Starry Starry Nights

Chapter Nine – Ninth Night

"Forever and ever, Lover-kun," Kazehana's big, smiling dark eyes sparkled from the city lights far below them. "The enchantment winds of my pact will blow away my Ashikabi's dark clouds."

"What?" Logan blinked in rare stupefied confusion. What had just happened? His suddenly disjointed and whirling mind tried to recover. Damn, what had she? How had they got so high and? Who was? He? She?

Stop. Back to basics. Start there. Okay, he was James "Logan" Howlett, aka Wolverine, from, from where? That's right. Earth 616. He was now in Tokyo, or more precise, high over the Kabukichō District of Tokyo from some other future dimension, somehow tightly hugging to as bountiful, beautiful, and entirely bodacious young female alien rear end that Mother Nature could build; or whatever passed for Mother Nature on whatever planet had been her origin.

She was Kazehana, an exotic off world transplant called a Sekirei from avian ancestry who had a front top side which was just as bodacious and a lower sexy pelvis hotly grinding into perhaps the hardest, aching, and biggest stiffy that Logan had ever achieved. Now that he thought about it, these Sekirei looked and felt a lot like the beautiful, bountiful, but deadly Ava'Dara the Shi'ar Warbird on some kind of sex steroids. Okay. So far so good, and now the old Swiss cheese brain was cooking.

Okay, this much he instantly knew, now what else could he, he, uhhh, damn, she felt great way up here! Hey. Wait. Hadn't he just been standing next to a sign advertising a one boobed stripper named Ume and thinking about his next moves and, then? There, right there, Kazehana, some kind of psychic powerhouse, had kissed him, that's right, and, and, then some crazy shit had started, HOT and crazy! Logan shook his head and squeezed his eyes open and shut a few times.

Man, his head felt like it had been turned into a spinning kaleidoscope of colors, bright lights, and swirling sensations while he had the Father of all aching boners. He pulled his chin in to look down at what was so deliciously rubbing against his chest. Huh. No wonder rational thought was a little hard to come by here, let alone immediate future planning, but the sudden sounds of approaching helicopters from the west and sirens from every direction below finally pierced his fogged brain. Sirens? Incoming air? And without a doubt hostile because everybody and their brother had been chasing him earlier! Shit!

"Logan-chan! Bad Machines! Bad People coming!" A nearby female voice almost shrieked at him from his left.

Logan tore his gaze away from Kazehana's more than ample and appealing bosom to swivel his head in the yelling female's direction. What? Another very busty, heart breaking beauty off the port bow? With a cold aura shimmering about her? And a silver haired clone hugging her tightly from behind? Dressed in a deep cleavage exposing white mini dress and trying to twist in midair to bring her crossed open palms down in a chopping motion, the front female's lips were pulled back in an almost feral snarl. Who was, oh, oh yeah, Akitsu and her twin sister Kochou, the first a cold user who was brain damaged somehow and very emotionally protective of, wait, what the hell did she mean bad...

"NO!" Logan shouted at her in alarm. Damn! This was not the time to escalate their situation without more recon and having current poor intel! "Akitsu! You can't kill! I need more..."

"AKI-CHAN! Fill their very hot places with ice! Nothing else!" Kazehana shouted next to Logan's super sensitive right ear. That made him yank his right hand off Kazehana's buttocks and clap it over the right side of his head while wincing in pain.

"DAMN! Babe! Don't yell in my ear! Put me down so I can fight these..."

"Relax, Stiffy-chan," Kazehana chuckled as she brought her legs up around his waist and locked her ankles behind him to squeeze him tightly to her with her long, strong legs. The action naturally hiked up the upper thigh high hem of her purple miniskirt and placed the front of her lacy matching thong underwear squarely against his aching manhood. She also took her right arm from around his neck and made a small gesture to somehow rotate them all in midair towards the incoming threats. Then she started small rotations of her hips that was making it REALLY hard for Logan to concentrate.

Tightly hugged by her twin, both still hovering in midair to Logan's left and now oriented for an offensive move, Akitsu obediently chopped her hands diagonally across her body. Her cold attack went at the six black helicopters marked with white MBI lettering perhaps a thousand feet or so above and approaching from the southwest. Logan could make out black figures poised for action in the aircraft's open side doors, but every machine's turbo jets were suddenly packed with ice. Engines instantly stalled, their pilots had no choice but to begin auto rotating for a landing while dark clad bodies tumbled out and into the air from every wounded helicopter.

At first it seemed the machine's passengers had been tossed out by their now jinking craft, but each falling figure quickly spread their arms and legs wide to reveal they were wearing some kind of advanced webbed suit that mimicked a flying squirrel. Suddenly deploying large nets between, pairs oriented themselves to dive down upon Logan and his floating Sekirei. Others snatched at short barreled weapons attached in some quick release fashion to their chest, obviously getting ready to shoot Logan and his females full of tranquilizing darts in passing before popping chutes for a safe landing

This was a state of the art aerial snatch attempt by very highly trained troops, Logan realized; one that was probably designed to originally catch their prey on the roof below, but instantly improvised for an aerial grab. It also must have cost a bundle of cash, he also thought while still wriggling to break free of Kazehana's tight, one armed, two legs locked around his waist, and loin rotating embrace. Dammit! Here he was getting the Mother of all aerial lap dances, but he HAD to drop onto the roof far below to get solid footing for fighting!

"Lover-kun, just hold me. I'm your Kazehana of the Wind now, remember?"

Logan stopped moving and just stared in silent admiration as Kazehana casually, almost languidly, gave the incoming skydivers and the auto rotating helicopters a backhanded wave of her right hand. A sudden, large, floral scented whirlwind sent the entire descending attack force into a swirling drift out over Tokyo Bay to the east. Soon the crippled machines ditched as their aerial troops began individually splashing down all around them.

The Bay became an instant watery chaos of downed airmen trying to deploy emergency inflatable rafts from rapidly sinking helicopters, skydivers trying to shrug out of their chute harnesses while ditching hardware weighing them down, the Bay's normal entering and exiting shipping blaring their emergency horns, harbor police boats launching for rescue efforts, and a few unhappy and now scrambling fishermen trying not to get swamped or rammed while heading for their fishing pens. Some of the latter were simply standing in small boats and shaking their fists at all the commotions because they knew their night's catch had just took a big hit.

"Ummm, now where were we, Lover-chan?" Kazehana gurgled while swapping arms around his neck and using her left hand to guide his right palm back to clutching her once again thrusting and grinding backside.

Logan blinked while looking about them, still trying to get an overhaul handle on what had just happened to him, to all of them. Obviously, Kazehana's bonding kiss on the adult stripper club roof in Kabukichō below had just kicked his mental and emotional ass in a big way. Although, to be fair, his Johnson seemed pretty happy, yet, something wild had occurred even though initially and outwardly Kazehana's winging had seemed much more subdued than Matsu's and Uzume's. There hadn't been the immediate uncontrolled and almost spastic clutching with sexual heat like Matsu's bonding yesterday afternoon. Although there was now plenty of bonding heat developed between them, Kazehana's Sekirei bonding to Logan had almost been the opposite, smooth, controlled, yet promising plenty of fire to come. Nor had Kazehana's winging been like Uzume's emotionally charged and almost vampire like embrace of life saving desperation, but again, Logan was now feeling great emotion surging through Kazehana and himself as well.

Other bonding aspects of Kazehana's kiss had been the same as Matsu and Uzume. Huge wings of rose pink light had sprung forth and then curled to envelope her and Logan. A dark pink Sekirei crest had formed behind Kazehana and sank to emblazon itself on her back between her shoulder blades, and she had moaned softly while doing her best to swallow his tongue and vice versa.

Then things had started going a wee tad different. Glimmering and fragrant petals of cherry blossoms had swirled around the roof on a sudden circular wind that had lifted Logan, Kazehana, and the other four Sekirei high into the air above Tokyo. Kochou, Akitsu, Matsu, and Uzume had all squealed, squeaked, and/or cried out in alarm as the red light district streets of Kabukichō had become a small, brightly lit grid below them. Actually, Logan hadn't even noticed his weightlessness until Akitsu had yelled.

"What, uhhh, what just happened to us, uhhh, Kaze-chan?" Logan asked cautiously, trying very hard not to ravage her soft red lips again until he better understood what had just taken place between them.

"Other than some unhappy swimming by our MBI visitors? Ummm, I just became your Sekirei, Lover-kun, Number 03, Kazehana of the Wind," she replied in the midst of breathing warmly and nibbling on the left side of his neck, "and you, Studly-chan, are now my Ashikabi, forever and ever. I have been winged. By you, to you, and, ummm, for you."

"Yeah, I gathered that, but, uhhh, your winging, it was different from the other two, uhhh, Matsu, and ummm, Uzume, way different. So what happened?"

"Well, I really can't say," Kazehana started licking and sticking her tongue in his left ear while cooing softly in delight. "I only get one shot at bonding with my Ashikabi, so, I'm newer at this than you. What happened was what happened. We're together, and, ummm, did you know you have the most beautiful blue eyes and big sexy muscles, especially, Ooooo, this one? Let's find a cozy bed now, okay? It's been a long night for us, and I feel a little sake celebration for us is in order before we, ummm, rest?"

"Uhhh, sure," Logan nodded agreeably while keeping an eye on the now increased scrambling rescue action out on Tokyo Bay as well as scanning the skies around them for any other attackers. "Akitsu said that I leased an apartment with her near the Asakusa Shrine. And I got a truck and motorcycle in a leased garage to work on for wheels around town. Can we head there like this, or should we get back down to Earth so we can't be so easily spotted and..."

"Up here like this would be more fun!" Kazehana began soft nibbling on his neck. "And deeply interesting. Don't you think Lo-chan?"

Logan, suddenly worried this hot dynamo was going to start looking for high cloud cover in order to join the Mile High Club, went silent as he and his five Sekirei tilted slightly and moved as one to the northeast on what felt like a very gentle, cherry blossom scented breeze. This kid was a damn fine wind user, he thought with approval, with a delicate yet deadly touch and finesse that possibly surpassed even Storm's. Gave a whole new meaning to the name Wind Rider too. Kazehana had some real psychic power packed inside that delicious feeling and looking body of hers, enough that he had also felt something else in her winging, something much deeper way down inside his mind and inner spirit.

Whereas Matsu and Uzume both had immediately established strong psychic links with him, say like the very highest internet broadband speed achievable, Kazehana's mind had simply integrated with his in some intrinsic fashion he had never experienced before. It wasn't exactly mutually merged telepathy because they weren't really exchanging thoughts, or even emotions, although there was plenty of mutually hot sexual desire coursing through both of them as they twirled together in the air high above the city. It was more like the attracting opposite poles of two bar magnets in their minds had simply and naturally aligned themselves and slammed together in some kind of dynamic fusion. With benefits.

As they all flew across the city, he was still entirely conscious of Kazehana's sweet jasmine smell now mixed with the scents of fragrant cherry blossoms as well as her long, strong legs, incredibly sexy derriere, ultra thin waist, huge warm breasts, and soft hot lips. She was also still simply immersing herself into the feel and smell of him, his burly muscled body, intoxicating manly scent, large throbbing manhood, and the fact that the depth and power of his Ashikabi mind and spirit were more far powerful and capable of love way beyond her wildest dreams. Her years of aching heart pain were over. Logan's internal alarm, however, was sending up giant red flags.

Man, these kids didn't have a clue as to what they were getting into by just being around him, let alone bonded. Getting any closer to them emotionally now was a very bad idea and would just make things a whole lot tougher later when they would have to part ways. This was not his world. He had already made one big mistake with Haihane.

Also, he was a killer and a death magnet, especially to all who had ever meant anything to him, always had been, and there was no hope of that ever changing. Fighting, blood, and red rage had been the one constant in his life. These Sekirei kids deserved a chance to live, free of him, and free from being exploited and hunted for the rest of their lives. Somehow, before he went back to Earth 616, he was gonna have to correct their current situation to give them that chance. And keep his damn fly zipped up while doing it.

