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Blaine took a break midway through his set to use the restroom. He handled his business and went to grab his phone from his bag. I wonder if his number is still the same. Suffice it to say, Blaine never deleted Kurt's number. He'd fought hard over the years not to text the other man. It'd worked up until now. He was about to type a text to what he hoped was Kurt's number when he got an email.

Blaine Anderson, You have a new follower on Twitter.

Kurt Hummel K_Hummel

I'm an interior designer and a man of many emotions. Beware! Location: The Lima Bean

Following: 239

Followers: 1,390

Blaine stared at his phone for a moment. There was no way in…Damn this feels familiar. Okay, I can work with this. He refollowed me. I'll just send him a tweet. No pressure there, right?

Unfortunately, Kurt beat him to the punch.

K_Hummel: It's been years but BlaineWarbler still sings like a dream. #Whodathunk?

Blaine smiled. Kurt thought he sung like a dream. That was good, right? Probably. Hopefully. Blaine quickly replied.

BlaineWarbler: K_Hummel Coming from you, that's a compliment. Thank you. I was surprised to see you here.

K_Hummel: BlaineWarbler Funny how that works.

BlaineWarbler: K_Hummel Hilarious. Maybe we could talk after the show. I'll buy you a drink.

Blaine held his breath; literally. He knew he was pushing it but he was sure that he only had one chance at this. He'd have to put it all out there tonight and hope for the best. If he didn't, he knew the opportunity would pass.

K_Hummel: BlaineWarbler I'm sure your boyfriend wouldn't appreciate you buying me drinks. We can talk though.

Kurt made a face at his phone. If Santana was looking, she'd probably offer him something for his gas pains –that's the emotion his face was portraying- but she wasn't looking and Kurt was grateful. What am I doing? I'm sitting here, like some stupid girl and sending flirty tweets to my ex. Pretty pathetic, Hummel.

BlaineWarbler: K_Hummel *snort* boyfriend, right. Like I could have one of those. I shouldn't have asked though, I'm sure your significant other wouldn't appreciate me offering you drinks.

Kurt couldn't type fast enough. Sure he'd just ended things with Chandler but this was different. This was Blaine. Sure they'd ended on horrible terms but that was years ago. I'm sure we've both grown. I hope. Oh shit. What am I getting myself into?

K_Hummel: BlaineWarbler Free as a bird.

What is wrong with you? Why would you send him that? Stupid, stupid, stupid! He's not into you anymore. Get a grip, Hummel. Kurt subconsciously gripped the edge of the bar top. That was as close to a grip as he was going to get.

Moments later, Blaine walked back out on stage with a smile on his face. Their eyes met instantly and his ex-boyfriend proceeded to serenade him through the remainder of the show.

At the end of the show, Santana and Tina were tired. Kurt waved them off and told them that he was going to stay behind and drink a little more. (I'll hail a cab.) Santana rolled her eyes. She assumed Kurt was wallowing in self-pity after seeing Blaine again but she couldn't be more wrong. No, Kurt wasn't going to drown himself in liquor. He was going to sit down with the man that he'd loved since he was a teenager. Yes, I still love him a little, sue me! Shit, I hope I'm dressed appropriately.

Kurt pulled out his phone and checked the time. It was a little past midnight and the show ended almost 10 minutes ago. Kurt was a little nervous. What if he doesn't show? Fuck! Damn! I cuss a lot in my head. Kurt shook it off and sent his ex a quick tweet. He didn't have any other way to contact him since he wasn't certain that he could remember Blaine's number after so many years.

K_Hummel: BlaineWarbler I thought you offered me a drink. : (

BlaineWarbler: K_Hummel I had to drain the dragon. Excuse me for not wanting to pee on you.

Kurt snorted. He hadn't laughed like that in years. Oh how he'd missed Blaine's witty tweets.

K_Hummel: BlaineWarbler At least we know you don't have R. Kelly tendencies. Except for when you were *sings* Trapped in the closet! Lol

BlaineWarbler: K_Hummel I can't come out of the closet.

K_Hummel: BlaineWarbler I think you made those lyrics up.

BlaineWarbler: K_Hummel I did! XD I'll be out there in a minute.

Emoticon? Really? Blaine sighed and put his phone back in his pocket. He hadn't really needed to use the restroom; he just needed a few minutes to catch his breath. Things were happening so fast and he was getting his hopes up. He needed to stop doing that. He and Kurt were different people now and they'd been broken up for years. Despite the fact that he still desperately in love with the other man, he knew Kurt probably didn't feel the same way. Even if he was flirting with me. Yes, it was flirting!

