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Title: Heze

Author: AbNaGbEyL

Rating: T

Warnings: Slash, MPreg

Pairing: Harry/Voldemort

Full Summary: AU Slash MPreg Harold Jameson had always felt alone. He had no friends and no family until the day an owl shows up at the orphanage with a very special letter. Suddenly, he finds himself struggling to find out exactly who he really was while, at the same time, trying to figure out what he wanted to become. NO Boy-Who-Lived and Tom Riddle is NOT Voldemort HPTR


Authors notes:

This story is Slash, though nothing graphic. It will have MPreg. It is also AU. There will be DEATH involving major characters and there will be characters you've never seen before.

Ex: Draco has an elder brother called Scorpius and several cousins on the Black side of the family.

Harry is the biological son of Sirius Black and James Potter. James Potter is still married to Lily Potter nee Evans and together the two of them have a son named James "Jamie" Jr. Lily does not know about Harry's existance until much later in this story.

Harry is NOT the child of prophecy...and neither is James or Neville.

Chapter Two WARNING: Snape is OOC, I know already. You don't have to keep telling me. He lead a very different life compared to the one he lived in the books.

Chapter Two:


Harold Jameson sat quietly on his bunk, enjoying the rare silence. Sharing a dorm with nine other boys pretty much guaranteed a lack of privacy so he cherished every moment he could get. Today, most of his dorm mates were outside, enjoying the sunshine while happily beating each other up while pretending to play rugby. Sunny days were almost as rare as privacy so they were trying to make the most of it.

Normally, he'd be out there with them, a book in hand while he lay out on the grass, soaking up the heat of the sunlight…if not for the letter.

It had come last night, while most of the other boys were asleep. He'd been up, trying to finish his 'newest' novel (courtesy of the 'generous' donation of old books provided by the local book club) when a tap on the window startled him. He'd nearly had a panic attack at the sight of the massive owl staring straight at him, a letter in its beak.

He had been wary, at first, but when the owl began to tap on the glass more furiously, threatening to wake the others he had moved quickly to allow the owl entry. It gave him the letter and with a firm glare, flew right back out the window, perching itself on the nearest tree and settling down for a nap.

Harry, both shocked and slightly amused, had been shocked by the letter.

It was heavy and strange. He'd never felt anything like it. It wasn't paper, he knew that, and it had an odd name written on it in bright green ink. Real ink!

Heze S. Black

Bunk Seven, Boys Dorm

Grantley's Home for Children



(Order of Merlin, First Class, Grand Sorc., Chf. Warlock,

Supreme Mugwump, International Confed. of Wizards)

Dear Mr. Black,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment.

Term begins on September 1. We await your reply by no later than July 31. As a child of a non-wizarding household a school representative will be by shortly to introduce you to our world. Please refer any questions to him or her upon their arrival.

Yours sincerely,

Minerva McGonagall

"Heze…" He whispered to himself. The name felt familiar…special. He felt himself smile as he whispered the name once more. The more he thought about it, the more he was convinced that he was this 'Heze'. He had never liked the name Harold and the name 'Jameson' had never felt right. He had always preferred being called 'Harry' but the name Heze seemed absolutely perfect.

"Hey Jameson! Old Grantley wants you in his office!" one of his dorm mates, Jason, shouted from the hallway. Harry frowned, quickly refolding the letter and tucking it away.

"Did he say why?"

"Nope, but some weird guy is here. Looks like he swallowed a lemon and it got stuck in his arse."

Harry was puzzled for a moment before his eyes flitted back to his letter. Did this mean…? The letter had only arrived last night! Surely no one could have arrived here so quickly. He quickly threw himself from his bunk, slipping his feet into his worn trainers before racing out, excitement flooding his veins.

Sure enough, as he skidded around the corner, there was a man standing in the main office. He wore a sharp black suite and carried a simple brief-case and Harry could see that the man's hair was fairly long, though it was kept tied back in a loose pony tail. He was looking around with no small amount of disgust as he took in the appearance of the old orphanage.

"Ah Mr. Jameson. Come in." Grantley invited. "This is Mr. Snape. He is here on behalf of his school in order to award you a scholarship. I'll leave the two of you to talk about your schooling in privacy. Lock the door on your way out." The elderly caretaker shuffled his way out the door, closing it behind him. Harry nervously turned to face his guest.

"I am Professor Severus Snape, Hogwarts Potion's Master and Head of the Slytherin House. I trust you have your Letter of Acceptance?" The tall, imposing man inquired a sneer on his lips. Harry swallowed thickly, shyly pulling out the thick letter.

"Good. I trust you have questions then?" The man continued distastefully.

Harry nodded. "So…magic is real then?" he asked softly.

"Indeed." Was the man's answer as he slipped a polished stick from somewhere on his arm and waved it sharply. Instantly, Harry felt as though he had been hit by a swift wave of cool air and he closed his eyes against the sensation only to open them and gasp.

He had been rather dirty, as all boys in the home were. They had showers that usually ran cold too quickly so they didn't often take the time to properly scrub down. Thanks to Mr. Snape he was completely dirt and dust free. Even his hair, which had become long and somewhat greasy, was now clean and tied back in a low ponytail and his nails, which he had the bad habit of biting, had never been so scrubbed and well trimmed.

He looked down and noticed that his clothes, which had been ill-fitting at best, looked brand-new and fit him perfectly.

Harry blinked and collapsed in one of the old, lumpy chairs. "Oh." He whispered.

"Indeed." Snape repeated, smirking slightly.

"But…the letter." Harry began hesitantly. "It isn't mine."

