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Hinata barely noticed a presence walk through her door, her covers were pulled up over her head and her tears were making her vision too blurry to even concentrate on anything.

But what Hinata did notice, was a voice. A voice that was deep and low and he finished the last line of her song before the bridge. And Hinata's heart stopped beating as she listened to the voice, that was low and off key.

"But you can't be missed, if you never go away," he finished. It was his favorite lyrics of his favorite Cobra Starship song, You Can't Be Missed If You Never Go Away.

"Sas…Sasuke?" she whispered, daring herself not to shoot up in her bed only to discover that it might be a hoax.

She felt a weight plop on her bed next to her. "Yes Hinata?" the figure answered. Hinata held her breath as she realized it was Sasuke, and he removed the cover from her face only to see her red and tear streaked face.

"You… You came back," she breathed.

"I never left," Sasuke answered. He grabbed her face gently with his strong hand and he turned her face to face his, and Hinata was numb with joy at the sight of his face. The face that she thought she'd never see again.

"How did you get your parents to let you stay?" she asked after she studied his handsome features for a while.

Sasuke laughed a deep and low laugh, "I told them the truth, and my mother is a sucker for romance so she worked something out with my dad. I'm staying with our housekeeper at our same house. Dad's convinced that it will help his business partnerships if I hang out with their kids at our school," he smirked. Sasuke knew that his father couldn't care less about friendships after the deals were already signed, but it was nice of him to turn a blind eye every once and a while. Maybe Fugaku wasn't such a bad father after all.

Hinata couldn't help herself, she studied his handsome features and then she started to cry softly once more. Sasuke stroked the tears off of her cheeks with his thumb and he looked down at her with knitted eyebrows.

"If you don't want me to stay, then I'll go," he told her honestly worried that she didn't want him anymore.

"No!" Hinata rushed. Sasuke stared down at the beautiful mess, that he still hoped was his girlfriend, in confusion.

"I want you to stay. I'm just so happy that I'm crying," she weakly smiled as much as a person possibly could after spending the majority of the evening in a pool of tears.

Sasuke smiled lovingly down at her, and stroked her cheek, feeling her soft skin that he thought he'd never feel again. "I love you, Hinata," he whispered ever so low. He was worried that she might not be ready to tell him that she loved him as well, and he didn't want to mess anything up after he just got her back.

"I love you too, Sasuke," she replied. She wriggled into a more comfortable position and she smiled as she kissed Sasuke on the lips, a taste that she thought she'd never taste again.

"I'm glad I stayed," Sasuke breathed in between heart felt kisses.

"I am too," she assured him, and she kissed him deeper and with more feeling.

Everything seemed to be in place as they lied there kissing on the bed. The morning sun was glowing a hopeful and warm scarlet, and it danced on their faces in a magical way. As far as both were concerned, everything was okay in this moment.

But still in the background of their kisses, the song kept replying over and over again on repeat.

"But you can't be missed, if you never go away," it kept saying. And for both Sasuke and Hinata, it was true.