"Hey! Kazehana! I've got dibs! I winged him first! Besides, you need these!" Matsu called from Kazehana and Logan's right. They both turned to see the red haired Sekirei leeringly wave a connected strip of twelve, x-large, purple foil wrapped condoms.

"I'm afraid she's right, Babe!" Logan nodded firmly. Got to show some resolve here, Skippy, he admonished his nether regions. "No baby making! And get your fingers off my zipper!"

"Oh fudge!" Kazehana pouted prettily and totally ignored his command while using her free hand to make a quick swipe at the nearby waving purple packs of penile protection. She missed, but went for a back hand return and missed again.

Matsu suddenly jerked her flapping twelve pack back. She quickly tucked them into her kimono's deep cleavage in order to snag her vibrating phone from a large front pocket of her split sided white kimono; a supposed covering garment that was doing very little to cover any of her voluptuous assets in the group's wind driven progress. After listening and then speaking hurriedly into her phone, she called to Kazehana again, only this time frowning with concern and no condom teasing.

"It's Homura! After coming back from a visit to Takehito's grave, Miya dressed in her old S Squad uniform and sword and left several hours ago without a word, and hasn't returned! And she's not answering her phone either! Homura's all alone at Izumo Inn and now surrounded by Mutsu and the other five of Hayato Mikogami's Sekirei! They're demanding that Homura come out and get winged by the Ashikabi of the South, or they're going to break in and take Homura by force! Seo and the Lightning Twins are on their way to help, but haven't arrived yet! Homura needs us there now! We have to go protect the Inn and my computers too! And, and that other thing!"

"BAD PLACE, Logan-chan!" Akitsu yelped in alarm as her cold aura widened greatly about her and her twin. "Bad Person there! Mutsu bad! Miya very BAD too!"

"We HAVE to protect those computers!" Kochou yelled over her sister's shoulders to add to Matsu's warning and urgency as well as convince Akitsu to calm down. "Miya's gone! There's no danger to us now!"

"Oh shit!" Uzume exclaimed from somewhere below Logan. "Logan-san! We can't let them have that jinki!"

Damn! Logan clenched his jaw and gave a small snarl of frustration. He really didn't want to just drop into any confrontation without scouting it out first. He twisted his torso and head to look down at Uzume. Whoa! Mother McCreedy! The top straps on Uzume's white veiled battle outfit had surrendered to the laws of wind resistance physics and let her twin jutting beauties fly free in the breeze.

As if it wasn't already hard enough to concentrate now, Logan silently groaned to himself. And what in the name of delicious topless indecency was a jinki? Snap out of it dummy! Ain't you supposed to be a hardened warrior? One who has seen a few really nice naked tits, some even in battle? Remember the time Lorna Dane's outfit got shredded in Kentucky when fighting the...Damn! Concentrate! Make a decision here and remember Polaris' nice jugs later!

"All right!" Logan finally shouted and nodded while tearing his gaze away from Uzume's spectacular freedom and turning so that his other Sekirei could hear him. "All right, we'll go there first! Kazehana, tell me what you know about Mutsu and these others as well as this Inn's layout before we get there."

"Ohhh, yessssss!" Kazehana exhaled delightedly into Logan's right ear. "And Lo-chan, after we deal with Mutsu and with Miya gone, we can take a nice, long hot bath together! Or yes! Go to Shiba Park and pretend we are together at Jasmine Falls like you promised!"

Now that, Logan immediately realized, could NOT be allowed to happen and was a promise that had to be broken. He could not remain and get even deeper attached to these Sekirei on this planet. Not and be fair to them. It would surely get them killed as it had every female he had ever loved or even fondly involved. The more emotionally entrenched Kazehana became in her mind to him, the tougher it would be to sever her Sekirei psychic bonding to him without killing her.

Already he could sense it might take telepaths Emma Frost, Rachel Grey, Psylocke, and maybe even Monet St. Croix and the Stepford Cuckoos all working together to accomplish the delicate mental surgery and separation. With a great effort deep within him, Logan sought and found his Bushido center. It was time for him to really follow the way of the warrior to save these five Sekirei from the death that always followed him.

Logan pulled his head back and looked into Kazehana's eyes with a sudden coldness that sent a very unhappy shiver through her. A smooth black ball of hardness shielded his mind at the same time to make her frown in wounded dismay. Somehow he had put up an impenetrable psychic wall between them. Why? What was wrong? Hadn't she and Aki-chan done well to disperse their enemies without killing them? And why had his wonderfully big and exciting manhood suddenly went half soft? Was he, was he going to reject her? Or maybe even all of them?

"I know you got that forever and ever thing going down deep in you, kid," Logan said softly, trying to assuage the hurt in Kazehana's suddenly teary eyes. "And right now you're one helluva hot argument for eternal nude bathing, as well as everything that goes with it at any Jasmine Falls, but life just ain't that easy, especially with me. As soon as we can, we're all gonna have a long sit down talk about the future; one where you Sekirei could live happy and free."

"Free? Lo-chan, no way!" Kazehana returned in a fierce tone. "I will NEVER be free of you, and you will NEVER be free of me!"

Kazehana put her head beside his and stopped moving her hips as she hugged him even tighter to her with her arms and legs to emphasize her words. As she increased the localized wind pressure about their group to speed them all much faster towards Izumo Inn and Homura's succor, her instant tears of dismay and disappointment quickly turned into fierce watery jewels of determination that were whipped away behind them. The glittering light grids of the Asian mega city below them and even the many moving lights out on Tokyo Bay in the distance started to blur. The now roaring air flowing past Logan's ears kept him from hearing Kazehana's equally determined whispering into the winds she so deftly commanded.

"Forever and ever, my Love, forever and ever and ever."

*scene break*

"Kiss me, Lo-chan, kiss me forever," Haihane almost incoherently moaned in her drunken sleep "Don't leave, Old Man. Do me again, ohhhh, oh yeah, right there. Just like that, big sugar."

Karasuba clamped her jaws together so tight it made her teeth ache as she stared angrily down at her former squad mate on the bed. MBI's doctors had already put Benitsubasa into a drug induced and cold bath encased coma in her apartment suite. That was to keep the Crimson Sekirei from tearing down her bedroom walls and even the entire apartment building, fleeing MBI to begin searching, and worse, finding Logan to wing her short and slender, blazing hot body. As soon as enough blood alcohol had been neutralized in Haihane's system to safely allow it, the same procedure would be done to her.

Meanwhile Karasuba and Number 55 Saki would now be doing twelve hours on and twelve off until replacements could be put on the Disciplinary Squad. The bloodthirsty and sadistic little shit Number 13 Amebane had already eagerly agreed to join and was going to be released early from MBI's labs, perhaps in a day or two following the slender male Sekirei's last adjustment. He was a hand to hand combat type similar in skills and power to Benitsubasa, but Karasuba could already see she would have to teach him a few manners when it came to his lousy superior attitude towards females in general.

For Haihane's replacement, MBI was leaning towards the twin sword fighter Number 19 Ikki who had excellent skills and trained hard, however she and Karasuba had never gotten along all that well. Or hated each others guts actually. Perhaps feisty and dogged Number 28 Natsuka who fought with chain linked twin daggers might be a better choice.

Or hell, Karasuba made a sour grimace, maybe both new gals would be needed the way Logan was fucking things up in this town. And how in the name of his manly and exciting leather smell had the old bastard gotten his psychic claws into Benitsubasa? From as far as anyone could tell, Flatty had never even met him, let alone gotten the same hot love hotel treatment that had screwed Haihane so far sideways. That whole destroyed clinic and drunken mob investigation story about Benitsubasa sounded pretty damn fishy too. The little pink haired dynamo had never given a single damn about maintaining civil law and order in Tokyo, only who she could beat into a bloody pulp as often as possible.

Not that it mattered now. As it was and once stabilized, both Haihane and Benitsubasa were going back down into MBI's labs for either more adjustments and/or bonding reaction experimentation. Karasuba sighed. There wouldn't be a whole lot of hope they'd make it back to be released in the next few weeks with others or even survive; probably much slimmer chances either would return to the Disciplinary Squad. Damn that sexed up pain in the ass Logan!

Screw it, Karasuba impulsively decided in rising hot anger. Saki would just have to do a few extra hours of guard duty up on the roof until Ikki and Natsuka could be outfitted and briefed to join the guard rotation of MBI's compound. As soon as she got some sleep and ate, Karasuba was going hunting. And stay at until that musclebound bastard Logan got his long claws clipped and shoved deep into his smiling blue eyes before she lopped his damn fool head off. The sexy sonofabitch was just gonna have to be put out of her misery. Then they all could get back to proper killing in the Sekirei Plan.

With that decided, Karasuba spun on one heel to make her long cloak flare out and swirl around her. She walked purposely towards Haihane's bedroom door, thumbing her phone to inform Minaka what she was going to do. The suite's front door slammed behind her as she stalked down the hall toward the elevators up to her penthouse suite's bedroom and a long hot bath to relax before going to bed. Better take some sleep pills this time too. For some reason she hadn't been sleeping all that well lately. And right there was another reason that smiling sexy bastard Logan had to die!

Only a few minutes later, Haihane rolled over and blearily fell out of bed. She weaved unsteadily on all fours, trying to orient herself to where she was and why she was feeling so damn hot. She was also weirdly feeling that she and Benitsubasa were both in extreme danger. Both of them, the sudden certainty blazed through Haihane's whirling thoughts, both she and Benny had to get away from here and hide until, until, shit! Her head hurt! Hide until her head quit hurting. And her stomach felt, hold it! Aggghhh! Mount Asama Barfarama again! Yahhhh! Guuuughhh! Oh shit. Damn that tastes bad. Smells worse. Oh shit. Gotta get outta here! Get Benny and get the fuck outta here before, before, whatever bad was coming could get to them.

Karasuba. Karasuba and Minaka were gonna have them killed for reacting to Logan. Oh, oh yeah. Damn! The Old Man with the sexy claws and big dick had really gotten to her! Must have really pounded Benny too. Get out. Get out now. Hide. Leave their phones so as not to be traced. Can't use MBI cards either. Got to get somewhere cold too. Need cold. Rest. Cool down. Get sober. Then, when we can, find Logan. Must find Logan. And don't eat another damn thing for at least a week!

Haihane swung her head to dizzily look around her and down at herself. She was wearing some kind of short dark blue kimono. Huh. No panties. Screw it. Didn't need to waste time finding any either. There was a pair of blue sneakers tossed a few steps away from the bed. Shoes she needed. Her claws in their back carrying harness were leaning against the wall beside the door. Needed them too. Crawling on all fours, Haihane made it to her shoes without vomiting again. She moved to sit cross legged like a little child learning how to put on and tie her shoes.

The action of sitting made her head spin more, and she had to pause, holding her head until the room quit revolving around her. Once it stopped, she felt slightly better, lightheaded still, but at least a little more rational. Huh. And she had laughed at Karasuba's misery. The maids were gonna really be pissed at another barf mess on the bedroom carpet. So? What did she care? Ain't coming back here, ever. Got no life without Logan.

Once her shoes were fumbled on, more or less, Haihane made a big effort to stand up and get her weapons slung onto her back. She wobbled out into her suite's living area after pausing with one eye closed, listening, and peeking around her open bedroom door to make sure her suite was empty. Opening her entrance door slowly, she peered both ways down the apartment building's empty hallway. Karasuba lived in the top penthouse suite one floor above. Benny's door was down the hall to Haihane's left. And was that a guard sitting and snoozing on a chair? Nuts. Might be one or two inside Benny's suite of rooms too. Okay, punch the sleeping guy out and then knock. Whoever opened the door got punched out too.

Two knocked out guards and a few minutes later, Haihane began tip toeing/staggering down flight after flight of the apartment building's emergency stairwell with a naked and unconscious Benitsubasa draped over her left shoulder. Damn, Haihane swore under breath when she came to the ground floor door and paused to think as clearly as she could. Once opened, alarms would sound and lights would flash on the building's first floor security console. She had to pick a direction to jump as soon as she went out. Saki had to be up at Logan's old vantage spot on the skyscraper roof across from the MBI compound's front entrance.

