El Dorado after story

"...Umm Chel, where are we?" said Miguel. The trio had been riding on Altivo for a good long while. Chel looked around at the jungle in confusion and replied with a blunt answer. "...Mexico." Tulio looked at her with a sarcastic face. "You don't say?" he said with a irritated tone to his voice. He jumped off the horse to stretch out his legs from riding for so long. He spotted a small little spring out of the corner of his eye and led Altivo over to the water. "It's kinda obvious to say that, isn't it Chel." he said. "Well I'm sorry to state the obvious," she snapped. "Calm down you two," said Miguel who was having trouble getting off of Altivo. Chel walked over and helped him down and patted his back while he sat down on a rock beside the water. "I'm sorry, mom," Chel said with a laugh. Miguel gave a half smile to the girl before slumping over and heaving out a long and drawn out sigh. "Raahhh I'm so sore from having to crash the boat. That really hurt," he groaned. Tulio gave a weak smile to Miguel and rubbed his back. He leaned down and whispered, "At least it wasn't as bad as that girl in Barcelona." Miguel looked up to the tall man and slightly blushed. Tulio smiled and gave Miguel a tiny shove. Altivo neighed and rolled his eyes before bending down to drink some water. Chel laughed at Altivo and sat down on a small patch of moss. "So...are you boys going to let me come to this so called "Spain" once we get out of here?" Miguel chuckled and ruffled Chel's hair before saying, "Of course we will. But that's only if we get out of this jungle." His remark made the group go silent for a minute. Tulio decided to break the awkward silence so he cleared his throat and asked Chel a question. "So, Chel, how is it to finally get out of El Dorado?" She smiled really big and fell back into the dirt. "AMAZING!" she boldly stated. Miguel laughed. He jumped up off the rock and walked to Altivo. He got to the horse and just stood there, admiring the trusty steed. Miguel loved the horse, even if he did go overboard for just an apple. Altivo got impatient and nudged his arm to tell him that he wanted to be petted. Miguel giggled and stroked his long Maine and kind of combed it through with his fingers. Altivo smiled with satisfaction and licked Miguel's arm. Miguel was disgusted and wiped Altivo's spit onto the horses' side. Altivo grunted in disgust. Miguel laughed and walked back to Tulio. He propped his elbow on top of Tulios head and sighed. "Why are you sighing so much? Geez you're going to sigh yourself to death," Tulio said. Miguel frowned and sat down beside him. "Well, excuse me for accidentally being bored."
A few seconds after he said that, they heard a gunshot. Birds took flight from the trees they were perched in, kind of telling the trio where the shot came from. The birds came from the far east. They all fell silent and quickly got onto Altivo. Tulio, who was sitting in the front, looked at Altivo which acted as a signal to hurry on. Altivo nodded and started to trot quickly into the thicket of the jungle towards the west.

When they got into the jungle Miguel furrowed his brows and boldly stated, "We need to stop Cortez." Chel and Tulio looked confused for a second before Tulio looked at Miguel like he was crazy. "What are you, insane? Do you wanna die!" he hissed. Chel, who was still confused just shrugged her shoulders and wrapped her arms around Tulio's waist, and leaned her head against his back. "Tulio's right Miguel. We don't want to see you get hurt." Tulio blushed like a mad man. He was glad that Chel couldn't see his face. Miguel frowned and jumped off the horse. Tulio heard him jump off and whirled his head around to see him walk to the front of Altivo. "Woah woah woah, what are you doing?" Tulio franticly said. Miguel just rolled his eyes and snatched the reigns out of Tulio's hand. Tulio flinched when the reigns were pulled out of hands. 'Fine the Mr. TouchyPants,' he said mentally. "I just want to walk for a little bit okay?" Miguel barked. He hated it when Tulio acts like his mother. He put his head down and started to drag his feet against the ground. Chel leaned to the side and saw Miguel sulking. She heaved a sigh and leaned against Tulio again. After a few minutes Chel fell asleep against Tulio's back. Tulio could hear her silently snoring. He chuckled and reached behind him to stroke her long black hair.

