I wrong." Kyouya pushed Kaoru off him so he could catch his breath.

Kaoru smirked, "yeah well maybe I only played the uke because I knew how much you loved it."

"I guess I should never underestimate a Hitachiin." The dark-haired boy smirked, of course he put Kaoru up to this. "Enough games." Kyouya pressed their lips together and started working off Kaoru's T-shirt. Once both boys were down to their boxers Kyouya pushed Kaoru onto his king-sized bed and pulled the covers over them, tangling their tongues together. A knock at the door broke them apart.

"Sorry to disturb you young master Ootori, young master Hitachiin, but mistress Fuyumi insisted that I bring something to warn you up, she told me tea for you young master and some hot chocolate for you mister Hitachiin."

"Fine, fine just put it on the nightstand." Kyouya responded quickly shaking his head at the way his sister fussed over him. "Oh and please have those clothes cleaned." he pointed to their wet, crumpled clothes on the ground. The maid nodded and did what she was told and quietly left the room. Kyouya shook his head and rolled back ontop of Kaoru so he was startling him and he continued where they left off.

"mmm..." Kaoru murmured against Kyouya's lips and Kyouya smiled pressing his bare chest harder against Kaoru's. "Sorry," the redhead pulled away, "that hot chocolate just smells so good it's distracting."

Kyouya laughed rolling over to grab the cups, "you never can resist sweet things huh?"

"Must be why I can't resist you."

Kyouya let out a snort of laughter, "I'm not sweet."

"To others maybe not, but I know you have a kinder side." Kaoru smiled brightly and snuggled up to Kyouya as they drank their beverages. He just felt so content next to Kyouya even though they were different in so many ways they were the same in the way they felt about each other. "I love you."

"As do I, my love, as do I." They sat in comfortable silence as they finished drinking.

"Okay where were we?" Kaoru smiled and pulled back down on top of him. Kyouya quickly deepened the kiss by licking Kaoru's lips, he was granted entrance and the battle of their tongues for dominance began again.

Kaoru grabbed Kyouya's strong hips flat against his loving the feeling of them grinding against each other. He loves the way Kyouya could be so gentle and yet slightly rough and sexy at the same time. Kaoru knew he would never get sick of the way the strong arms of the shadow king held him. Kyouya had to break the kiss for air and then he started to kiss the younger's neck and chest leaving small red marks. After receiving a final delicious moan from his lover, Kyouya fell down by his side, exhausted.

The dark haired host smiled as his auburn haired boyfriend snuggled up to him and fell asleep. He loved being around Kaoru because he knew Kaoru loved him for who he was and he never had to try to be who everyone wanted him to be. The redhead was like his break from reality, his breath if fresh air. He knew it meant a lot to Kaoru that he also loved him for just being Kaoru and no just the other half of a set of twins. Kaoru brought out the good in him and he loved that Kaoru could see the good in him. Kyouya smiled falling asleep absently stroking the soft red hair he loved.

Kaoru woke up to the sound of an alarm clock and groaned realizing they had school today. He tried to sit up but his head spun so bad he fell back onto the pillow. "Kyou-kun?" his voice came out raspy and quieter than he expected.

"I know I heard the alarm." he growled his voice sounding just as raspy and gravely.

"My head is killing me." The redhead whined.

"Mine too." Kyouya sat up slowly and a wave of nausea passed over him. He looked over at Kaoru and was surprised how pale and chalky his skin looked. "My god you look horrible." He touched Kaoru's forehead and pulled his hand away quickly, "you're burning up."

"You look pretty horrible yourself, love." He ran his hand over Kyouya's pasty face, "you feel really warm as well."

"Looks like that making out in the rain made us sick."

"Hm, it was worth it." Kaoru laughed weakly and watched as Kyouya call for one of the maids.

She arrived a short while later and quickly checked their tempeture, "102 degrees Ferienheight." She announced and laid a cool wash cloth on both their foreheads. "I'll call the school, there's water and a little food if you'd like." The maid nodded and left.

Kyouya was about to protest since he hated to miss school, but when he felt Kaoru's slim arms wrap around him, he realized spending a day in bed might not be too bad. Especially if he got to be with Kaoru.

Their peace was short lived, they were disturbed by Kaoru's phone ringing. "Ignore it." Kyouya whispered, annoyed.

"I can't it's Hikaru, I didn't quite tell him I was staying over here. I mean we just fell asleep." He picked up the phone cautiously, "hello?"

"Where the hell are you! I woke up this morning only to find out you never came home last night and then I hear from mom that you won't be coming to school! What the hell!"

"Whoa Hika, easy with the yelling, my head hurts enough as it is. I told you I was going over to Kyouya's house. We just fell asleep, I'm sorry."

"Like hell I'd accept that excuse! That doesn't explain why you aren't at school! Why does your head hurt? Did the shadow king do something to you?"

"No Hikaru, you idiot! I'm sick."

"How did you get sick?"

Kyouya smirked taking the phone from Kaoru. "Hello Hikaru, to make a long story short we ended up making out in the rain last night. Then we came back inside and our clothes were wet so we took them off and then laid in bed together to get warm. So that's what got us sick."

"Y-y-you slept together? Naked?" Hikaru stuttered out in anger and disbelief. "Kyouya I'll kill you, you bastard!"

"Oh did I forget to mention we still had our boxers on?"

"You evil bastard! I'll still kill you!"

"So sorry, but since Kao and I are both sick we'll have to stay in bed together. I'd leave us alone if I were you so we can get better by tomorrow or else your dear brother will have to spend another night with me." Kyouya smirked again and shut the phone with a snap.

"That was pure evil." Kaoru laughed weakly, "but also hilarious. Hika's never going to let me come over here again."

"Well if we're going to spend a day in bed together we might as well not be disturbed. I don't know about you but I'm exhausted." He leaned over giving Kaoru a quick kiss and then wrapped his arms around him as they fell back asleep.

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