Morgana learns that Arthur had a sword that can slay the dead. She cannot allow him to have such a weapon, and plots with Mordred to steal it. Both of them know the only threat they will face will be Emrys. Having faced him before, they both know exactly who he is and what he is capable of. Or do they? Features BAMF!Merlin. Post season 4. Crack.

A/N: This will be three chapters.

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Morgana sat alone smirking in her hovel. She had just raised a small army of the dead and sent it to kill Arthur while he was traveling in the woods with just his manservant. Her new ally, Mordred, was quite useful. He could spy on Arthur's whereabouts using crystals taken from the crystal cave. Although it pained her that she herself did not have this skill, she enjoyed using him to give her the opportunity to attack when Arthur was defenseless. For some reason, he seemed hesitant about attacking when Arthur and his manservant were traveling together. But that didn't matter. In the morning Mordred would be back with news of Arthur's death, and Camelot would be left ready to strike at without its king.

Suddenly, she heard the door squeak. She grabbed her knife and spun around as a warm breeze from the night rushed in. There in the doorway stood Mordred.

"You really need to stop greeting your friends like that," he said coolly.

"I will when they have enough sense not to scare me like that at this hour of the night. I trust you bring me good news?"

He shook his head. "There was an unforeseen problem."

She turned to put her knife away as she gave him an irritated look. "Well?"

"Arthur has a sword that can slay the dead."

Morgana froze. "How is that possible?"

"I do not know. My best guess is some sort of very powerful enchantment. One that the likes of you and I would not be able to perform."

Morgana stood still. She slowly turned back to face him with a look of fear etched on her face. Her hands began to tremble as she dropped the knife she had not yet laid aside. "This is the work of Emrys."

"I am afraid so."

Visibly shaken, Morgana moved to sit down. "And how did Arthur defeat all ten of them? They were to come at him from two different sides. There is no way he could have slain all of them."

Mordred looked at her nervously. "Morgana, Emrys was there."


"Like I told you."

"You did not tell me."

Mordred sighed. "Yes, I…" Morgana was glaring at him. How could she have forgotten? He knew he made it perfectly clear that Arthur's manservant was there. "Never mind. Emrys managed to blow up five behind Arthur's back before he even saw they were there. And two managed to trip, leaving Arthur to only fight three then the two on the ground."

Morgana gulped. "And Arthur was aware of his presence?"

"Well…" Mordred paused for a moment, slightly confused by her question. "They seem to be very good friends, but I do not believe Arthur knows that he has magic."

Morgana's face contorted in anger. "We must get our revenge."

"Indeed. I have been saying that since the day he tripped me in the woods while you have been busy obsessing over your precious throne."

She threw him an irritated look. "We will steal this precious sword for ourselves. A weapon of such power in our hands could prove disastrous for Camelot."

Mordred blinked several times as he processed what she was saying. "Isn't that a bit… impulsive?"

"Nonsense. We cannot allow Arthur to have a weapon of such magical power. Stealing this … creation of Emrys' will be perfect revenge."

Mordred stared at her and couldn't hide his worried look.

"What?" Morgana asked.

"It's just…"

"Spit it out!"

"For all we know, this sword is only capable of slaying the dead. Unless you think that Arthur will approve of his servant raising an army of the dead, I'm not sure what use this will be to us."

Morgana blinked several times. "We cannot let Arthur have this weapon! He can use it against all my undead armies!"

"Maybe it is time you stop trying to use undead armies, because they never work."

Morgana stared in shock. Why was he trying to be, logical? She had this feeling, this instinct, that that weapon could cause unspeakable evil to Camelot in their hands. Didn't he feel that way? And besides, she couldn't let Arthur have the ability to slay the dead. The ability to raise undead armies was a special skill, taught to her by her beloved sister. Normally, she would have scolded Mordred at that moment, but something felt off with his speech. Something she couldn't quite place.

"Mordred," she began, "whom do you mean by his servant?"

"Emrys, of course. Did you think he had other servants with the power to raise the dead?"

Morgana breathed a sigh of relief. "No, I just …" how could she say what she had been thinking? Not only was it absurd, it was mortifying.

"I can assure you, Arthur does not made it a habit of hiring sorcerers-in-disguise to polish his armor and muck out his stables."

Morgana laughed at his joke. Then she remembered.

"I believe that this weapon could cause Camelot's downfall in our hands," she spoke.

"How do you know?"

"It's… instinct! Don't question me! Tonight, I give you a mission. You will go to Camelot. You will knock out the guards around the castle, steal the sword, and bring it back to me."

Mordred frowned. "I am not a puppet, Morgana. Agravaine may have been, you may have been…" she glared at him, "at times…" she narrowed her eyes at him even more, "but I am most definitely not one."

"And what is that supposed to mean?" she snapped back.

Mordred held his head for a moment, hoping that his friend would calm down. "It means that I am not going to risk my life in Camelot following one of your impulsive ideas while you sit here in your hovel smirking."

Morgana was stunned at that. She opened and closed her mouth several times as if to speak, but no sound came out. Finally, she crossed her arms and huffed, "Fine. I'm coming with you. Maybe with both of us we will also manage to run Arthur through."