Banning held the police captain trying to shake him off the apparent trance.

"Banning!" said Vinnie suddenly. "What happened?"

"I don't know! You tell me" demanded Banning letting the police chief go.

"We received a tip and as we came in we were ambushed. The next thing I remember is you punching the lights out of me."

"Our friend went through that void to the other side. How do we open the portal?"

"How would I know?" replied Vinnie putting his hand on his head. He was having a massive headache.

"You people were chanting something….We saw you."

"Were we? Well, In can't remember any of it" replied Vinnie.

"Maybe one of these other guys will tell us." Said banning referring to the bank robbers.

He walked toward one of the men lying on the floor. He turned him around and hoisted him against the wall removing the sky mask.

With horror he saw that the face was an empty dark void. A screeching voice came from its depths blasting a chilling wind at Banning's face.

"He will die…" screeched the voice and with a cackle his whole body turned to fine dust and then his other companions turned to dust as well.

"No! No!" yelled Popka with frustration.

"Wait, wait! "yelled Vinnie. "We have our command post outside. Maybe we could pick up their chatter and record it"

They ran outside and the van was parked a block away. The other police were dispersing. They got inside and the monitors were lit up.

"It's not that this is like a wiretap, but maybe we were able to pick something" said Vinnie turning some switches on.

He listened closely for several minutes. Then he stopped.

"Wait. This is it" he said raising the volume. The chanting could be heard.

"But I think we need the red jewel to complete this" said Vinnie lowering his head.

"I think we have this problem solved" said Leorina raising her wind ring with the red jewel on top.

Klonoa limped across a narrow hallway. The walls were barely lit with intermittent silver beams that snaked along the walls like a lit runway.

He felt injured and scared. He held to the wind ring tightly afraid that he might be jumped any second.

As we walked forward the path became less narrow.

"Welcome, Dream traveler" boomed the voice above his head.

"Nahatomb!" he said stopping suddenly. "What do you want from us?"

"I want back what is rightfully mine…" boomed the voice making Klonoa's ears rattle.

"What are you talking about?" answered Klonoa with his heart racing with fear.

"Your foolish grandfather never knew…." Answered the voice. "The wind ring is one of my ancient artifacts…and now it returns home"

Klonoa was confused. How could this be if he had faced and defeated Nahatomb before using his wind ring. If what he was saying was true, the wind ring would not have been able to harm him or his minions.

As he thought about this he limped to a more open circular space.

"If this ring is yours, why didn't you claim it before!" asked Klonoa yelling at the sky.

"Foolish boy! You haven't realized you have served me well. All those worlds you travelled…. All that nightmare energy you have willingly collected for me" boomed the voice once again.

Klonoa fell on his knees with tears of anger on his eyes.

"That's impossible!" he yelled putting his hands on the ground. He then raised his head looking ahead where he saw the giant shadow of Nahatomb hovering ahead. The red eyes staring at him from the distance. "If this is true why the ring didn't destroy me before when I used it!"

"I told you already. You were willing to use it and after Ghadius released me, I realized I could use the nightmare energy indirectly coming to me to become stronger. My defeat in Phantomille was a minor setback; I had bigger plans; I kept looking, until I found this last world. There, people are so easily corruptible…..supplying me with infinite nightmare energy" cackled Nahatomb from the distance then paused looking down.

" That's why I brought you here. The red jewel ring is a poor facsimile. Now, that I will get my ring back…..I don't need you anymore…I just need you to….Diiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeee!" boomed Nahatomb making the earth rattle. Deformed shadows came from his mouth and attacked Klonoa.

He used the wind ring nevertheless and shot at the shadows coming at him being able to destroy some. Others flew next to him renting his clothes and flesh.

"Yes!" Booomed Nahatomb with satisfaction. "Your prolonged suffering will only make me stronger" he said releasing more shadows. Klonoa swung with the hammer but again some shadows were able to cut through injuring him more.
He dropped to the ground exhausted. He could barely open his eyes. "Was this the end?" he thought as he looked up. "Lolo…." Said Klonoa.

"Don't worry. The lovely priestess will be my celebration meal!" said Nahatomb holding Lolo upward with the gesture of swallowing her.

"How about you eat this!" said Leorina whipping Nahatomb across the face." Popka tried to stabilize the biplane making a tight turn as Nahatomb roared with anger releasing Lolo from her grasp.

