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Title: Heze

Author: AbNaGbEyL

Rating: T

Warnings: Slash, MPreg

Pairing: Harry/Voldemort

Full Summary: AU Slash MPreg Harold Jameson had always felt alone. He had no friends and no family until the day an owl shows up at the orphanage with a very special letter. Suddenly, he finds himself struggling to find out exactly who he really was while, at the same time, trying to figure out what he wanted to become. NO Boy-Who-Lived and Tom Riddle is NOT Voldemort HPTR


Authors notes:

Its been a while since I've actually had the drive to sit down, collect my thoughts and actually create something new. It's nice to actually feel good about something again. Real Life has certainly thrown me for a loop.

Hopefully, if everything goes the way I plan, I will have something new to give to this community.

Everything may seem a little disjointed at first but it will even out as the story goes by. There will be occasional flash backs, like the ones in the first chapter but not too many. I don't like writing them but they felt right for this chapter.

This story is Slash, though nothing graphic. It will have MPreg. It is also AU. There will be DEATH involving major characters and there will be characters you've never seen before.

Example: Draco has an elder brother called Scorpius and several cousins on the Black side of the family.

Harry is the biological son of Sirius Black and James Potter. James Potter is still married to Lily Potter nee Evans and together the two of them have a son named James "Jamie" Jr. Lily does not know about Harry's existance until much later in this story.

Harry is NOT the child of prophecy...and neither is James or Neville.


This chapter has been rewritten as of July 27, please re-read if you haven't already done so otherwise you will be confused!

Chapter One:


"You're making a very big mistake Auror Potter." Draco drawled, even as he slowly drew his wand from his dress robes, placing it gently on the ground, his striking silver eyes never looking away from the furious hazel that glared at him.

The tall, ginger haired Auror sneered. "Draco Malfoy, you are under arrest. Along with Him."

"Who? You'll need to be more specific, I'm afraid, as you are in fact crashing one of the largest parties my Mother has thrown this year."

The tall seventeen year old gestured to the room filled with hundreds of well dressed witches and wizards, all silent and staring coldly at the intruder.

"Speaking of parties, would you like anything to drink?" Draco asked pleasantly.

"You think this is a joke Malfoy?" He snarled, not aware of the danger he had placed himself in. "I don't want anything from you except answers. Where is He?"


"BLACK! Where is he!"

"Black? I'm sorry, which one? Corvus? No, he's a Lestrange and my own brother, Scorpius, is a Malfoy. Maybe Canis? I'm afraid he is out of the country on business...something about a Veela colony. Rion? He's over there by the bar with his sisters...you remember them don't you? But which one...Alnitak? Alnilam? Mintaka? Granted it may not matter since nobody can tell them apart anyway..."


"That is quite enough. What exactly is going on here?" A cold voice inquired.

James "Jamie" Potter turned sharply and found himself looking into the cold crimson eyes of Lord Thomas M. R. Slytherin and suddenly wished that he hadn't come alone.


"Your what?" James gasped, sitting heavily behind his desk.

"Pregnant. Five weeks." Sirius replied, a slight blush on his cheeks. He'd always thought that he would be the one knocking someone up, not the other way around.

"You're the only one I've-"

"No." James said abruptly, shutting his office door with the wave of his wand so that Lily, who was down the hall in the kitchen, wouldn't hear what was being said.

"I think you need to leave." James said firmly, looking away to avoid Sirius' astonished gaze.

"What?" Sirius asked, dumbfounded. "No? What do you mean no? Prongs! I don't have anywhere else to go! My family is..."

"I don't care."

Sirius was stunned and hurt by the statement.

"You can't be serious!" he choked out, "What about our baby? It will need its father! You! We can work this out if you just..."

"It isn't mine! I already have a son. I have a wife!" James shouted desperately. "Sirius! I'm married! I can't just give up one family for another! It doesn't work that way! Listen…I'll let you stay in one of the family homes…maybe the one in France? You liked that one when we visited that summer in sixth year. That way, the baby can go to Beaubaxton whenever it's old enough to attend school. I'll even set up a trust fund to use."

"A trust fund Jamie? France? All because you want to stay with that mudblood? She may have magic but she'll never be a true witch and you know it! Muggleborns don't understand magic the way we do! Magic isn't in their blood."

"Lily is a fantastic witch! You are nothing compared to her! She's beautiful and smart and everything I've ever wanted!" James snarled, finally losing his temper.

"Then why did you sleep with me?" Sirius begged. James flinched but said nothing.

"You know I love you! I've loved you for years! If you loved her so much then why did you come to my bed rather than return to hers?"

"I was drunk!"

"Damnit James! You and I both know you weren't! James…Jamie… You know that no one would look down on you divorcing her. Hell, everyone would probably be happy for you! I could be a good husband! I swear that-"

Sirius reeled, crashing to the ground as James's fist slammed into his jaw. His sapphire blue eyes stared up at his former friend and lover in shock.


"Lily is a beautiful woman and a fantastic mother. I love her, not you. I made a mistake by taking you into my bed and I nearly lost her because of that. She knows and she still forgave me. Get out of my house Sirius. You are no longer welcome in my life. As for your condition...know that I will never recognize your child as mine. It is a bastard and it will stay that way or I swear you'll regret it. Good bye Sirius." The words were harsh and thick with emotion. James couldn't even look at him.

Sirius swallowed back his tears as he watched the only man he ever loved turn into this...cold hearted coward.

"No, James...my child will never be a bastard. It is a Black. My Heir. My legacy will belong to it and he or she will never want for anything. I will give it all the love it will ever need. I won't regret this...but I will make sure that you will. Goodbye James. I hope that, when the day comes that she leaves you for the Muggles she so loves, you'll know that you could have had something so much better."