Blaine took another breath and stepped out of the bathroom. He squeezed past a few drunken club goers and made his way through the crowd. Blaine pushed past people as he made his way to the bar. He finally reached a small clearing when he saw Kurt. The other man was leaning against the bar stirring his drink with his straw. Blaine felt like the wind had been knocked out of him. This was really happening. Kurt was really waiting for him at the bar and they were really going to talk. He flailed internally.

Oh crap. Do I tap him on the shoulder? Is that too informal? Technically, we're strangers again. I wouldn't do that to a stranger. Blaine cleared his throat and his ex turned around. A timid smile crept across Kurt's face and Blaine immediately relaxed.

"You were great up there." Kurt began with as Blaine took a seat next to him.

"Thanks. You look great." Oh. Why did I say that? He looks put off. Fuck! I bet it's the beard. He doesn't like facial hair anymore. I look like a lumberjack. Shit!

"You too. Nice beard. I never took you for a flannel and flap jacks kind of guy." Kurt smiled. He's flirting with me. He's using my beard as flirtation material. Me gusta!

"Yeah…well…I've always wanted a beard."

"You've always wanted a girl to pretend to be your girlfriend so that no one would know you were gay?" Blaine rolled his eyes. This was so them; the back and forth. It was so tastefully Klaine.

"I had a few of those in high school actually." Kurt rolled his eyes and took another sip of his drink. He was down to the ice but he was still sipping. "What are you drinking? I'll get you another?"

"Ummm…I'm not sure actually. I don't usually drink so Santana ordered it for me." Kurt blushed at his own innocence. Awww…he's still adorable. Blaine grabbed his cup and stuck his fingers in the melted ice. If he was lucky, there'd be enough residual left to let him know what Kurt had been drinking. Bingo. Blaine waved down the bartender; completely ignoring the confused look on his ex's face.

"What can I get you?" The man asked; eyeing Blaine in a way that made the older man a little nauseous.

"Whiskey sour for my friend and a rusty nail for myself." The bartender nodded and walked away to make their drinks. Once he was gone, Blaine turned his attention back to Kurt. He was fiddling with his fingers in a way that let Blaine know he was nervous. "So, how've you been?" He asked. Kurt smiled and then responded.

"Ummm…well. Things have been crazy over the past few years – with me opening my business, my dad, and all- but I've been well. How about you? How've you been?" Kurt asked. Just then, the bartender came back with their drinks. Blaine whipped out his wallet and paid before turning his attention back to Kurt.

"Kind of the same. Everyone's moved away, so it's just me here now. I manage Java the Hut and-"

"The café? Really? And you do sets. That's great, Blaine. Good for you." Kurt cooed before taking an obscenely large gulp of his drink.

"Yeah, it is great. I really like it. But what about you, Mr. Entrepreneur. I never knew NYADA offered design classes." Kurt's face fell a bit but he caught it almost before Blaine recognized the look.

"I..uh…never got into NYADA." Blaine tilted his head. No, that's why you called me that night; to tell me you were a shoe in. "That's why I called you that night. I..um…I choked during my audition and…yeah. It didn't work out. I went to school in Cincinnati."

Blaine's mouth hung open. Kurt hadn't called him to gloat about NYADA, he'd called because he needed comfort after a heartbreaking event. Blaine put his drink down and rubbed his hands over his face. Now he really felt like an ass. "Hello awkward air around an already awkward conversation. It's nice to see you again." Kurt joked. Blaine smiled and looked up at him. Typical Kurt to try to alleviate discomfort with humor.

"Things couldn't have been more awkward if we'd planned them." Blaine supplied. Kurt nodded but didn't speak. "About that night-"

"Don't. We were young and maybe it was for the best. We've both got a lot going for us and-"

"NO! You deserve an apology for the way I acted towards you. You needed comfort and, instead of comfort, you got torn down by someone that was supposed to love you. I let my frustrations get in the way of what we had and I just need you to know I'm sorry." Kurt offered a sad smile. It always amazed Blaine to see how different Kurt's smiles could be and how they could convey so many different emotions.

"Thank you." It was barely a whisper. Blaine smiled and picked his drink back up. Hopefully things wouldn't get too much more awkward. Whelp, spoke too soon. "Ummm, I dated someone after we broken up." It sounded like a confession; a random confession.

"That's nice. Ummm, I haven't but I wasn't into it anymore. I hope you know that you were it for me. When I messed that up, I couldn't stand the thought of someone being there in the same capacity that you were there."

