Janet walked through her front door still is complete and utter shock. Her mind was full and her heart was heavy. Reeling was probably the best way to describe it. She never in a million years imagined that she would ever find herself in this predicament. She was filled with conflicted emotions, overwhelming sadness and quiet excitement. She laid her keys and bag down on her hall table and stared at herself in the old gilded mirror that once belonged to her mother. God she was a mess a complete and total mess. Her hair was frizzy because of all the April rain, he cheeks were puffy and tear stained from all the crying she did on the drive home. In vain, she tried to control her hair and wipe the tears off her face. It was times like this that Janet longed for her mother, to be soothed, comforted. To have someone to hold her and tell her that everything was going to be OK. But that was never going to happen and Janet never felt more hollow and alone. She shuffled to her sofa, wrapping herself in her throw blanket and drifted off in to a restless sleep, hoping, praying she would wake up knowing what she was going to do.

It was dark when Janet heard a loud banging at her front door and the muffled sound of her name being called. She opened it to find Eddie standing there, wet from the pounding rain."Jesus Meadows, thank God. You had us worried to death. Sully was freaking out when you didn't come in for your shift." Eddie walked past her shaking off the rain, calling Sully on his cell. "Sul, its me. She's here, but she looks like shit. I think she is sick. Yeah, Yeah. OK Bye." Eddie closed his phone and shoved it in his pocket.

Janet looked up at him and she couldn't stop the tears that fell form her eyes.

"Janet, what goes on?" His voice was a whisper.

He had never seen Janet cry before, she was always so strong. He wrapped his arms around her and she slacked against him, sobbing.

"Janet, shhh, its going to be OK..." He held her, gently rubbing her back, rocking her. "Come and sit down...talk to me." his voice was soft and soothing.

"I… have to… leave… the Ridge." She finally got out between sobs. Janet woke up knowing what she was going to do, as hard as it was it was the only decision. Eddie body tightened.

"Wait, leave the Ridge. Why?""Eddie, I..." The tears started to fall again, Janet took a few deep breaths to calm herself.

" I am going to have a baby." Eddie's body tensed, this was not good news.

"Lauche?" Eddie growled through gritted teeth.

"Yes." Janet mumbled, ashamed not able to look Eddie in the eye.

"Let me guess…he's not going to do the right thing? That son of a..."

"No Eddie, I didn't tell him. I don't want him to know. I mean never, ever. I am going to go back to Providence." Providence was hours away, Eddie thought. His anger for Matt growing.

"Janet, you only have your grandparents there, and they are in a retirement home. You would be all alone." The thought of Janet leaving the Ridge, gave Eddie a sick feeling deep in his belly. She had become one of closest friends over the years and he couldn't imagine the Ridge without her in it. "I know you broke up with him and we were all glad when you did. And God knows Matt is a dick, but the least he could do is pay child support."

"Eddie, no... I broke up with him because..."Janet paused knowing she was about to drop a bomb. She didn't tell Eddie when first it happened two weeks ago, knowing he would seek retribution and he would find it. There had already been enough drama.

"Because why Janet?

""Do you remember that night two weeks ago, the night Sully had the boxing match on and gave me the night off for my safety."

"Yeah, Matt and I got into it."

"What?" This was news to Janet "Why?"

"He was saying some crap about you to his buddies, stuff that he should have kept private." Eddie looked away hoping Janet wouldn't ask for details.

"Why does that not surprise me. I don't want to know do I?" Eddie just shook his head no, grateful for the out "That explained why he was so amped up when he got here. He was drunk, very drunk wanting, well you know. I said no and tried to send him on his way. And he hit me, slapped me right across the face, called me some awful things, we fought and the pushed me around. With his record, I threatened to call the cops, he knows how tight Steve and I are so he left." Eddie stood up, the anger pulsing through him "Eddie calm down, OK. It was weeks ago and it only happened the one time. I went to Hannah's right after it happened, I was really upset. When Ray found out what Matt did to me, he tore out of the house like a mad man. It was bad. Ray is a lot of things, but hitting a woman is a hard limit for him. Matt came to the bar the next day, all beat up trying to be all contrite but I knew it was all crap and I ended it."

"Yeah, we all heard about the fit he threw, busting up stuff in the bar. Sully banned him for life." Eddie growled.

"Ray didn't want me dating Matt in the first place being his buddy he knew what he was really like. He fired him and they don't speak anymore. He is like shunned."

"I didn't know all that, I just figured Matt was laying low, trying to stay away from me and the guys. Why I am just hearing all this now?"

