Read Me: This is an alternate universe story based loosely off of the back cover of a book *no creativity* and I realize that Hinata wouldn't act like this, but it is an alternate universe after all ;) please review and favorite for more!

Hinata was sitting at her respective table with her respective family and their respective company. The Hyuuga clan was a very prominent and financially powerful clan, and fancy dinner parties were expected to be attended by all children and spouses.

Hinata was sitting in her beautiful strapless lavender bubble dress, which reached half way between her knee and her thigh; it made her look young and innocent for her ripe age of sixteen. Hanabi, on the other hand, opted for a dark purple dress that fit her body loosely. Regardless of appearance, both girls looked stunning with their long signature hair curled loosely framing their face. And members of the opposite sex took notice at the party.

One of the male members, Sasuke, was sitting at the round table with a white tablecloth in a white room filled with elegant lights, directly across from Hinata. He knew Hinata somewhat, they both attended the same private school intended for the wealthy and privileged, but he never spoke to her.

Sasuke knew of Hinata's beauty, and he adored her purple hair, but she seemed too stuck up for him. She never spoke a word to anyone, and moreover Sasuke had not recently been in school. As he had been repeatedly kicked out of school because of his behavior, but his parents always found a way to get him back into the school.

It seemed that both classmates were stuck at the boring dinner party by their naïve parents. Sasuke wanted to talk to Hinata, but he opted not to once he saw her eating her expensive and delicious meal unsurely and properly quiet.

Their parents seemed to be discussing a business deal, as the Uchiha clan was also a prominent and financially powerful clan. What both Hinata and Sasuke didn't expect coming, was Sasuke's mother's matchmaking skills.

"Sasuke," his mother spoke up after she wiped her mouth daintily on a napkin. "Why don't you take Hinata on the dance floor and get to know her better?" she smiled. Now, this came across as a suggestion, but Sasuke knew that it was more of an order. A safe net, if you will, to ensure the Hyuuga's cooperation in the proposed business deal.

Sasuke nodded and without skipping a beat he turned to a nervous Hinata, "Would you like to dance Hinata?"

Hinata nodded, "Yes I would, thank you, Sasuke," she replied. She was trained to agree to dance with every boy that asked her in order to help her parents' business.

Sasuke scooted his chair back and went over to where Hinata was sitting and he held out his hand properly. Hinata grabbed the hand daintily, and equally as properly, and they headed onto the dance floor.

Although this was the twenty-first century, classical and ballroom music filled the dance floor with sounds of a time from whence passed. Hinata and Sasuke assumed their respective positions suitable for dancing and they repeated the steps that had been drilled into them since they were young.

As the dancing continued and the song progressed, Sasuke couldn't help but look at Hinata's soft and innocent features. Although she was beautiful in the yellow and purple lighting, her gaze seemed to be elsewhere. Sasuke took this as a sign of arrogance and his expression mimicked his annoyance in her disinterest.

Once the song ended, none of them spoke a word. Sasuke offered his hand again to walk her back to the table, but as started to walk towards the table, he noticed his mother's look. She was shaking her head at Sasuke, this was a sign that Sasuke had to woo the plum haired girl some more, as the deal was not agreed upon yet.

Sasuke cleared his throat and Hinata looked up at him, "Would you like to talk outside on the balcony? It's a nice May night," he suggested.

Hinata said nothing but nodded and agreed to be led to the balcony. Once the couple had reached their destination, Sasuke leaned against the Tuscan cement railing of the balcony. He breathed in the May night air and he stared down at the winding pathways of the garden below, he had to think up a conversation fast.

"How do you like school?" was all that Sasuke could come up with. When he heard no apparent reply, he pulled himself off the railing and he looked at Hinata expectantly.

Her expression was unreadable, and she stood there hard as a stone. Sasuke sighed and turned to the garden below once more, "It's a nice night," he offered. But still, there was no reply from the girl in the purple dress.

Finally, Sasuke had had enough, he let out an exasperated sigh and turned to Hinata was a hard stare. This stare almost threw the girl off; Sasuke had been known to be so mean.

"Look," Sasuke spoke, losing all elegance that he previously had, "am I not good enough for you? Am I not worth your breath? Are you that stuck up?" he emphasized the last sentence much more than needed.

Hinata stared at him, mouth gaping. "I'm not stuck up," she finally quietly said, looking down at her pretty silver pumps.

"What was that? You'll have to speak up, princess," Sasuke spat before leaning on the railing again and looking at the serene scene that wound perfectly with the starry sky.

Hinata had had enough and she stopped her pump, making a clicking noise. "I said I'm not stuck up," she enforced. "You're just some privileged rich kid. It's not like I want to waste my Saturday night here with you. Being forced to put up with you, of all people," she finally said. The words felt so good coming out of her mouth, the taste that they left on her tongue was a taste of pure confidence and adrenaline.

Sasuke said nothing but turned his head to look at Hinata, "Now that's honesty, something that you don't really see in rich kids," then he turned his head back to the garden.

Hinata was taken aback by his sudden change of heart, it seemed like he almost wanted a breath of fresh air from this stuffy lifestyle, maybe he was exactly like Hinata. She sighed and spoke up, "Look, maybe we got off on the wrong foot," she looked at her pumps once more and bit her lip.

Sasuke once more turned his head to the side to look at Hinata and he smirked. "Maybe we did. I'm Sasuke Uchiha, and you are?" he asked.

"Hinata Hyuuga," she replied stepping to the railing to be in his line of sight.

"Nice to meet you Hinata Hyuuga, now can we cut the crap?" Sasuke looked at her, a hint of deviousness in his gaze.

She laughed a hearty laugh, and it felt great not to be obligated to laugh and laugh on her own free will. "Sure," she smiled. "What do you like to do for fun?" she asked, changing the subject to something a little more personal.

"I like to cause trouble, get kicked out of my school, and dishonor my family," Sasuke listed seemingly sarcastically. Then he pressed his palms to the cool concrete railing and he pushed himself up straight. He met the pale lavender eyes of Hinata's and he looked intently into them.

"What about you, what do you do for fun," he asked, lowering his voice an octave and softening his tone.

Hinata stared into his black pools of mixed emotion and she searched his gaze for something, "I do whatever I'm told is supposed to be fun," she joked.

Sasuke smiled in appreciation at her honest humor and he turned to the garden scene once more. "So we're in the same boat, huh?" he mumbled ever so audibly.

"I guess we are," Hinata agreed as she turned her body to the garden scene as well.

Sasuke turned to Hinata, "I feel like we could be good friends, princess," he honestly said, but of course he was joking on the princess part.

Hinata smiled at him, "I guess we can, but first we'll need to talk more to figure out if we can really be friends," she flirted.

Sasuke smirked and ran a finger through his hair; he'd never met a girl like this at one of these events. He'd never felt like a girl could really get the suffocation of coming from a wealthy family, but Hinata seemed to know what he was going through all too well. He wasn't sure if it was a crush or not, but he wanted to talk to Hinata Hyuuga more and more and explore her different sides. This was the beginning of a beautiful relationship that was birthed on a warm May night under the watchful eye of the starry sky.