A/N: Hi guys! I'm surprised at how few stories there are on this game, and I felt like writing... So, this here's a novelization of the game Dragon's Dogma, following my Arisen, Lyria (with the exception of this first chapter). I'll try to keep as close to the plot as I can, but I will take a few liberties here and there.

I'm not much of a fanfic writer and I'm still a bit hesitant, as this is my very first one. I'm not even sure if I'll continue this... It's not the greatest, but I feel like it's good writing practice. Please be nice to this reluctant writer!

Disclaimer: Dragon's Dogma in all its entirety belongs to the wonderful Capcom. Thanks to them for creating such an awesome game!

So, here it is. Enjoy.

"A vast army formed to slay a dragon, the ultimate incarnation of evil. But against such fearsome resistance, the army was crushed. The people's hopes fell upon a chosen one, and with those who followed this gifted soul…

In another place, in another life, another child of man blazes your path…"

Rats hiding within the dark cave scattered as two men stepped through, their footsteps echoing against the walls. Both were rather tall and well-muscled from days of fighting with sword and shield in hand. The first was clad in navy blue chainmail, heavy iron boots, and a protective helm that hid his face from view. What he was thinking or feeling was indiscernible from appearance alone. The second wore no helm, showing his rather unkempt hair. He made sure to protect himself in a suit of armor of grey and white. The crimson cape that hung from his shoulders was the only true splash of color in his outfit. His light eyes were hard, determined. The greatest of forces could not hope to block his path. The first man stood beside this one, waiting for him to take the lead and give him direction, for Salde always obeyed his master, Savan.

"How dark it's gotten! Have you a light source?" the pawn spoke to his master, taking in their surroundings with a caution in mind.

In response, Savan reached into his pack and pulled out his simple lantern, recently filled with oil. Within moments, the flame from within bathed the corridor ahead with soft light. It was littered with dust and debris, having seen little use in past years. The cave led into a temple. Whatever purpose it held in past years was lost in the annals of history, now only serving as a home to monsters. Night was falling, so lit lanterns were a must to see their way through the temple's halls. Savan began walking forward, indicating for his pawn to follow. Their footsteps echoed in the empty corridors, which bore an eerie silence.

"The dragon's roost is just beyond. We must hurry," Salde spoke, his voice filled with a sense of urgency. They had every reason to make haste, for their goal was close to being fulfilled. As an Arisen, it was Savan's duty to slay the crimson dragon that took his heart and harmed his homeland. Bigger than his sense of duty, however, was his strong desire to avenge his father. At the dragon's claws, his father perished in a gory scene that Savan remembered all too vividly. He still recalled how he tried to attack the dragon, only to fail and be marked as Arisen.

With his loyal pawn at his side, along with the aid of other pawns from the Rift, they would end the beast and save the country of Gransys. He had spent a long while preparing himself for this moment, and now it would finally come to pass. There could be no delay, especially with the guardsmen battling the dragon up ahead.

"We near our journey's end. The final station of our long struggle." Salde's words bore deep into Savan's mind, speaking exactly what he was feeling. Finally…finally the dragon would taste the steel of his sword! He would kill the monster that murdered his father!

Arisen and pawn hurried down the path to the mountain pass leading up to the temple grounds. As soon as they arrived, a loud roar shook the earth. Savan looked out over the edge of the trail to see the massive dragon perched on top of a cliff. His eyes glowed with a sort of ferocity, daring the Arisen to challenge him. The shadows of the mountain made his scales look almost black. It was enough to make a man turn on his tail and flee, but Savan would not give up. Not when they were so close.

Several soldiers lined the pass, aiming arrows at the dragon. They didn't stand a chance as the dragon took aim and unleashed a huge assault of flames on them, burning them to a crisp.

"Come, Arisen. Forge in my fire the next link in the endless chain…" Savan barely listened to the dragon's words. He didn't need to be challenged. He would go to the dragon, no matter what was said. He would defeat him. Together with Salde, they pressed on along the mountain path, not frightened by the deaths of the soldiers.

Several goblins stood before them in a feeble attempt to break them. They soon met Savan's blade as he plunged it into their hearts with ease. With all the training he put in, mere goblins were just bothersome; no trouble at all. The little monsters were forced out of Savan's way as they trudged down the mountain path. It led off into a cave of sorts, with a small drop down into it. Both men leaped off the side and landed on the ground below with ease.

