Summery: What if the strange phenomena that connects Earth with Halkeginia was not unknown to the US Military? What if they found a way to connect the 2 areas, if only for enough time to go through? So the US Government decides to send in a single Special Operations soldier in order to Recon the area and report any information he finds. Commander Riptide, a member of SEAL Team 10 is about to be sent on the most classified mission in United States History.

Well, I had the idea when watching episode 6 and after years of not writing I decided to try it out again. I really like the idea of Familiar of Zero, how it combines our world with a fantasy world and like how our technology is misunderstood by them. Now that I am a high School Graduate I decided to take another crack at it. If anyone has read my other stories (Please don't) they will know that at the time I was horrible at writing. I tried to do too many things, got to complicated (I was going for an MGS kind of feel) and just did not do very good at all. I'm just going to try something simple and easy, not a new and original master piece but a fun and enjoyable story.

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Chapter 1: Arrival

Ever been in the SDV (SEAL Delivery Vehicle)? Surrounded by water, in a tight and cramped space hoping to God that your air supply doesn't malfunction. That's what this feels like. Stuck in a space so small that you can't move an inch before hitting the wall. At least there is no water in here so that is a plus.

Guess I should start with who I am, my name is... well, I can't tell you, but my code name is Commander Riptide of the United States Navy Seals. For the past 7 years I have been a part of the US Navy, joined at 17 and was accepted into the SEALs. I've been deployed all over the world from Nigeria to Afghanistan and have done a lot of things most people would never dream of.

But that is irrelevant right now, all I can focus on now is trying to ignore the stiff pain in my joints for being in the same position for about 25 hours. Didn't even get to sleep that whole time. I am laying on my back with straps all over my torso keeping me still. Right in my face are a bunch of monitors, I can't say what they do unfortunately but they do help out a lot. I am wearing a pressurized G suit with a kinetic helmet and oxygen mask that is connected to the helmet so no air leaks from the suit. On my back and my front is a parachute, 1 is my primary and the one on my front is my secondary. Tied to my belt and hanging down to my knees on both my front and back are 2 of my rucksacks. Each one has my medical gear, radio, MREs (Meal Ready to Eat), water and other tools I'll need for survival.

"Approaching Atmosphere at Mock 5, prepare for release" The Radio on my left spoke. "Prepare equipment check and arm main parachute" I did so for the thousandth time and was sure I was ready. "Status, over?" The radio asked.

"Parachute status green." I said. "Oxygen status green, over." The pod began to shake, at first it was not so bad but it began to get violent.

"aligning heat shield" Yea, without that the landing craft would burn up in seconds. "Activate cooling system" After it said that it began to get really hot. I flipped a switch and cold air from liquid nitrogen canisters began to cool me down. I don't have to worry about freezing because the liquid nitrogen heats up enough to be around -3 degrees Fahrenheit by the time it hits me.

Suddenly though it stops and the small pod begins to get very hot again. This is not good "Warning, cooling system failed" The radio said again. If I don't do something fast I'm a dead man.

Ok, calm down, control your heart beat, panic gets people killed. I'm prepared for this situation thanks to endless hours in the simulator. I break open the hatch on my left where the liquid nitrogen tanks are. I begin to turn some of the nozzles to see if it will start up again. It would be so much easier if there wasn't so much smoke in the air, wait, smoke?

Damn, my legs are on fire. Luckily the G suit is not flammable and protects me from the heat of the fire. What is on fire is the electronics around my legs. Deep breath, calm down and figure this out. If I don't do something fast I'm dead, I can already feel my skin starting to burn. It's like when you put your foot on a drive way after hours in the sun.

My last strategy is more archaic, I rip the hoses off the tanks and the nitrogen instantly turns into a gas and begins cooling down the pod. The fire is put out and everything seems ok now.

"Approaching drop point, prepare the release" Oh God I hate this part. Not many people know this but I am terrified of heights. Even though I have done HALO jumps and HA HO jumps, even going to the top of a water slide scares the shit out of me. "Releasing in 5..."

Oh God this will suck.


I grab the release.


I take another deep breath.


I close my eyes.

"1... Release"

I pull the release and instantly the part that I'm laying on opens and I fall backwards. Instinct kicking in, I undo the straps on my chest and am released from the pod. I spin my body so that my face is facing down, and all I see is nothing but black.


Months earlier I am sitting in the briefing room of the SS Normandy aircraft carrier waiting for my next mission. I was told that it would be a solo mission and its to be top secret. Not even my team will know what's going on.