"Well I was embarrassed, and honestly I thought you would beat the crap out of him. Ray already took care of it so…"

"Ray watches out for you, even before he hooked up with Hannah"

"Yeah, I helped him out once a long long time ago and he never forgot it." Eddie wanted to ask what but he knew Janet would never tell him. Silence fell between them, Janet sat there lost in thought.

"He will use this baby against me just because he can, you know that is his way. I can't have him in my life I just won't." Eddie could feel the panic radiating off of Janet

."Janet, how far along are you." Eddies wheels were turning.

"I went to the lady doctor today just for my regular yearly check up and when she said I was pregnant I almost passed out. It's really early on, just a few weeks from what she could tell. I am going to back in a month . But honestly I know the night it happened, on my freaking birthday." Janet wiped away her tears. Matt had taken her to Boston for the night, in attempt to make up for a fight they had had a few days before. She had forgotten to pack her pills, not that she didn't always require him to wear a condom. They were drinking too much, and the condom broke. It was probable he gotten her pregnant that night. "For a second I thought, well I just wont have it. Simple...but Eddie, I just don't think I could go through with it. So all I can do is leave and try and do this on my own."

"Janet, that's crazy... we can just... tell everyone the baby is mine." Eddie blurted out before he was able to think it through.

"Eddie, stop that...is crazy and very very sweet but very very crazy." The more Eddie processed the more he liked the idea "Its a huge commitment." Janet continued "A baby..."

"Well the way I see it." Eddie interrupted "I would be an honorary uncle, so I would be there anyway. This way you get to stay in the Ridge and your kid gets an awesome father."

"Eddie, no one would believe it, you and me come on and Matt and I JUST broke up."

"So we wait, you're only a few weeks along, we can sneak around and let people catch us together, Sully, Hannah, Phil. And then in a month or two we tell everyone, we will just knock 3 weeks off your due date. And the added bonus it will piss Lauche off, he always hate how close we are" Feeling very self satisfied he crossed his arms across his chest and leaned back on the sofa.

"Eddie you really have no idea what you are saying, you and I are friends, you would have to lie to everyone you know. You couldn't slack off a few years down the line. Phil and Hannah would never let you get away with it. You would have to help raise another man's child, Matt child. I mean with my luck this kid is going to come out looking just like him and then what!"

"Janet this kid is going to look just like you, all blue eyes and curly brown hair." Janet's heart softened for a moment thinking about what her baby would look like. "Everything good about you is going to well out weigh anything bad about Matt, and then you know there is the Latekka factor. If its a boy, well..."

"Eddie, I know you are trying to be a good guy but you know if people think we are dating then you can bring home co-eds on a Friday night. You realize this don't you." Janet was pulling out the big guns to dissuade him. A little air was let out of Eddie's tires, he hadn't thought about that.

"So, we can "break up" after the baby is born, it happens all the time and I can go a few months it fine." he said trying to convince himself.

"Nine Months Eddie, maybe more. If we break up right way you will be hated. Can you go a year no sex?"

"Janet, what do you think I am? I am an adult. I can control myself jeeze... Can you go 12 months no sex is the question?"

"Eddie, look you just offering….Wow…. but you should think this over. I have some time. Just think about it."

"OK Janet, I will think about it."

Eddie laid in bed that night restless unable to sleep, he weighed it all. Janet was one of his best friends, over the years she had always been there for him. Never judged him or made him feel like crap about how he chose to live his life. She had taken him to the ER tens of times after random sports and landscaping injuries. She always made sure he got home safe after a long night of shots with the boys. She was easy to hang out with, watch a game, eat some wings drink some beers but she also made him do things he wouldn't normally do. Like watch Downton Abbey, something he would never admit to but could always be found at her place on a Sunday when it was on. He thought about how hard it was for her after her mom died in high school. How she came to a new school and a new town all alone and despite some ribbing and a nick name that wouldn't go away she managed her own degree of popularity. Her kindness and personality paving the way. He worried about her alone in Providence with a baby. If she stayed in the Ridge she would have Hannah and Sam, even Ray now that he and Hannah got engaged. Phil and Pizza Girl would always be around to baby sit. Sully always thought of Janet as a daughter, he could be a grandfather. Her family was in the Ridge and she shouldn't to leave it just because of Matt fucking Lauche. Eddie thought about his own family. His father was dead almost five years and his mother would be shocked, but she was in Maine with her new husband so she was really a non-issue. His grandparents were long gone and he was an only child. Which is why his friends were so important to him. He thought about his part in all of this, Janet was right it was a life long commitment. diapers and feeding and tears. Kindergarten and high school and college. In an instant Eddies future flashed before him. He never really saw himself as the kind of guy who would get married and have kids, he liked his freedom too much, but the older he got, and he was reminded everyday that he was getting older, the more he wondered about what came next. The way he saw it, he would be around Janet and the baby anyway, so why not do the right thing and help Janet. She would be a great mother, she was warm and sweet, understanding and kind. She had a way of making you feel special. It could be something as small as remembering your favorite beer or that you hate the smell of lilies because they remind you of your father funeral. The only nagging thought in the back of his head was about the lack of sex he would be having, Janet was right he couldn't be "dating" her and picking up girls at the same time. But he had a lot of sex, more then his fair share. A few months, a year he could take one for the team if it meant Janet got to stay. Now the lying, that was not really his strong suit but if they kept it simple, he was sure he could do it, for the right reasons. Yes he decided he could do this.