Okay, go left out the door. Jump over the front entrance, but stay low after that. Keep the apartment buildings between her and Saki's line of sight. Saki's rooftop post had a narrow blind spot along the compound's south perimeter wall. Jump over and out there and go, go, where? Someplace with lots of hiding places and cold. Waterfront. Waterfront warehouses along Tokyo Bay where the daily catch of fresh fish from the Bay's fish farm pens was salted and iced. Find a place there somewhere to hide and cool them both down. Okay. That's it. Wait. Puke again first. Aggghhh! Oh shit. Whoa. Never fucking again.

Just before Haihane went to push the exit door open, she paused again. Who was she kidding? As soon as she could, she was gonna get a case of beer, Logan's favorite which was, Molson, right? And a box of those big damn cigars. The she was gonna find him, find him and beg him to do her again, beer, smokes, soaks, and hot sex, hot sex with bonding kisses this time. Benny could make her own pitch to get winged by him however she wanted, but the Old Man already proved that he loved beer, cigars, hot tubs, and even hotter naked babes. One of those babes was gonna be Haihane from now on, if he'd have her, and hopefully forever and ever.

*scene break*

"The only thing forever and ever here, Bub," Logan blew a puff of blue cigar smoke into a very angry and yet very wary Mutsu's face, "is the fact that you bonding to this spoiled teen idiot looking like a girly boy here was a fucking dumb move on your part. Especially if you really wanted to win any battles in that even dumber Sekirei Plan, let alone the whole damn thing. What in the hell were you thinking?"

"I made the calculation that a successful campaign to win was going to need large magnitudes of money," Mutsu scowled at Logan's crude, condescending tone and language, "as well as a malleable Ashikabi that was strong enough in psychic power to wing me and enough other Sekirei to become as formidable a fighting team as possible."

"Oh, so you're a calculating genius, huh?" Logan chuffed out another cloud of cigar smoke in disgust. He jabbed his right fist harder up under Hayato Mikogami's chin. The teen boy's head was pinned to Izumo Inn's wooden door by two metal claws on either side of his trembling lower jaw. "And you've really thought this whole MBI fight gig through in great depth? Uhhh, Mutsu, wasn't it? Look, dumb ass, did you ever consider that if there can only be one Sekirei Plan battle winner, that means sooner or later your so called team will be trying to kill each other and you too?

"Matter of fact, have you even asked yourself why you're being made to fight at all? Why would MBI raise alien eggs and embryos with a very great expense of time, money, and effort, fending off all kinds of attacks from around the world while doing so, just to have them kill each other now? Is that even logical, or are there some really nasty hidden reasons behind it? Ones that maybe you need to know about before risking your neck in a damn, dumb sounding game. What you gonna get if you do win anyway? Better yet, how long do you think you're gonna keep whatever the first prize is if it ain't a quick trip to some other planet?"

"Logan-chan!" Akitsu almost shouted in urgency from the stone walkway in front of Izumo Inn's porch, her imploring hands reaching out towards him. Face flushed a deep red, she was in agony from being told not to help him. "Please let me help you! You're badly hurt! You're bleeding! I can FEEL how much pain you have!"

"Relax, Aki-chan." Logan, without taking his eyes away from Mutsu, almost scowled as he waved his off hand back at her to stay away. "I'm making a point to our genius here. Now Mutsu, let's say you don't even fight in the Sekirei Plan. Nobody does and nobody dies. There's only a hundred or so of you Sekirei guys alive now, right? Now let's estimate there's seven plus billion HUMANS on this planet, maybe more. On the planet I came from there were over two million mutants with multiple super powers that are better than the ones you Sekirei have. Humans slaughtered us almost to extinction. A couple of times. Now here on this Earth, they of course want your Sekirei ship to study, reverse engineer, and copy. Understandable. They also want your other advanced alien technology, maybe even some Sekirei genes to experiment with for themselves too.

"I've already been offered some damn big bucks to snag and deliver a Sekirei of any age to the Americans for lab rat study. And that's just the Yanks. The Russians, Chinese, Hindi, and every other military power on this rock is gonna try for the same. Now they all might keep a few captured Sekirei alive for a while for research, but they sure ain't gonna tolerate any aliens running around loose fucking and breeding their sons and daughters like you're in some kind of fairy tale romances. Humans talk a good game when it comes to racial tolerance and shit, but trust me, it ain't there, bub.

"Humans ain't dumb either. They've had almost twenty years to study ways to take you birds down permanently, and at least either enslave you or just kick your sorry asses off this planet. They'll engineer killing diseases specific for Sekirei. They'll build big ass killer robots to match or neutralize your powers and even sniff you out if you try to hide. They'll separate you into small groups, pick you off one by one until you finally look around, yank your head out of your ass, and think about going back to wherever in the hell you come from in a very serious way. If all else fails, they'll nuke your asses. Meantime, this dumb young shit here with megabucks is gonna be real busy trying to save his own swishy little ass, and to hell with yours.

"Look, bub, bottom line here. You ain't got time to fight other Sekirei and their Ashikabi. You just tried as best you could to kill only me, and now you know you can't. That means you can't win that damn Sekirei Plan now, don't it? Look at yourself now. There you are kicked too far away, staring at your useless sword sticking out of me, and no way to get to it without me chopping off both your arms or just gutting you. You're also bonded to Junior here, and if I pop my middle claw, he dies, and you and your big bad team of half frozen cuties standing over there and pissing themselves are gonna die? Son, a calculating genius you ain't."

"Lo-chan," Kazehana began while biting hard her on the knuckles of her left hand in worry and fear. "I can FEEL you are in pain too! Please let us help you!"

"Not yet, babe," Logan sighed without turning to look at her. "I'm using this as a teachable moment for you all as well as our too ambitious and ignorant little pals here."

"Teachable moment my ass!" Uzume fumed under her breath. "You're driving us CRAZY!"

"It's amazing!" Matsu breathed in awe as she watched her Ashikabi stand and chat on the Inn's porch as if it was just another social visit of dubious friendliness. Logan's healing powers were way beyond anything Matsu had imagined! She couldn't wait to get to her computers inside the Inn and calculate precisely what they were! And analyze his fighting speeds and moves captured on her video feeds that she had covering the Inn inside and out.

"It's freaking WEIRD is what it is!" Homura complained weakly while staring at the macabre scene several yards away from her/him and yet trying to look manly in his/her slightly too tight black silk pajamas. How does a guy like Logan stand and chat like that with a sword poked clear through his chest? And like it wasn't even there although it had to HURT!

"We only came here to buy Number 07 Akitsu from you!" The young Mikogami finally found his voice even if it quivered and squeaked a little in extreme nervousness and fear. "And maybe wing Homura! We didn't come to kill anyone!"

"You're a moron," Logan gave Mutsu a weary look with one eyebrow raised in a "see I told you so" expression. "Do I look like the kind of guy that runs a flea market for second hand Sekirei? Where's your brains, boy? You came here not really knowing a damn thing about me. Bad strategy. Sun Tsu must be spinning in his grave at the way you need a little military training and help just to survive this entire Sekirei Plan thing. If anything you both need a damn babysitter.

"Now I ain't got a real good handle on the whole situation here in this planet's Tokyo, but when I do, you can bet your sorry asses, you and your mewling little team of Sekirei ain't gonna be very high on my list of priorities to help, even less if you keep screwing around in my part of town. I suggest you hike your butts back home and stay there. Don't let me catch you out hunting for trouble or for more Sekirei to buy or wing by force either. Play time is over. Got it Mutsu?"

"I'm well aware that we are now operating under a new paradigm with added unfavorable parameters," Mutsu cleared his throat before answering stiffly. "At this time."

"Okay, you still got hopes," Logan nodded charitably and then pointed his chin down at the sword sticking out of the left side of his torso just below his ribs. "I can respect fighting spirit even if it is misplaced. Pull your sword out, and remember I could have very easily chopped your Ashikabi's head off instead of just pinning your boy lover's throat against the door. You got great speed and strength in your swordplay, but now you know stabbing me instead of keeping your distance and slashing will get you killed real quick. Your lines of attack are a little sloppy too. You're also lucky I didn't let Akitsu simply kill you all like she wanted to while we were looking things over from above, let alone let her, Kazehana, and Uzume triple team you clowns when we landed. Stay away from Izumo. Stay away from Homura. Or else I pay your Achilles heel young moron here a little visit and remove your hopes and his skull from his neck."

"I will see that your terms will be adhered to," Mutsu compressed his lips together as he grasped his sword's handle and gingerly tugged it free from Logan's muscled body. The big male Sekirei was well aware that Logan's dual claw speed and superior fighting techniques had easily been a match for Mutsu's swordplay, and that Logan had deliberately allowed himself to be stabbed to demonstrate his healing factor. Now why? Why let an unknown advantage like that be revealed to an adversary? Mutsu carefully wiped his bloody sword using the long orange scarf hanging from his neck. He cocked his head sideways in speculation while looking into Logan's cold blue eyes.

"Why did you attack so suddenly upon arrival? We had not made any aggressive moves and were obviously here to negotiate."

"There will be no negotiations on my group's turf, ever, and I didn't want anyone to get killed. Used the element of surprise to separate you from your other Sekirei by having Akitsu freeze their legs while I kept you busy. Then took away your weapon as well as any further thoughts of resistance while I let you know Izumo Inn, Homura, and the north side of Tokyo are now off limits. Also let you know I mean business and can back it up by myself and without my Sekirei getting involved. That way they don't become a target for anything other than kidnapping to get to me. I'm pretty sure they can defend themselves against being snatched anyway."

"I see, interesting. So sure of yourself and aggressive because you don't fear death?"

"I follow the way of the warrior," Logan shrugged and turned to look directly into Kazehana's eyes. His unspoken message was clear. She needed to listen well here."The secret of life is in death. We're all gonna die, so life is simple when you accept that fact. Each act you do could be your last and leaves no room for doubts or regrets. A warrior has to be hard, accepting responsibility for his choices while not clinging to anything that exists only in his mind to make him soft.

"I have no interest in staying entangled in the affairs of this planet any longer than it takes me to insure the Sekirei bonded to me won't suffer when I leave. I want no one hurt or killed because of me while I'm on this Earth that isn't my home. Nor am I interested in killing anyone, let alone winning MBI's suspicious battle game. Okay, it's time you interlopers take a hike. It's been a long night. My ladies need to rest. I got other things I want to think about."

Seconds after Logan stepped back and Akitsu had vanished the block ice binding the legs of the other invading Sekirei, Mutsu snagged his Ashikabi around the waist, bounded into the air with their whole flock, and headed south. Akitsu instantly flung herself forward to fall on her knees before her Ashikabi. Her fingers frantically tugged his shirt up to examine his wound, except there wasn't one, only a large swath of his blood that had soaked his shirt and the top of his jeans. Now weeping hysterically, she wrapped her arms around him and hugged the left side of her face into his bloody but otherwise unmarked torso, clinging hard in gut wrenching relief. Sighing and shaking his head, Logan reached down to take her head in his hands and turn her eyes to his. As he touched her forehead he almost jerked back. Akitsu was burning up!

"Hey! Look! The crest on Akitsu's forehead has disappeared!" Homura, oddly only a few seconds behind in examining Logan's chest, was now pushing the front bangs of Akitsu's hair aside more than Logan had just done. Kneeling beside her, he/she was swiveling his open mouthed face up to gape at Logan and back down to peer closely at Akitsu's forehead and back up again. A heartbeat later he was joined by a much more concerned Kochou.

"The blood transfusion!" The kneeling Kochou exclaimed in a hushed whisper while looking around with a vacant gaze of understanding. "Her false winging has been healed by Logan's regenerating blood and now she's reacting to him properly!"

"What?" Logan blinked uncertainly. He shuffled his legs slightly to maintain his balance while cradling the still weeping Akitsu's head. "What transfusion? What the hell you talking about?"

