Hello. This Fan Fiction Story is going to be my biggest yet. It will have action, it will have danger and it will have a little romance. Let's waste no time and get straight into it. This is, Metal Hooves.

This story takes place a few years after "Spike Has a Spark" We look at a group of ponies. It seems they are scouting a city that is in ruins. One of the ponies finds a chamber.

"Hey, over here, Owlicious found something!" Twilight's owl finds a chamber. They try to open the chamber, but it opens by itself. Two shadows pop out with guns in their hooves and hands. One of them is a unicorn with a purple mane and a lavender body. She has a cutie mark which is a star around smaller stars. Next to her is a purple and green dragon that looks pretty tall. The unicorn starts talking.

"Don't get any closer. We are going to ask you questions. First, who are and who do you work for?"

One of them answers. "We work for the Princess. We would like to ask you something as well."

Both the dragon and the unicorn nod their heads at each other. "What is your question?"

Another one of them answers. "Do you know anything about how this all happened? We need to know. It seems like you two have been out here for a while."

The dragon answers. "We know everything about how this war happened. We can't tell you in the open. The enemy might be watching. Take us to your town and we will tell you everything."

They both nod and start talking to the rest of the team. "Let's get them back to Ponyville! They will tell us everything there!"

A few minutes later…

They are in Celesta's castle. They walk through to her throne and see them.

"It's been a while, Twilight and Spike." Celestia exclaims.

"It sure has, Princess." Twilight gladly responds.

Celestia talks to someone in the shadows. "Hey Rainbow Dash, you have company."

A Blue Pegasus walks out of the shadows and looks at them both.

"Bout time you two bucking showed up! Where were you, having a tea party?" Rainbow Dash says.

Celestia gives Rainbow Dash a cold look. She turns back to Twilight and Spike. "Please excuse her, the war has messed with her mind quite a bit. I hate to bring this up all of a sudden, but can you tell us a little about this war, since you were out there for a long time?"

Twilight nods. "We can tell them everything."

Celestia turns to a few guards and commands them.

"Take Twilight and Spike to a room so you can get the information you need. Now, ladies!"

The guards respond. "Yes ma'am!"

Twilight and Spike walk to a room with the guards. They sit them down and they say. "Okay, can you tell us everything you know?"

Twilight and Spike nod to each other. "Okay let's start with the beginning."

The guards anticipatingly listen.

"Ponyville, a once peaceful city that was swarming with ponies from all across the world had not too good technology, like wagons and wood buildings. Most ponies were fine with the technology, but one dragon disagreed."

They look at Spike and Spike responds. "Hey, it's not me! Just keep on listening!"

Twilight continues. "The dragon's name was Dr. Naravolt. He was a dragon with a purple body, silver scales and blue eyes. He wanted the technology to expand from the old fashioned technology. He didn't know where to start. He couldn't find the right material, until one day. While he was walking down the street, trying to think of a good source, he saw a mysterious glow. He just had to know what it was. He dug up the glow and it was the perfect material to use. He called it Ore. This ore was to be used as a power source for his machines."

The guards look confused, but they keep on listening.

"The first thing he built was a thing he called a Mill. These Mills were used as a very own personal butler for anypony who had the price. These things were a hit! They sold more than a house did! Everypony was getting one. All accept us. We knew there was something wrong with them. We just had a bad feeling about it all. One day, the ore all of a sudden shit down. We think it was because too many ponies were using their Mills all at once and it overrode the system. All of the robots in Ponyville were shut down at once. All of the ponies had complaints about the robot after that. Dr. Naravolt lost all of his funds due to refunds and ponies not buying them anymore. He had to step his game."

The guards nodded at each other.

"He made a giant robot to help for more than just little things. He was almost finished with it when something strange happened. The ore was too much for the giant robot and the memory chip was never the same. The robot had a new directive which was to terminate all ponies in its sight. It controlled all of the Mills as well. It called itself General Corruption. It began to destroy the city and everypony in it. Doctor Naravolt was never found after that day. Someone had to stand up. Luckily, Princess Celestia is the one who took the call. She wanted to stand up in rebellion to the beast. She brought together an army, but it seems that this war isn't easy. Somepony else must stand up in rebellion before it is too late."

The Siren goes off and the guards are called in. "Attention: The mills have infiltrated sector 6 at the mines. Attention: All ponies report to the command center at once. Attention:" The guards say to Twilight and Spike. "Stay here." However, they do not obey and leave the room just a few minutes after the guards left. They see Celestia talking to a group of ponies in the shadows.

"Now listen up, I need some badass can flickers front and center. The Mills have busted through to our side of the mines, and they're about to march their rusted metal jassies into New Ponyville. Somepony's got to seal off those mines and bury those Mills pronto! So where are my heroes? Which of you brave troopers is up to the task?"

She can't see anyone, so she turns the lights on. She only sees two ponies sitting there. The troopers are Derpy and Vinyl Scratch.

She is shocked to only see two of the hundreds she has.

"You're kidding me? You two are all that's left." Celestia says in shock.

Derpy responds. "Uh, ma'am yes ma'am. All of the other ponies are already in the fire fight mam or they've been um… killed."

Celestia puts her hoof to her face. Twilight and Spike walk out of the shadows.

"Hey, you got room for two more?" Twilight says

Celestia responds. "Are you crazy? I am not letting my star pupil die. Plus, what the hell do you know about fighting Mills, Twilight?"

Spike answers. "Do you have any other options?"

Celestia replies. "Very well then, but please be careful. Okay, stick with Bon Bon and Vinyl Scratch here, they'll tell you what to do. And while you're down there, help out whatever ponies you find along the way. You can always use some new recruits. Now get a move on!"

How well will Twilight and Spike do? Find out next time!"