"In these promises broken,

Deep below…

Each word gets lost in the echo…"

Lost in the Echo, Linkin Park



Lights' P.O.V

'How contradictory…'

I glare out the window to my right, my stone-cold sneer contrasting with the unbearably bright sun. It seems to be extra perky today, as if to make a mockery of me. The sky seems to be on the sun's side. It is an impossible, azure baby blue with not a cloud lingering. One of those skies you would see in a cartoon. Perfect.

'How ironically contradictory...'

Which sky fits you better, the daytime sky or the nighttime sky? Explain.

(To anyone else, it would be a superfluous question. "Why, his name is Light! He has light chestnut brown hair, light mocha eyes and is so bright! He's the picture of perfection…handsome, athletic, intelligent, and polite; he's obviously the daytime sky!")

(My name is Moon, Tsuki, it's just pronounced as Raito, Light. My hair is chestnut brown, but my eyes are an auburn color; more red than brown, but I wear contacts because no one likes red eyes. Little do they know, this "picture of perfection" they see is an act. I have flaws. Everyone does. However, I'm expected to do more…be more, do greater, live better…)

(However, pushing me to do more, expecting the best from me and putting pressure on me is stressful. That is why I like the nighttime sky, where everyone slacks off. They cuddle up in their cozy beds and shut their minds down. Not me, though.)

(In the middle of the night, I am a different person. I snap off my wig and reveal my real hair, take out my stash of clothes made up of things I want to wear, grab my iPod and go to my special spot. It is a wide open field. No trees, plants, flowers, animals…just grass, and a throne-like chair that I carved out of rock at the edge of the field, on a cliff that leads to the ocean.)

(I sit in the throne, basking in the ravishing sound of the waves below me. I then look up, look at the gigantic ivory sphere sitting in the middle of a scatter of twinkling stars…and sing.)

(Sing rock, classics, R & B, hip hop, jazz, metal, alternative, gospel, and techno…anything I can get my hands on. I let go and sing out my feelings, allowing myself to feel the passion of the songs and the warmth of joy flowing through my veins. It is here, that I'm Tsuki. Not Light.)

(I sing for hours, just staring up at the glorious moon…until it is five AM. Father wakes up to go to work at six, and I make breakfast for him so Mother can rest. I walk to my house, which unfortunately takes just over twenty-five minutes, since I don't want anyone to catch me singing. I then sneak into my house through my balcony door, which I keep unlocked and change my clothes, back to the role-model son, Yagami Raito. Around five fifty-five, I get breakfast started and go wake up Father.)

(I then tiredly go to school, sleeping through lunch on the roof and sleeping discretely in Study Hall. Sadly, it is not enough sleep; ergo I've long since developed bags under my eyes. However, while I cover them with makeup, it is my mark. It is the mark of the unknown young man lurking behind the radiant Light…Tsuki.)

(So, the mellow nighttime sky fits me better than the bold daytime sky.)

I look down at my paper, read it over and sigh. It hurts to know that no one will ever know about my true feelings, about the true Yagami Raito…

About Tsuki…

I give one more sigh, feeling even more depressed than before. I unconsciously slip the paper into my desk, not really paying attention to it. The American janitor lady Cindy would get it later. I pull out a crisp, clean sheet of paper and start writing drabble about why the daytime sky fits me.

I'm in high school anyway, why do we need to write something to a prompt? Irritation takes over me. I wish that I could speak my feelings…or at least have something interesting happen in my life. I gaze out the window in a desperate attempt to make a genuine connection with the sky. I let out an unexplained shiver.

Is that a notebook?

xXx~Tsuki 0 Rebel 0 Singer 0 Rock 0 Spunk~xXx

Hello people! Shayden here. Now, anyone who read the prologue before and is confused on why it has changed…it's because I wanted my story to be longer, have more meaning and be fully developed. While reading a story, I'm impatient for something exciting to happen, so I suppose I'm the same while writing. However, I want my story to develop the characters better, go at a slower pace…so, I'm re-writing each chapter. Each will have the same basic idea, but I might change them quite a bit. Also, the ages changed again;

Light- 15

Misa- 16

Rem- 16

Ryuk- 17

Matsuda- 15

Sayu- 12

Give me feedback! I accept critique, positive and negative, but no flaming. Other chapters will be re-written soon.