Kazehana, Kochou, and Uzume all three began a simultaneous explanation, but whatever they were going to say went by the wayside. Trying weakly to raise up and hug Logan in loving comfort, Akitsu turned her face into Logan's blood covered lower torso, her lips swiped through his now sticky body fluid, her tongue instinctively went out to wet and wipe her lips free, and to a reacting Sekirei, DNA is where you find it.

Half raised to her feet, giant, intensely sparkling, and "almost too bright to watch" wings of white light sprung from Akitsu's back. She moaned and clutched weakly at Logan's torso to keep from falling backwards when the dark pink Sekirei crest formed behind her shoulder blades and sank down to imprint itself on her skin between them. Instinctively she again began clawing her way up Logan's body to seek his mouth with hers.

Logan jerked back in frowning surprise to evade her bloody kiss, but he quickly found out Akitsu was a helluva lot stronger than she looked. Her hands caught him behind his head, jerked him forward to mash her open mouth against his, jammed her writhing, now salty tasting tongue around his, and hung on. The light in her already too bright wings intensified and a thick frost literally began to engulf everything and everyone within a two block radius of Izumo Inn.

For his part Logan simply hung on too, looking over Akitsu's left shoulder at a highly amused and frosted Kazehana, nodding her head in a "see, I told you so manner." Her expression was a direct result of them both feeling Akitsu's psychic dipole also aligning itself with his mind and slamming in place directly opposite of Kazehana's.

"That's right, Aki-chan! Get you some girl!" Although feeling a little jealous that Logan hadn't kissed her back the way he was kissing Akitsu, Uzume still gave a fist pumping cheer while shaking the frost from her long hair.

Crap! Logan thought in dismay, his thought processes whirling in almost the same confusion as what had happened high above Tokyo earlier with Kazehana. This was not what he wanted, but damn Akitsu kissed good! Felt even better in trying to mash her chest to his and grind her loins against him in unabated heat. Then she pulled her head back, panting with her eyes closed in total ecstasy. And if Logan had any remaining doubts about Akitsu's initial murderous intent when confronted by their armed aerial attackers earlier, her bonding pledge erased them.

"By the cold of my vows, I will DESTROY the enemies of my Ashikabi!" The next words came out as what only could be describes as a snarling hiss. "FOREVER and EVER!

*scene break*

Forever and ever, Lover-kun, kept running through the back of Logan's mind as he tried to concentrate on what he was doing. Besides totally strange but hot alien babes throwing themselves at him at every opportunity, bonding "in LOVE forever and ever" for Pete's sakes, there's was something really too weird and maybe even rotten here in Tokyo. Logan scowled as he eyed his progress on replacing a seal in his old truck's rear axle. Last night had been a long night, and today even longer. And there was only so much a guy trying his damnedest to follow the hard way of the warrior could take. Or get any rest from either.

Between Akitsu literally carrying him into Izumo Inn's bath, forcefully cleaning him up, and his clothes getting stolen in order "to wash them", he had spent the last three hours of the previous tumultuous night naked. Then when Mister Stiffy just HAD to respond to Akitsu's tender washing techniques, she had just as forcefully booted her other four gawking female cohorts out of the bath, bolted the door, and, well, attacked maybe wasn't the exact word, but the results of her demanding "NOW!" were the same.

Of course he had manfully resisted as any true hardened warrior should and would, but, okay, so he had been weak in will and not so weak elsewhere. It wasn't long until he actually thought the poor kid was gonna multiple orgasm herself into some kind of forever and ever coma while wringing his traitorous gonads dry.

Then Kazehana and Matsu had sternly, not taking no for answer, confronted him in the hallway as he was carrying a contented and sleeping Akitsu upstairs to a bedroom. Their main point being if he, now obviously deflated, was going to be an HONORABLE warrior, then he damn well better keep his promises, first to Matsu carrying her gross box of condoms, and then when recovered, to Kazehana for her all night tryst with him alone beside Shiba Park's waterfalls.

Carrying a naked, sleeping, and smiling Akitsu had also been a very poor argument in trying to renege on his previous promises to both of them. However, the two narrow eyed Sekirei had conceded that Kochou's demand for a healing blood transfusion did take precedent, but only for today, and he should be on dialysis for three hours anyway. Once healed, if in fact it actually worked, then Logan was pretty sure Kochou was going to pretty much attack the way her twin sister had just done. So much for the "no deeper involvement than necessary" self pledge in the way of the warrior, dammit.

The only half way positive effort in trying to remain as aloof from his Sekirei as he could had been Uzume, at first. Then during Logan's dialysis and transfusion session, Miss Seemingly Uncaring Uzume had begun an in depth interrogation of his past history, especially concentrating on every female he had ever been involved with and the outcome of each relationship.

It was a thorough grilling that would have made a WW II Gestapo commander envious with note recording Matsu, Kochou, and Kazehana all asking very pointed questions to fill in whatever little blanks Uzume missed. Her last acid comment before going to bed in disgust being "maybe she should have started with whom their old low class gigolo hadn't boffed on his home planet since it was surely a shorter list." There was no mistaking her glaring, narrowed eyed look of extreme jealousy either. Which surely meant Miss Uncaring Uzume was probably going to be his biggest headache in trying to avoid future too deep emotional involvement.

The whole experience had left Logan as mentally wrung out as Akitsu had done physically. What the hell? So he had admitted to maybe fifty or so affairs in a little over a century and a half of living. That was what? Less than three a year? And only four where he had given his whole heart in love for an average of one every thirty years or so? How was that being just another low gigolo?

Logan had put up with the whole ordeal in hopes of maybe diminishing Kazehana and Matsu's lust quotients since he was obviously not forever and ever material. That had been a spectacular fail of the first order since both immediately decided they wanted to role play as being his past lovers down to costumes, uniforms, locations, positions, and even hair colors. They had even quarreled over who got to play at being Dazzler first in a karaoke bar. It had made Logan tired just to think about it.

In self disgust and too wound up to sleep, Logan had finally announced he was going to take a look at his truck and motorcycle to get them working as functional wheels to move around a little more anonymously than too easily spotted Air Sekirei. Actually, he had stayed in the garage all damn day to hide from his Sekirei like a flaming coward. Now the sun was setting, and he'd have to come out and face them sooner or later, just to eat if for no other reason.

Matsu and Kochou had stayed at Izumo Inn online ordering new computing equipment for immediate delivery from a local box store to get the exact sophisticated setup both brain types wanted while using Kochou's seemingly unlimited bag of cash. The two assured Logan they had definitely agreed to work cooperatively with each other and supply him everything their combined mental skills and powers could give to him.

The other three though, Kazehana, Uzume, and especially Akitsu, had decided it was their primary mission to physically guard their helpless, sexy Ashikabi despite his demonstrated healing mutation. The three had perched on the garage roof all day, napping, sunbathing, and snacking; waiting like love starved vultures for their ripening prey to show himself for an all night lesson in promise keeping, aka pile on romp, or at least an Ashikabi train pull. That had taken a toll on Logan's nerves too, especially when he had run out of beer to drink around noon, and now it was sundown. Their shuffling about on the roof had also greatly hindered any cool and rational thinking about what in the hell he was doing in this screwy Tokyo to begin with.

Once again, a little more successfully this time, Logan tried to work through the things that were really bothering him about his current situation. First, the way he had arrived. Falling out of the sky and poisoned. Didn't make sense unless some enemy had most likely shoved him out of some kind of flyer after being shot with Carbonadium or Adamantium bullets. But if they had really wanted to kill him, then why hadn't they made sure he'd fallen into the Pacific Ocean?

Hell, even he had to breathe despite his strong healing factor. Far enough from land and deep enough, he'd drown, eventually. So assume that his arrival was maybe accidental or at least unplanned, say chasing some enemy, screwing up somehow, and getting blown out of the sky. Then where was his downed craft? And who had he been chasing? Any enemy of his would've most probably circled back to capture him, sell him to the highest bidder, and/or kill him.

So accidental and/or enemy action might explain the bad fall and the poison, definitely his recent amnesia, but then neither of those scenarios explained him falling into the future of another dimensional Tokyo; especially right when long incubated and freaking love starved alien Sekirei just happened to start being released upon maturation to fight each other to the death in some stupid sounding tournament. All that right there stank. Way too coincidental, way too nonsensical, Logan scowled again while reaching for a wrench, and way too rotten.

Except Kazehana, who wasn't rotten at all, neither were Akitsu, Kochou, Uzume, and Matsu, all just sweetly smelling of jasmine, vanilla, pine, lotus, and cherry blossoms with soft, warm, luscious red lips and even softer, warm...Dammit!

He had come here to work, clear his head, and try to think things through! Not daydream about five females he had just met last night! He had to get a handle on his situation! He wanted to find a way to get back home! Without killing the alien gals who had reacted and bonded to him to stay alive. And there were all those other little distractions out there too; more idiots like Mutsu, other military capture teams, MBI security hunting him, and the Tokyo police looking for him too. Kochou was also going to demand her being winged by him soon. He could sense it.

There were other Sekirei reacting to him too, Haihane for one. Miya Asama, Izumo Inn's unknown landlady was simply missing, which was greatly bothering everyone, and, oh yeah, some super bitch Sekirei named Karasuba wanted to kill him. All that was downright distracting, let alone five incredibly beautiful, built, nubile, sweet smelling, entirely willing, and sexy young... no, dammit, don't go there!

Okay, okay, now focus bub, take it one problem at a time. Who or what had thrown him into another dimensional future? Run through the possibilities. The last thing he remembered before waking up in Tokyo was he had been unsuccessfully fighting with the Avengers against the X-Men on the Blue Area of the Moon to keep Hope Summers from merging with the Phoenix.

Who had been up there that had multidimensional/time travel powers? Valkyrie and Scarlet Witch, both of whom were Avengers on his side, and Magik fighting with the X-Men, but Illyana had been busy fighting the Black Widow while he had been running to kill Hope before she could be possessed by the planet killing Firebird. Think now. The Phoenix had gotten to Hope first. Then there had been a giant explosion of fiery energy. He had been burnt badly, knocked out, and, and then, then what in the hell had happened?

He had come awake on a future, other dimensional Tokyo rooftop, flat on his back. Matsu had been winging herself, nearly raping him, and claiming he had been in town suffering from amnesia and blood poisoning for eight days while partnered with a brain damaged Akitsu. There had been nothing to do with Sekirei before or during the Moon battle, ever, and not even mentioned by anyone in idle conversation, so how could he blame Magik for his current situation when she had most probably never heard of Sekirei either? Huh, explosion made by the Phoenix. Okay. That had possibilities in and of itself.

Now that he thought about the years of constant combat on his home Earth and also in outer space, it was entirely possible that he had simply fallen afoul of the Phoenix Force's long memory. Maybe remembering his past adversarial encounters during its fatal possessions of Jean Grey, the big Firebird had simply used its vast galactic powers through Hope Summers to boot his insignificant ass into the future of another dimensional Earth just to simply get rid of him and his well remembered claws. Kinda similar to when ol' bubble brain Uatu the Watcher had swatted him like an insignificant little flea for accidentally invading the alien's moon home.

A niggling, long lost memory suddenly surfaced. Had that been the time he had been tossed way back into the past of another Earth, fought some crazy ass moron called Conan or Cogan the Conqueror or something? Chopped the guy's sword hand off, and then wound up fighting in a few wars with some redheaded babe to make her a queen of, of, Aquilonia or whatever? What had her name, oh yeah, Red Sonja, self described She-Devil of the Hyrkanian Steppes, a real go getter with a sword while looking like a clone of Jean Grey in some magical metal bikini armor.

Now how could forget Red Sonja? After he had dueled with her, beat her, and then let her go, Sonja had advised she was honor bound to give him her virginity, make him her Lord, and fight to gain him a kingdom. Which she had. Gal had really liked her booze too, as well as a lot of lusty all night carousing. A helluva good gal pal. Just like Kazehana was promising to be. Those had been some pretty fine years before ol' bubble head Uatu had snapped his fingers and yanked Logan the Flea back. Bastard. Supposed to only observe, not screw around with my life, Logan growled to himself. Should have left me there and saved a lot of grief later. Except now he was here.