Janet could not sleep either, what a roller coaster of a day she had. First findingout she was having a baby, then the thought of moving away from the only home she had really every known. Then there was Eddies misguided but sweet offer to be the father of her baby. To step up and be there for her. She of course could never allow him to do it, throw his life away to help her. But she was touched by his selflessness. But that's just who Eddie was, putting him self aside to help his friends. Letting Phil live with him, year after year, taking care of him. Understanding that Phil was sick and couldn't be pushed to leave the house until he was ready. The way he was always there for Sam, taking him to the movies and the little league. Eddie would make an amazing father, not such a great husband but an amazing father. She was sad that her baby wouldn't every really know what it meant to have a dad, Janet knew that pain all to well her dad leaving when she was just three. Her mother did it alone and Janet resolved herself that she could too. She loved Providence, missed it even. She could be closer to her grandparents and Hannah and Eddie could come and visit. It was only a few hours away. For a brief second, Janet allowed her mind to drift, She and Eddie were waking down October Road pushing a baby carriage, talking to the locals as the passed by. The thought made her feel warm and safe and happy. She quickly pushed it out of her mind and tried to fall asleep.

"Hey, Meadows. Feeling better?" Sully asked the next morning when she showed up for her shift early.

"Yeah, Sully I am thank you, I am so sorry about yesterday."

"No worries we were slow, It's not like you not to show up. You gave Eddie quite the scare, he thought something happened with all the rain and all. He tore out of here like a bat out of hell"

"Yeah, he's good like that." Janet smiled and Sully just shook his head. Janet got through the lunch rush on her own. It wasn't too bad but she was tired and grateful for the 2:00 lull, two more hours to go and she could get back in her bed.

Eddie came bounding in the door, a huge smile on his face and walked right up to her coming behind the bar, grabbing her by the hand. He pulled her into the door way of the storage room.

"Eddie, what are you doing."

"Well I thought about it, let do this Janet."

"Eddie, no." She pulled her hand out of his.

"Janet, yes. Let me help you." Eddie heard the kitchen door swing open and Sully footsteps coming towards them. With out thinking he pressed his lips to Janet's and wrapped his arms around her waist. Janet resisted for a moment, refusing to kiss him back. Eddie pulled away.

"Help me out here Meadows." He lifted her arms around his neck and pressed his lips to her's again. This time she responded, parting her lips for him. The moment she gave in they both felt a shift. Janet's knees weakened, and Eddie held her tighter. Eddie had kissed many women in his day but it had never felt like this.

"Uh, Um Excuse me." Sully said shocked. They didn't break apart right way. ."Aaaahemmm" Sully cleared his throat.

Eddie forced himself to take his lips off of hers. Janet was embarrassed, and blushed.

"Uh, Sorry Sully, Janet I will see you... later." He flashed her a knowing smile and she couldn't help but smile back.

"Sully..."Janet whispered."Get back to work girly." Sully smiled at her, finally a man worth Janet's time, this was very interesting indeed.

Janet pulled into her driveway and Eddie was already sitting in her porch waiting for her. "Hey you." She said with a bag from Murph's in hand.

"I got you a sub." He took the bag from her and followed her into the house.

"So?" He asked "Did Sully buy it?" He opened the bag and inhaled deeply. Meatball… Nice he thought to himself.

"Yeah Eddie I think he did." Janet smiled "Are you sure about this, its not too late."