It was quiet in here. The only sound came from the water as it poured along the floor in a gentle stream. The liquid lapped against a rock placed in the center of the stream beside the small waterfall. The stone's front was flat with a swirling pattern etched into it. This pattern glowed with a blue light when Savan stepped close to it.

A Rift stone, used to summon support pawns from the world beyond. Savan touched it and in response, a swirling portal opened up beside him. Two women dropped out of it, raising a hand to Savan. A symbol shimmered in their palms—the marking of a pawn. The taller one appeared to be a strider, with her light leather armor and twin daggers belted to her waist. The shorter appeared as an old mage, clad in dark robes. They were Quince and Morganna, his two allies who he had sent to rest in the Rift. Everyone had to be in peak condition to face the beast. With their arrival, Savan's party was complete.

Quince spoke in greeting, "Our kind is ever ready to fight by the grace of your guidance, Arisen."

Savan nodded to them and began moving forward along the path inside the temple. The first few chambers were empty, save for a few dead guardsmen. Something had torn them apart leaving naught but bloody remains. That something was prowling around the ruins, keeping its eyes trained on the group as they moved.

They didn't stop even when they encountered a flock of snow harpies. Even as their screeching songs pierced their ears and threatened to send them into a deep slumber, they persevered. Any that stood in their way were cleaved with swords and brought down. Savan was too determined to reach the dragon to let anything stop them.

After felling some goblins and harpies in the antechamber, the gate to the next room rattled open to reveal several exhausted guardsmen. They were still ready and able to fight though. When Savan and his pawns approached them, an exasperated Ser Palotti and his men began jogging into the next room. He spoke, "The wyrm awaits beyond, ser. I should be proud to guide you. We'd hidden away here, to avoid beasts all around."

The king had sent soldiers to cut a path for Savan and his companions, having the utmost faith in his abilities. The whole kingdom was relying on the Arisen to put an end to the creature. He would not let them down.

The path widened into a large room with a staircase leading up to massive doors. Torches along the walls cast eerie shadows upon the room. If anything was sneaking about, it would be hard to detect with eyesight alone…

"Beyond that grand door, the dragon makes its roost," Ser Palotti explained, pointing at the set of doors. Savan thanked him and proceeded towards them. But before he could continue on, a guardsman let out a wail and a low growl rumbled from behind. Savan whirled around to see the guard being assaulted by a vicious chimera. A massive beast with the powerful body of a lion, the head of a grey furred goat attached to its back, and the squirming tail of a serpent. He watched with dismay as the lion portion of its body plunged its fangs into the guard, making a meal out of him.

The beast swallowed its victim whole, bones and all. The goat head turned its attention to Savan's party, recognizing its enemies. It began casting a spell, tendrils of magickal energy swirling around and around above its jagged horns. Savan charged at chimera, latching on to its back and hacking away at the snake head. If he could just saw it off with his longsword, the beast would lose its balance.

With Salde's help, they managed to dislodge the snake with their combined sword strikes. It tumbled to the ground, lifeless. The rest of the body fell sideways on to the ground as predicted, appearing rather disoriented. This was their chance! The four of them went on the offensive, lashing out with steel and magic.

The chimera managed to pick itself back up before sustaining any more damage. It seemed to be enraged, which could prove dangerous if they were not careful. The goat was next to go. Quince fired off arrows at it in a rapid barrage with hopes at distracting it long enough to prevent it from casting. This gave Salde the opening to leap onto its back and strike with full force. His longsword plunged several times into the creatures back and neck, leaving grievous wounds.

Savan took the chance to attack the lion while the goat was kept busy. Combined with Morganna's spells and his powerful thrusts, the lion was knocked off its feet once more. The goat was silenced soon after and the rest of the beast finished by a sword to the chest. One final roar came from its mouth before it died, lying limp on the stone floor.

"Now, choose. Flee, or step forth…" the dragon's voice echoed in the chamber as the group wiped their blades clean. "Take hold of what lies beyond. Claim mastery o'er the eternal ring!"

There! Through the doors! They opened with a rumble, to the room where the dragon awaited. Through that threshold was Savan's destiny. He would choose to step forth and face the dragon, once and for all. He would fight and win, for the kingdom. For his father!

"And so countless lifetimes come to pass..."