But what if he hadn't been simply swatted or willy nilly booted here by some godlike entity? What if that entity or person of power kicking his ass here had PLANNED Logan's arrival? Right down to time and place and maybe even right next to Akitsu, the scrapped Number 07 Sekirei? And had made that arrival such that he and Akitsu would immediately hit it off and care for each other, her desperately wanting an Ashikabi, him needing her physical help from planned debilitating head damage resulting in his temporary amnesia?

Or, hell, whoever had tossed him here could have just simply messed with his head to cause his amnesia too. After all, if whoever had the power to kick him around in time and across dimensions, they'd surely have the power to zap his brains for an eight day time out. And make sure he had met Uzume, Kazehana, Matsu, and Kochou maybe not so accidentally too?

Okay, Logan nodded to himself while scooting sideways under the old truck to get better leverage on his wrench handle. So the most likely case is I'm being used to do some powerful somebody's dirty work again? And this whoever has purposely made sure I had a personal stake in Crazy Mickey's Sekirei Plan? Maybe even going so far as to giving me irresistible pheromones to attract five Sekirei for bonding? Especially the more powerful ones like Kazehana and Akitsu? Who did he know that could do that to him? Have to be someone with god or goddess like powers, right?

Let's see, uhhh, again Scarlet Witch, Magik, Valkyrie, Lady Sif, Enchantress, Sersi, Snowbird, Aurelle, Clea and/or Doc Strange, Talisman, Sister Grimm, Layla Miller, Merlin's daughter, what was her, oh yeah, Roma, hell, it could even be something simpler like say Chimera teaming up with Timeslip and Persuasion. Maybe even Cable or Bishop or any other time and dimensional traveler with access to advanced tech. But who among any of them would give a giant rat's ass about this Earth and its Sekirei? Let alone send him here? Damn. He was going in circles here. Too many possibilities, too few plausible motives. Still, he was probably right about being used again. But why?

Logan swore as the wrench slipped off the large nut he was tightening on the older model box truck's rear axle housing. His right knuckles banged sharply and painfully against the rear axle housing. Sighing at his own continuing lack of concentration, he reset the wrench and tightened the stubborn nut down, using his long experience and "feel" to sense the right amount of torque. There, he thought smugly as he scooted on his back out from under the ancient 2008 Mitsubishi Fuso Fe125. One Kazehana rear seal replaced, new u-joints, new Akitsu disc brakes and jasmine smelling tires all around, new shocks, new soft lips, new belts, new water pump, 4 cylinder turbocharged diesel engine tuned, sweet round ass, and new bushings on the steering rods. This bonded sweetheart is ready to roll on down the futon. No, dammit! Think straight!

He raised up too soon at catching his mind wandering again and thumped his forehead on the underside of the truck's box body. Swearing again, he slammed his wrench down into his new toolbox, sat down with his back to the truck, and sighed heavily. Face it, dummy, Logan shook his head in chagrin. Whether planned by a powerful entity or possibly accidental, Kazehana and now Akitsu's bonding to him was emotionally kicking his ass and really messing with his mind big time.

Logan let his head thump back against the side of the truck and closed his eyes. What in the hell had those two done to him? He had agreed to kiss Uzume and Kazehana to stop their Sekirei reacting torture, which any honorable warrior would have done, but man, Kazehana's bonding felt even more intense than the psychic connection he had with Psylocke. So was Akitsu's. Logan opened his eyes and frowned as he thought that last over. But how? Betts was one of the stronger telepaths he knew, not like Jean Grey had been of course, but almost as strong as Emma Frost and Rachel Grey.

"Forever and ever, Lover-kun," Kazehana's big, smiling dark eyes had sparkled from the city lights below them. "The enchantment winds of my pact will blow away my Ashikabi's dark clouds."

There. Right there. A PACT. One sided. Logan rubbed his chin in agitated concern. And Akitsu's pledge had sounded just as intense, albeit more readily lethal. Neither Matsu nor Uzume had said anything after their bonding with him. So why was Kazehana and Akitsu making one sided, forever and ever pacts? Man, they sounded mighty permanent. What was his Sekirei going to do when he returned to his own Earth and time? Die? Go with him?

Oh, now wouldn't THAT go over big! If they did, none of his Sekirei would probably be too happy with him for having Emma or Rachel or Betts try to break their bonding. Uzume and Kochou might be okay with it, maybe even Matsu eventually, but Kazehana? Akitsu? Nah. Their binding pacts were a unilateral, demanding nothing, self sacrificing promise to do everything within their powers to make him happy and protected while sounding totally permanent. Man, those were going to be tough to break without killing them. So should he even try?

Logan looked up at the cobweb filled ceiling of the little one bay, cement block, old garage he had rented to store and work on the truck and motorcycle. Damn he could use a few cold beers right now. Maybe even a case. What the hell? He had never had any female, ever, go all in on him in love at their first meeting and/or before he'd had a chance to develop his own feelings for her. Now he had at least five, maybe more in less than twenty four freaking hours!

What to do? And damn! Why did all five have to be so, so, well, over freaking whelming? And incredibly desirable? And hey, don't forget Haihane had been damn good fun too. There had to be an answer here somewhere, something a whole lot better than simply being used as pawn in Mickey's game. Since he didn't have any beer, maybe he should meditate?

Logan shoved his toolbox aside, assumed the lotus position, and began to regulate his breathing for deep meditation. In times past when he had needed answers from within himself, this was the way he had been taught to do it decades ago by his Samurai masters, and it almost always worked. He expanded his mind's awareness, dropped his mental shield, and began his internal discourse.

My body is at rest, in harmony with nature within and without. My spirit is at peace. Neither sight nor sound nor taste nor touch nor smell … not even the smallest sensation … to disturb this all embracing stillness. All I'm left with are my thoughts.

Logan let his mind move back through his memories seeking the one place where he had experienced the greatest peace in his life. There were gaps again, disturbing because somehow he knew down deep that he had recovered all his real memories at one time, but now once again pieces of his life had been taken from him. Nevertheless, he retreated down the corridors of time in his mind, past his time with the Avengers, X-Force, the Civil War, Skrull Invasion, the Decimation, Apocalypse, his regression after stripped of his Adamantium by Magneto, recruitment by Charles Xavier, Alpha Flight, Department H, Weapon X, WW II, Madripoor, WW I, and running feral wild as a youth in the Canadian Rockies.

Clearing those mostly blood soaked images he then found himself kneeling in front of Jean Grey's grave in mourning and remembrance, next traveling in his mind to the old cabin and putting flowers on the grave of Silverfox, then visiting the Yashida family compound to relive his time and memories with Mariko, and then heading for Jasmine Falls for Itsu's stone marker and... His focus was suddenly yanked into another recent memory.

"DON'T you DARE call me Darlin'! Ever Again!" The strident voice of Kitty Pryde sliced through his attempt to find his inner peaceful center at Jasmine Falls. Instead, his mind had him suddenly standing in the library of the Jean Grey Academy facing a very pissed off Kitty. A large book thumped off his forehead followed by another, thrown at him by her in the midst of an angry rant the likes he had never seen from her before. What memory was this? He couldn't place it. When had it happened? She had surprised him so badly that he hadn't even tried to instinctively duck or dodge the heavy books.

"I'm NOT one of your booze buddy floozies, Logan! And I will NOT be demeaned as one by you! And another thing! I'm not Kid, Kiddo, Half Pint, Squirt, Suburbia, Kitten, Doll, or any other damn dumb nick name making me any less than an adult woman and super close friend that deserves better from you! Do you understand? Treat me like a grown woman who MEANS something to you, damn you!"

"What the Hell?" He had turned and asked an equally nonplussed Hank McCoy after Miss Katherine Pryde had literally flounced out of the library in a total huff. The books on the floor before him were titles about proper English elocution and decorous social manners. The Beast looked just as baffled as Logan.

"Ummm, not sure Logan," Hank had mused in speculation while scratching thoughtfully between his blue furred ears. "But did you ever notice that with females there's always Another Thing? Always confuses me too. Anyway, I think she's still very upset about Bobby going off to war with you and getting killed. She was pretty fond of him before he left. Then the Shi'ar doc examined Kitty a couple of days ago and found that her Brood impregnation before the Shadowbox Wars had badly scarred her fallopian tubes.

"Kitty is almost incapable of conceiving a child normally, Logan, and extremely disappointed, inconsolably angry actually, that you, ummm, have ignored her, ummm, signals of sexual interest in years when she was fertile and especially since the Wars ended. Now this exam has really hurt her badly. She has always wanted children, Logan, and I think if the truth be known deep within her, your children, and you."

"WHAT? Me and Pryde?"

"Yeah," Hank returned absently while yawning. "But maybe not all that weird. She's was your sidekick trainee before Jubilee, who has also major crushed on you to this day by the way, even if she is a vampire. How many young gals did you mentor or sidekick over the years? Natalia the Black Widow, Carol Danvers, what's her name Polaris, oh yeah Armor, Wolfsbane, Rogue of course, Dazzler, Domino, Amp, hell, I've lost count.

"Me, I've never mentored one hot young chick like you Logan, not one. Never even took one jogging through the woods. I never trusted joggers anyway. Always discovering dead bodies and skeletal remains and nasty stuff. Seems mighty convenient to me. WAY too convenient. I'm no detective though, just saying. Suspicious."

"Rough night with Abigail?" He finally asked after giving the rambling McCoy a long, quizzical eyeball. Joggers were serial killers?

"Yeah, rode me like a champion rodeo bull. Stayed on the full eight hours too. Just like Kitty wants to do you. Isn't no wonder she's pissed off about your all night poker parties with Poison, Verre, and the B.A.D. Girls. Kitty's been REALLY jealous of the Academy's maids and cooks you hired. And Storm is getting ready to unload on you, Logan. Big time. Pretty sure the rest of your sidekicks are feeling the same way these days since the wars ended, and no doubt Rachel, Betsy, Dagger, Surge, Sage, M, Frenzy, and every other too horny female around here too. Even Blink and Pixie since you started eyeballing Ava'Dara. That's why I'm hiding out from them all down in the labs. Abigail's killing me as it is."

Logan's meditating breathing broke rhythm as he frowned at the total oddness of that memory. He had hired criminal gals as maids and cooks? Eyeballing the Warbird? Since when? Damn! And who could have ever seen that coming with the Half Pint? Let alone Storm and the others. They all had turned their backs on him for other guys, some even a couple of times. Keeping his eyes closed, Logan examined some of the strange blank spaces in his memories.

There had never been any Shadowbox Wars either, had there? Well, there was that one incident where an unknown would be invader's open dimensional portal had been blasted from the S.W.O.R.D. Orbital station by Hank's half alien girlfriend Abigail Brand. That had to have caused some very serious world wide damage to that other planet, but Bobby Iceman Drake hadn't even been involved in that. No retaliation attack on Earth 616 that Logan knew about either. And when had Kitty been knocked up by some Brood Queen? That hadn't happened. Or had it when he had left the School to fight with the Avengers against Cyclops and his renegade X-Men? Or maybe both the Wars and Kitty's Brood problem HAD happened, and now he'd forgotten them?

All this didn't make sense either. And he had called gals "Darlin'" for years! But he hadn't been calling any female Darlin' yesterday or today. When had he changed? Slightly shaking his head in puzzlement and beginning his meditating mantra anew, Logan resumed his breathing, and headed for the most peaceful center of his memories; his time with Itsu at Jasmine Falls.

Almost immediately he was there and walking past the blooming cherry trees that lined the pathway leading up a grassy hillside. The long used dirt path wound past the waterfalls before ending in the distance at the little hillside cabin he had built for Itsu. Fragrant cherry blossoms were wafting about in the light breeze that was also sighing through the long grasses on the hill as well as the cherry tree branches. A wet, soothing mist from the steeply falling water behind him sparkled with a rainbow in the warm morning sun.

