This is my first attempt at this! I usually do actual pairings but this will be an Own character story. I got my inspiration from the road to wrestle mania with Jacob Cass. Italicized will be the characters thoughts.

Chapter 1: New kid on the block

Jacob Cass a four month superstar in the WWE just single handily saved the WWE! But now what? He has accomplished things only most superstars' dream of. Jacob walks into RAW not really sure what to expect. It's been a week since the happenings with WCW. He's walking in the door as her hears someone yell, "Yo J!" He turns to see no other than the WWE Champion John Cena and his fiancée Trish talking in the hall way. He walks over to john, they bro hug.

"Hello Trish." He hugs her neck.

"So how you feeling bro?"

"Other than being stiff and sore I can't complain."

"Well you're both lucky to still be walking. I should really thank you for saving my fiancée's butt that night."

"Trish… we talked about that. I told you..."

I interrupt. "Trish it's nothing he wouldn't have done for me."

"Well you're both heroes." Someone said in a British accent. I hadn't noticed the other brunette standing there behind Trish. Man is she beautiful or what.

"Hi I don't think we've met." She extends her hand. "I'm Layla."

I give her my signature smile and shake her hand. "Jacob Cass nice to meet you."

Before anyone can say anything else we hear Vince coming down the hall. "Jacob Cass just the man I was looking for?"

"Yes Sir?"

"Tonight we are gonna kick off the new era of Raw right! We are going to have a WWE universe favorite RAW roulette. You will be in the main event, Trish Layla you two along with the rest of the divas will be spun off for managers for the night. A few lucky superstars will have some beautiful help tonight, so I'm going to need you two to come with me now." They nod as Vince walk off, Trish quickly kisses John and hugs my neck. Layla hugs John and me the she whispers in my ear "Nice to finally meet you Jacob!" she smiles and winks as we walks away. The smile on my face grows.

John just looks at me "What?" I say

He just laughs. "4 months in and he's already after the divas." I shake my head and laugh. We both head to our locker rooms. Raw begins and the night goes on somehow John got Trish as a manager. Shockingly no one had gotten Layla as a manager. "Well Ladies, and Gentlemen it's time for the main event. Layla will you do the honors please." She spins the wheel

It lands on this guy Heath Slater face. "Looks like Jacob Cass vs. Heath Slater."

Vince spins again "In a steel cage." Just great a week off of a hell in a cell and I'm back in a steel cage. I turn off the TV and stretch. As I finish up and head out the door I almost run straight into Layla. "Jacob Cass… Just the hero I was looking for."

"Hey there Layla" I smile

"Well Cass you will be facing..."

"Heath slater in a steel cage I know."

"You didn't let me finish. You will be facing Heath Slater in and Steel cage with ME as your manager. Now let's get you good and stretched I know you're coming off a big match." She snaps finger and in walks a trainer.

"Now while he's stretching you let's talk… Heath is dangerous. He's unpredictable and he's angrier than ever!"

"Why's that?"

"Because you're the new shiny toy everyone is gawking over not him and you have me as your manager."

"Whoa wait you and Heath? Look Layla I'm not the type of guy to ruin a relationship.

"Jake relax… I'm managing you not asking you to take me out to dinner."