Kurt nodded. He knew that feeling. "That's how I felt with Chandler; that was his name. We were together for three years and I broke up with him when he asked me to marry him. I couldn't do it. Hell, I couldn't even tell him I loved him." Kurt stopped a minute and laughed a humorless laugh. "We never even shared a bed." Blaine nodded. "Whoa…I never imagined a trip to New York would get so heavy."

"You brought me to life now every February, you'll be my valentine-VALENTINE! " Kurt snorted at Blaine's ability to break out in a Katy Perry song at any given moment. "Speaking of trips. Why are you just visiting? You used to live for New York." Kurt looked around; anywhere but Blaine. There were so many reasons that he'd forgone New York for the bright lights of Lima, Ohio.

"Umm..well, I got accepted to a college there." You. "Money got kind of tight for a while." You! "And after my dad's heart attack, I couldn't leave him." That's true but you were the other reason.

"Heart attack? Burt had another one? Is he okay?" Blaine spit his drink back in the cup and looked at Kurt with something along the lines of fear in his eyes.

"Umm..yeah. He's doing better. His doctor made him retire, so that's why money was tight. They'd just bought the house and they were putting me through school. My dad couldn't really afford to stop working but it was that or shorten his lifespan. Suffice it to say that we decided that it was time for him to retire."

"Yeah. I get that. So, what happened to the shop?" Kurt laughed. They really hadn't spoken in years.

"Finn got it after he got injured during boot camp. He renamed it and he runs it now. It's called 'Hudson, Hummel, and Sons'. His wife, Amber, does the book keeping and he does most of the actual work. They're doing a great job with it." Blaine gave another inquisitive look, so Kurt continued; again. "Right. Sorry, Rachel and Finn broke up when Rachel came to New York. Finn went into the Army; that's where he met Amber. He got discharged after he dislocated his shoulder during training and she didn't reenlist after her first tour of duty. They live in Lima now."

"Shit! I thought I had a lot to talk about." Blaine drained his glass and Kurt picked up his own. Through an unspoken agreement, they knew it was Blaine's turn to fill in about how everyone on his side was doing. "Well, Bailey and Millie moved to Atlanta." Kurt made a pouty face. He loved seeing Bailey and Millie and was secretly hoping to see them again now that he'd found Blaine. "I know. Millie's eleven and she's this ball of diva and Bailey and her husband, Dick-no..don't laugh, his real name is Richard- own a practice down there. They're expecting another baby in a few months." Kurt grinned. He was happy for them. They'd been through a lot and they deserved their happiness.

"Umm..let's see, Cooper is also married but you know it's not like your normal marriage. No…Cooper married a stripper named Candy –again, her real name. She stopped stripping a while ago and now she's a photographer. They still live in that same house and they've adopted like five dogs." Yeah, that sounds like something Cooper would do. I'm not surprised at all.

"And..Wes and David moved to California after we graduated. None of us could get roles, so they started their own little production company, Big Bite Productions –and before you ask, I don't know where the name came from." Kurt giggled at Blaine's adlibs. "They write and produce plays all over the state. They're actually doing very well and I'm certain they'll both come out of the closet one of these days."

This is going well. Like, really well. Better than expected well. "Those two aren't coming out of the closet anytime soon. They're going to continue screwing each other behind closed doors and play straight for the rest of the world." Kurt laughed. Blaine agreed.

When the laughter died down, the two sat silent once again. "Ummm…I hope this isn't too forward, but this is the best conversation I've had in…seven years and I'm just really glad you sat down with me. I know I messed up and-"

"What's past is past, Blaine. I sat down with you because I wanted to and I'm glad I did. It felt like old times." They smiled at each other. To onlookers, it would have looked like two lovers sharing a love sick moment. In a way, it was. "Maybe we could ummm…talk again sometime. You know…I mean…I know we don't really know each other anymore and-"

"I'd like to get to know you again, Kurt. I'd like nothing more than to get to know the older, wiser Kurt Hummel." Kurt smiled and asked the bartender for a piece of paper.

"I'd also like to get to know the older, beardi-er Blaine Anderson. So…I'm going to give him my number and ask him to call me. I hope he won't make me regret it."

Blaine scoffed. "You regret giving me your number? Child please. You better not make me regret using it. I don't know if I can handle a Kurt that has boring conversations." Kurt rolled his eyes as they both stood up. It was getting late and he knew Santana was probably on the verge of putting together a search party.

The two stood looking at each other for a moment before Blaine raised his arms. "I'm not sure if this is appropriate but…um…hug?" Blaine barely got the last syllable out before Kurt practically leapt into his arms. The older man tightened his arms around the man and they held each other tightly. For the first time in so many years, they felt like they were home.

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