Harry sat in a dark corner of the Headmaster's office with Severus standing beside him, holding his hand softly. He flinched when Ginny, Ron, Lavender, Seamus, Dean, and Romilda Vane were led into room under silencing charms. They were all yelling, despite being unheard, and Harry was glad he couldn't read lips, or their minds.

Aurors came in behind the group, one standing behind each delinquent. When everyone was settled before the Headmaster's desk, Kingsley lifted the silencing charm on Seamus and Dean first, who went silent immediately from the look in Dumbledore's steely eyes.

"I would like to know exactly how you were involved and what you knew of the plans to steal the innocence of Mr. Potter," Albus said calmly.

Dean snorted. "He's hardly innocent, he killed the Dark Lord, and he's famous for murder. Besides, he was supposed to remain friends with Ron, and marry Ginny. Then Ginny would bear his brood of brats with me as her well-kept lover. We didn't know how they planned to accomplish it, only that we were to pretend to be in another dorm room whenever they said so."

"What were you getting out of it, Mr. Finnigan?" Kingsley asked the silent boy.

"I figured that once Ginny made Harry fall in love with her, he'd stop hanging around the Slytherins so much, dissolving the friendship. Once that happened, I'd have my chance to rape Blaise and claim him as my slave in an old pureblood ritual," The boy admitted sourly.

"You have to be a pureblood for that, you insignificant pawn. You played right into Weasley's hand," Moody growled, coming into the room and taking a seat. Harry had forgotten that the man had volunteered to act as witness.

Albus sighed and lifted the silencing spell on Lavender and Romilda next, replacing the ones on the two boys. "What was your involvement?"

"Ginny promised me that, once Harry had given her children, she would have no use for his attentions, and so would allow me to Polyjuice for her whenever she went to her lover. I know that she'd been planning to take fertility potions, so it would only be a year before Harry was mine," She said awkwardly. "And anyway, Ginny promised that once they married and she had control of his accounts as Lady Potter, she would pay me handsomely for the privilege to be Harry's secret second wife."

Harry actually chuckled, drawing the room's attention. "Did none of you realize that my being gay might stand in the way of your plans?"

Romilda smiled sweetly. "But you're not gay, dearest love, you've merely been brain-washed by those Slytherins you spend so much time with," She said patronizingly, speaking as though to a stupid child.

Harry shook his head. "I've known I was gay since second year, when I started having wet dreams about Professor Snape," He told her, looking as though he wasn't sure whether to slap her or laugh in her face.

Lavender spoke up. "That doesn't really matter, Ginny had me mix the desire enhancement potion with a love potion. She had plans to keep you on it until you were married and had bred enough children, then you'd be trapped, because a Lord can't divorce merely because he doesn't love his wife, and the love potion was undetectable."

Harry looked thoughtful. "I had wondered about the peach, as it was more commonly used in Gradius Amor (1), than as a supplement in Levendigg op Leger (2)," He said aloud. He looked at his lover. "Remind me to thank my aunt for forcing my body into that particular immunity."

Severus smirked, but didn't answer, opting instead to tease the boy. "It's much easier to sound smart when you have Granger and Malfoy in your head." The boy swatted his arm, making him chuckle and kiss the boys hand, earning them all soft, approving smiles from the assembled adults and looks of disgust from the 6 teens.

"You chose him?" Lavender squeaked.

"That doesn't really affect you, does it? What I want to know is how you were involved. You've never had a problem with my choice in friends, or the Slytherins, and I don't think you've ever deluded yourself into thinking hero worship meant love," Harry said curiously.

The girl sniffed righteously. "I did it for my Ronniekins. He said that once you married his sister, you'd be his friend again and gladly give him the money for my dream wedding, but he couldn't afford the ring until she had access to your money. As everyone knows, I'm far better at Potions than Hermione, and she just gets extra points for being a teacher's pet, so I created any potions that Ginny or Ronniekins required."

Harry shared a look with Severus, stifling a snort. "I was wrong, she's definitely deluding herself."

Severus smirked again, but stayed silent.

