How can you tell her goodbye

We had so much time

It seemed

Weren't we just children?

Somewhere along there

I feel in love

Her emerald green eyes

Her sandy Brown hair

She was an angel

I vowed that day

I would protect her

I horrible Job

I have done

Rotting in jail

The only light

That shine from my sins

Is she

For she is a gift

Something I don't deserve

My dear Elizabeth

Forgive me

I love you

It's hard to

tell you goodbye

I enjoyed everything

Raise our son's well

I know you will

You're a good mother

Give them my love

Give it to our unborn child

My life

Is shortly lived

I wanted more

For you Elizabeth

For us

I'll always be there

Even in Heaven

I'll protect You

I promise that

Shed no tear

We will meet again

My love, don't worry

Until then my angel

Be strong

For me and the boy's

I will always

love you

My Elizabeth