I hear the door open and in walks my CO Captain Jim Walker. "Good to see your up commander." He said as I stood up and gave him a solute. He returned it and said at ease. I sat down and he went over the mission. While he did I noticed some more people come in.

"This mission is top secret, you are not to share this with anyone who does not have the proper clearance, understood?" He said.

"Hooyah Captain." I said.

"Good." Walker said. "For the past 40 years we have been getting strange disturbances all over the world, people gone missing, electromagnetic jumps and strange lights and sightings." I was wondering where this was going.

"What do you mean sir?" I asked.

"Why don't I let Jason explain it." He said, "Jason is one of our top scientists in the study of dark matter." A guy in a gray suit walked up to me.

"How are you sir?" He asks.

"With all due respect Jason, can we just get on with the briefing." I said.

"Sure, what do you know about Dark Matter?" He asked. I may not be the smartest man around but I knew some things.

"Dark matter is an invisible type of matter that makes up 90% of the Universe, right?" I replied.

"Well new information proves that theory wrong." He said. "3 years ago we launched a satellite in space. We were testing the idea of a electron accelerator that would be a much better alternative to fossil fuels for rockets. What we found was extraordinary. While colliding the particles to achieve thrust the satellite blinked into another dimension." I just looked at him confused.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Dark Matter is not some kind of new and undiscovered matter, it is the echos, or the ripples of matter from other universes. Like seeing the shadow of another universe. This discovery allowed us to find a universe that is literally inches from our own." Ok, I'm lost.

"What? What do you mean inches?"

"Imagine if you will, 2 sheets of paper." Jason said as he held them up."Imagine this is our universe," He held one paper, "And this is the second." He held the other. "Both are parallel to each other, and can not connect together. But as they begin to move and ripple some of the parts of the sheet begin to touch. This causes a temporary connection between the universes." He waved the papers to demonstrate this.

"How long is temporary?" I asked.

"Our best estimates is a googleplex in years." When he finished I asked how long that was. "A google is 1 with 100 zeros after it, a googleplex is a google multiplied by itself a google times." Damn my head hurts.

"So a big ass number." He nodded. "Guess we are running out of time to explore this dimension." We both chuckled at the sarcastic joke.

"So far we've discovered that smashing particles together creates this temporary whole, but it lasts a fraction of a second and is too small to travel through." Jason said. "But we've discovered that it is affected by the relative speed of an object while in a gravity environment."

"So..." I began to say.

"So basically, the faster you go in micro gravity the wider the whole is and the longer it stays." Ok, that makes sense.

"So how fast do you have to go?" I asked. "Roughly Mack 20." He said.

"How fast is that?" I asked.

"Roughly 20 times faster than sound at sea level." Damn, that is fast.

"This is all fascinating but what does that have to do with me?" I asked, Walker walked up to me to answer.

"This is more or less a Recon mission, we need you to go to this other world and bring back basic Intel." He said.

"Again, what does this have to do with me? I'm a SEAL, not a geologist." I said.

"We are still getting a feed from the satellite, much like how we can see the effects of dark matter. It's there and here at the same time." Damn this is confusing. "It doesn't have modern instruments but we were able to give readings on the other dimension. It is currently in orbit around an Earth like planet with the same air and gravity of our own." He said. "Although the land masses are different from our own based on the pictures so it is not a second Earth."

"Again, wha..." I was cut off.

"We have no idea what kind of life or terrain is down there. If there is an intelligent race or what, we need an expert of survival to stay down there and give us Intel." He said.

"Why not send Delta, or DEVGRU, one of the Tier 1 units?" I asked.

"This is technically a scientific project so we have to spare minimum Military assistance for this operation. That accident in Somalia proved to me that you have what it takes to survive in a hostile environment."He than asked everyone but me out of the room. "There is also another reason for you going." Walker said.

"What is it?" I asked.

"At 21:00, 3 months ago, over South Korea, one of our cargo planes disappeared without a trace." He said.

"I thought you need to go fast in order to go through dimensions." I said.

"That is the only way we know how, but it is apparent that there are other ways." Walker answered, crossing his arms. "On board was a crew of men, who are presumed dead but we need to be sure." Walker took a breath. "Another problem is that there are Nuclear warheads and chemical weapons on the plane, all of it confiscated from North Korea thanks to a Joint Operation with the SAS. You Primary mission is to locate the downed bird and recover the weapons and Intel the operators attained behind enemy lines. Your secondary mission is to locate any survivors and give us Intel on the area including any kind of life you find, if there is any at all."

