Shogo moved through the trees, constantly checking over his shoulder. Only two students were left. And only one Zone, so they had to be close.

A twig snapped and Shogo tensed, and raised his gun. He refrained from firing towards the noise. He only had three bullets left, and couldn't afford to waste them.

A gunshot rang out, and Shogo felt his bangs move as the bullet whizzed past. She was close; Akemi Iwate, the one remaining student besides himself. He lunged off to his left, and danced his way through the trees, but he remained in the general vicinity. He had to let her get close, so he would have a clear shot. He didn't have any room for error.

A twinge of guilt hit him at the thought of killing a girl classmate but he forced it away. Out here she was a face. A number. She had to be. If Shogo was going to keep himself alive in order to wreck havoc on the government everyone else had to be a number. Not a person.

Another shot rang out, hitting the tree next to him, and now Shogo could see Akemi clearly, but she was too far away to guarantee a good shot. Closer. Just a little closer.

Shogo never quit moving. He was a target if he did. He couldn't afford to be one, but he moved slowly enough to draw Akemi closer.

Here goes nothing. Shogo gripped his gun tightly, took aim and fired. He watched as Akemi dropped, but a second later got to her feet, blood dripping from her shoulder. He fired again, and another red dot appeared on her torso. Last shot, Shogo. Whatever happens it ends here. He fired, and she dropped to the ground, for good this time, as the bullet found a home in her brain.


Shogo followed instructions given to him to return to the school, the center of operation. He stared straight ahead the whole time, afraid that if he looked around he would see the bodies of his fallen classmates. Shogo would not allow himself to think about them. Especially-no. Not here, Shogo. Not now.

Instead, he thought about what he would do when he got back to the school. He wished he'd had better aim and had been able to save at least one bullet. He imagined a thousand different scenarios in which he killed the people who had dumped him here. He imagined a million different things he would say.

And as it turned out he did none of them. Back in the building he fell to his knees from utter exhaustion. He emptied his stomach onto the ground, and closed his eyes, wishing everything away. There would be time for revenge later. He would only die in vain if he tried now. No, Shogo would let himself recover, and lie in wait for his chance. He knew he would get it. He just had to be patient.