Chapter 21

Nanoha couldn't believe it…

Fate was looking at her as if she were a complete stranger, she, who had been her best friend since they were nine.

Who she had secretly loved that whole time.

"Fate?" Nanoha asked felling her voice failing.

"Fate? Who's Fate?" Asked the blonde.

Her heart sank when she heard those questions, could it really be possible that she had forgotten everything?

No, she couldn't have forgotten about her. Karma couldn't be playing that kind of trick on her. Nanoha breathed deeply and looked at the pair of burgundy eyes that seemed to be sacred…

Scared of them, of her…

No, I would never make her feel scared…

"I'm Nanoha…" The brunette whispered.

The blonde frowned before moving her head slightly, as if thinking about it and Nanoha's hopes soared inside her chest.

She would remember her, her Fate-chan would remember her.

"Sorry…" Said the blonde suddenly. "… but I don't remember any Nanoha."

Nanoha felt the surprise from the others who accompanied her in the room, since they also had the same hopes that Fate would remember everything with Nanoha's presence.

But unfortunately, it didn't happen.

"By the way…" The blonde said after a few seconds of silence. "Who's Fate…?"

With Nanoha at the verge of tears and Hayate too confused to answer, Yuuno cleared his throat, stepping forward to answer the obvious.

"It's…" He sighed, unsure. "… You."

He didn't know which of the two was more surprised, if Fate by hearing Yuuno's statement or Yuuno by the surprise on Fate's face.

"No…" Said the blonde. "… I'm not Fate."

Nanoha swallowed her tears, needing to know who she thought she was and praying that everything was nothing but just a dream.

"No?" She sighed. "… Then, who are you?"

Fate's eyes were filled with confidence and pride as a small smile appeared on her face, finally she could clarify that misunderstanding and go home.

"I'm Alicia…" She said convinced. "… Alicia Testarossa."

A week later, Mid-Childa's Maximum Security Prison

He hit the wall again and again, not caring that his hands ached, not caring that his whole body ached.

She was alive, he didn't know how, but she was alive and his revenge had been useless.


Tears filled his eyes as he remembered how he hadn't even managed to fulfill the last promise he had made to his beloved daughter.

He hadn't eliminated her copy.

And he knew it thanks to a big mouthed guard who had let know several prisoners that the great Fate Testarossa Harlaown had returned from her long mission accompanied by her team and family.

Her family… which should have been Alicia's…

"I'm sorry…" He whispered to the wall.

He felt like crap, a man without a future and with a past too full of guilt to be true, a man who had failed to the only good thing in his life.

And he didn't even have the power to take his own life.

"I wish I could be with you, Alicia…" He whispered.


A small whisper entered his ears making Yachi jump straight up from the ground. It was something dark, something terrifying.

Ta…ke… me…

Yachi looked at the floor of his cell and saw small purple marks, marks that showed a path.

Come… dark… heart…

Yachi rolled his eyes when the seductive power that called him became stronger than his will and felt the need to get out of that hole.

He needed that power.

I need to get rid of all those who've hurt me…

And with that thought in mind, he started thinking of way to get to that power and seal a new fate and era that he himself would bring upon that city.

An era of terror and where everyone would pay the same price as his beloved daughter.

You'll have an entire empire name after you, my little Alicia.

Yuuno sighed again looking at the book and notes that Hayate had given him to try to return Fate's memories.

"Drink this, it'll help." Said a voice behind him.

Lily smiled as she put the cup of coffee on the desk and sat next to him to also look at Hayate's book.

"Do you think it was us?" Asked the girl.

"I don't know…" Yuuno answered. "… It doesn't seem to be our fault, but still, there are things that bother me."

"Like what?" Lily asked.

"Like the fact that one of us didn't have enough energy to use the spell that would bring Fate back to life." Said another voice behind them.

Thoma Avenir watched them from the doorway, his eyes cold and dark running up and down Lily's body, making her feel cold inside.

"You're probably right, but who?" Yuuno asked.

"Me…" The boy simply said.

Lily and Yuuno looked puzzled by Thoma's statement, who was still watching them but this time his eyes showed sadness, so immense that it made Lily's heart tremble in fear.

Something was wrong, too wrong.

"Thoma?" Asked the girl.

"The virus… it didn't completely disappear from me, Lily." He whispered.

Yuuno looked at him in surprise while Thoma took off his shirt and showed them the mark of the virus still on his body.

It was killing him.

"No… no…" Lily whispered. "… Why?" She asked not understanding.

Thoma sighed, he hated making the person most important for him cry, but he had known since the moment he had used the spell to save Fate, that he had little time left.

And he knew it was time to tell the truth.

"Lily…" He whispered looking at his partner.

He loved her and had realized it way too late, too damn late for him.

"I'm a creation just like Fate." He said with tears in his eyes. "… I'm the son of Jail Scaglietti, the original carrier of the virus until the Project F arrived."

And in that instant, their whole world collapsed under their feet, leaving Yuuno to collect the pieces.

Alicia watched Vivio play with Sanderson in the garden of what now was her home, or at least that's what Nanoha and the others had made her believe, with a smile on her face.

She was totally adorable, but not more than the mother.

Alicia smiled remembering how Nanoha had treated her with so many attentions since she got installed in her house. She would bring her breakfast to her bed saying she was still weak form a battle she couldn't remember and would always make sure to make her company.

"What are you thinking about?" Nanoha asked sitting down beside her.

Alicia looked at her, for some reason Nanoha's company was vital for her and she seemed to need it more and more.

"I was thinking about…" Alicia said in a whisper. "… About you."

Nanoha smiled, though it wasn't a complete smile, it was normal enough to not worry Alicia and special enough for her to feel a little tug in her stomach.

What's happening to me?

"I hope it was something good, then." Nanoha said.

Alicia nodded getting lost for just a second in those blue eyes that absorbed her completely, before hearing Vivio's laughter and looking back at them to see Sanderson run after Vivio with the water hose on.

"It was…" She said without thinking.

Nanoha patted her hand causing Alicia to look back at her, once again locking their eyes.

And before neither could stop themselves, their lips had started to move closer, attracted by the warmth of the sun and the need screaming inside their bodies.

Their breaths mingled, making Alicia feel dizzy for a second before a sharp pain in her head cause her to move away from Nanoha exactly when their lips were mere inches apart.

"Fate-chan?" Nanoha said without thinking.

But Alicia wasn't able to answer or correct her because her head seemed to be bursting with images.

Images that she didn't recognized.

Save him!

My precious daughter…

Dad, carry me on your shoulders!


The images stopped and Alicia looked at a worried Nanoha who stood beside her, holding her so she wouldn't fall.

"Alicia?" Nanoha asked worried.

"I have to… go." Alicia whispered.

And without another word, she went upstairs with the cold sweat running down her body and a clear image of her father in her mind.

"I have to find you, dad…" She whispered to herself.

A/N: Okay so I just wanted to clarify something, according to the author, Alicia really is Fate but she doesn't remember, so i'm guessing that something is making Fate think she's Alicia, we'll find out later on, that's it for now, so thanks again for reading and please leave a review. :D