Based off the Super Hero Mao ending where Aurum remains as Geoffrey.

Warning: Shonen-ai/boy love, cursing, tad violence, and possible fourth wall breaking.

"You called Mao?" Almaz asked as he entered Mao's room, "What the heck is all of this?!"

All around the room was a bunch of comics and papers.

He looked to see a few discarded boxes of old action figures, "Oh Fake Hero, do you know how long I've been waiting?!" Mao demanded as he tossed a comic away into a pile to his left before coming up to him, "I need you to handle some paper work while I handle more important business."

"Huh? Why not Geoffrey?" Almaz asked in confusion as he looked at the massive mountain of papers, "Doesn't he usually deal with this kinda thing?"

"He already dealt with the first million and I thought you've been slacking lately so thank me for finally making you useful."


"Hm? What's that? Did I hear the 'b' word?" Mao glared as Almaz made a motion of zipping his mouth, "Good boy. Looks like you finally learned your place here!" Almaz sighed and sat down as he looked down at the papers.

They were all letters dated back a thousand centuries ago!

He stared at them wide eyed before looking at Mao, "Uh...M-Mao?" he shyly questioned, "Why are some of these really old? Like a billion years ago."

Mao blinked, "Huh? Oh just stamp them if they're a century old. Recent ones you figure it out."

Almaz fought the urge to glare, last time he did glare he was rewarded with Mao strapping him to a table and trying to see if he could see if any possible demon features left scars on him.

It was such a violation to him.

Almaz flipped the papers over and began to stamp them with a deny or Mao's signature. It was about fifteen minutes of this that Almaz realized that Mao had not done anything work related, "What the heck!" he finally yelled and threw some documents in the air, "Mao! You're not doing anything!" Mao ignored him and flipped the pages of an issue of Super Hero Weekly.

Almaz felt his eyebrow twitch a little, "MAO! OUCH!"

Almaz fell onto his back and clutched his hands over his forehead as he felt a bump form from the heavy box of comics thrown at him, "Hey! That hurt!"

"I could hear you," Mao replied and went over to him, "Now. What did you say? If it's something about me not working you're wrong, I am."

"How is reading comics actually work?!" Almaz thought as he struggled to sit up on his knees, "I don't think comic book reading cou-OW! When did you get your sword out?!"

Mao smirked and let out a laugh, "Are you that slow? I can do whatever I want! And for your information this comic is VERY important business. I'm looking at how to handle human heros again." Almaz raised an eyebrow, "Why?"

"Preparing for the new heros that are going to come by and try to kill me of course!" Mao told him, "I don't want to lose this position to a bunch of weaklings! Who knows what kinds of powers they posses that could defeat me!" Almaz stopped his work, "...Why do you sound...So excited that you could possibly die?"

"Because..I could obtain some interesting specimens for my experiments!" Mao panted out excitedly as he began to daydream, "Can you imagine how much I can study from the latest generation of heros?! I can gain more knowledge about heros than any other Overlord!"

A long pause came from Almaz.

There was no way this was happening...

"Have you done ANYTHING other then research?!" Almaz exclaimed as he stamped a document, loudly, "Why am I even doing your work still?!" Mao glared, "ARE YOU GOING AGAINST ME?!"

Almaz gulped as Mao glared down at him, his glasses gleaming, "Uh...I've finished a few Lord Mao. Where do I put them?"

Mao smirked in triumph as Almaz felt his eyes water a bit as he wanted to cry.

"Oh...She's not stopping!" Sapphire yelled as Raspberyl tried to hush the fox kit as they were in the courtyard, "We've tried everything we can! Here little one, want my really cute ultra fluffy Ms. Fairywinkle?"

The princess offered the little girl a rather large white snow bunny which was shoved down to the ground as she continued to cry.

Raspberyl frowned, "I think she sees Almaz as her mom." Sapphire gasped in surprise, "Her mom? But Almaz is a guy."

"Well...I think because Almaz took her in she registered him as her 'mom' for that reason," Raspberyl explained, "To this her, the first person who's been taking care of her is her 'mom.' So...Almaz is a mommy."

The demon watched as the human princess tried to coo the fox kit to stop before putting her down, "Hm...With an explanation like that it makes sense, but we need to make her stop crying. She'll attract someone we don't want to attract maybe."

