The scoundrel sized hole in my heart

Minutes turned to hours and hours turned to days…

Leia's flashback

Bespin three weeks ago…

He stood in the white room watching her pace he tapped his fingers on the wall as she walked over to him "I don't like this" she said with a slight of worry on her face "what is there to like" he whispered to her as of trying to calm his worrying princess he kissed her forehead lightly and then stood back holding her in his arms his warmth rubbing on her as a blanket of loving han made its way into her soul she'd come to fall deeply in love with the man that was holding her when Chewbacca walked in with a pile of golden metal in his arms "what happened?" she asked the wookie "you found him where?" he asked Chewbacca with concern then lando appeared taking them to their doom

Suddenly leia opened her eyes to block out the rest of her dream for the rest was to horrific for the poor princesses heart to bear she'd lost the only man she'd ever love with all her heart to a block of carbonite and an evil two men named boba fett the bounty hunter and darth Vader evil sith lord now lando and Chewbacca were on the search for the scoundrel that left her so sad hoping they would find him so he could be holding her again safely in his arms and showered by his passionate kisses that rained down her neck and face she sobbed sadly as her brother luke skywalker came in to check on his sorrowful sister "hey leia are you ok?" he asked sadly "you know good and well what that answer is" she cried into his arms "I miss him his warmth missing like the matching snow glove" she said sadly she looked into the mirror and saw the last piece of han she had close to her heart a golden chain with a special ring the solo family promise ring "you promised" she cried "what is it leia" luke asked "a very special ring han gave to me one night on the way to bespin we fell in love and to conceal it he gave me a promise ring to promise me he'd try his best to return" she said to her brother "well han has not broken it yet" luke said smiling "what makes you say that" leia asked lightly "because he never left he's right there on that chain near your heart"

That night leia had a dream

She awoke with a knock on her door she opened she asked "who is it?" and a familiar voice all to familiar voice called "it's a certain scoundrel that you love" he teased when leia opened the door han was standing there she jumped into his arms and hugged him tight "oh han I missed you so much when did you get back" but as she asked he started to fade away "leia come for me I love please help me! I'm on tattonie mos eisley" before he completely left he kissed he passionately "wait han wait!" but then she awoke

Thinking will I ever get rid of the scoundrel sized hole in my heart