July 7

"Oh Siri...he's beautiful." Narcissa breathed as she cradled the small child in her arms, cleaning him off gently with a soft, conjured cloth.

"H-he?" Sirius gasped, trying to sit up from where he was laying after having just given birth.

"Lay back Sirius, you are in no condition to move!" Bellatrix commanded, even as she worked furiously to stop her favorite cousin from bleeding out on the bed. He had refused to go to St. Mungo's and she had only a few weeks training as a medi-witch. She wasn't trained for this!

"A son?" He asked, voice faint.

Bellatrix and Narcissa exchanged alarmed looks. "Yes Siri...a son. A perfectly healthy, beautiful baby boy."

"Heze." Sirius whispered, reaching out to the small, squalling bundle. Narcissa knelt, placing the baby in his weakening arms. "His name is Heze. Heze Sirius Black."

"Heze? Befitting of a Black, but why that star?" she urged, trying to keep him conscious. Bellatrix wasn't going to be able to heal him...he was bleeding out too quickly. Her eyes burned with tears and her throat felt tight.

"Because, it's special...just like him."

"Oh?" Bellatrix managed to choke out, kneeling by his side, her arms and robes stained with his blood. "Special? How so?"

"Heze has never belonged to any other Black. The name has no meaning. It simply is. I wanted to give my son a name that he can make great all on his own. A name that has never been tainted by another…a name that he'll never have to live up to if he doesn't want too."

"Oh Siri..." Narcissa sobbed.

"Will you take care of my little star? Will you make sure he shines as brightly as he can?"

"Of course we will Siri...why-" Bella swallowed back her tears. "Why don't you get some rest?"

"Can Heze stay with me?" Sirius asked as his eyes began to feel heavy.

"Of course." Narcissa whispered, settling the whimpering child in his mother's arms after Bella made him more comfortable. Sirius gazed down at his son with adoring eyes.

"My beautiful Heze...I love you my little star." He managed to whisper before closing his eyes in exhausted slumber.

Fifty-four minutes later, Narcissa sobbed as Bellatrix removed the sleeping child from the arms of his mother as he finally passed into the night.


"You can't do this! He's mine!" Narcissa shrieked as Aurors tore the small, dark haired child from her arms. Lucius had been restrained and was doing his best to shield his two sons from the horror that was being displayed before them while six year old Scorpius watched with wide, horrified eyes as the Aurors snatched away his littlest brother. He shielded his other two year old brother from view, terrified that they would try and take him too.

"You can't take him from me! I'm his Godmother! His Guardian!"

Little Heze was screaming in fear as he was torn from his 'Mother's' arms and restrained tightly by a rough, red robed man.

"I'm truly sorry Lady Malfoy but you know the laws as well as I do. The surviving biological parent has ultimate say in who gets to care for their offspring." The auror restraining her growled as she kicked him harshly.

"Mummy! NOOO Mummy! Want Mummy!" He screamed, and cried even as he was shoved through the floo.



"Are you sure this is what you want to do James?" Frank asked as he gently cradled the sniffling toddler. Little Heze had worn himself out and was on the verge of exhaustion.

"He seemed quite content with them and they could provide a good home for him.

"Yes. I never wanted the boy but I don't want the Malfoy's to have them either. No child of Potter blood, bastard or otherwise, will be tainted by Dark Magic." James said firmly, not even looking at the child sleeping in his friend's arms.

"What do you want me to do with him then? Is Lily preparing a room for him?" Frank asked swaying slightly to sooth the still sniffling toddler. Neville was around his age and always settled down when he did that with him.

"Lily? No. She doesn't even know that he exists."

"What? James! You haven't told her?"

"No! I can't! She'd hate me if she knew that a child had been created when I…when I betrayed her. She has only just forgiven me. No, take the boy to an orphanage...one outside of England. Maybe the The States? Or France? That way, Hogwarts won't send him a letter when he's eleven."

Frank Longbottom gazed at his long time friend in shock but didn't say anything. He valued James as a friend and had worked with him for far too long to say anything but it didn't feel right. Purebloods never gave up their children! Magical or otherwise. Muggleborns however...they didn't understand how sacred blood was and it worried him that James was becoming more and more like them. Frank liked Lily well enough but she was still a muggleborn it worried him that James would abandon his own blood to stay with her, especially when she refused to magically bond herself to him in favor of a more muggle-like marriage.

"Very well." He managed to utter before turning away to hide his expression, not that James could see. He still refused to look at his son and Frank felt like a blood traitor as he weighed the options for the child's future.

"Thank you Frank! You've always been a good friend. Maybe we can set up a play date with Jamie and Neville next weekend. That way Lily and Alice can catch up." James said, forcing the words out with a falsely cheerful smile and Frank realized that James was determined to remain in denial.

"Of course." He muttered just loud enough for James to hear before he quickly walked out of the room, unable to stand the tension any longer.

He would honor James' request, to a point...the boy would go to an orphanage but he would also grow up in his homeland. The child was the Heir to the Black family. He belonged here.

"You'll need a new name...that way James won't know what I've done. Something simple. Something befitting of a Potter." He softly told the sleeping child.

"Harold. Harold Jameson."


A big thanks to everyone who reviewed the original chapter 1, I hope that you enjoyed this version a bit more. I don't want this to be one of those stories where the characters are bashed constantly and I don't want James to be seen as the bad guy. He's not, really, he's just a little misguided. And Lily is NOT going to be a raging harpy, I swear.

Also, thank you to all those who offered to be my beta. I really appreciate all the help!