"What about the Operators, were they on the bird when it went down?" I asked.

"No, the were Extracted via Helo, the crew is are the only ones." He said.

"How do I locate the bird?" I asked.

"Two ways, first, the ship that you will travel in not only works as a resupply station but as a state of the art Military Satellite that will provide us with a way to monitor you and inform you of the surrounding area. The second is that you will be able to lock onto the homing beacon of the plane to find it, if it's still intact." He said.

"Aside from the Nuke, what kind of weapons is on the bird?" I asked.

"Howitzers and Mortars with Napalm and White Phosphorous." He said.

"I understand the Crew, but what point is there in finding the weapons? It's not like it can harm us?" I asked

"On the plane was the Intel of the Op, and those weapons are proof that North Korea has WMDs, this will give leverage to NATO and the UN in the war. It will also help China to lose some face and show the world how dangerous Korea is. Aside from the howitzers and the Mortars, all the Ammo should be light enough to RTB (Return To Base) with and the Nuke is about as big as a table. It's a miniature warhead and should be easy to transport." Walker said.

"One last thing, this is going to be a lot of weight, the Crew and weapons, how can you get a shuttle to take us back?" I asked.

"Good question, the Return Vehicles do not go straight up like a Rocket, but break the atmosphere like a Jet. That is basically what they are, Jet aircraft." Walker said.

"Understood, how is this going to go?" I asked.

"For the next few months you will be training to operate our new Andromeda rocket that will take you to the speed you need to go to reach it. It is equipped with a small pod that you will be housed in for roughly 30 hours." Fuck, I hate cramped spaces, this is going to be SDV training all over again. "It will break through the atmosphere and slow down to 500 MPH, you will eject from the bottom at 70,000 feet and preform your standard HALO Jump. If in the event that it is night time and you can not see you will deploy your shoot early." I nodded. "The rocket you take will have access to other landing crafts, 2 will be for a return trip. encase 1 fails and there will be multiple smaller ones for resupply of ammo, food, clothes etc. This mission will be dangerous, do you accept?" I nodded.

For the next few months I spent hard training that made SQT (SEAL Qualification Training) look like High School Football practice. It had everything to do with PT (Physical Training), how to work the pod, failure drills, the list goes on. It was fun though.

End Flashback

Getting back on topic, I'm now falling from what I assume is 70,000 feet and falling into an empty black void. Man this is scary. I don't have any optics with me so I have no choice but to pull my chute. I grab the cord on my right shoulder and pull.

After about a second or two I should feel a sharp jerk as the chute opens and stops me. But I feel nothing. No worry, the chute probably failed. That is why they give you a back up. I pull that one as well, which is located on my left shoulder, and than... nothing. Shit, both chutes failed. This is starting to get annoying with all the failures.

Remembering my training I shift my body to reach my left shin towards my knife. This action caused the wind to hit my body in a bad position and sent me spinning and spiraling. While trying to hold my lunch in I pulled out my knife, only to see that the blade had melted and was of little use. Grabbing the chute on my front I began trying to pry the lid open, but I couldn't. The Chute had the same protection as my G suit so it wouldn't rip open.

Last chance, I reach to my right shoulder to try and feel for anything to release the parachute. I manage to pull open the fabric a bit and feel the string. It must have just snapped.

I tried to position my body so that my stomach was facing the ground, but it was so dark and the spinning disoriented me so much I couldn't tell what up and down were. So I pulled the string and hoped for the best.

Two seconds later I felt a jerk on my whole body, as well as pressure on the straps around my armpits and groin. The Chute worked, and now I was going down to the ground. That was a nightmare.

I took another breath and just waited until I hit the ground. I looked in front of me and saw nothing but an empty black void. Not many people know this but if you go to a place with no lights than it gets so dark you literally can't see your own hand. Than again, I do have the sun protection of my visor, it makes everything darker than normal, like sunglasses.

After about an hours of parachuting I hit the ground. I lifted my feet in the air so I could slide on my but. Even with a parachute you still hit the ground fast, you wouldn't want to sprain a joint, especially on a mission.

I came to a stop and got up to a sitting position. I looked around but couldn't see anything, save for a large blue dot and smaller red dot in the sky. I unplugged the hoses on my helmet and took it off. Now I could see.