Raspberyl sighed, "Easy for you to say...Wait...Did she stop crying?" They both looked at each other, no sobbing. Sapphire smiled, "Oh thank goodness-"

"OH DEAR OVERLORD SHE'S GONE!" Raspberyl screamed as she turned around to where the fox kit was before, "AH! She must've slipped away!"

"OH-NO! OH-NO!" Sapphire cried out as she raced over the spot where they had left the kit to cry and turned over all the cobble stones, "Oh not here...Not under here...AH! Almaz trusted us!"

"Quick she couldn't have gotten that far!"

The two girls ran towards the possible direction the little child could have went to, missing a little figure wrapped in a pink blanket already heading the opposite direction.

Almaz sighed, what number was he on?

Not even close to finishing.

He sighed again and looked over at Mao who was now busy playing a game. Grumbling Almaz continued to stamp papers after papers-


They both jumped up in surprise at a sudden scream, "W-What was that?"

Mao continued playing his game, "Eh. Geoffrey must've caught an intruder or something..."


At that moment the demon butler appeared in the room, holding something fighting in a pink blanket. Almaz's jaw dropped and the papers in his hands fell as he recognized the blanket.


"Young Master, I seem to have stumbled upon this wandering around the halls," Geoffrey informed Mao who looked up from his gaming console and scowled, "It seems to be a small little pest. Shall I dispose of it like all the other intruders?"

Mao shrugged, "Yeah just kick it out or something. Maybe put it in the void chamber that malfunctioned."


Both demons looked at the human in surprise who stood up from where he sat, "U-Uh...You can't! You can't put her into that thing!"

Mao glared, "Are you defying my orders to get rid of this parasite?!"

Almaz gulped as a tiny head popped out of the blankets.

The wide eyes saw him and she began to squirm and whine as Geoffrey looked down at her in disguest, "Ech...A child..."

Mao didn't hear Almaz and just waved his hand, "Just get rid of it-"

Almaz ran over to Geoffrey and grabbed the fox kit who hugged him gratefully before running away, "YOU CAN'T DO THAT TO HER! I WON'T LET YOU!"

A long silence fell on the remaining occupants in the room.

Mao stared where the human had run off to, "Geoffrey...If you may."

"Of course my lord."

The demon butler produced a rather large sword which Mao grasped, "Oh Fake Hero...SAY GOOD BYE TO YOUR LIFE!"

Sapphire and Raspberyl had only opened the door to see a familiar demon running towards the hallway to their left with a sword while screaming out curses.




The two girls looked at each other in horror.


Raspberyl yelled as they ran down the hall.

The Overlord didn't stop, but he seemed to have slowed down a bit at her voice, "Finally! Reinforcement! Get that cowardly Fake Hero over here to me!"

The human princess only glared, "Why would we do that?"

Mao narrowed his eyes and pointed his sword at her, "Because! He just disobeyed my order to dispose of this little fox demon and-"

They halted and crossed their arms, "THERE'S NO WAY WE'RE HELPING YOU!" Mao skid to a halt and stared at them with a dumbfound expression, "EXCUSE ME?!"

Did they have any idea that they just disobeyed the Overlord?! How dare they!

Sapphire put her hands on her hips, "Look here Mao. How could you do that to a little kid! Almaz was right to take her away from you!"

Raspberyl nodded, "Yeah Mao! I can't believe your that much of a jerk to still do that. And to a cute little demon child like that!"

"Oh come on!" Mao growled out and pointed his sword, "SHE trepassed on my grounds! Child or not no one enters the Overlord's home unless they're a hero or trying to kill him!"

Sapphire let out a scoff as Rapsberyl rolled her eyes, "She's a kid!"

Mao stared at them with his mouth open, "W-Why are you getting so mad at me?! Can't a man defend his home?!"

Sapphire stomped her foot, "Not if you're trying to hurt an innocent thing like her! Mao! I think I need to open that chest of yours and try to fix that cold heart!"

"Gah!" Mao held his hand to his chest, "What's so wrong with how I'm acting! And I'll take that as a compliment princess."

He glared back at them as he heard a cry coming down the hall, "Ah! GET BACK HERE!" Mao ran full speed as the girls let out a frustrated growl, "GET BACK HERE!"

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