Logan stopped to sit and relish every nuance of the scene, letting its peace and quietude bask the center of his soul. Sometimes he would watch a memory of Itsu walking past, smiling and singing as she held a flower to her nose. Here he had found deep peace for a time, deep peace and soul satisfying love with his sweet, kind hearted, and totally loving Japanese wife. After long moments of simply savoring the sweet memories of his long ago home and love, Logan finally gathered his psychic power and sent out a mental call.

Betsy? Emma? Rachel?

Getting no response from his X-Women telepaths, he repeated the mental S.O.S. several times before he got a weak nudge from what felt like a far away female presence.

Logan? Logan! Logan, it IS you! Oh YES! Where ARE you?

Logan, eyes still closed and half self hypnotized, cocked his head slightly in an involuntary attempt to hear better in his mind. Whoever this was didn't "feel" familiar to him.

Tokyo. I'm in Tokyo. This is Betsy, right?

What? Who's Betsy?

Uhhh, WHO is this?

Are you nuts? I'm SARA! Why did you leave me, Logan?

Leave? Who? Me? I, uhhh, had to fight? On the moon?

Logan! Damn you! If you think you can bullshit...

The mental connection to the unknown female faded into a far off ball of hot anger in his mind then winked out. None too soon for him he suspected.

"Who is Betsy, Emma, Rachel, and Sara?" From somewhere to his right and behind him, Kazehana's mental voice washed through him with a mildly curious tone.

In his mind Logan turned to see her and Akitsu both standing on the pink blossom covered path beside Jasmine Falls, wearing nothing but happy and slightly teasing smiles as more petals fell around them. Well, there went the meditating neighborhood! His two psychic Sekirei had slipped past his open mental shield to mentally join him in his meditative state! Now how in the name of Yowsa! was a fella supposed to meaningfully meditate with instant hardwood?

"Logan-chan! Pretty! SO Pretty! This Jasmine Falls memory is such a GOOD place!" Akitsu clapped her hands in childlike fashion while gazing in wide eyed approval all about her. Then her eyes snapped down to look intently into his. "Take us here, Logan-chan, and take us!"

"I like the sounds of that too, Stiffy-chan!" Kazehana laughed softly while giving him a nude, slow, and very sexy shoulder shimmy. What that did to his peaceful center's surrounding scenery was a meditating dream stopper in an onrush of hot desire that suddenly crackled between them both and incredibly, Akitsu too.

Logan's mind went completely blank, whatever hopes of finding a solution to his other worldly Tokyo problems totally shut down. Naked breasts had always been very high on his interest list. He sat beside his Fuso truck like an aroused, mindless, imitation stone Buddha for several very long minutes until the sounds of the garage side door opening a few paces from him impinged upon his senses. One deep sniff of tuna flavored hyssop identified his visitor, but he turned to look towards the back side door of the garage anyway.

Haihane was standing in the open doorway in a disheveled, short blue kimono, her frizzed hair matted and tangled, her sneakers untied, deep dark circles under her eyes, and her face and exposed skin blushing a deep red. She had her claws slung on her back and was carrying a handful of cigars and a case of canned Sapporo beer.

"Hey, Old Man," Haihane greeted him in a hoarse whisper and with a sickly smile of apology.

"Hank, what the hell? How'd you find me?"

"Heh, turns out I got a helluva Old Man locator in my head now, an', heh, Hank, love that nickname too. Kinda pervy guy gal soundin', ya know? I was, uhhh, kinda in the neighborhood, just hangin' around like. Punched out the beer truck driver behind the 7-11 konbini across the street and swiped his cigars and some beer. Then, uhhh, ya know, kinda waited my chance to see ya again, maybe? The two gals up top seemed to take a kneelin' nap after Uzume hopped over to the 7-11, so I, uhhh, kinda sneaked in, and, well, thought ya might like a beer or two and, uhhh, a good smoke. Maybe even another hot bath and screw somewhere? Together?"

"Babe, I'm really sorry about last night," Logan began while wincing at the waves of hot pain now radiating from her as her body wobbled in effort to keep standing. "I had no idea it would hurt you so badly or cause so much..."

"Awww," Haihane attempted a weak chuckle while unwittingly dropping her beer and cigars to simply cling with both hands to the doorway for support. "I ain't sorry. Not even a little bit. It was worth it, Old Man. I sure ain't gonna die a virgin now, ya know? Even as a gal named Hank. Heh. I just come by now to see if ya might like to drink a few beers, smoke a stogie, and uhhh, just fuck and suck each others brains out, with, with kisses this time."

"Dammit Hank!" Logan began as he thumped his head hard twice against his truck's side in self recrimination. What a total shithead he had been with her! As if he hadn't learned a damn thing from his bloody, murderous, "too many girlfriends getting killed" past! He was going to get her killed too, or already had, if, if, shit! If he didn't wing her!

"And, uhhh, well," Haihane gasped in dismay at his pained, eyes squeezed shut, facial expression. "I can understand ya maybe not wantin' a plain dumb bitch like me around. I know I ain't the brightest bulb in the pachinko marquee, sure ain't anywhere near cute, helluva dirty smellin' mess now, and I guess ya know I ain't much of a fighter either. I was hopin' maybe ya might wanna teach me, an', an' I'd bust my damn butt to learn.

"But, uhhh, if not, maybe you could, uhhh, just use your claws and put me down quick? I, uhhh, I don't think I can last much longer. The frozen tuna vaults down at the fish markets just wasn't workin' out for me, dude. Ya might wanna head there pretty soon though. Ol' Benny's in pretty bad shape, knocked out, but still burnin' up. Kinda funny her dyin' a virgin on a stack of frozen tuna, ain't it, Old Man? Almost, almost as funny as me here, smellin' like her, an', an'… uhhh..."

"Damn!" Logan exclaimed as Haihane slid slowly down to her knees, still trying to smile apologetically. He came out of his own self blaming funk to scramble up and jumped to catch her as her fingers just couldn't hold onto the doorway anymore. Taking a deep breath and yet knowing he didn't have a choice, Logan snagged her under her arms and pulled her lips to his.

Panting softly, she was only able to let her jaws sag open and let his tongue invade her mouth. Wings of white with deep streaks of indigo only flared briefly behind her, and yet, a dark pink Sekirei bird crest formed perfectly and imprinted between her shoulder blades. Her eyes fluttered as she moaned in relief and her hands came up to weakly clasp at his bulging biceps. She missed. Her head flopped backwards as all strength left her, but he caught her.

"Ahhh, fuck, thanks Old Man," Haihane whispered in one shaky breath before passing out.

"Sonofabitch! Logan you dumb sonofabitch!" He snarled at himself before picking her up and carrying her across the door's threshold like a new bride and groom. "She's too HOT! AKITSU! KAZEHANA! AKITSU! I NEED HELP!"

A heartbeat later Akitsu landed beside them, took one look at Haihane's deeply flushed face, and began waving her hands up and down the unconscious Sekirei's body, cooing in sympathy as she began cooling Haihane's too hot flesh.

"You kissed her!" Uzume blurted accusingly as she and Kazehana touched down on either side of their Ashikabi a second later. Uzume was carrying a cold six pack of beer and a bag of salted pretzel sticks from the 7-11 and mentally kicking herself for making a snack and booze run to give Haihane an opening past the suddenly meditating Akitsu and Kazehana. Her self kicking and long hatred of Haihane, along with NOT being called to help, caused Uzume to say too loudly and too sharply, "I TOLD you she's BIG trouble!"

"YOU," Logan snapped back in instant anger to make Uzume flinch badly, "and ME are gonna fucking tangle if you don't fucking lighten up! I couldn't let Hank suffer any more than I could let you! We're here to save lives until I find a way to cut you all free without killing you, dammit!

"Don't you understand? I am bigger trouble for all of you! Dying trouble! But my days of pointless murder are over! Even for you! And I got more news! There's another one named Benny in some fish market or warehouse that needs saved too! And if you or anyone else don't like that, then that's tough shit! Now you get with my damn program here, Uzume, or just haul your tight ass and heartless pretty tits back to Izumo and keep away from me from now on! Got it?"

"She gets it, Lo-chan," Kazehana smoothly moved in between him and a very wounded and shocked looking Uzume who was now receiving a really cold glare from Akitsu. Uzume shook her head slightly in near panic. No! She hadn't meant to make their Ashikabi angry! Haihane was bad news! And an enemy! And he called her heartless? That hurt!

"You NOT make my Ashikabi unhappy, or I CUT you!" That sharp threatening hiss past Akitsu's lips almost matched her frosty eyes and gave Uzume a new meaning for "if looks could kill." The message was clear. Uzume was on very thin ice of Akitsu's very short fuse, which even made mixed metaphor sense if one suddenly gets a thin, razor sharp icicle thrown angrily into one's throat.

"Take Claws back inside, Lover," Kazehana shifted just as quickly to get between Akitsu and wincing Uzume. "Kiss her again to let her psychic Norito strength help revive her, and, ummm, chug a beer or two for yourself. Then Aki-chan can keep cooling her down while Claws tells us how to find Benitsubasa. Uzume and you can chat latter."

"She can take her inquisition chats and shove 'em!" Logan growled low in his throat. "I ain't putting put up with any more of THAT shit! She can just take her lousy attitude and kiss my ass if..."

"You're right," Kazehana agreed while reaching out to caress Logan's left shoulder and then start lightly rubbing his chest in small circles. In sympathetic fondling and equally caressing vocal tones as she moved behind him and pressed into his back, she continued in a sympathetic pouting tone with, "And you're tired and thirsty and hungry, Sweetums. You've worked SO hard and done SO much last night and all day and the sun has already set now. Let's get Benitsubasa, then go back to the Inn and bathe, eat, and rest, okay, Honey-kun?"

"All right," Logan's stressed out anger faded rapidly with Kazehana's warm whispers in his left ear despite knowing full well he was being treated like a hot headed idiot, but the cold black shield around his mind was back. This whole damn temporary Sekirei harem thing was so NOT going to work! He had better redouble his efforts to find a way back home as soon he could, or the whole damn city would be bonding to him, driving him further homicidal nuts than he already knew he was, and eventually killing them all.

Less than a minute later Haihane revived enough to stare in slightly frowning wonder up at a kneeling Logan holding her head in his lap and cradling her to him protectively.

"Hi Babe, welcome back," Logan smiled down at her. She raised her left hand to lightly touch his right jaw as if trying to make sure he was real.

"Awww, you sweet perv. I didn't think you'd," Haihane swallowed hard to keep from choking up. "I REALLY didn't think you'd want..."

"Ahhh, I'm just a gigolo," Logan chuckled lightly, and surprisingly finished in a smiling, lighthearted sing song parody. "And everyplace I go, I'm a sucker for a hot gal just like you. With pretty light blue eyes, a case of beer, sweet thighs, and not wearing her... new panties."

"Heh, lost 'em somewhere," Haihane's eyes came a little further to life with amused understanding, "An' you're an old perv too, but that wrinkled wastoid David Lee Roth ain't ever put the grrrr in bigger like you can."

"Yeah, he was a total bust wasn't he? Kinda like Mick Jagger. Young and old. Or maybe he just never had the right beer, bath, and a hot number like you to put the grrrr into? But you're right, I am too old too. Now, where's your friend Benny? I think it's dark enough to move around in the air. I'm going to carry you Hank, and Kazehana's going to fly us all there to save her."

Uzume literally bit her tongue, looked down at the garage floor and balled her fists in further silent and jealous dismay. If there had been any doubt about how far down she was on her Ashikabi's shit list now, that last sideways gigolo dig had just told her.

And what was that about him cutting them all free without killing them? And the dark coldness of self loathing she felt coming from him? And being TOO old? As in not wanting to get much older? He hated himself? That much? And maybe her now too? That, that wasn't how she really wanted things to be! For either of them! Damn her fast temper and tongue! Uzume looked up to see Kazehana and Akitsu both staring at her with thin lipped frowns of warning. Logan's patience was not to be tried any further by Uzume, now or later, or else.

"Head for the Tsukiji fish market then," Haihane nodded up at Logan with short rapid nods of understanding. "I'll show ya the warehouse. It's got a green metal roof, and it's full of frozen tuna. And, uhhh, better keep an eye out for Karasuba. She's probably out hunting Benny and me, and really pissed off too."

