He's Back

Tails stared partially dumbfounded at the large dragon in front of him. He was getting use to this…medieval time as it has seemed as he realized magic existed, people fighting with swords on foot or horseback, and to top them all, or at least it did, was the Sonic was king, but to see a live mythical creature that was thought to be just myths and fairytales that parents read to children was a shocker to him. Not only that dragons existed, but were able to talk, well maybe only this one.

"Let's begin this match!" Sonic shouted from the platform which quickly brought Tails from his thoughts. The remaining crowd soft cheers quickly turned to scream of horror as the dragon lifted on his hind legs, producing a loud roar that scared the birds from the direction that they were flying in. Soon, the arena and everyone in it shook as the large green and brown dragon landed his forelegs on the ground. Its dark brown eyes glowed in excitement. Tails raised his two swords as he got into his fighting stance, his two tails swaying in the air. Seconds passed as the two competitors, tensions surrounded the arena before the dragon began the fight. It leaned forward as a large roar escaped from his throat again. The horn that sat on its horn glowed dull light green, almost as if begging the young fox to target it, which didn't get by Tails. As the horn slowly turned white, the dragon moved his head and neck almost in a way snake's do as it looked for the best way to attack.

Using the advantage, Tails's namesakes swirled around before allowing the fox to defy the law of gravity, or at least for foxes, and charge at the dragon. The dragon was a bit surprised as the mobian covered the few yards that separated the duo at a speed that only Sonic could top. Noticing the dragon's expression, Tails quickly aimed for the large radiating horn. His swords and hands were blurs as he slashed the horn, causing the horn to form cracks for every four slashes. The dragon shook his head ferociously as Tails slash for the 16th time, his eyes now radiated with anger as he quickly did a short retreat from the fox.

"Nice move," the dragon growled, anger sliding over each word, "but now the real challenge begins." The ground shook as a large crack formed from in front of the dragon and quickly approached the fox. The long crack started to branch off as it now started to surround and close in on the fox. Parts of the ground start to collapse in as the ground started to have a large depression in it which was several feet and still getting deeper. Taking evasive action, the fox flew up into the air as the ground below him collapsed.

"Is this supposed to be a challenge?" Tails asked as he smirked at the dragon, a sign of being around sonic for so long. The dragon growled as a piece of earth broke and shaped itself into five deadly tipped spears. The fox charged at the dragon again, easily dogging four of the spears which collided at the top of the coliseum, causing the crowd to scream in fright. The fifth spear slightly grazed the yellow fur, partially cutting the skin, but did not really harm the fox before joining the other spears. As Tails neared the cracked horn again, he was blown away as the dragon released yet another roar. Quickly recovering, the fox quickly dogged another set of earth spears. This set, however, ended up heading toward the platform.

"Starkage, watch what you're doing!" sonic shouted as he dogged two of the spears with ease. Lancelot chaos speared one of the three remaining earth spears. Gawain punched through his, while Percival simply melted hers until it was nothing more than molten lava, which failed to go through the platform due to it being able to withstand the heat of a fire dragon. Starkage looked sheepishly at the blue hedgehog, slightly lowering his head in embarrassment.

"Sorry." He said. Starkage turned his attention to just see Tails speeding toward him. The young fox's sword was a golden yellow, the sign that a soul surge is being performed. Unable to act quickly, the dragon flinched in slight pain as the fox slashed at the horn again each time it glowed a bright golden yellow. After the eighth strike, the dragon's horn was cut off with no indicator that there was a horn there in the first place.

"The test is over." Sonic announced. The crowd burst into cheers. The available Knights of the Round Table gave a few genuine claps to the young fox efforts. "Tails shall be knighted in the royal court tomorrow high noon." The crowd again cheered in excitement for the upcoming young knight. Starkage laid down in the available flat space of the arena as Tails flew up onto the platform in landed near the knights. A large blinding flash of light appeared on the front part of the platform, causing the group to shield their eyes.

"Okay, what's going on?" Sonic said as the light quickly died down, two hedgehogs and a hawk.

"Sonic, who are they?" Tails asked as he recognized the figures, but remembered that in this world, they were totally different people than the one from their world.

"The one who looks like Silver is Galahad, Lancelot's son."

"Woah, Lancelot had a son."

"Yeah, hard to imagine it actually happening in our world. Anyway, that's not the most surprising one. The one who looks like Amy is Nimue, Lady of the Lake and Lancelot's mother." Tails now stared at the hedgehog in shock. "The last one is Lamorak. He's the brother of Percival."

"Sonic, it's good to see you again." Nimue said as a slight pant was heard between every other word.

"What's wrong? Did those two took their training a little too rough." the king said as he noticed the multiple scratches, bruises, and cuts that covered the two knights.

"No, this is worst."

"What happen then?" Sonic asked, now interested in what happened at Misty Lake.

"He's back"

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