Albus sighed. "The four of you will be charged as accomplices to the attempted assault against Harry Potter, and you, Miss Brown, will be charged with brewing illegal potions additionally," He waved his hand and the Auror's led the four of them out. As soon as the door shut, Arthur, Molly, the twins, and, to everyone's surprise, Percy, opened it again and filed in.

"As Ginny Weasley is a minor, she has to have a parent or guardian present to chaperone. Her family has opted to all stand witness to the interrogation," Kingsley announced. A quill that had slowly been recording the testimonies of the accomplices put the speech on the record, starting a new sheet of parchment.

Albus lifted the silencing spells on the two youngest Weasley's. "Explain your plan, in its entirety."

Both children remained stubbornly silent until they were threatened with Veritaserum from the Head Auror.

"It's all the bastards fault, for turning my sister away the summer after fifth year. She'd gone to his bed one night, about a week into his stay, and then came to me, crying. She told me he'd fucked her violently before kicking her out of his room, and I could see that she had bruises on her wrists and arms from where he'd pinned her," Ron said. "She was so distraught. She felt she had been violated, and when she told me he'd told her he was gay, I got pissed. I went to him the next morning and demanded he explain himself, why had he basically raped my sister. He lied and said she'd come to his room, but he'd told her quite clearly that he wasn't interested and that he'd closed the door in her face. He tried to say my sister had created the bruises herself when he'd refused her. So, I decided that if he was going to take my sister's innocence, he would have to marry her," Ron finished evenly.

Severus snorted. "Your sister hasn't been a virgin since her fourth year, when she slept with Michael Corner in an abandoned classroom," He said. "I should know, I discovered them after the act, but couldn't prove it except for the nauseating smell. It's why she had detention with Filch for a month."

"That's a lie!" Ron screamed, jumping at the Potions Master and being restrained by the Auror who stood over him. "My baby sister is a good, sweet girl, she had detentions with Filch because you're a prat and she'd been making perfect grades, beating out your precious Slytherins!"

"Don't be dolt, Ron, she's been lying to you. Mum and Dad have been getting monthly reports on both of you from Professor McGonagall, Ginny's an average student at best," Percy growled.

"What do you know? You abandoned our family!" Ron screamed.

"Percy never abandoned us, Ron, the prat's just been working in secret to get Dad a better job, to promote him silently within the Ministry and get dirt on Fudge so Dad can run successfully for Minister next year, idiot," George said, smacking the boy upside the head.

"Now you've likely ruined his chances, when this gets into the press," Fred added, also roughly cuffing his younger brother over the head.

"It will be kept quiet, the only people who will knowat the ministry are Madam Bones and myself, as she will be presiding over all of the kids trials and the aurors will have their memories altered," Kingsley said. "Neither of us would hold the sins of these two idiots against their well-recommended father. His own reputation precedes him."

"Thank you, Kingsley," Molly whispered. She rounded on her daughter. "I trust Severus to tell us the truth, and he had sent us a letter announcing his suspicions and concerns that you might become promiscuous, but we disregarded it, thinking you were simply being a teenager. What did you do to Harry?"

The girl sneered unattractively. "You told me when I was younger that I'd never get anywhere with my hero if I didn't learn to interact with boys, so I began interacting. I actually lost my virginity to Marcus Flint in Third Year, the guy had a secret hard-on for red heads." She lifted her head proudly. "When I thought I'd gathered enough information to properly please a man, I went to Harry that summer after third year. He said I was too young, so I went to gather more…research. I must've slept with twenty boys, and thought for sure when I went to Harry that next year he'd welcome me with open arms. He told me I was pathetic for sleeping with so many boys, that he'd never sleep with me because he was gay, then slammed the door in my face. I was furious, obviously. I flooed Dean and made him bone me as hard as he could, made him leave bruises, then I came back home and ran to little Ronnie's room with my sob story. The prat actually believed Harry was capable of such an atrocity. When Harry denied the story, of course he would as it never happened, Ron punched him and demanded he marry me for deflowering his precious little sister," She simpered dramatically. "Harry told him he was an idiot, and left to live with his Godfather. After he left, Ron decided to do whatever it took to make him marry me. He played right into my palm, and agreed to act as witness to Harry impregnating me, and old pureblood law used when a girl wishes to marry a non-pureblood. I actually think he was excited about the idea of watching me rape the Boy-Who-Lived."