"I have never been more sure of anything. Really Janet." He plopped on her sofa and unwrapped his meatball sub. "Now we need to build a plan, I should stay here for a few nights, let my truck been seen here in the early hours. That will get the rumor mill churning. Tomorrow we should let Phil see you sneaking out of my room and then we have Spring Fling next week, we could go together."

"You have really thought all of this out haven't you?" Janet asked impressed.

"It's all I have been thinking about." Eddie wasn't lying, he barely got any work done at Bet Friend Windows, between thinking about Janet and the baby and Nicky lamenting about Hannah's engagement."

"Are you sure you don't want to tell our friends the truth, they will support us? I mean its hard to lie."

"No, only you and I should know, people have big mouths around here, you cant even tell Hannah. If one person were to slip this would all fall apart and there would be no way to fix it."

"You know there is going to be some... blowback... you and me together."

"Why?" He asked with his mouth full of meaty, tomato awesomeness.

"Well you are you and I am me." He gave her a look still not understanding.

"Eddie, you are known far and wide for banging hot, tall thin girls and I am none of those things."

"Janet, shut up. You are pretty and smart and loved by all including me, people are not going to be that shocked. And if they are its that you are dating me, I remember when you showed up at the Rowans BBQ with Matt and people lost their minds." Janet cringed

"He was a huge mistake, HUGE. His mom had just died and he was all sad and sweet and I fell for it. He had been trying to get me into bed since 12th grade and I freaking fell for it at twenty eight. Can you imagine how stupid I was. I feel like I wasted five months of my life. I mean he treated me like crap, the sex was... unfulfilling to say the least"

Eddie smirked"Unfulfilling huh? Why does that not surprise me?" Eddie chuckled.

"In the beginning he seems so different, and he could wrap me around his finger so quick I didn't even know he was doing it until it was done."

"We all make mistakes, and he like Ray can manipulate with the best of him. At least it is over now and he is part of your past"

"Yeah." but Janet knew it was only just beginning. "I am going to go take a shower and wash the bar off of me. I will be back in a few."

Eddie kicked off his work boots, putting his feet up on the ottoman, turning on the TV and happily enjoying his sub and beer. Janet's place was so nice and warm and homey. Cozy. Nothing like the den of slack that he and Phil lived in. It was a nice place to hang out and relax and a great place for a baby. An hour later Janet emerged from the bedroom, in sweats and a t-shirt, her hair was wet and piled on the top of her head. She sat on the sofa and pulled her sub from the bag.

"Feel better?" he asked looking her over. She looked so young, like she did when then were kids. He had an urge to kiss her again, but quickly squashed it.

"Much. Are you staying tonight?"

"I was going to is that ok?"

"Yeah its fine, I figured you would want to take a shower too, I left a towel and some boxers and a t-shirt in the bathroom."

"And why do you have boxers just lying around your house?" Eddie asked raising his eyebrows.

"I sleep in them in the summer, jerk. You stink go take a shower." Janet laughed "Bring your stuff out and I will throw it in the washer machine for tomorrow."

"Here you can have it now." Eddie took off his flannel and T-shirt and unbuckled his belt.

"Jesus Eddie have you no shame?" Janet asked looking at his near perfect abs, a small jolt running through her.

"Nope not a drop." He took off his Jeans. "Avert your eyes if you don't want me to show you what I got."

Janet put a pillow in front of her face holding it there until she heard the bathroom door shut. She gathered up his things and threw them in to the washer when she heard her door bell ring.

"Hey Janet." Hannah chirped as she walked through the front door "Wanna go get a drink, I need to talk. Something has happened and I don't know what to do"

"Uh, Hannah I am kind of busy right now is everything ok?"

"Well, no I mean yes but no. I need your advice..."

"Janet, do you have a shampoo that doesn't smell like a freaking garden? "Eddie yelled out from the bathroom, he had heard the doorbell and Hannah's voice. He knew this would be a perfect time for her to "find" them together. He wrapped a towel around his waist and walked into the living room. "Seriously baby, I need to bring some of my stuff here..."

"Eddie!" Hannah exclaimed.

"Oh, Uh. Hey Hannah..." Eddie said sheepishly, pretending to be embarrassed but flexing for his audience. Janet's face dropped, she knew what he was doing and had to fight the urge to laugh.

"Um, Hannah now is not the best time."

"Yeah, I can see that, um what the hell is going on here?"

"I think I am going to head back to the shower J."

"I think that's a great idea Eddie." Janet smiled at him and he winked.

"Janet Edith Meadows, what is going on here!"

"Eddie and I have been seeing each other."

"For how long?"

