Twilight and Spike begin to walk across an old rickety bridge. Celestia begins to talk to them once again.

"Rumor has it that the wastelands are inhabited by pony abominations… with an unquenchable thirst for fresh blood."

"Does that mean Zombie Ponies are real?" Spike asks.

"Correct. Now watch yourselves." Celestia answers.

"I told you Zombie Ponies are real." Spike says boastfully to Twilight.

"Let's get going." Twilight ignores Spike's gloating and they continue forward. They see a robot being attacked by a zombie pony that comes out of nowhere. The robot screams.

"They're coming from everywhere!"

The zombie pony tears the robot to pieces. Then the zombie pony comes for them. Twilight starts shooting the machine gun at it and soon the zombie pony falls to pieces. Spike and Twilight start walking away when suddenly the pony reforms again. Twilight this time pulls out a grenade and throws it at the zombie. It blows up once more but this time, the zombie stays dead.

Twilight notices. "Spike, take a note."

Spike pulls out a scroll and is ready to write.

Twilight tells Spike what to write.

"Enemy: Zombie Ponies.

Objective: Eat everything in sight.

Weakness: Grenades.

More information: When the Zombie Pony dies, it is reborn. Once you destroy it the second time, it is gone for good."

Spike writes down exactly what Twilight said. Twilight says to Spike.

"Don't send it to anyone. Keep it so we can remember everything about them. Once we know more weaknesses, we can write those down as well."

They keep on walking when they see another zombie pony. Spike quickly pulls out the saw gun and fires.

"Freeze!" Spike screams. He fires the gun, but it isn't doing much damage.

Twilight pulls out the shotgun and fires at it. It explodes the first time and then it starts to put itself together. Twilight throws another grenade and it explodes once again.

Twilight asks to add more to it. She starts to talk.

"Weaknesses: Grenades and Shotguns.

Warning: Do not try to use a saw gun."

They continue forward and deeper into the wastelands.

More zombie ponies pop up and Twilight and Spike start to kill them. Twilight uses the shotgun and Spike uses the grenades. The zombies start to get too close so Spike pulls out the rocket launcher and fires. The rocket launcher surprisingly works well. They destroy the zombies and move on.

They see a path guarded by droids and they charge in, but a giant piece of metal comes from above and crushes the droids along with blocking the path. They are going to have to take the long way around. More zombies come and start biting them. They fight once again and destroy the zombies. They see a little tower with a sniper in it. He is shooting exploding darts at them and they are dodging the darts and shoot the bot with darts… how ironic. They come across a bridge and they see wires hanging from above. Spike pulls out the saw gun and fires the wires. All of the Mills fall into the water and start drowning.

"Looks like you don't know how to swim, do you?" Spike says to the drowning bots.

Twilight says. "Why did you do that? Now we can't cross!"

"I believe I have found a path." Spike says as he points to a dirt path which leads the same way.

"Nice thinking, Spike!" Twilight says with delight.

They start moving across the dirt path and reach the end of the path. They see that you have to jump down to a lower level to continue. They jump down and they see more zombies. They attack when Spike sees something. He runs towards something and Twilight notices that there is more Zombie Ponies hanging from cages.

Twilight says to Spike. "Spike! We don't need anymore zombies!"

He drops the cages by shooting the wire hanging from above. The zombies hug Spike and they attack the Zombie Ponies attacking Twilight.

"I've never seen that before." Twilight says in astonishment.

The friendly zombies tear the other zombies limb from limb and join Twilight and Spike to help out.

"Thank you for helping us." Twilight says to the zombies thankfully.

They continue on and see a bridge that is pried up by wires. Celestia says to them once again.

"Try using a weapon to cut those wires."

Spike once again pulls out the saw gun and shoots the wires. The bridge comes down and they walk across. When they get to the other side, they see dead bodies everywhere. Then Twilight notices.

"Wait, these aren't dead bodies… they're Zombie Ponies!"

More zombie ponies come up from the ground and the friendly zombie ponies attack, but they are getting weak. They fall apart once and become reborn. They continue to attack, but there is too many of them. The zombie ponies take out most of them, but they die in the process.

"Poor guys." Spike says sorrowfully.

They blast down the door and see a stairway for them to walk. They start climbing, but they see a rocket mill destroy part of the stairway. They both take a big leap and land on the other side. They destroy the mill and see more mills planning to destroy them. They leap into action and blow off their heads with the machine gun and shotgun. They continue forward and Spike notices something. He picks it up and they both see that it's some kind of slingshot. More zombie ponies run towards them. Spike grabs the slingshot, puts in a grenade, and shoots it at the zombies. The zombies blow up instantly on contact.

Twilight asks for the scroll again.

Weakness: Shotguns, Rocket Launchers, and grenades. For better results with the grenades, use the slingshot.

They see a bridge and Spike stops.

Twilight asks. "Spike, why did we stop?"

He pulls out a scope that he found in Rainbow Dash's SAT and attached it to the dart gun.

He zooms in on a mill far away in the distance on a sniping spot. The picks it off with the dart gun with excellent accuracy. They run across the bridge and on the other side they see the path with tons of mills.

Twilight says upsettingly "Spike, there is too many of them. We are running low on ammunition and our hooves won't do much."

Spike thinks for a moment and has an idea.

He pulls out a scroll and uses his green dragon fire to activate it. A green glow is around both of them. Spike jumps into the poison infested water and is not hurt. Twilight understands as she jumps in too. They sneak past the mills and slip through a giant pipe. They reach the bottom and see two familiar faces: Pinkie Pie and Derpy.

"Hey guys once again!" Pinkie greets the two friends.

"Got anything new?" Spike asks.

"We have plenty of new things for you to buy!" Derpy says.

She opens up the counter and they see all of the new gear. Twilight and Spike begin to order more items.

"We will take that endurance upgrade." Spike says.

"We will also buy that horn laser upgrade, too." Twilight says.

"And the rocket launcher upgrade…" Spike says.

"And that saw gun upgrade…" Twilight says.

"Also maybe a few washers for those big bots." Spike says.

"Okay, that will be, 150 bits." Pinkie says.

"We got it!" Twilight says.

She hands them the bits and Derpy gives them the upgrades.

"See ya again soon! Don't forget to write!" Derpy says.

"They don't need to write, silly! They will probably see us again in a few chapters… oops! Did I break the fourth wall again?" Pinkie says.

"Oh, you." Derpy says.

They are off for more adventures. Find out what happens next time!