Ron looked pale and aghast. "I lost my best friend because you lied to me, because he refused to sleep with you?"

Ginny scoffed at him. "Don't play innocent, Ronald, you've been telling me for years all about how you had made a copy of Harry's Gringotts key and continuously used his wand to mark permission notes so you could steal thousands of galleons from him and get the attention from wizards for being allowed in Harry's vaults. The only reason Lavender even became interested in you, and you in her, is because she felt you deserved Harry's fame and would help you get it. He was never your friend, only your ticket to riches and fame, same as me."

Molly stepped towards her two youngest. "How could I have raised such lying, thieving children?"

Ginny smiled sweetly. "But, Mother, you told me yourself that I needed experience to get Harry's attention."

The woman slapped the girl, surprising everyone in the room. "I told you to learn to talk to him, not to whore yourself out to the entire male population of Hogwarts. Don't ever call me your mother again, your father and I renounce you both as our heirs and will testify against you."

"And tell them what? You can only testify as witness, bitch!" Ginny cried, laughing hysterically.

"That's all she has to do," Kingsley said. "Ginevra and Ronald, formerly Weasley, you're under arrest for the attempted rape of Harry Potter, to be charged as such, and additionally charged with assault, entrapment, theft, and the commissioning of illegal potions. Get these vile beasts out of my sight." The Auror's nodded and led the two brat's out of the room, the Weasley's following them out.

Everyone looked at the green-eyed savior in the corner. "Will you be alright, Harry? I know that must've been hard." Albus said softly.

The boy shrugged, smiling when he received a reassuring squeeze to his hand from Severus. "It's nothing more than I suspected. I already knew about Ron having a copy of my Gringotts key and forging notes, but I thought he was using it to send money to his family so I didn't say anything. I never imagined he would be stealing money from me for himself, I thought he was better than that. How much did he take, do you think?"

An Auror came in and handed Kingsley a file before leaving again. "These are the files supporting the story, floo connections, testimonies of several boys Ginevra slept with, and transactions at Gringotts. The Goblins were kind enough to omit anything you appeared personally for, and we asked that they leave off the time in your second year when Mrs. Weasley collected your school supplies. Altogether," He paused, flipping through several pages. "He's accessed one of your family vaults, had transactions by mail and in person, and nearly emptied one of your smaller vaults that held 2 million galleons, as well as a collection of expensive fabrics and family heirlooms. I have another record here from Gringotts that says some anonymous benefactor purchased all of the heirlooms and other items that Ronald sought to sell and had them returned to your vaults."

"That would be Mr. Burke," Harry said, grinning. "I had some need for his assistance in my fourth year, when Dobby became unsure he could acquire Gillyweed for me. When I received a missive from Gringotts in Fifth Year telling me that Ron had begun trying to sell off some items, I paid Mr. Burke to buy them and return them, doubling the cost as his pay. I had no idea what the items were, as we never discussed it for fear someone would find the correspondence, but I had assumed they were Ron's old clothes and things, or perhaps some stuff his brother's bought him, and that Burke was paying a whole lot extra so he could get a bigger stipend."

"Are we done here?" Severus asked.

Kingsley nodded. "So long as Mr. Potter is willing to testify at the trial about what he's just told us, then yes. Would you like me to notify Remus and Lucius of what has happened?"

Harry nodded and together he and Severus left, walking down to the dungeons after wishing everyone a good day. When they entered Severus' private chambers, Harry collapsed onto the couch. "I don't think I expected such a level of betrayal. I feel like I should be angry with all of them, but I just feel sorry for them."

Severus leaned over the back of the couch and ran his fingers through the boy's hair. "It's not uncommon. You have such a complete relationship with your friends that the betrayal of people you never felt truly close to won't affect you as much. Here, this might cheer you up," He dropped that week's Potion's Journal onto the boy's stomach.