"Tsukiji? That's central Tokyo. Let's go, and screw that Karasuba, whoever in the hell she is. And she better look out. I'm suddenly in the mood to kick some major ass in this town." Logan picked Haihane up again before turning to look coldly at Uzume. "Which way you going?"

A freezing chill instantly swept through Uzume and painfully squeezed her heart. That look from him HURT! She had already instinctively known earlier that Kazehana and Akitsu had much deeper bonds with Logan than she and even Matsu. Now with that look and his obvious ongoing anger with her, was he starting to reject Uzume's weaker bonds to him? It would kill her if he did! She gasped for breath in fear of what her silly jealousy was causing. Her throat was suddenly too constricted for speech to say she wanted to go with him.

"With us," Kazehana smiled innocently while grabbing Uzume's right bicep and squeezing hard in another discreet warning to just keep her too tart mouth shut. Despite his easy teasing tenderness towards Haihane, which was actually making Kazehana feel a little jealous too, Logan's shiny black mind shield was back and that was very bad news for all of them, especially if his Sekirei were trying to win his heart and love forever and ever.

*scene break*

"Young goddess of Kouten, if Sekirei only mate once, forever and ever," the soft female voice from the shadows had a very puzzled one, "then why did an alien immortal like yourself consort with a fragile mortal human knowing your time together would be so very brief? And yet you still mourn so greatly years after his death?"

"I was," Miya Asama hesitated in searching for the right word, "completely ignorant of love when awakened from my damaged ship's emergency stasis, ignorant of all emotions really. My Mother's training on Kouten was for war, planet care, and rule, nothing else. I was only to accompany our colonizing expedition, learn about and from our human/Sekirei interbreeding program, and return, not crash and be forced to stay. My late human husband, one of the scientists who helped us upon our discovery, was kind, gentle, generous, full of life and humor. These I had never experienced before, and after being around him for a long time, I found that I had always been starved for affection, loving attention, and concern. I was finally able to respond to his warmth, but I then found I was very ignorant of what bonding was too, especially after I met Logan."

"You consorted with your human mate with no bonding heat of your own?"

"No, no bonding heat, only happiness. Takehito wasn't an Ashikabi, just, just a very good man."

"But now you are still feeling bonding heat for my Lord Logan. And have been since you first met."

"Yes, but," Miya paused again, more in dismay and chagrin this time. "I'm afraid he will not want to bond with me now, and would reject me if I forced myself upon him. He has closed his mind."

"Did I not predict this?" The unknown female's tone was not accusatory nor gloating, but simply factual and even sympathetic. Miya merely nodded silently in return. Everything the strange, green robed, and hooded woman had predicted by Takehito's grave had come exactly true so far. There was just one event of that forecast left to happen for the mysterious female seer to be completely accurate.

From her hidden vantage point on the roof of a seven story apartment building two blocks east of Izumo Inn, Miya let her anxious eyes once again sweep Tokyo's brightly lit skyline and then look up at the cloud free night sky. Somewhere out beyond the myriad of the Milky Way Galaxy's stars, in another time and another dimension, was Logan's home Earth. Would he soon return there and leave her here to die? Miya bit her lip, closed her eyes, and shook her head slightly as a wave of hopeless despair swept over her.

Why had she been such a sharp tongued fool with him? Why hadn't she acknowledged her deep interest in him to herself and acted upon it much sooner, especially after watching that video of him and Akitsu naked together in Shiba Park? That had left Miya KNOWING she desired him greatly. So why hadn't she just thrown her stiff pride, reserve, and self doubts aside as Matsu had done and simply begged him to wing her?

Logan had been willing and kind enough to not reject Matsu, and then wing Uzume and Kazehana to stop their reacting agony. Then he had quickly winged Akitsu, Haihane, Benitsubasa, and now Kochou for the same reason, but Miya had remained aloof, watching, hesitating, and making sure the strange robed woman's predictions would all come true before approaching Logan. Only now it was too late. His psychic mind was totally shielded, cold, hard, and completely unreceptive. Nor, except for small leaks and cracks, could Miya feel one iota of difference between him and any other human male in the city who was not an Ashikabi. He had somehow naturally learned how not to appeal to an unwinged Sekirei, nor respond to them.

She had been spent the night before, all day yesterday, and now most of tonight following Logan around and keeping a surreptitious watch on his activities; watching and waiting to see if everything that had been predicted over her late husband's grave in the afternoon day before yesterday was true or not. If it was, then Miya would very soon be forced to consider a very disturbing, life or death choice that would last, one way or another, forever and ever.

Miya had been weeping in frustration, guilt, and self pity while kneeling before Takehito's grave, bemoaning her stupid actions and hasty words that had led to Logan's cold, hard hostility towards her upon their first meeting. She was also weeping in heated jealousy since Matsu had called earlier. Number Two had breathlessly and joyfully announced that Logan had winged her, but he had refused to come to Izumo Inn and had no interest in winging any more Sekirei. An unknown, green robed, and hooded woman then suddenly appeared beside Takehito's grave stone. After a respectful, graceful greeting, she made a simple self introduction as just being a woman already deeply bonded to Logan.

The stranger had then given a quick presentation of the current facts about Miya's life and fears for MBI's Sekirei Plan. Then the woman had made specific predictions about what would soon be happening starting then until on this roof now, asking Miya to test her veracity, and on that basis, respond to her request to travel to another dimensional Earth and make another attempt to be winged by Logan.

Miya had silently listened while slightly frowning at the visitor's robed, hooded, and face shrouded form which had emanated an unbelievable aura of power about her. That intense nimbus had literally shimmered in a soft yet bright green glow that had been hard to look at yet and had also kept the unknown newcomer's face in hooded shadows. The tone of the unknown seer's voice, however, had been tender, warm, and caring; her words reaching into the depths of Miya's soul with unmistakable feelings of truth, concern, and honesty.

Even though it had hurt to hear the visitor say that although Miya's late husband might have deserved her fond memory, there was no denying that now, Miya Asama, Daughter Goddess of Kouten, wanted this powerful and highly attractive Logan as her Ashikabi, lover, and great love forever and ever.

Logan was now coming out of the Inn and walking around the grounds in deep thought. Although he was tightly shielded, she could still faintly feel him in her mind. Sudden Sekirei reactive heat engulfed her to where she gasped and staggered to stand upright. After several long seconds of struggling to gain control and composure, the lights of Tokyo's skyline began to blur in deep disappointment as to what his cold, black mental shield meant for Miya's present fate. Logan, obviously very unhappy, closed off, and deeply disturbed, would certainly reject her if she presented herself to him for bonding. And, it would kill her.

"My Lord is extremely gifted in many ways, young goddess of Kouten," Miya's companion murmured sympathetically from the deep darkness cast by the building's elevator housing, "but his mind shield is mostly a product of his iron will and dedicated hard work. Now it resists even me who helped him polish it, however there are very small cracks still. Probe them with my help. Tell me what you can feel in them?"

"Death, blood, animal rage, rejection, pain," Miya said slowly after closing her eyes and frowning hard in concentration. "Great pain, even greater sorrow and heartaches. Deep love. Very deep love, loyalty, and devotion for past partners. And, anger at being here, unhappy with being entangled, and a purpose to, to return home and make his friends as safe as he … OH! is he, is he?"

"Yes, suicidal, very suicidal," the green robed female murmured sadly. "So much so that even with all my powers and the months of happiness we spent together, I can't give him back his will to live now. His sickness unto death began from all the nonstop killing he had done in two very bloody world wars. That triggered his first attempts, trying to freeze to death and asking a witch to kill him, but his healing factor returned his frozen body to life. The witch fell in love with him and refused his request. Years after that he was captured and made into a deadly, brain washed assassin by evil government operatives and scientists. Decades later his memories of his brain washed, robotic killing years returned, and he found that he had been made to slaughter an entire village, four thousand plus men, women, and children just as a test of their evil control over his mind. My Lord couldn't live with that old horror, he stabbed his brain, but again his healing factor thwarted his desire for death.

"He has tried multiple times since, especially after he was maneuvered by vengeful criminals into fighting and killing three sons and two daughters he hadn't even known were his. Then he found out a fourth unknown son had been behind it all while also cruelly manipulated by lies and hatred. That son finally committed suicide in an attempt to destroy and vilely spite his estranged father.

"In between all those tragedies, my Lord fought men of evil on his own, he joined powerful teams, and continued fighting in more bloody and insane wars on his planet and even in interstellar space. During all that combat over the span of almost a century, my Lord gave his whole heart to only four women. One by one, heartbroken anew each time, he buried them after their violent deaths. Two died simply because they were allied to him and used for more cruel manipulation of his powers and talents. He slew the other two in tender love and mercy so they wouldn't suffer. One was poisoned, and one was possessed by a destructive galactic force that was threatening to destroy their world and asked him for her release.

"Other females of whom he was fond were repeatedly kidnapped and held hostage to manipulate or blackmail him. Some were greatly abused and even killed simply to hurt him. He continued to actively contemplate taking his own life, so much so that it triggered his fascination with a disturbed painting by an ancient artist named Van Gogh who also committed suicide, and an old song about Van Gogh's insanity that was named 'Starry Starry Night'. Eventually he fled his dimension to live in anonymity and seclusion on a different world. Even then he was occasionally forced to fight great evil in disguise because my Lord has always been heroic, courageous, and honorable in his heart, but that old song and suicidal artist still fascinates him to this day, especially when his memory is affected by great trauma. I have tried everything I could to break that suicidal desire of my Lord, and am now reduced to this one last opportunity."

"Then," Miya's facial expressions changed as her analytical mind and now swirling emotions rapidly processed all this. They went from stoic to interested to horrified to worried then almost weirdly pleased and half smiling as one thing stood out her despite his current emotional instability. "Then Logan is almost like a heroic demigod of war and, and, ummm, love?"

"Yes, very much so, and for me, even more. He is now my Lord. Years after he fled his home planet, we met, and I thought him an enemy during a time of great troubles and betrayal of my kingdom. Even though my forces were eventually defeated in fighting and I was gravely wounded by him, he refused to kill me, protected me, and even gave of himself to heal me.

"Understand, I had been abandoned by all my family, my friends, my fighters, my people, and cruelly left for dead. It had never happened to me before. Out of the depths of his natural compassion and goodness, my former enemy alone refused to let me die. I thought all hope was lost when everyone fled, but my Lord freely shared his beautiful nature, tender care, and his healing powers, asking nothing in return. He helped me start life anew in the empty ruins of my kingdom. For that alone I could not help but completely bond myself to him. Then, just by being him, humorous, warm, courageous, honorable, and deeply caring, I fell in love, gave him my whole heart, and made him my consort and Lord. I now love him as I have never loved before, ever, but my love for him could not heal the old, too deep, and devastating wounds in his heart. Night after night I wept over him and for him as he slept and kept singing that terrible song in his troubled dreams. I began craving and then plotting to find a way to make his cruelly scarred heart whole and happy, but I failed in every attempt."

"How did Logan-san come here? To this, this dimensional Earth? Why?"

"A few years ago my Lord learned that his home planet would be embroiled in a massive inter dimensional war. I begged him and begged him to stay with me and not return there, but his loyalty and devotion and determination to make his old friends and teammates safe came between us. I had to let him go. I set him free in hopes he would come back to me and my great love for him, but that war, a war beyond even my comprehension for inhuman savagery, engulfed him. And hurt him much too deeply again. Hurt him so badly that now he can't live with himself even in victory. Nor will he return to me for he knows my old enemies now in control of his world would follow and try to attack me again, just as they are already plotting his death to more secure their controlling power.

"Now, with most of his war allies and comrades dead or imprisoned, he is only working to build a secure place and safer future for the few remaining friends he loved and fought beside on Earth 616. The place is called the House of L, a sanctuary to heal and preserve life. He wants it shielding his friends until a better, kinder government can come to power and make their futures as risk-free as can be attained while surviving the current inter dimensional turmoil. Also, to keep them and me safe, and from being aligned too closely to him, he is also planning his uncharted escape and a hidden suicidal death once his building is done."