The trainer finishes stretching me out, "Now let's go." She does her fingers for me to follow. Layla and I walk to the entrance area, and we hear my music begin "Ready?" I ask Layla as I hold out my arm. She wraps her hand around my bicep "Let's go can't keep the fans waiting." We step out from behind the curtain as Lillian introduces us, the crowd erupts this is a whole another level of loud. I've never heard the area so loud. Layla squeezes my bicep gently seeing my awed expression. I wink at her as she releases my arm as I climb up the steps into the cage I am met with Heath angry eyes on me and then on Layla. The bell rings and the match begins and the match begins Heath and I are very well matched. I get my shot for my finisher so I take it. But as I go to land it heath counters sending me flying head first into the cage. He then turns and lands his finisher on me. He begins climbing the cage, but Layla distracts him and yells at me, "Jacob get up!" she runs over beside me. Groggily I stand as I see heath slip over the top of top. On pure adrenaline I grab his leg and fight to pull him back down. I do and then Irish whip him into the corner and DDT him off the top rope. Layla runs around and unlocks the gate. I climb toward her and Heath starts coming to. I'm half way out when he grabs my leg. Layla grabs my hands trying to pull me the rest of the way out but heaths to strong he ends up yanking me back in and slamming Layla against the cage in the process. That just angers me and I attack him and land my top rope finisher. I climb to the top and almost over as Heath grabs my hand at the last second. I am swinging just above the ground. Out of now where Layla comes over and grabs my legs with one swift pull she yanks me down causing Heath to lose his grip and we both hit the ground. I'm exhausted bloody and bruised mess as Layla raises my hand. She and the ref help me up.

She pats my back "Nice Job." We make it behind the curtain and there's John and Trish.

"Nice Job you too!" Trish says

Hey we are going to grab some food before we head to the next show. You two game?" John asks

Layla looks at them and smiles, "I'm in" and then at me "What about you Jacob?"

I nod "Yea just let me get finished having the trainer check me over. Layla you should probably get your head looked at too. You took a pretty nasty hit."

She smiles, "I'm alright… Nothing I can't handle."

We all head our separate ways. After I Finish with the trainer and getting my stuff packed. As I walk around the corner I hear arguing, "How could you. You helped that loser win! You're supposed to be my girl!"

"First off Heath I'm no one's Property and second I was HIS manager."

"Oh you were his manager…"

"Heath let go of me your hurting me." I hear a slap.

As I turn the corner I see Layla pinned up against the wall by heath tears in her eyes. Without thinking I tackle him and begin pounding him.

"Touch her again like that slater and you won't be walking." Then I feel something connect with the back of my head as I fall two pairs of hands grab me and slam me against the wall. "Next time punk you'll learn to mind your own business." He connects a pipe to my stomach. I partially double over in pain.

I hear Layla yell, "Heath stop let him go!" he is rapidly punching me in the face.

"Bet you'll think twice about being the hero next time." He pulls my chin up. Before I can speak I hear John yell "Hey..."

"This isn't over." Heath yells as the run away. I fall to the ground attempting to regain my strength as Layla rushes to my side. "Oh God Jake…"

John reaches us. "You two alright."

"I'm so sorry I had no idea he would snap like that. Are you okay?" Layla asks in a panic

I muster up enough strength to get to my knees and face her, "A better question is are you." I can see the dark blue and purple finger prints forming on her tan neck. And I notice the red palm print on her face.

She nods, "I'm fine."

John interrupts noticing the marks on her as well, "What the hell just happened?"

"Heath got angry because Layla helped me tonight. And I overheard them arguing when I was coming to meet y'all. Next thing I hear is a slap so I jump him and then he and his goons attack me."

Trish walks around the corner at this point and sees everyone. She immediately notices Layla's neck. "Lay are you okay." She runs over to her.

She nods. "Yea thanks to Jacob."

I smile. "I think it would be best for you to be with us guys. Layla he will be coming back after us."

"I can't let you guys get hurt for me. I mean John your Champ and Jacob you're a rising star. I won't let you two ruin everything for me. Besides John you have Trish to protect and Jacob you barely know me."

"Layla you are Trish's best friend and Like a sister to me. I couldn't let you get hurt."

"Lay listen to him. He won't take no for an answer."

She looks at the three of us. As I speak up, "Layla I may not know you well, but I know you well enough to know you deserve better than the likes of him and I will not allow him to touch you like that again. It's not in me to let another man lay hands on a female."

She sighs, "Alright. But I'm not some helpless kid." And with that we all leave Layla rides with John and Trish to the restaurant. Man one eventful night… I thought maybe layla was feeling me but maybe not.

That's it for this chapter tune in Next time to see what happens. Will Layla fall for Jacob? And what is next for our rising superstar? Please review and tell me what y'all think? Should I continue?