I looked up and saw 2 giant moons in the sky, one red and one blue. This seems like the perfect time to reference the wizard of oz. I stand up and begin taking off the G suit and all the packs I have. I am stripped down to my olive colored boxers and open one of my packs. Inside it has a woodland camo pants and a olive green short sleeve undershirt and a long sleeve shirt over that. In case anyone doesn't know, the long sleeve has baggy sleeves but is tight around the torso so it doesn't fold when you have body armor on. Black combat boots that go almost mid-calf, a Kabar knife that attaches to my shin, to replace my melted one, a flip Spec-Ops knife and lastly a SIG P228 pistol with a suppressor and 3 mags. Not including the Mag in the gun. Each mag has a 9MM bullet and 13 bullets per mag.

Thankfully the bags had the same protection as the G suit so there was no damage. I put on some more gear, water packs, my radio, my PDA, gloves and food and medical equipment.

I checked the PDA to see where the second craft landed. After I detached from the rocket it launched a second landing ship that houses my armor and guns, since I couldn't carry everything with me on the drop. Luckily it read that it was 5 miles away and it was intact.

It landed much like a space rover, with parachutes and rockets slowing it down to a landing. The pod that I came from landed in the ocean, so it was easy to get rid of. Before going to get my gear I took out the thermite charge that would destroy the parachute and G suits. HQ didn't want this to just be left here. I set the charge for 30 minutes and started walking to my gear.

As I walked I began to survey the area, I was in an open field that lead to a forest. I'm no lumber jack but those trees and grass looks so much like ours. If it wasn't for the two moons in the sky I would have thought I was back on Earth.

After about an hour and a half of walking I reached the landing craft. It landed perfectly and didn't seem to suffer any damage from the heat or the shock. I punched in a code to open the container and it popped open.

Inside was a dragon skin body armor that protected the middle of my chest and upper abdomen, slightly bellow the belly button, on my sides and my back. Awoodland camo Boonie hat and a olive green Shemaugh that can be lowered like a scarf or cover my face.

Now for my weapons, 5 M67 Fragmentation Grenades in case I need to clear out a cave or small space of dangerous animals. A MK 14 Mod 0 Enhanced Battle Rifle with a long range scope with 10X magnification, a grip and a Bi pod. I have 3 20 round 7.62MM X 51MM NATO rounds, and a fourth in the gun, that are strapped to my left side and left thigh. The barrel has been extended by 2 inches for added accuracy and it has a compensator for added control.

I also have a CQBR Carbine, which is an M4 with a barrel 3 times smaller than the M4. It has a rail system with a grip, a Visible Bright Light II flash light on the right of the barrel, a AN/PEQ-2 Infrared Illuminator on the left of the barrel and a 4X Optical Scope or a replaceable iron sight. I have 6 30 round mags, again not counting the one in the gun that are on the front of my body, attached thanks to the armor. Normally this gun fires the 5.56MM X 45MM NATO round but I have personally requested it to be modified to fire the 6.8MM SPC round for added kick, range and accuracy.

Lastly some night vision goggles, a remote operated robot, about the size of my hand for small space Recon and a digital camera and laptop to Recon and send the Intel back to base.

All this gear weighs a lot, probably a good 300, 350 pounds. Which is why the PT before the mission was harder than normal. I will be here for a long time and I have to be sure that I'm ready for anything in the event things go south. It may be a bit of paranoia, after all, we don't think there is any kind of intelligent, or even animals here, but better safe than sorry. The SEAL motto is, attention to detail.

Time to Radio command. Taking out my Radio, which is kind of like one of those old wireless house phones, I punched the number to get command on the line and held it up to my ear. The rubber antenna sends a signal to the satellite, since it is moving fast enough it can send the signal back home and get command on the Radio. The problem is that electro-magnetic energy, like Radio waves, takes 24 hours to reach Earth. Don't ask how matter like me and the ship could pass through in seconds and Energy takes hours, it was too confusing to understand. Something about reversing the state of matter and energy or something. I don't know.

"Mission command this is Riptide, landing was a success, repeat, landing was a success. Commencing Operation "Philadelphia", over." I turned the Radio off and got out the Camera and laptop. I took pictures of the surrounding area and anything that looked like it would go well in a science text book. I plugged in the camera and uploaded the photos to the Satellite.

Finally I got my PDA to see if I could get a signal from downed bird. Unfortunately, since we had no map of the area, or even the planet for that matter, it simply gave me an arrow to follow.

I packed up and began to walk to where the arrow was pointing.

End Chapter 1

Not bad. I like it, I guess it does seem kind of far fetched but given that they had 3 years to work with, it would make sense that it would be possible. After all, excluding the crap I made up, all this stuff is already possible with relative ease. Not to mention, like I always say, I bet that the top secret part of the government has technology decades ahead of civilian or conventional Military use.

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