An hour later it became night time. Tulio and Miguel were getting tired. Tulio was hunched over while weakly holding onto Altivos hair. Miguel was slouching while holding the reigns by his side. "Hey, Miguel, maybe we should..." Tulio finished his sentence with a long yawn. Miguel looked up slowly and turned around to face Tulio. "We should do...what now?" he asked Tulio. Tulio ignored his reply and jumped off of Altivo and pulled Chel off as well. He threw her legs up so he could carry her princess style. She squirmed a little bit and grunted before falling asleep again in Tulios arms. "I meant to say that we should stop somewhere to rest," he said. Miguel nodded and looked around for a place to rest. He noticed an area with large branches, vines, and giant leaves. Light bulb. "Hey, Tulio, I've got an idea," Miguel said enthusiastically. He let go of Alitvos reigns and ran over to the supplies. Tulio guided the horse over to where Miguel was, piling branches on top of another, breaking off the giant leaves and Latin them on the ground, and pulling vines off trees. "What are you doing?" Tulio asked. Miguel replied while he was pulling on a vine. "Building...a fort-WOAH!" He yanked to hard on the fine, so it caused him to fall backwards. Tulio laughed at his fail. He placed Chel onto a soft patch of grass before he walked over to help Miguel out. Miguel shot him a dirty look when he picked up some branches. "I don't want your help," he growled. Tulio dropped the branches immediately and frowned. "Well, fine." He said. Tulio huffed and went back over to Altivo, who was now laying down on the ground. Chel was laying against his stomach, breathing heavily. Tulio weakly smiled and sat beside Chel.
After about 30 minutes, Miguel came back to find Tulio and Chel snoring in synchronization. He laughed and kicked Tulio in the leg to wake him up. Tulio moaned and rolled over ignoring Miguel. Miguel wouldn't put up with that. He grabbed Tulio by the ankle and started to drag him to the hut. Tulio shot him a dirty look and said, "Will you stop?" Miguel still drug him across the ground. "Nope," he bluntly answered. Tulio kicked his leg out of Miguel's grasp and slammed his foot onto the ground. "Ouch," Tulio hissed. He turned around and picked up Chel to carry her over to the hut. Altivo was awake so he followed Tulio.
They saw the hut and Tulio was impressed with Miguel being able to do it himself. It was a small hut with a little chimney. "Miguel?" Tulio asked. "I'm inside," Miguel replied. Tulio went through the shredded leaves that were acting as a door. Miguel was sitting in the middle of the hut with a fire going. Altivo couldn't fit inside the hut so he laid outside.
"How did you build this by yourself?" Tulio questioned. Miguel glared and looked into the flames, ignoring what he said. Tulio frowned and put Chel down in the corner of the room. He walked over to Miguel and attempted to sit beside him, but Miguel shifted his body away from him. Tulio furrowed his eyes together and turned Miguel around to face him, holding onto his red shirt. Miguel was in shock from Tulio's action. "What the hell is up your but? You need to tell me now or I'll punch you." Tulio was almost screaming but not loud enough to wake Chel and Altivo. Miguel frowned and snapped, "I don't see why you have to act my mother every time I want to do something." Tulio rolled his eyes and let go of Miguel's shirt. He faced away from the blond man and fell onto the ground.
He didn't want Miguel to be mad at him when he went to sleep so he tried to change the subject. "Kind of off topic, but why do you make such an elaborate hut even though we're only going to be resting here for one night?" Miguel's face lit up when Tulio asked him that question. He jumped up and said, "See, I knew you were going to ask that question." Miguel walked over to the back of the hut and pointed at some branches tied together with a vine. "What I plan to do is untie this part of the hut, roll up the siding if the house, do the same with the roof, and have Altivo carry it on his back." Tulio looked at him like he was a genius. "Wow Miguel, that's a really good idea." Miguel smiled in satisfaction with his work.
Another gunshot. Tulio and Miguel fell silent. Miguel looked down at Tulio with a worried look. Tulio met eyes with Miguel and nodded. They both walked outside and looked at the sky. Tulio nudged Miguel and pointed to the distance. Miguel squinted his eyes and noticed smoke rising from the east. "They've gotten closer Miguel," Tulio said with a monotone voice. Miguel furrowed his eyebrows. He stomped into the hut and sat back down by the fire pit. Miguel eyes widened and he quickly stood up and stomped the fire out. Tulio shouted, "Woah woah woah what are you doing?" "They are going to see the smoke sooner or later if not earlier," Miguel hissed at him while pointing at the door. Tulio was about to say something but then stopped himself. He sighed and sat down.
Miguel stared at the door for a little while before he took a seat right by Tulio. "I'm just worried about you and Chel okay? And Altivo," Miguel whispered. Tulio slowly looked at him and smiled. "The only person you need to worry about is yourself." Tulio patted Miguel's back slightly while he said that. Miguel fell onto the jungle floor and faced Tulio. Tulio laid down next beside him and grabbed Miguel's shoulder. "I don't want to see you in pain. It was bad enough when I almost left you, all by yourself in Dorado." Miguel's eyes widened and leaned into Tulio. "You mean it?" he asked. Tulio smiled and bumped foreheads with him slightly and fell on his back. "Hell yeah." Miguel smiled and said goodnight under his breath. "Good night to you to, partner." Tulio said unexpectedly. Miguel was surprised by what Tulio said and smiled. Both men fell asleep to the sound of adventure waiting up ahead next to the sunrise.