A bit more Tony-Jim letters:

Dear Mr M,

I did it! I sucesfuly (I don't know how to spell it) killed my bully. They said that they weren't sure how it got into his allergy pills. I did good, didn't I?


Hello Tony,

"Successfully". Maybe next time you could look at a dictionary? And good. Maybe in a few years, when you grow older, I could hire you. Just be careful and don't get caught. Where are you studying? I know of course, but I thought I'd ask anyway because that's polite.

I was thinking of getting you to head drug trafficking and a betting pool for you to start with in your school. I'll send you more details, or maybe just pick you up on your way home.


A bit that didn't quite fit but is part of it anyway:

The overly-friendly employee attending them smiled, and asked for Jim's signature. "Hello sir! Welcome to the London Aquarium."

Jim gave her a nice smile. "Good morning, I am Mr Brook." He gestured at Sebastian. "And this is also Mr Brook." He hooked an arm around Sebastian's arm.

The woman looked like she was going to melt, that's so sweet, they're on a date! written all over her face. Sebastian did his best not to groan. "Oh, are you together?"

Jim winked at the girl. "Y-"

Sebastian cut him off before he could finish, glaring at Jim and signing the guestbook himself. "No."

Sebastian watched as the woman sought to correct her initial assessment, and smiled at him apologetically. "Related?"

Jim looked at Sebastian rather crossly, and set his jaw resolutely. "Y-"

"No, no, it's just a coincidence." Sebastian said with a fake grin, and they both walked away from the constantly confused girl.

Jim sighed. "Spoilsport."

Sebastian could only grin widely in response.

I don't know, maybe this is my superpower or something, fluffing and platonic-ing everything. I just hope I did them just a *tiny* bit of justice, I suppose? Because, well, it's... fluff. Haha.

As usual, this is Johnlockian's fault. Seriously, woman, you keep on giving me good prompts. You owe me a story. :p

Thanks be to hopeinashes for being my beta. Really, how could you ignore nature for my stories? I just.. *tear* Thank you.