El Dorado: after story 2
I AM SO SORRY IT TOOK ME SO LONG! Stupid school work and writers block. I OWN NOTHING IN THIS STORY

The bright sunshine leaked through the doorway of the hut. The trio was still sound asleep, but not for long. Chel was the first to wake up. She slowly sat up and blocked the sunlight from her face with her arm. Once she was outside, she moped to the small spring that they were at the day before. Chel dipped her foot in the water to check to see if it was too cold. "Perfect," she whispered. She slowly took her clothes off, still tired, and slipped into the water. Letting out a long sigh, Chel dunked her head in the water. After submerging, she started to scrub herself down. Getting all the grime and dirt off her body felt so good.
Something broke a twig and it caused her to jump. She whirled around to see if anyone was behind her. Chel sinked down in the pool Just in case if someone can see her. "Tulio?" she said. No answer. "Miguel?" she asked again.
More branches started to snap in half from the creature that was nearing. She backed up to the other side of the pool and tried to steady her breathing. It got closer and closer. "Ok, haha this isn't funny guys."Chel said. The thing stopped suddenly. It fell silent for a few seconds. All of a sudden it lunged out at her and flew straight into her face. She screamed and closed her eyes tight. Then, oddly she heard giggling. Chel opened her eyes and found Altivo puffing out his cheeks and imitating her timidness. Two figures emerged from the trees. It was dumb and dumber. "Miguel?! Tulio?! WHAT THE HECK? Are you trying to give me a heart attack!" Chel screamed. "Possibly," answered Tulio. Chel's face was turning red with anger. Miguel was laughing so hard he was rolling on the ground. Tulio turned to face Chel and he froze in place. "Um..Chel." he said. Chel was so mad she screamed back at him in a reply "What!?" Tulio pointed at her chest in a shy manner. She looked down and saw that only a few strands of hair was covering her boobs. Her face was so red, it matched Miguel's shirt color. A few moments passed of silence except for Miguel giggling behind Tulio. Chel screamed as loud as a scream could get. Tulio turned to run but he got hit in the head with a large rock beside the pool. "GO AWAY!" Chel screamed. Miguel stood up and fixed his hair. "Look, I'm sorry Chel. We were only trying to-OW." he couldn't finish his sentence because Chel chucked a rock right into his leg. "Go...AWAY!" she shouted.
Tulio and Miguel ran for their lives back to the tent. She sat back down in the pool and crossed her legs. Her black hair was flowing in the water like ink. Chel gathered her hair up and ringed it into a bun and poked a stick into it for secureness. Someone nudged her from behind and kind of startled her. Chel whirled around with a scowl on her face. Altivo was holding a giant leaf in his mouth with a question on his face. Chel stopped, and laughed. "Oh Altivo, why can't you be a human. You'd be the perfect man," she said. Altivo liked the complement and bent down like a servant to Chel and held out the leaf with his eyes closed. She giggled and gently grabbed the leaf from the war horse. She stood up and wrapped the leaf around her like a towel.
The leaf was the perfect fit around her small frame. It wasn't to big or to small. Chel lifted Altivos head up and gave him a small little kiss on his nose. Altivo blushed and stepped back. Chel took off towards the hut to see what the two baphoons were up to.
Miguel was taking the tent down into pieces. He took the wall of the hut and rolled it up into two long rolls. He grabbed some vines he found earlier and broke it into two long strands. Tulio then placed the logs onto the vine and he tied the ends around the logs, leaving most of the vine untouched. Miguel then whistled for Altivo. Altivo came running, past Chel and straight into Tulios face. Tulio stood his ground as long as he could. After a few seconds, Miguel pushed him out of the way to sling the logs onto Altivos back. The logs fit perfectly on each side of Altivo. The roof of the hut was laying on Altivos back underneath the vines. It sort of acted as a saddle.
Chel walked up to Altivo and ran her hands along the leaves and the logs. She turned to Miguel and Tulio and smiled. "It looks nice guys. Good job." She gave two thumbs up to the pair and walked back to the pool. Tulio was kind of confused. "Wait, Chel! Why are you going to the pool?" She motioned to the leaf around her body and said, " You really think I'm going to travel I this leaf hombre?" Tulio smiled and jumped onto Altivos back. Miguel grabbed Altivos reigns and lead the horse to the pool of water where Chel would be waiting.
They got to the pool and looked for Chel. She wasn't in sight. Tulio got off the horse, causing Altivo to grunt in irritation. "Chel?" he yelled. "Where are you?" Miguel dropped the reigns and walked up to the pool. He peered into the water to see if something of Chels was coincidently in the pool. He shook his head as if he was calling himself crazy. Miguel decided to start to call for her as well. "CHEELLLLLL!" he screamed.
All of a sudden they heard a scream. Miguel, Tulio, and Altivo looked up with horror on their faces. Miguel looked at Tulio in fear. Tulio furrowed his brows and jumped onto Altivo, knocking off the rolled up hut on his back. He dashed off into the thicket of the jungle determined for Chel.
Miguel stood at the pool dumbfounded. Once he shook off the shock, he dashed off into the thicket as well. Pushing through vines and bug infested leaves, Miguel was trying to follow the sounds of Altivo neighing and Chels screaming. He was getting faster and faster and faster. One branch stuck about a little bit to far and grabbed onto Miguels baggy shirt. "Aah shit, not now!" he hissed. Just then, he could hear the trampling sound of many horses. Coming right towards him. He tried to pull away from the branches grasp but t was persistent to hold on. It dig deeper into Miguels sleeve. 'To hell with it', Miguel thought. He grabbed his sleeve where it was caught and pulled with all his might. The sleeve tore right off his arm. Miguel heard the horses getting closer and closer. Being brave, Miguel ran in the direction of the horses in search of Chel and Tulio.
It started to get foggier and foggier. It got to the point where Miguel couldn't even see his hand if it was a centimeter from his face. But he kept trekking on. He was still hearing the horses but he had no clue which direction he noise was coming from. Trying to seclude the sound from everything else, he figured that it was coming from the northwest. He took a sharp right and ran right in front of something hard and uncomfortable. It was a wall of some sort. He rubbed his bare arm where he was hit. Miguel felt something like warm water on his arm. He sighed and looked at his hand. Blood. "Just great. How did that even happen?" he asked himself.
Suddenly the ground started to shake like crazy. He looked around and saw a giant wide shadow headed straight for him. Miguel backed up to the wall. His hand landed on an indention on the wall. Miguel looked down and saw a carved in picture of a girl on her knees worshiping something from above. Miguels entire body got cold. He turned around and looked up at the wall. "Dear God," he breathed. "So men, how will we deal with these lying heathens?" someone said from behind Miguel. Miguel swallowed a lump in his throat and slowly turned around. Miguel then said a name. A name that was so bone chilling when spoken that it could kill you on the spot.