Harry raised the glossy Magazine to eye level and gasped. "The Improved Wolfsbane by Severus Snape, in collaboration with…" The boy gasped, his eyes lighting up as he stopped reading. "You gave me credit? All I did was suggest an uncommon ingredient! I didn't really do anything!"

"In case you've forgotten, you're also the one that figured out the proper dosage, how to reduce the brewing time, and the amount of Aloe and Bicorn Horn that needed to be added. It might have taken me days to figure out what you did in three hours. You have an aptitude for creating new potions, Harry, and with this article it will be recognized. I wouldn't be surprised if you have Master's owling you from around the world for advice and collaboration requests within the week," He said simply.

"Thank you, Severus, for making me famous for something besides killing the boogey man, you're incredible," Harry said, leaning up and kissing him softly.

Severus rolled his eyes. "I do believe I mentioned that you don't have to thank me for telling the truth."

Harry grinned tugged on a strand of his lover's hair. "You'll have to tell me at least a thousand times more, because I'll never stop thanking you for being perfect. Go correct homework or something, you git, I need to meet Dray for class. The whole group's in a stir because I missed classes yesterday."

"Did you not explain that Albus didn't want you to be attacked by any unknown accomplices?"

Harry stood and grinned, stretching as he moved towards the door. "That just made them worry even more. Oh, Headmaster Dumbledore told me and Neville we could have rooms elsewhere in the castle, since we're in line to become professor's and our dorm mates are no longer there to complain. I'm rooming with Dray in Slytherin, since it'll be easier for Dad to teach me potions on the weekends if I'm already in the dungeons. I'll see you tonight, if the guys will let me get away." With final, secret smile and a wave, he left the room.

Severus shook his head lightly in amusement at Dumbledore's manipulations, then went through the door that led to his office. He smiled when he looked at his desk and saw a large cardboard box. He walked over and grabbed the card taped to the top.


As promised, a whole box of red licorice. I even had my cousin add some
new Muggle American candy called Twizzlers, which separate into smaller strips from
one big one. For the record, I think I got the better end of the deal.

Love, Harry

Severus thought about what the boy meant, and realized that if he had never agreed to allowing the group of students to accompany him for the weekend, he and Harry might never have spoken to each other about what was between them. As he settled in to begin his grading, he glanced at the box once more, the card set up against it. If he was honest, he felt maybe Harry was right. Compared to the weekend and its outcome, a box of licorice seemed paltry. Still, he couldn't let it go to waste.

He opened the box and pulled out a bag of licorice. After searching his confiscation drawer for a few minutes, he withdrew a flavorless prank potion with the most humiliating side effects, one he'd found a young Gryffindor trying to slip into his friend's food the week before. He opened the package carefully and dribbled the potion over the sweet. As it sank into the candy slowly, he wrote a note in an unidentifiable script, and a second in his own hand. When the potion was completely absorbed, he resealed the package and attached the two notes before returning to his papers. He would send the package after he finished his grading and spoken with Harry and his friends.


Kingsley Shacklebolt walked into the holding cell he had the 6 former Hogwarts students placed in, a smile firmly planted on his face. "I was asked to deliver this personally by Mr. Potter's friends." He read the note on the package. "It would appear that, while you'll still be charged for your wrongs, the boy has decided to forgive you."

He tossed the sweets onto the table the six sat at and waited until he'd left the room to lift the binding spell they were placed under. He watched with a smirk as each one sampled the licorice trustingly, finishing it between them in record time. He gestured for the Auror's on guard to join him at the large one-way window into the room, and as the five of them watched, each teenager began to sprout hair on every available patch of skin of differing, visually disturbing, bright colors, and hiccupped rainbow-colored bubbles. Shacklebolt couldn't help but laugh when they all sprouted long, twisted horns and Walrus Tusks so heavy the forced the kids heads to the table.

"Shouldn't we help them out?" One of the Auror's asked nervously.

"Let's give them a few hours, I think it's time for lunch, on me boys," Kingsley answered. "I don't think they'll be going anywhere, do you?"

The men watched for a moment as their charges all attempted to lift their heads, only to have their horns or tusks drag their heads back down to the table. Each Auror shrugged and followed their leader to the cafeteria.

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