"A few days after I broke up with Matt."

"Shut up, so this was brewing when you were with Matt?"

"Maybe, I don't know Hannah its all very new and I would appreciate if you would keep your mouth shut, seriously. Ray and Eddie don't get along and the less Matt knows right now the better...I don't want any drama."

"Janet you are blowing my mind right now, My mind is blown. I mean we all would talk about you two getting together but now that its happening."

"Wait, hold up. Who talks about us getting together?""Um, me, Nick, Owen, Ikey, Pizza Girl, Allison, Sully, Wally from the deli, Murph, the Commander, Ronnie... do you want me to go on?"

Now it was Janet's turn to be mind blown and Eddies too, listening from behind the door. "This is so exciting, I am so happy for you both!" Hannah gave Janet a huge hug. "Can we do coffee tomorrow, I need your help."

"Yes, sure, come by in the morning, Eddie leaves around nine." Hannah smiled at her before turning to leave.

Janet closed the door, her pulse racing, they were in it now. No turning back. Janet couldn't believe that people talked about her and Eddie, being together. She and Eddie were friends, good friends but she never thought about him romantically. Ok, she thought he was beautiful, and sweet but he was also a womanizer and a first class jerk. The idea of them together as a real couple was laughable. Kissing him today, she felt alive. It was something she had never quite experienced before. Her hormones were all out of whack, her mind drifting to kissing Eddie again. She heard the shower turn on, relieved that she would have a few Eddie free moments to get herself together.

Eddie was pleased with himself, his plan was working perfectly. Hannah coming over tonight, was divine intervention. She couldn't keep her mouth shut to save her life. Well she was able to keep one secret but that was to save her own hide. Eddie knew that Allison was already getting a phone call from Hannah about what just transpired. And he was due for an interrogation from Owen come morning. Eddie jumped into the hot shower, thinking about what Hannah said. He wondered if it was true, were people really talking about he and Janet getting together. If he thought about it, from an outsider it made sense, they were close, they hung out a lot. She didn't take any of his crap. She didn't look like his usual type, She was shorter, petite even, chubby, no curvy but he had always thought she was beautiful. In that sweet girl next door, breath of fresh air kind of way. Kissing her today also threw him for a loop, he didn't really want to stop. The most erotic thoughts crossed his mind and he lowered the temperature of the water. Jesus, this is Janet your friend. She is having a baby, get your mind out of the gutter.

He emerged from the bathroom twenty minutes later and stood over Janet, who was enjoying a bowl of ice cream."There is a bowl in the freezer waiting for you." She smiled at him as she watched him make his way to her kitchen, her eyes lingering on his butt. Damn it hormones.

He sat next to her, and shoved a large spoonful of ice cream in his mouth.

"So that worked well?" She asked him between the spoonfuls

"Yes it did, I am sure half the Ridge has been alerted by now." Janet laughed

"She is not that bad, I mean Allison knows for sure and maybe Pizza Girl. Or maybe she will surprise us and keep her mouth shut. Once Ray finds out you are in for it."

"Ray I can handle."

"Don't be so sure, he is still creased about that Brenda chick from back in the day."

"Like I said I can handle Big Cat. So phase two. Tomorrow I will sneak you into my place and we can let Phil catch you leaving in the morning."

"You are enjoying all the ... subterfuge... aren't you?"

"A little, maybe. You're not? Come on the look on Hannah's face tonight..."


Eddie polished of his bowl of ice cream, and leaned back on the sofa, resting his arm on the back pillow behind Janet's head.

"So what are we watching Meadows?" Janet put her bowl on the table on top of Eddies and curled her legs up under her.

"Dude, its Tuesday. Glee is on." Eddie grumbled, but secretly enjoyed the show. "Shut it you know you love it."

"Well, there are girls un cheerleading uniforms and knee socks, so..."

"Whatever creepy old man, you hum along."

"I do not!"

"Yes you do there is humming and head bobbing and once an ass wiggle."

"Whatever shut up its starting."

They were halfway though the evening news, when Janet started to yawn. "I am done with this day, I am going to head in. Try not to wake me when Sports Center is over ok." Eddie assumed he would be sleeping on the couch, sure it was small but he could deal for one night, he looked at her blankly. "Eddie, you cant sleep on this sofa, and it looks like you will be spending the night here more often then not. So its fine, I have a big bed. When I clean out the office to make the nursery we can put a pull out for you in there but for right now, there is room in my bed."

