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Mid-Childa Central Base

"So you are, Fate T. Harlaown" said the man from his desk.

Fate looked at him before getting up, revealing all her majesty in that simple gesture, her white coat fell to her feet with elegance while her hair, tied in a nice ponytail, did the same through her back.

"Yes, that's me" she said in a calm tone.

The man looked up and down at her before smiling, a smile that Fate didn't like at all, knowing it meant inferiority, he was underestimating her and she hated it deeply.

"You do know we are at war, right?" asked the man.

"I know, sir" Fate said.

"And you know that my unit doesn't have errors" he said again.

"I know, sir" Fate repeated.

The man rose from his seat and approached her without taking his eyes away from her. He looked at her as if she were only another cadet and smiled again as he pulled his badge out of his pocket.

"Do you know what this is, Enforcer Testarossa?" asked the man.

"Yes, it means you're the one in charge"

"That's right… and as such, I want to know why you're here rather than with your daughter and partner, Takamachi, in a safe place" said the man.

Fate couldn't suppress the surprise when hearing that the man knew Nanoha and Vivio, but she also couldn't suppress the longing and sadness that those names caused on her… because Vivio was no longer her daughter.

Or Nanoha her partner.

"I can't leave just like that, sir" Fate answered.

"Screw that, Testarossa, I'm asking for the truth" said the man.

Then he showed her a document, one with Hayate's signature on it, which clearly asked him not to accept Fate in his squad, as the Enforcer wasn't prepared for the war that was coming or anything that could come with it.

"She knew I would do it…" Fate whispered.

"Tell me the truth, Testarossa. Give me a reason to ignore what Capitan Yagami said and welcome you into my team, because if you're here to fight, I'll take you in with pleasure, but if it's due to personal issues…" the man warned.

Partly, it was because she wanted to fight to protect the world that had given her so much, the only place she could call home without remembering the nightmares; here lived her friends, family, and she had to fight to protect it.

Although a part of her, a dark one, one she didn't even want to see, one called jealousy, was also a reason. She knew she had left because of the way Yuuno had made his way into the family, having dinner with Nanoha's parents, herself and Vivio.

That had been the moment when Fate knew she no longer fit in that picture, and she had to leave, the sooner the better, her back luck had been to tell Hayate about it.

Who had scolded her with desire as she begged her not to give up so easily, and to see that not everything was lost, but it was…

Everything was lost, she had had a thousand opportunities to confess to Nanoha, but she had never done it and now it had ended this way.

But now she didn't have time for feelings, not when she had to fight to make the world safe for Vivio, for Nanoha and for everyone she loved.

"I'm here for my country and for my people, sir and I'll give my life if necessary to save what remains of this world." Fate said decisively.

The man looked at her with a smile before ripping Hayate's paper, finally believing her and approaching her with a steady gaze, placing a hand on her shoulder.

"Prepare yourself Testarossa, because you're in a war worse than you can imagine" said the man.