"Pardon? You are Harold Jameson are you not?"

"I-I am. But this letter belongs to Heze. Heze S. Black." He told the man, handing him the parchment.

Snape's eyes widened and he snatched the letter from the boy, sitting heavily on his own chair. "Impossible!" he whispered. Suddenly, he stabbed his wand in Harry's direction and Harry shrank back slightly, startled, as a translucent cream colored spell drifted down on him like a mist before turning a deep blue. Snape smirked widely in satisfaction, standing once more.

"Sir?" Harry asked quietly.

"Mr. Jameson, Or rather, Mr. Black" Snape began, "I believe it's time you returned home."

"Sir?" Harry asked again, now very confused.

"Mr. Black, you've been missing for nearly eight years now. Your family has been looking for you."


Harry was in a state of shock. Family? He didn't have a family! But…if Mr. Snape was right then why was he in the home? How did he go 'missing'?

"Grab your belongings Mr. Black, you won't be returning." Mr. Snape informed him shaking him out of his contemplation. He was standing once more, regaining his look of confidence.

"I won't?" He asked shakily, everything was happening so quickly.

"Most certainly not. If your family is unable to take you in then I most certainly will. You are a Pureblood, and a Noble. Once you come of age you will become Head of the Black Family. You don't belong in the Muggle World."

"I…I don't understand."

"You will. Your Godmother will make sure of it. Now, go pack only what cannot be replaced. Do not bother with clothing as you will be getting newer, more appropriate belongings on a later date."

"I have nothing then."

"Very well. Now, take my arm and hold on tightly. I will be transporting us through a magical means called apparition though I've learned that some muggleborns would call it "teleportation". It will feel as though you are being squeezed tightly through a tube and it will be slightly uncomfortable but it passes quickly."

Nervous yet excited, Harry took the man's arm and let himself be taken away from the only 'home' he'd ever remembered without any hesitation.


Harry gasped as they 'landed' and stumbled slightly. Thankfully, Mr. Snape reached out to steady him before he could fall. Once he managed to compose himself he found himself gaping up at the massive structure that stood before them.

"Welcome to Malfoy Manor. You were born here."

"I was?"

"Yes, your Aunt Bellatrix and Aunt Narcissa delivered you. Narcissa, your godmother, would have raised you as her son had you not been stolen from her."

"I…I was stolen? I wasn't abandoned?" Harry asked hopefully. Snape sighed, resting a hand on the small child's shoulder. "Don't worry about that now child. We will discuss this later. Come, it's time for tea."

Harry swallowed nervously, suddenly afraid. "S-sir?"

"Yes Heze?"

"Are you sure they want me?" He whispered. "Sometimes, people came to the orphanage and wanted me as well but they didn't keep me for very long. They wanted the littler kids or the kids that looked like them. What if they don't want me here?"

"Don't be ridiculous child, they've been looking for you for your entire life. Of course they want you."

A warm feeling bloomed in his chest at Mr. Snape's words and he allowed himself to hope that it was the truth. A small smile tugged at the corner of his lips and he followed the tall man inside.


Malfoy Manor was huge. If anything it was larger on the outside than it was on the inside and THAT was saying something. He was so busy gaping at his surroundings that he nearly missed the arrival of a small, skinny unusual looking creature popping into the room only moments later.

"Dobby welcomes Master Severus! What can Dobby do for you today?" it asked exuberantly, startling Harry.

He jumped behind the man, hiding behind his imposing form. Snape gave him an amused look before addressing the creature. "Inform your Master that I would like to speak with him." He ordered and the creature popped away as quickly as he arrived.

"What was that?" Harry gasped.

Snape snorted. "That as you so eloquently put it, was a house-elf. They are, basically, servants to wizarding families. Several thousand years ago they were once a race of magical creatures known as Fae. They were cursed into becoming what they are now by a group of Demon sorcerers, who were their enemies. You see, Fae cannot live without magic but the curse laid upon them blocked them from using their innate abilities, basically killing them. In order to survive they bound themselves and their decedents to the bloodline of wizards. Through our magic they can access their own magical cores and continue to survive until such a time the cures is broken. As payment for using our magic they maintain the wellbeing of the families that they are bound to. I do believe that you have several house-elves of your own."

"Oh." Harry said. He was about to ask another question when a door opened off to the side. A tall man strode in, his white-blond hair hanging loosely over one shoulder.

"Severus! What an unexpected surprise! I thought that you would be off hunting down the new mudbloods for the upcoming school year."

"And so I was. Until, that is, I came across the most intriguing young man. Lucius, may I introduce Heze Black. Heze…this is your Uncle, Lucius Malfoy." Mr. Snape said with a smirk.

The man, Lucius, stopped dead in his tracks, his eyes wide in shock. "Heze?" He gasped, sounding breathless. Harry shrank from his silvery gaze but Mr. Snape pulled him forward once more.

"Yes, Heze. Now…where is Narcissa? She deserves to be here."

"Diagon Alley. Scorpius made Prefect this year as you well know. She took him to have a custom wand made as a reward."

"Of course."

"Come, I'll have Dobby fix us tea and…" His eyes traced over Harry's less-than-healthy body. "maybe a snack?" he offered kindly. "I do believe that we have some wonderful pudding left over from last night's dinner that will tide us over until tonight." He said offering his hand to the small child that should have been his son. "Would you like some?"

Harry smiled shyly and took his hand.

Maybe, just maybe, he had finally found home.


So, Harry or rather, Heze, has found his way back into the wizarding world...will the Malfoy family actually get to keep him this time? We'll see.