"Um, ok." Eddie was nervous, and he couldn't figure out why, all the thoughts he had in the shower were coming back to haunt him.

"Ok, try not to wake me up, and there are extra toothbrushes in the second drawer of my vanity. Night... And Eddie..."


"Thank you..." She leaned down and gently kissed him on the forehead.

An hour later Eddie stood in Janet's door way watching her sleep. He inhaled deeply, thinking about what he was doing, what they were about to do and a calm came over him. He was doing the right thing. He laid next to her on his back like he usually slept, nudging the covers over him. He fell asleep to the soft sound of Janet's gentile breath.

Janet work, startled by her alarm. She felt a heaviness' across her body, and for a second forgot that she had told Eddie to sleep in her bed. He had managed to wrap himself around her during the night, her back to him, his leg and arm slung over her. He too was woken by the awful shrill twang of her alarm. He realized quickly that he was holding her, slightly embarrassed and wondering if she noticed his morning erection. She did.

"Uh, Eddie, it's like nine hundred degrees under here." She tried to make a joke of it to ease the tension.

"Uh, sorry Meadows. I am…uh… not used to… uh"

"It's fine, but could you get off of me now?" Eddie rolled off and Janet felt a rush of cold air.

"Breakfast?' She asked as she made her way to the bathroom.




They sat in her kitchen, talking and eating. It was so easy, effortless. Janet jumped when she heard her doorbell ring.

"Oh crap, its Hannah."

"Ok, fine. We just act like we are dating. It fine Janet relax. Go get the door."

Janet took a few deep breaths, before letting Hannah in.

"Hey you, I see his truck is still here." Janet nodded "Morning Eddie." Hannah called out

"Morning Hannah, you want some coffee?"

"Holy crap Janet, Eddie Latekka is making coffee in you kitchen." Hannah whispered and them made their way to the table. Eddie put a mug down in front of Hannah.

"Baby, you want a refill?" Janet nodded yes, and he kissed the top of her head as he poured. "I am going to be out of your way in a few minutes, we are running a little late this morning. Is my stuff in the dryer?"

"No, I folded it last night, it's in my room on the bench."

"You're the best, thank you."

"Ok, this is like crazy Janet. I want details." Janet froze, she and Eddie had not worked out a story as to how they got together.

"Hannah, you are not here to talk about me, You are here to talk about you." Hannah's face changed, remembering.

"Yeah, well. Ray wants to adopt Sam."

"That's great news, do you think Gavin will allow it?"

"That is kind of the problem…"

"Janet can you come here for a second?" Eddie called out from the bedroom.

"Sorry, Hannah Jane. I will be right back." Hannah smiled and waved her hand.

Eddie was dressed, standing in Janet's bedroom.


"If she wants to know how we got together just say it started when we took you out for your belated Birthday. We were all wasted that night and I walked you home and crashed here. Remember."

"Good thinking, that was right after Matt's Sully's outburst."

"Now, we are going to walk out of here together and I am going to lay one on you so don't freeze up like you did yesterday." Janet's face dropped and her stomach flipped. "Why do you look like I just asked you to parachute into Nazi Germany in the height of WWII?

"Uh, sorry. Ok. I am ready lets do this."

"Jesus Janet, way to make a guy feel good." he grabbed her by the hand and lead her into the foyer.

"Ok, you are working until six right?"

"Mmmm Hmmm." Janet was nervous and anticipating the kiss.

"Ok, I will call you later." Eddie wrapped one of her curls around his finger. Hannah leaned over in her chair to get a better view of the couple. Janet rose up on her tippy toes and Eddie leaned down to meet her, weaving his fingers in her hair. She put her hands on his waist, his body tightening to her touch and he finally kissed her. Softly at first, but before he knew it his tongue was exploring hers, and a small moan emerged form the back of her throat. Janet felt dizzy and warm all over. Janet pulled away slightly and Eddie felt disappointment but he released her. For a few seconds they just looked at each other. A mix of confusion and arousal. Janet broke his gaze and looked over at Hannah, who quickly looked away and took a sip of her coffee, spilling it in her haste. Janet looked back at Eddie, who's eyes had not budged. He ran his hand over her curls and smiled.

"Ok, I better go. Bye Hannah." He called out still not breaking his gaze.

"Bye, Eddie." Hannah sang out.

"Are you coming to Sully's for lunch today?"

"Yeah, I think I will."

"Ok, I will see you then." Janet turned to walk away and Eddie grabbed her back to him, giving her a quick peck on the lips. Stunning her. he turned on his heel and walked out her door.