A year had already passed by. Jessica and her friends had passed the first exams. She had got a B for all her exams and tasks she had made. Jim had, of course got A just like Katyuna and Benjamin. They were all way better at school works then, she was. But even that her grades wasn't that good like her friends, she was happy for her B. She never thought that it would have going that good.

Now it was winter, but even thought they were in the start of January the weather was still warm and clear.

"So how was your vacation?" Katyuna asked Jim.

"Fine, man my mom was so happy about my grades, but even though, I still needed to help her with the Inn."

Jessica couldn't help but laughed. She knew that Jim hated to help out in the Inn. Katyuna asked then Benjamin, who told that he, had been on vacation on earth in New York. He normally lived on a planet named, Uranus.

Katyuna, Jessica and Selaura had only been home on earth, and had been with friends and families. They had even met each other for a week, since it seemed that they lived in the same town. In Calgary.

"Hey by the way, are you ever gonna show me, that place you were talking about?" Benjamin suddenly asked.
Jessica went silence, she knew what he meant… after their discovery a couple of month before their exams and ending of the first school year. "Well… okay you'll see it today."

"Okay, first you have to promise me, that you never, ever will tell anyone about this place. Got it?" Jessica asked. It was after noon, she, Jim, Katyuna, Benjamin and Selaura had come to see the cave again. They had discovered the cave, and figure out another way to the same place, where they found the treasure map. Normally Scooter was in the cave too, but because the teachers discover their secrets, they told her to take him, with her at the vacation, and lucky for her, she could keep the dog.

"I promise." Promised Benjamin.

"Okay, she took her dolphin necklace and putted into a little hole, the wall open up. Benjamin was speechless, and it didn't help him to talk, when he saw all the gold and silver. He stared at all the shining stuff, but suddenly he felt an elbow in his arm, he then woke up.

"Come on, it's not that you shall see." Katyuna said, and gave him a friendly smile. He smiled back and followed her.
When both of them were with Jim, Selaura and Jessica, he saw that Jessica was holding a little ball.

"It was this, we will show you."

Benjamin raised an eyebrow. "Haha that's funny, what are you really gonna show me?"

"It's this."

"Aww come on. Are you serious?"

Jessica knew that she couldn't continue, so she took the ball and began to press on some signs, and suddenly the ball opened. There came a lot of green signs, with planets and it showed just were the treasure was.

"Yes. We are serious." Jessica gave a grin.

"This is our little secrets." Told Selaura while she was looking at the surprised boy. He was on his way to the planet, which the map had showed.

"Do you have thought about to travel over to the planet?" Benjamin asked curious. As he looked around, was there no one who wanted to say something about it. Until Jessica then step forward and said:

"I have, I don't know about the others."

"Hey, we want to go!" shouted Selaura. "Right guys?" she looked at Jim and Katyuna.

Jim looked away and Katyuna was looking at Jessica who stared surprised at them.

"I don't know. I mean… I want to, but it could be dangerous." said Katyuna.

"Dangerous? Yes. But you told me that you wanted to go on the adventure, and now you can." Said Jessica with crossed arms.

"And Jim." began Selaura. "You have been on an adventure, and you said that it was great. So why don't you wanna go?"

Jim looked at Selaura.

"It's just… Yes it was great, really… but it was also very dangerous. I could have been killed! And not only me, but also my friends! I won't let it happen again!" and with that walked Jim out of the cave.

Everyone was watching him. Jessica began to walk after him, but she got holding back by hand, it was Benjamin. Jessica looked from, him and back to the output.

Later were Jessica and her friends talking about the map, and that they were agreeing to go, and search for the treasure. After that she decided to go and look for Jim, while the others were talking about the map. She found him on the beach; she saw that the sun was almost going down.

"Hey…" she said slowly. Jim looked up.

"Hi." He said.

"Can I sit?"

Jim nodded and then she sat beside him. There was an awkward silence between them. But after some minutes had past, looked Jessica at him again.

"Jim… what's wrong? You have told me that you want to go, but now you sound more that you are… afraid?"

Jim said nothing.

"You know you can tell me anything. And I heard what you said in the cave."

"Jim, please tell me."

Jim raised himself up and turned around. He was looking worried at her.

"Yes… I'am afraid…" he admitted.

"What are you afraid of?"

"What? What! I'am afraid for that I'am going die or worse… maybe I'm gonna lose my friends."

He walked over to the sea and was looking over the horizon.

Jessica raised herself up and followed him. When she stood on his left side, she laid a calm hand on his shoulder.

"Jim, you know that you will never lose us. You just have to forget the past and look on your future. A brand new adventure! Maybe it won't be that dangerous as you thought."

Jim was looking in Jessica's blue-green eyes. She smiled, and he couldn't help but was smiling back again. He nodded and pulled Jessica into a kiss... After they had let go, was Jim holding Jessica tight in to him.

"Your right. We will do it." Jessica smiled happily.