"But he came here badly wounded, sick, hurt, alone, cut off from his world, and not even knowing who, what, or where he was," Miya tried to wrap her mind around and make sense of everything she had heard. Something was very wrong here. Logan's powerful consort had almost killed him to help him gain a will to live? "Was this a result of another failed attempt to kill himself?"

"No, but I, I had to do something before he did!" The hooded woman's voice broke from near weeping emotion. Her hands came out of the folds of her robe to wring together in anguish. "I searched every dimensional Earths' possible time lines past and future for a ray of hope, a possibility, anything to restore his will to live and heal his deep despair. The best I could find was this one movable singularity between Earth 2301 and Earth 616 that had very complex interactive factors. Even then the future outcomes for my Lord could not be favorably predicted as there were too many female variables involved on both planets. I then chose the one set of temporal and dimensional equations of this singularity that at least gave several possibilities of my Lord surviving. I set them in motion using the most promising derivative factors available on each Earth and with you, young goddess of Kouten, as part of the best constant between them."

"I, I don't understand," Miya frowned uncertainly. "Part of a constant? Me? What does that mean?"

"The most I can say to keep the derivative equations as statistically favorable as possible for my Lord's future life is that if you stay on Earth 2301 tonight, then my Lord will certainly reject any future attempt by you to bond with him here. You will die here, young goddess, painfully rejected, and all the children of Kouten will eventually die in MBI's vile Sekirei Plan. My Lord will also eventually die by his own hand, but if you come with me to Earth 616, then you will have a better chance to bond with my Lord on a much more favorable basis. Both of you and all of Kouten's Sekirei will have a much better chance of living. And if your bonding to him happens, then my Lord Logan could yet return to me with his spirit healed."

"But what if Logan-san finds out that you, ummm, have schemed..."

"He won't. I have the telepathic power to selectively erase memories. After our talk here, you will only remember that a stranger gave you a fresh opportunity to favorably meet Logan. You must engage him anew on Earth 616 and win him for yourself, not for me."

"But, uhhh, where will we, and, and what will happen to this Earth, and..."

"You? You and Kouten's children?" The green robed woman finished Miya's thoughts and fears, her large hood still covering her head and hiding her face as she partially emerged from the elevator housing's shadows. "Where will you end up? I simply don't know. There are several positive possibilities as I have mentioned, each I can gladly accept for my Lord's survival, and each with you and Kouten's children finding and living happy, contented, and fruitful lives, but there are absolutely no guarantees.

"You will have to fight on Earth 616, young goddess, fight like you've never fought before against very powerful foes to win his heart. If you do, I, I may even completely lose my Lord's heart to you, but I will take those risks for his sake. I simply chose the best factors I could get, yet there are still better chances for total failure for everyone than success in this derivative set of equations. Beyond that I cannot say any more of Earth 616 lest this mobile singularity would get moved in a negative way by your becoming any less of an inter dimensional constant than you are right now."

"Are there multiple possibilities if I don't leave?"

"Yes, there are several singularities that run close to this one, all negative. In one your ship never comes to the surface for discovery and remains entombed forever in cooled magma on the ocean bottom. In another, my Lord falls to another Earth and your Inn becomes a base for a young college student who wings several powerful Sekirei and eventually you. The Sekirei Plan proceeds and all Sekirei are slaughtered save one. In a third, this Earth is invaded from another dimension's past and made into a breeding colony for soldiers in a vast inter dimensional/temporal war. You and most of your Sekirei simply become egg producers that are fertilized by alien clone warriors until this Earth is destroyed in a nuclear holocaust. To be totally honest, there are several singularities where you leave, but you either perish and/or simply don't return. In every case wars erupt, my Lord and all Sekirei are eventually hunted down, killed, or die later in captivity."

"So if I go with you, we all would at least have some chance for life and happiness," Miya murmured while pensively biting her lower lip. If all this was true, then leaving was really her only option, and then she would have to fight to make it back. That also meant her fate and that of all Sekirei would be depending on her fighting skills, experience, training, and cunning. Logan had come out tonight, she had reacted very strongly, and now Logan was coldly shielded and aloof. Although everything the strange female beside Miya had predicted earlier over her late husband's grave had now come true, was that enough for Miya to go traveling across dimensional planes to Earth 616 in slim hopes of getting a new start for Logan's affections?

"If you stay, my Lord certainly dies. You die," the green robed seer finished softly, "alone, in great pain, and childless."

"Childless? You mean, if I go, I may live, and might also have a child with Logan?"

"That would be a possibility, one that I would greatly welcome also. Having a big loving family is one of my Lord's deepest held desires. Young goddess of Kouten, know this well. I am already bonded to my Lord Logan deeper than you can conceive at this moment. I desperately want you to share that bonding to save him and because his life and happiness is the absolute utmost importance to me. Whatever and whoever it takes to make him want to live and be happy, I will use every power I have to make it happen, but I am not all powerful. And now I urgently need help, your help, and I have no shame in begging you for it. Since you and he are both near immortal, you may have hundreds of children with him, and as long as I too shall live, I will love, bless, and care for each as if they were mine also."

Miya turned to stare at her rooftop companion in astonishment. One child or even several were a very deep desire of hers also, one very carefully hidden from everyone. But hundreds? It had been her greatest disappointment in her life with Takehito that she had not conceived, but then she had not bonded to her late husband to become fertile since he had not been an Ashikabi, just a very lovable and kind human male. Logan on the other hand, was a virile powerhouse of a psychic sexy male that would almost certainly be able to turn bonding heat with her into quick conception. And beget love, a mutual romantic love forever and ever that she craved more than anything in the depths of her Kouten goddess soul.

Could that yet happen? Logan already had Kazehana, Akitsu, Matsu, Uzume, Haihane, Benitsubasa, and even the cold Kochou. Why would he need Miya? Especially if any of a few dozen still unwinged Sekirei beauties that included Kaho, Yahan, Tsukuimi, and Musubi were to be bonded to him, maybe even the hated Karasuba. And no matter how Miya looked at it, all seven of his current Sekirei were much more beautiful and/or sexually attractive than she, much more outgoing, playful, and unreserved too. Added to this, there were a lot, maybe hundreds, of female variables on Earth 616 also? Right? All of them probably more attractive and prettier too?

"What can I offer Logan-san that he doesn't already have or can easily get from your equations' other female variables?" Miya sighed in mild despair. "What is so constant about me?"

"I can't say, but you know that every individual in the omniverse is unique. You must trust that this movable singularity I have chosen has factored in your uniqueness, otherwise I would not be here literally begging you to believe me, and believe in yourself. Will you come with me young goddess, and help me save Logan's life? Do not fear for this world or your Inn. If we are successful, time passing here will be inconsequential until your return. Your time there will be brief, and it is good you have dressed warmly and ready for battle as I advised. His world is much more dangerous than this one, but you have the powers and skills needed to survive and bond to my Lord. Help me save him! Take this chance to start anew with my Lord Logan! Meet him on his Earth, learn of him and his world, and find within you that part of the singularity's equations he needs to regain his will to live."

"Only a part?"

"Yes, as I said before, you are a part aside from Sekirei he has already bonded. You are now the next large and very important piece I seek of this singularity's constant that can at least provide possibilities for my Lord to live. There are other parts that I must enlist, and there's no assurances that I can. Again, there are variables I cannot control, but I will move the omniverse inside out to at least get the other constant parts in place with you. Be warned. I cannot influence minds, emotions, and events beyond certain very small limits, or I will radically alter the derivative equations of this singularity and destroy it. My fate and the fate of my Lord rests entirely in the hands of the equation's constant and its different components. And those components HAVE to come together ON Earth 616, not here."

"So, if this, this all works, I will have to share him?" Miya looked up at the starry sky while biting her lip anew. A harem for Logan them? And her a part of that harem? Well yes, silly, she admonished herself, he has already bonded to some "parts" of this singularity's constant. He'd never reject Kazehana, Matsu, or Uzume, let alone Akitsu, and she had already witnessed his sweet tender care of the poor damaged 07. Wait. The seer had said components ON Earth 616. But then, who knew how many other constant parts, aka bonding females to Logan, awaited her acquaintance on Earth 616?

"If so, would that be so bad, young goddess? For your life, love, and happiness? Much better than simply dying alone, no? And a small price for my Lord to live, healed, loved, and happy as he truly deserves? Could you swallow your considerable pride for that?"

Miya swallowed convulsively. Her too haughty pride was one thing, and yes a big problem, but she had never been a great risk taker and always coldly analytical of choices to be made. She was by her very nature conservative, cautious, and exceedingly emotionally reserved as well as having a very high sense of responsibility and propriety. For her to leave everything and everyone behind here amidst such turmoil, uncertainty, and lethal danger on the basis of a such brief acquaintance, a brief and hurried explanation, some desperate pleading words, and a dozen fulfilled predictions, well, that just wasn't Number 01 Miya Asama. Not without intensive study of all factors, but time was very much against her here. There was a short time limit on hot reacting Sekirei that remained unwinged. And so, her gut instincts KNEW she must go to live. Logan had lit the fire for him within her soul, but his fire for her had not ignited at all. She would have heat him up to wing her, but how? Miya swallowed hard again.

"And Karasuba?" Miya, stalling a little, turned her head to look at the still shadowed woman. If Miya had to go to Earth 616 to live, she still didn't want her most hated enemy to profit in any way from her absence.

"Has been stymied in her desires to hunt for my Lord tonight and is now still on MBI guard duty. I made her replacements suffer from mild food poisoning which was allowable by the equations. If you come with me, Number 04 Karasuba becomes a negligible variable in this singularity."

Miya, with a sudden case of nerves attacking her with her last objection for leaving this Earth diminished, nodded her approval of this while not carefully thinking the implications of that last statement through. She peered again at Logan's silhouette now standing upon Izumo Inn's roof and staring up at the night sky above. Her time of decision was now. Every prediction at Takehito's grave by the robed woman had come true. Logan had winged Uzume, Kazehana, Akitsu, Haihane, Benitsubasa, and Kochou in less than twenty four hours. He had come back to Izumo Inn earlier tonight and stayed there with his Sekirei. Karasuba had not come out hunting. He had just now walked around the Inn's grounds by himself, caused Miya to react in intense bonding desires, and then jumped onto the Inn's roof to stare up at the stars while yearning for his death.

The odds against all that taking place by mere happenstance where astronomical. The robed woman's other assertions now had a very high probability of accuracy too. Miya once again could feel Logan's desire for death with almost the same eerie chill as Logan's X-Men foes felt when he had been the brainwashed Horseman of Death for Apocalypse in another dimension decades ago.

"Now you see why I weep my heart out for him," Miya's green robed companion murmured in great sadness. "This is what he has been forced to become too many times, but it is not who he really IS! He had fought to be free of it with everything within him, only now, he has been overwhelmed with deep war grief. Deep suicidal war grief that YOU can help heal! You must believe me! Come with me young goddess of Kouten! Fight for a better future for him, your Sekirei, and for yourself! Please come with me and fight!"

"I will come," Miya gripped the handle of the katana hanging from the sword belt about her hips. She pulled her old Disciplinary Squad leader's uniform cloak around her shoulders and stepped back from the apartment building's roof edge without a backward glance at Logan. She had made her choice. Placing her, all Sekirei, and Logan's fate in her own fighting skills appealed to Miya the most, and to be totally honest with herself, she wanted with everything within her to make a healed and loving Logan her Ashikabi.

This would be her only chance, but not without some trepidation. The prospect of maybe being the mother of hundreds of children was pretty chilling, extremely actually, unless Logan could be persuaded to have a little family planning? Just two daughters, maybe? Miya shuddered in sudden nervousness. She had to win his heart first. And that right there was her main daunting fear. The too bright, green glow that was enveloping the hooded woman expanded. Miya hesitantly and then more purposely strode towards it to begin her "forever and ever love" quest somewhere far beyond this Earth's starry starry night.