Hello my lovelies! I'm back, after a four month break give or take a week or two. Here's my new story! Well the Introduction at least. I'll let you read and I'll talk more at the bottom.

Help Me Remember

Amnesia: loss of memory due, usually to brain injury, shock, fatigue, repression or illness.

Amnesia isn't something most people have to deal with everyday. It's something I didn't expect would come into my life. There's risks everyday, taking shower, cooking driving, going to the bathroom, using the hairdryer, the list goes on and on. There are threats to your life everyday no matter how safe you are, no matter what your job is. There's always a risk.

I never thought something like this was going to happen to me. I always knew that there was a risk with his job but I never thought it would actually happen. I wasn't prepared for the fact that he wouldn't remember, remember the things we've been through, remember what were going to be doing in a few short months.

The doctors said it might be a while until everything gets back to normal; well they never gave a definite time frame. His doctor described it as his brain was wrapped up in a security blanket and wouldn't give up until it felt safe again. They said it could be a couple of days, a couple of weeks, possibly a month or two or even years later. The last time frame scared me, what if they never came back? I mean it's not like we couldn't try and go on with life.

I guess we won't figure out what he knows and when he'll remember. After him pleading for me to help him remember, I made a promise to not only him, but to myself, to help him remember.

-I'm back! Yay! It took me awhile to get this story going. I actually stopped writing and reading fan fiction for a while. I just wasn't into it. Now I'm back. I literally got three chapters whipped out in a matter of two days, impressive I know. Nothing really had stopped me from writing, I just didn't feel like it. I wasn't sure what I wanted to write about, until after I saw the movie the Vow (Channing Tatum ;), who I met by the way. No joke. Greatest birthday weekend ever). Anyways, I got this story after seeing it, it's not going to be like it, at least I don't think it will be, I'm not sure. If it is, I apologize, just putting that out there now. Let's see, anything medical related, I apologize, I researched as much as I could to understand things but I'm not going to be correct, so whatever I write in this don't take it too seriously, I mainly used wikipedia.
-What I'm sure you're all going to be wondering, when is the updating going to occur. Well, I'll probably do what I did the last two stories, on Sunday's. School hasn't started yet, doesn't start until the end of August. I might just for shits and giggles, post twice a week if I feel like it, but don't hold you're breath. So remember Sunday's :)
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