"Gotcha!" said Tat as she caught Lolo on her arms.

Nahatomb roared very loudly and the turbulence sent the airplane plummeting to the ground.

"Lolo!" yelled Klonoa trying to get up.
Far away he could see Leorina, tat and Popka recovering from the wreck. They were still alive.

"I will leave you the pleasure of seeing your friends die" said Nahatomb descending to ground level.

Nahatomb took a deep breath with the intent of roaring point blank at the wreckage. This would probably tear all of Klonoa's friends apart.

Klonoa had a crazy idea, but from hearing Nahatomb's words there was no other way.
He got on his feet and with the last breath he could say:

"Hey! Nahatomb"

The blob turned around and squinted sideways.

Klonoa yelled with all his strength as he smashed the jewel of his wind ring against the ground.

In slow motion the green jewel cracked and releasing sparks it exploded violently sending Klonoa flying away.

"!" roared Nahatomb toward the plane but his body disintegrated as the magic of the green jewel dissipated.

Klonoa kneeled on the ground exhausted.

"It's over….."

He slowly lost consciousness and the last thing he saw was Lolo running towards him.

He woke up suddenly shaking all over, like recovering from a terrible nightmare.
He turned around and there at the side of the bed was Lolo smiling at him.

"Lolo!" he yelled releasing his anxiety all at once.

"I'm ok, Klonoa" said Lolo with a smile on her face. Then she hugged Klonoa very tightly.

"I was so worried about you" she said whimpering.

"Lolo….." said Klonoa feeling Lolo's hair between her fingers. "I was worried about you too"

He looked around and he realized he was back a Lunatea. They were at Lolo's room.
The racket started downstairs. Popka raced upstairs and then he tossed himself at the bed.

"Klonoa! You are ok!" he said happily wagging his tail.

Leorina came behind with Tat on her side.

"Leorina" said Klonoa lowering his head. "Thank you"

"Don't mention it" said Leorina taking out her wind ring and giving it to Klonoa.

"Someone was not able to say goodbye" said Leorina. The red jewel turned green and glowed projecting a recognizable grainy image of Banning and Ms Hong.

"Klonoa. I would like to thank you. The people of my world and Chicago are in your debt. We wish you the best of luck" said Banning. "Take care buddy"

"Young man" said Ms Wong. " You acted with wisdom. You relinquished power when the pressure was most against you. This demonstrates your maturity and will help you in your future. You don't have to be everybody's hero because your good will can be used against others, even the ones you love and most importantly yourself. Sometimes, people have to be left to solve their grievances and find their own destiny. Take care of yourself and most importantly, Take care of your soul mate. From her, your true legacy will come" said Ms hong.

Klonoa took Lolo's hand as he heard that which made her blush very much.

"This ring still exists" said Leorina as the message dissipated in the air. "Did we really destroy Nahatomb?"

"No….." said Klonoa. "Nahatomb is a spirit that is everywhere and feeds from the fear of people. I came to understand that when we faced him. He is weakened now. But I am sure he will return to tempt others to do his bidding"


She loved fooling around the forest. She liked to splash on the puddles, run around the trees and contemplate the butterflies.

As she climbed down the tree trunk, her orange long trunks became smeared with dirt.

It was a lot of fun and made her giggle.

Suddenly, she perceived a flash of light coming from the sky followed by a gust of wind that made her ears flop in the air.

She turned around and saw a glow coming from the meadow. As she walked toward it a voice cut through the forest.

"Luna!..." said the soft distant voice.

"Coming mom" said Luna as she happily pranced away from that place.

"How is my priestess in training?" said Lolo with a warm smile taking Luna on her arms.

"Look, here comes daddy." She said pointing at the edge of the hill. She pulled the edges of her white toga as she could see the floppy ears of her husband.

"Luna. You are very bouncy today" said Klonoa short of breath adjusting his jean jacket and blue hat.

"I love you daddy" said Luna hugging her father.

"I love you too" said Klonoa putting her hat on Luna's head.

"It's getting dark dear. Let's go home" said Lolo kissing Klonoa's cheek.

"Yuuuuck!" said Luna prancing away running down the hill.

Taking Lolo by the arm Klonoa saw her young one running happily wearing his hat and then he looked up at the sky.

"Ms Hong was right. She is my true legacy"